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Long ago, in a land yet to be named, there were nine species that lived in harmony. There was no greater species, and there were no rulers above them all.
There was the Kirin Unicorns, fierce warriors and skilled in battle magic, renown for their armies and tactical brilliance.
Then the Delude Thestrals, quick and silent fliers of the night. Known for their sly words and spy work, with exceptional hearing and perfect eyesight.
Next, the Dusties, a fairy like race of Pegasus, with the ability to sooth others with the dust that falls off of their wings. Known exclusively for their angelic features and soothing qualities.
The Hunters a primal race of meat eating ponies, while rather brash when it came to diplomacy, they are the only ones to have trained the monsters of the forest. Being unarmed with no magic or flying, they use their sharply honed instincts and observation. Although some will say that with special cases they can control plants themselves.
Then the Hippocampi, a sea based horse species, with their numbers as various and diverse as the marine life they live with. Being used as mostly transportation and making beautiful jewelry, they have two forms, one with a tail, and the other with legs.
The Earth Gypsy's, a swamp based system of ponies, heavily influenced by dark magic, and superstitions. Not only is their dark magic the strongest of all, the will of the species is the strongest as well, making few of them fall to temptation.
The Birds of Paradise were gorgeous bird like horses, with feathers instead of mains, and wings that they constantly preen. Seen as vein creatures, what they lack in strength they make up for in speed, being the fastest in the sky.
The Frost Unicorns live in frigid temperatures and are excellent diplomates, renowned for their speckled patterning and shades of whites, blues, purples, and greys. They live as a secretive group, but have the largest numbers of them all.
Last came the Valkyrie, tall and thin species with double eyelids, used to going days without water and running as fast as the tornados that travel their land. Manes of flame travel behind them, along with their spiraled horns used like rams.
But there were still those that the nine didn't quite get along with, whether they held grudges or didn't like a decision. Sometimes it was magic gone wrong.
But the leaders of the nine groups feared for the worst, that a group of rebels would rise against them all. And their fears were true, a mesh of all nine species, mostly hybrids, rose and attacked the peaceful capital of Kuhhia.
Desperate to end the fighting, the leaders commissioned the greatest forgers in the lands to forge nine helms, one for each of the species.
The helms were enchanted to choose the warriors who would represent the species the best, in the end the first nine warriors perished.
They defended their city and kept the Tainted from invading any further, sending them away to the highest mountain peak.
With their death came enchantments to the helms, ones to preserve the memory of the warriors and to ensure that if the helms were ever to be used again, that the next nine wouldn't die.
The nine species signed an agreement after that, naming it the "Helm Accord", so that if any one species was in trouble they would be helped by the others, and should war break out, it was to be quelled.
A council made up of each species was made under the Helm Accord, and for a short time all was peaceful.
But not long after, an Earth Gypsy named Dusted Orb made a prophecy that baffled the council of the Helm Accord.
"Along the fated path that leads to the end of the seas core.
A great battle will shake the world causing destiny to soar.
Fires will rage and winds will roar , twist and shatter glass.
Hope shall be lost and all shall crumble underneath the flames.
But the helms that glow for all to see.
Shall bring nine of different species together for their destiny.
One bright and tough with a heart of gold.
The other sharp and uncut, brash and bold.
One that will follow destiny and soar quietly in the star lit sky.
The next will look down below them and say to everything they know goodbye.
One soft and round, but hold enough secrets to crush a colt.
Then next will stay as long as they can, to fight the urge to bolt.
One will unleash an evil that can never be controlled.
The next blurs the line between friend and foe.
The last of them all will cast an unforgivable curse.
Before they give up the nine helms of species, all will disperse.
From above will come a new threat from the sky, that will scour the earth in search of his prey.
And from the helms two will have to curse themselves to a fate worse than death most will say.
The Guardians of the Helms will sacrifice all to save the ones behind them.
Sacrifice will take them all, and with them their species crowning gem.
Fate is cruel and Destiny is a curse for all to bear.
The Helms will take a heavy price to be our savior.
Unpaid they will cut like a saber."

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