• Published 11th Feb 2017
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My Little Explorer - Soren Mercer

Having arrived to the new world, Luna finds that not all is perfect about their new homeworld. Something, someone, is missing and it's up to her and a handful of others to go find them.

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Falling Asleep


So, I had such high hopes for this, such intricate plans and all the gusto to do it. And then it all just died in the wall that is writer's block. I was going to try and fight that by bringing in sub-authors, rp everything out and then reformat everything into something befitting of the formatting rules here, but ultimately that didn't work and things just... died before it could live. I had grand designs for at least 50 chapters, each chapter would be a different missing crewman found, recovered or body returned. I had no idea how many of those crewmates would've actually survived, but it would've taken the ship and our main characters all across the galaxy, meeting all new races, getting into faction and territory disputes, fighting primitives and fending off magic-enthusiastic advanced races. They were going to meet an outpost of humans, they were going to likely meet races from other fandoms and earn a place in the galactic community.

The last planet based chapter was going to be where Luna finally finds Nova amidst a tribe of humanoid being in a... barely iron age era. The tribespeople were going to meet Luna and revere her, stating that she looked exactly as described and that the elder was always waiting for her. She'd be lead into a large hut, finding the elderly body of Griffon Nova on his death bed, having held out long enough to see her one last time. Barely would've gotten a faint smile, a touch to Luna's cheek, and passing off a holographic video recording before passing on. I was going to even record the message myself and then embed it into the chapter somehow for that little extra something. The recording would've been a final goodbye from Nova while he was a bit stronger, outlining how he'd lived amongst the locals in a peaceful, low-tech life. He'd lead the tribe to success, acting as the elder for the dozens as he lived out a full life. He'd blessed hundreds of families, but out of a sense of loyalty to Vinyl and Luna, never had another family of his own, always claiming that the entire tribe was his new family. Was going to be very sad. Ultimately all grand plans, never to see fruition.

And so now all I can do is say thank you, for everything. For interest in the last story, and for interest in this continuation. Fun fact, the last story was actually going to happen an entirely different way, but my writing just kind of got away from me. Got us here though, so... Yeah.


Soren Mercer

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Maybe one day you can do another sequel to the first story, or try to revive this one some how. Until then the first story will always have a place in my favorites. I will definitely keep an eye out for your next story you post.

Yes, the first is always a lovely thing to read, who knows what the future holds? Fuck if I know but it'll probably be a wild ride anyway. XD

Fuck, just finished the last story, and came here. Only to see that the sequel is canceled..... this is why I usually check the sequels, no reason to begin reading a story that will never be finished, abandoned......

I still remember creating Hacksaw for this, having been thoroughly inspired by My Little Engineer. It was really fun. I should actually use him in something.

Seriously though, good luck on your future endeavors, be they IRL stuff, horsewords, or some other creative exercise.

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