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Riff #1 · 9:27pm Feb 28th, 2019

Jesus Christ, this thing has been rotting in my Google Doc's for almost a year. Well, better late then never, I guess.

Yeah, I found a Johnny Test fic a while back, decided to have a go at it. You can read it here. Seriously, I forgot to post that thing for an entire year, the hell is wrong with me...

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Mono, do you want to riff something with me?

Word of Advice... Ignore, Maniak...

He's an obsessive cyberbully/harasser who loves to lie, flame, and cause/spread lots of hate and pain wherever he goes just for a cheap laugh. (and I don't think terrorism is a good thing, that's just Maniak being stupid because he doesn't like my fiction)

Word of advice:
Avoid DakariKingMykan

Guy is nothing more but a sad pathetic excuse of a human who hates interacting with others so much, he believes terrorism is a good thing

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