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Um . . .needs work.

Would you like an editor/proofreader?

I think a editor/proofreader would be great for this story. Because the story is full of mistakes/grammar errors I think.
But I can’t ask somebody to fix/correct the errors and mistakes. I would have guilty, because somebody corrects the mistakes what I has made, stealing his important time. It just not alright. I mean, somebody is suffering from my mistakes... I would not fell good.

Well I willingly offer my time and service. It could also be a helping lesson as well. I'll PM you

This is an intriguing story, I follow this!


Not bad. Where does the really saucy material come in?

About saucy material, you mean sex or other mature scenes?


Well, that and the more mature side of a romance.

In the next chapter sex will not happen, but some kind of tease yes. But in the next chapters its a little questioning.
But they are rommates and they are alone most of the time. And Fluttershy can tell, that sometimes the calm room can turn into be more... Let's say: loud and fun activities. And with Dash, its not rare.

Will you ever see one of them getting pregnant via a donor?

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