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Discord escapes his stony prison and seeks revenge against the Mane 6, but before he can do so, Twilight proposes that the fate of Equestria be settled with a game. Never one to turn down a challenged especially when it has such a tantalizing reward, Discord quickly accepts. However, things just don't go as he plans.

Inspired by the interactions Between Superman and Mister Mxyzptlk.

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A/N: This is my second attempt at a Fanfic and first attempt at a comedy, so I could really use some feedback, and if I get enough positive reviews, I'll continue the story. I hadn't planned for it to be very long, each chapter having Discord face 1 or 2 of the ponies.

As for why I decided to do this fic. Let's face it, Discord may have Q's voice and pretty similar powers to Q, but he's not Q. Q was a good guy. Sure, he caused chaos wherever he went, sure, some of his activities caused the demise of quite a few of Picard's men, but he also protected humanity, gave important life lessons to Picard, and at one point even sacrificed himself in order to save the Enterprise. Let me tell you, I don't think Discord would do any of that.
So I decided to find a better analog for Discord, and to do so, I looked to the comic universes and at their many mischief makers. He wasn't like Loki with his super long term schemes to acquire ultimate rule, Discord is more of a "wing it and see where the shit falls" kind of guy. He wasn't like Impossible Man who's just in it for the fun, no, Discord is as malevolent as they come. Then I remembered a certain villain from Superman's Gallery of Rogues, a certain little imp from the Fifth Dimension name Mr. Mxyzptlk, and I ran the comparison between the two. Massive egos, check. Loves to torture the hero, check. Limitless Reality warping powers, check. Serious mean streak, check. Unexplained knowledge of the protagonist(s), check. They were a perfect match. and with that, I came to this conclusion:

Fun story, would love to read more chapters :pinkiehappy:

It looks pretty good so far; kind of reminds me of the Diniverse animated Superman episode with Myxy. I do hope we get to see more.:pinkiecrazy:


Yea, that episode is actually what I based it off of.

You Sir get a Track / Watch. Dyus tells me they are all the "rage" in Cyrodiil.


Don't expect anything anytime soon. I kinda hit a brick wall after that first chapter. I'm sorry.

I really ought to mark this as on Hiatus.

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