• Published 9th Nov 2016
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Don't Run Away - SkylerTDaniels

What happens when the farmer and the fashionista realize they have feelings for each other? Set in the Equestria Girls world.

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"Play it then Rewind It"

Author's Note:

The flashback story will be in past tense, the rest of the story will be in present tense. Just a FYI :derpytongue2:


I slowly take her hands off of my eyes and turn around. She is a few inches shorter than I am so she has to tiptoe just to reach my forehead. I wrapped my arms around her waist and hers around my neck.

“Happy One Year Anniversary, Sugarcube.” I whispered as I stare at those enchanting blue eyes of hers.

“Many more to come, Darling.” She whispered back and pulled me towards her lips.

“Yes ma’am” I muttered as my eyes shut softly. I felt her lips ghost over mine and I closed this annoying hairline gap between us.


I snapped my eyes open and I see Rarity giving me a confused look. She opened her mouth and said “APPLEJACK!”

I could of sworn that sounds just like Apple Bloom.

I feel a pillow slam on my face.


“APPLE BLOOM! YOU COULD OF AIMED FOR MA STOMACH!” I shout just as loud as her.

“Where's the fun in that?” she says as she stands outside my door.

“You better git and finish yer breakfast before we leave.” I order and she skips off to her room.

A dream, you dreamt of her again for the 5th time this month AJ. No need to worry, it was just a DREAM!

I face plant in a pillow and let out a groan.

“Not sure you should keep your feeling ‘bout Rarity so deep in ya sis. If ya like her just tell her... Save all of us the awkwardness of hearing her name slip pass ya lips whils ya’lls sleeping.” Apple Bloom half shouts from her room.

“I swear Apple Bloom, I would have you work in the field for the next three weekends if ya keep this up.” I threaten.



Half an hour later

I managed to get my hair somewhat decent for this school day. Nothing too fancy, just dark blue jeans, a dark green flannel, my boots and my trusty hat. I go straight for the pancakes Granny Smith freshly made and sit down across from Big Mac.

“Well, look who's decided to grace us with her presence. Would of thought she would be talkin’ to that fancy girl of her’s.” Granny Smith cracks. Apple Bloom and Big Mac snicker at my red face.

“Granny, I have no need to be picked on this morning.” I say as I take a bite of my pancake.

“Just messin’ with ya youngin’. Not everyday your old Granny get’s ta know who ya crushin’ on these days.” Granny says as she finishes drying the pans.

“That’s exactly what it is Granny, a crush. Nothin’ to it, just that.” I explain while finishing my breakfast.

“Hmnope.” Big Mac says as he drinks his orange juice.

“We all agree with Big Mac sis. We think ya’ll are past crush and are like-liking her.” Apple Bloom inputs while stuffing her plate with pancakes.

“I can guarantee ya’ll that I see Rarity as a friend and nothing else.” I insist while walking over to the sink and washing my dishes.

“I know ya might be scared sugar, and it’s understandable, but you should really think about talkin’ ta her bout this. Might help ya sleep a bit better.” Granny says and inspects my face.

“I’ll think bout it Granny... Huh, alright, ya’ll ready to go?” I ask and head for the front door.

“Ya better get back here and give ya Granny a kiss goodbye!”

Canterlot High School

We arrive at school with 30 minutes to spare. Big Mac leans back in his seat and closes his eyes, Apple Bloom is in the back texting the rest of the Crusaders most likely. I stare out the window and take a deep breath in.

“Ya think I should talk to her?” I ask no one in particular.



“Alrighty, I’ll see ya’ll at home then.” I hop out of the truck and see Big Mac peek open one eye.

“I promised Rarity that I would help repair some stuff around the Boutique.”


"I swear Apple Bloom, if ya weren't my kin..." I threaten and close the door. Today the weather isn't so bad. A light breeze, some clouds and a great warmth from the sun.

Perfect day for a picnic.

“Hey Applejack.” I hear and turn to see Sunset Shimmer casually walking towards me.

“Mornin’ Sunset. How are ya?”

“Alright I guess. A lot on my mind lately, all the things with magic, Equestria, Twilight, spring break, finals, col... “

“Now why would Twilight be on your mind?” I ask while I give her a smirk.

“She does tie in with magic, and on a curve, Equestria.” she explains with a straight face.

“I see. So, the fact that you guys have not talked all that much on your feelings doesn’t matter right.”

“Just like the conversation you have so tragically put off with Rarity?”

“Well played Sunset, however; my situation is completely different from your situation.”

“Care to elaborate?”

“For starters, ya’ll know ya like each other. Just scared to take the next step is all.”

“I’m surprise we’re even there! I swear nothing has been this terrifying for me before!”

“What’s so terrifying bout it?”

“... I… I’m afraid that… what if I choose to go back to Equestria after graduation? Do I just leave and not care what happens here or to her? What if the portal doesn’t stay open as it does now? I was so scared that I lost my one way back home when Twilight’s necklace absorbed my power and the portals. What if I decide to stay to see where this relationship goes and I find out I’m unhappy? I can’t, I won’t do that to her because I don’t know what to do.” she explains.

