• Published 9th Nov 2016
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Don't Run Away - SkylerTDaniels

What happens when the farmer and the fashionista realize they have feelings for each other? Set in the Equestria Girls world.

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"Your Love, I'm Gonna Find It"


I smile and her face turns slightly pink and laces our fingers together.

“Come along Darling, we still have classes to attend to.” she leads us in the direction of our next class.

“Uh ye… yeah class.” I stutter while looking anywhere but her and our hands.


“We are going to throw you the best new couple party ever!” Pinky practically yells which makes the entire cafeteria go silent and look at us.

“Mind blowing party.” Cheese Sandwich says while chewing on a carrot. Pinky decides to jump in his lap. Literally.

“Ohh, we can have the animals wear sports uniform and have a photo-op with them. It will be mind blowing!” she says while kissing his cheek.

“I kind of like that idea. How bout you Shy?” Rainbow slightly nudges Fluttershy and receives a small smile in return.

“I love it, especially if the animals give you permission to dress them up.”

“Then it’s settled, come Friday we shall have a mind blowing FlutterDash party!” Cheese Sandwich exclaims and wraps Pinky in a hug.

“FlutterDash?” Twilight asks while avoiding eye contact with Flash three tables away from us.

“Yeah, that’s their new couple name! We’re CheesePie.”

“The best!” Cheese makes an exploding sound.

“And you’re Sunlight!”


“You and Sunset.”

“We aren’t together Pinky.” Twilight says and looks away blushing.

“Well when it happens, we have a name for you guys.”

“Um… thank you.”

“Hey guys, what did we miss?” Sunset and Rarity come to the table. Sunset sits on Twilight’s left side and Rarity sits on my right.

“Pinky and Cheese decided to throw us a couple party on Friday.” Rainbow Dash says as she finishes her food.

“Yeah, nothing else, just a party on Friday ha ha.” Twilight stutters and twirls her hair.

“Sounds like a plan. Would you like a ride?” Sunset offers while biting into an apple.

“Sure, just let me know what time the party is.” Twilight addressed Pinkie.

“Around 8 silly. Perfect time for a party!” Pinkie threw confetti out of her pockets.

“Did someone say party?” Flash casually strolls to our table.

“Huh! Are you psychic?!” Pinkie exclaims while shaking the table.

“Woah, easy there Pink. I was just coming over here to let you know that you have the whole school interested in coming to the party.” Flash grins and snaps his fingers at Pinkie.

“Well duh, I wasn’t gonna not invite them!” she says as she sits back down on Cheese’s lap.

“Uh maybe I, the Flash Drives I mean, could play at the party. We’re working on this really sweet song that I hope everybody will love.” He says and winks at Twilight. Twilight nods at him and scoots closer to Sunset. Sunset’s right arm wraps around her and whispers something in her ear which makes Twilight blush and leans her head on Sunsets shoulder.

“As long as I don’t have to set up equipment, I’m ok with it.” Cheese says while braiding Pinkie’s hair.

“Great, I’ll go tell the guys then. See you around.” He says while staring at Sunset. Sunset raises an eyebrow and he walks away with his hands in his pockets.

“Well, that was interesting. So, do you have something to tell us Twilight, Sunset?” Rarity asks.

“Just excited about the party.” Sunset answers.

“I… uh I need to go get something from my locker real quick.” Twilight untangles herself from Sunset and starts walking towards the exit.

Sunset stares and I nudge her with my boot. She looks at me and I nod my head towards the exit. She nods and before any of us register it she’s sprinting after Twilight.

“I really hope this will be the last time they run away from their feelings.” Fluttershy says and wraps her arms around Rainbow Dash.

“All of us wish that Shy.” Rainbow looks at me and moves her eyes towards Rarity.

“This is turning out to be an interesting day for us, darling.” Rarity says and sips her grape juice.

“Sure is Sugarcube.” I say and finish my lunch.

Author's Note:

Until next week! :twilightsmile: