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Just a kat with a mlp obsetion, nothing strange here. And the way i spell Kat is intentional

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  • T Guardians Of The Helms
    Long ago, in a land yet to be named, there were nine species that lived in harmony. There was no greater species, and there were no rulers above them all. There were nine species, nine that would live in peace. Well, at least they did for a while.
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Its good to see you too:yay:


:twilightsmile: We're glad. Good to have ya back.

It all ended out right in the end.:pinkiehappy:


:applecry: Ew, sorry about that.

Im doing good thanks for asking:twilightsmile:
My brother has just decided to delete all my passwords to everything and it took forever to find them again.:facehoof: all well thanks for the check in. Love:heart:

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