For the first time, in a very long time, I can relate to what’s going on in someone's head. I wonder if this is what Granny has been talkin’ bout.

“ Hmm, well for starters, I think we’re both trying to work through our feelin’s for two friends who have been nothin’ but encouraging us to decide what we want to do. True, ya have another world out there for ya, but I do too. I’m scared that if she finds out I do have feelings for her, she would treat me differently. Or what if she does like me and we go out, we’re complete opposite of each other, it would probably ruin our friendship more than if she finds out I like her.” I breath out a huge breath.

Should of talked ta someone before.

“...we have to talk to them don’t we.” Sunset says and I nod.

“Eeyup, not right away. Maybe a day or two. Ya know get our thoughts straight.” I suggest.

“Isn’t this a great way to start off the morning.” she jokes.

“Ya kiddin’, I love being forced to actually put all my fears into words and talk to someone bout them.” I say and we both laugh. By this time we are inside the school heading to her locker.

“You know the one person who should ‘grow a pair’ and ask her crush out officially?” Sunset asks as she readies her backpack with her morning books.

“Can’t be Pinkie, I’m pretty sure she has more of a pair then anyone here.” I lean back into a locker next to hers and answer.

“So true, I’m actually talking about…”

“You guys would never guess what happened yesterday night?” Rainbow Dash skids to a stop in front of us.

“Dash! I was just talking about you” Sunset and I smirk.

“Talking bout my insanely awesome running form. Yea, I get that a lot.” Rainbow pulls on the straps of her backpack.

“Nah, we were just talkin’ bout how poor Fluttershy puts up with you all the time.” I say

“Poor girl.” Sunset adds.

“You guys can tease all you want, but can’t say I care because I know exactly how my relationship with Shy is going.” Rainbow Dash smirks and waves to Fluttershy who is down the hall at her locker. She waves back with a blush and shy smile.

“Wait, what happened yesterday and why hasn’t Fluttershy looked anywhere but you?” Sunset asks. I slowly lean up from the locker.

“Well, as you know, on Monday’s I usually help Shy run the animal shelter, after practice of course. I already knew I liked her, I just didn’t know how to say it without scaring her off.”

“Oh no.” Sunset says and Rainbow Dash explains what happened yesterday.

Animal Shelter Flashback

“I’ll bring them out here so they have time to stretch their little paws and have more room to explore.” Fluttershy explained and walked to the hamster cage.

“Yeah, yeah. I can totally handle a couple of creepy rodents.” Rainbow Dash said and jumped on top of a counter.

“Huh, how did you know?” Fluttershy asked while half way through the door.

“Please, I pay attention to everything you tell me about animals. It helps get my mind off of serious things.” Rainbow Dash explained while looking through her phone.

Fluttershy stared at Rainbow Dash sweetly and walked into the hamster habitat. Rainbow Dash jumped off the counter and reads the bulletin board.

“Alright everyone, this is Rainbow Dash. Now behave for her, she is doing this out of the kindness of her heart.” Fluttershy said with a trail of hamsters following her.

“That’s right, so I’ll just be here taking a snooze. Don’t disturb me.” Rainbow Dash said while putting her shades on.

“Rainbow Dash! If you are going to watch them, then please watch them. We don’t want a Rarity repeat, even though it wasn’t her fault.” Fluttershy explained.

“Ok, so you go ahead and I’ll be here watching them.” Rainbow Dash sat crossed legged on the floor. Fluttershy slowly stepped inside the habitat. Rainbow Dash leaned back and closed her eyes. The hamsters noticed the lack of authority and approach Rainbow Dash. One sniffed her and slowly nudge her foot. When she didn’t respond, they started running everywhere. One climbed onto the desk and started throwing the office supplies off. A pencil flew off the desk and hit Rainbow Dash on her head.

“Wha- Hey! Stop acting like animals and calm down!” Rainbow Dash said. One buff hamster shook his head and kept running around the room. Rainbow Dash looked around the room and found a spray bottle. She sprayed a little on her hand to make sure it was water and sprayed a small area around her. The hamsters stopped and started at Rainbow Dash.

“Alright, you guys are going to pick up this mess or no food.” Rainbow Dash said.

All the hamsters looked at each other, then the buff hamster jumped into an attack position and charged at Rainbow Dash. Every hamster followed after him.

“That’s not what I meant!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed and ran to the habitat. The hamsters grabbed tape and tied it around Rainbows feet. She fell and dropped the spray bottle. The hamsters wound her legs together and started circling around her. The buff hamster brought the tape up and wrapped her arms together. Every now and then one would spray the water at Rainbow Dash.

“Oh goodness, what is going on?” Fluttershy emerged from the habitat and ran toward Rainbow Dash. She stared at the hamsters and they stopped immediately.

