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Inspired by the magic of friendship, I decided to write short and not so short fictional stories about small magical horses. May contain other fantasy creatures and hazelnuts.


Some mysterious thieves broke into the biggest museum of Canterlot and got away with two precious paintings made by Starswirl himself. And the only witness could barely remember anything. But with the help of an unexpected friend, Copper Top takes on the case and does everything she can to find the real culprits and to prove who actually is innocent and who is not.

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Copper Top is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters, and this just adds to that.

Always have a place in your heart for background ponies ;)

True, I do like the background ponies more than the Mane 6, mostly because there are a lot of them that could have interesting backstories and questions about them like how did Derpy Hooves become crossed eyed? Or how did Vinyl Scratch and Octavia Melody meet each other? That is what I like about the show, there are just so many characters to like and I want to see get focus in either the show or the comics someday.

Nothing to add here /)

Another awesome story love the character, she is awesome

My favorite part of this one is actually the character of Jet Set. Thanks to his vile personality, he totally deserves the punishment. I kind of suspected him at the beginning, but the ending was nevertheless good. Of course he couldn't know about the holes in the wall. Clever, very clever.

Could you write a chase scene in another story? I bet you can make that really awesome!

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