“I know that you guys do not like other people taking care of you guys, but can you at least give them a try? Even if she did fall asleep, she trusted you guys enough to be on your best behavior. I am very disappointed in you guys. Now, go back inside your cage and think about what you did. I will be there in a little bit.” Fluttershy said and the hamsters walked back to their cages.

“Leave the bottle here.” Fluttershy said and the buff hamster laid the bottle down and walked away shamefully.

Fluttershy kneeled in front of Rainbow Dash and started unravelling the tape.

“To be fair, I only closed my eyes for a few seconds.” Rainbow Dash tried to explain.

“I know” Fluttershy whispered.

“And I swear that buff hamster is out to get me. Wait! what do you mean you know?” Rainbow Dash asked confused.

“I saw you doze off and was going to ask you to please stay awake, but I was almost finished so, I didn’t find the need to stop them until I saw you with the water bottle.” Fluttershy explained.

“So you let them do that to me because you wanted me to learn my lesson?” Rainbow Dash asked.

“Please don’t be mad. I had no idea they would do something like this. They’re usually quite harmless.” Fluttershy said.

“I’m not, just surprised that you would let that happen. You are full of surprises Shy, it’s one of the reasons why I like you.” Rainbow Dash said and inhaled sharply.

“You, you like me?” Fluttershy whispered.

Rainbow Dash looked everywhere but Fluttershy for a couple of seconds.

“... W-well … yeah. You’re the best friend anyone can have. You have a kind heart, but I knew that way before the whole element thing. You’re always there when I need you, you help everyone with literally anything and ask nothing in return. Except when you need help here of course, but people would help you because you're nice to them and understand their point of view. I could fall asleep listening to you because your voice is so soft and soothing to me that it feels like I’m listening to a gentle breeze. You’re passionate in what you do and I really dig that cause I love what I do also. Whenever I see you I always have a smile that I never want to lose. My heart is literally flying every time we hug. I can’t stop thinking about you cause you’re the person I want to share everything with. That and you are breath taking beautiful, anyone would be lucky to date you.” Rainbow Dash finished and stared at Fluttershy.

Fluttershy stared at Rainbow Dash with a gentle smile and soft eyes. She stood up and grabbed the scissors out of a drawer. She came back with them. She cut the tape off of Rainbow Dash’s arms.

“For starters, I think that is very brave of you to admit you have feelings for me in such a non-Rainbow Dash way. I never doubted you having feelings for me, I just never thought you would tell me so romantically. I do like you Rainbow Dash, more than a friendship like. You were always the one who helped out here. Even though it was for 30 minutes at times, but that was because of all the things Sunset Shimmer was doing to us. You helped me through tough times as well, I will always go to you if I need help with anything because I know you will be there to help. You stand up for me when no one else would. I knew I liked you in middle school, I was just afraid to say anything because this is all new to me. Sometimes I rearrange my schedule just to see your games or practices. I love how you let your guard down when you’re around me. You’re not Rainbow Dash, the best athlete at school, you’re my Dashie and I wouldn’t change that. Also, you are very beautiful as well. Even though you don’t want to admit it.” Fluttershy confessed and Rainbow Dash reached for her hands.

“Fluttershy Breeze, may I kiss you?” Rainbow Dash asked and Fluttershy nods.

Rainbow Dash lifted her hands from Fluttershy’s to her cheeks. She caressed them gently and slowly pulled Fluttershy closer to her lips. Slowly, their lips press together. It doesn’t last long, Fluttershy grabbed Rainbow Dash's shirt and moved her closer. Rainbow Dash smiles and opened her mouth a little. Rainbow Dash’s tongue asked Fluttershy for permission. Fluttershy opens her mouth and their tongues slowly caress each other.

Fluttershy’s hands moved to Rainbow Dash’s neck and wrapped her arms around her. She then moved onto Rainbow Dash’s lap. Rainbow Dash pulled away and whispered “Aren’t we moving a little too fast?”

“We’re just making out Dashie. As long as your hands stay out of my blouse, skirt and on my waist we are ok.”

“My, my it is true about the quiet ones.”

“Are you saying we should stop?”

“Not even close, I have visualized this moment for a while. We are not going anywhere for about half an hour.”

“Confident I see.”

“I don’t know who you are, but please let Fluttershy enjoy this new side of her as much as I am.”

“Oh I am. Now weren’t we doing something?” Fluttershy asked and leaned forward and nipps Rainbow Dash’s lower lip. Rainbow Dash leaned forward to capture Fluttershy’s lips in a passionate kiss.

Canterlot High School

“Needless to say I had a great night.” Rainbow Dash says while glancing at Fluttershy.

“Well congratulations RD. Who knew you had it in ya.” I say and smile at Fluttershy down the hall.

“Yeah congratulation, I’m actually jealous you went for it.” Sunset say while looking to the side.
“Well yeah, I mean, when you find that one person you can’t imagine a day without, you just go for it.” Rainbow Dash says.