• Published 9th Nov 2016
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Don't Run Away - SkylerTDaniels

What happens when the farmer and the fashionista realize they have feelings for each other? Set in the Equestria Girls world.

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"It's like She never Left"

Previously on 'Don't Run Away'
“Why must we always find ourselves in these predicaments, Darling?” Rarity asks.

“I’m not sure, but hopefully this will all end soon Sugarcube.” I say and slowly pull away. Rarity tugs me back in.

“I wasn’t done Applejack.”

“Ha, we still have class Rares.”

“... I guess you’re right. Would you mind walking me to my class?”

“... we have the same class.”

“Then lead the way Darling.” she untangles her arms from my neck and laces her fingers with mine. I lead us out of the hallway to our next class. As we pass a row of lockers I caught a sight of pink poufy hair and roll my eyes.

Just a few more hours Rarity, then you won’t have to keep running.


“Thank goodness Mr. Doo dismissed us 15 minutes early!” Pinkie shouts.

“Well, to be fair he was in one of his moods.” I say as we walk toward the front of the school.

“So, Cheese and I were thinking of going to Sugar Cube Corner before heading over. You in?”

“I would love ta, but ya gotta ask Fluttershy first.”

“No problemo. Oh there she is! Fluttershy! Over here!” Pinkie jumps up and down trying to get Fluttershy’s attention. I push her closer to the Wondercolt statue.

“Hi Pinkie, how was your class?” Fluttershy asks.

“Totally amazing! We got out 15 minutes early!” Pinkie exclaims as she climbs the statue.

“Why are you just arriving here after the bell rang?”

“Pinkie wanted to explore the halls for hidden passages.” I say and lean against the base of the statue.

Fluttershy nods slowly and squeals as Rainbow Dash wraps her up and spins her around. I smile and look behind them in time to see Twilight and Rarity approach us.

“Ya’ll ready for tonight?” I ask.

“I’m a little nervous but I think I can handle all of CHS staring at me, while singing...on stage… for an hour.” Twilight says and I’m about to comfort her when Sunset comes up behind her and put an arm around her shoulders.

“Don’t worry, no one will be looking at you once Rainbow Dash starts shredding on her guitar.” Sunset says and Rainbow nods.

“Totally! I usually do it so Shy won’t get too nervous.” Rainbow says and Fluttershy’s about to kiss her when Cheese cuts in.

“Baby the stars above will light the way, Just take my hand and hear the words I say” while he sings he holds out his hand for Rainbow Dash to take. She does and he pulls her towards him and spins her out. He lets go of Rainbow and spins towards Fluttershy.

“Yeah, when the morning comes, I'll always stay, You gotta know, you gotta know that I'm feeling this” Cheese extends his arms and Fluttershy does the same with hers. He holds their fingertips together and move their arms up over their heads and twist Fluttershy’s fingers so she spins. After she does he spins, releases her fingers, grabs Rainbow Dash and moves her towards Fluttershy.

Cheese points at Sunset and hops his way over to her. “Ow, Come and roll with me, we'll rock them body moves, Me and you , Body moves (yeah, just a little bit, ow!)” Sunset hops towards him and they move their hips side to side with their arms above their heads going in the same direction as their hips.

He claps his hands and slides over to Twilight. Grabs her hands and spins her with him. “Coming home with me, oh baby, let it loose, Me and you, Body moves (yeah, just a little bit)” he spins her to Sunset and Sunset turns her around so her arms are around her waist.

“I don't need it, but you know how bad I want it, And your touch has got me haunted, but I like it!” he grabs my hand pulls it over my head and spins me around. I turn to face him and put my hand on his chest and move him back. Cheese walks backwards and turns to the side.

“Come and roll with me, we'll rock them body moves, Me and you, Body moves (yeah, just a little bit)” he stops in front of Rarity and she spins into him. They move in sync and Cheese moves away and pushes me behind her. I turn her around and she leans into me.

“Hey! What about me!” Pinkie shouts as she launches herself off the statue.

“Pinkie, no!” we all shout and Cheese jumps to catch her in mid air.

"What?! Ohh, did you think my wonderfully, amazing party animal wouldn't catch me in time? That would of been a disaster!" Pinkie says and wraps her arms around Cheese.

“You would think they would know us by now.” Cheese says as he holds Pinkie up.

We all sigh and laugh a bit.

“Hey Cheese, who wrote that song man?” Rainbow asks.

“That would be us Rainbow.” Flash walks up to us with his band in tow.

“Uh-huh, he wanted to make sure the song was to our standards. What standards, I’m not sure, but it is catchy.” he starts humming the chorus to Pinkie.

“Yeah, thanks Cheese but um I was wondering. Well, we were wondering if you can sing the lead, Sunset?” Flash says and all eyes turn to Sunset.

“Uh, what?” she asks.

“I mean, I have an amazing voice and all, but this needs that morning voice of yours.” Flash says and scratches the back of his neck.

“Thanks? Were you planning on playing it tonight?”

“Yeah, but if you don’t wanna do it it’s cool. Just wanted to ask.”

“I’ll need to look over the lyrics and hear what you guys have.” Sunset says and Flash smiles and hands her his mp3 player with a copy of the lyrics.

“You can tell us the answer when we get there tonight.” Sunset nods and Flash says his goodbyes and walks toward his car.

“You’re going to love the song Shimmer and it will go perfectly with your ensemble!” Cheese shouts and I snap my head towards him.

“You are perfectly right Cheese Sandwich! Come now, let’s get to your house and make this party totally epic!” Rarity says and I chuckle.

“Whatever ya say Rares.” I say and give her a small squeeze before I head over towards Fluttershy.

“And where do you think you’re going hmm?” Pinkie asks and I turn towards her.

“Well, I-”

“Nope! Here catch!” she says and Cheese throws her at me. My eyes go wide and I catch her just in time.

“Ohh, nice catch.”

“Why in tarnation would ya-”

“Shh.” she places a finger on my lips.

“We going to Sugar Cube Corner for a to-go drink, then to the house! Would you mind throwing me back to Cheese.” Pinkie says and gives me her puppy dog eyes. I roll my eyes and walk her over to Cheese.

“oou .” I shake my head so her finger can get off my lips.

“I believe this belongs ta ya.”

“Huh, I was looking everywhere for her! Thank you very much Officer!” Cheese says with his western accent and grabs Pinkie from my arms.

“To the van!” Pinkie shouts and jumps to the ground and runs to Fluttershy’s van with Cheese right behind her.

“I- I guess I’m driving.” Fluttershy says and walks with Rainbow Dash trying to catch up.

I start walking toward the van when I feel someone’s fingers entwine with mine. I turn my head to the side and see Rarity move closer to me. I smile and lead us to the van.

Author's Note:

:derpytongue2: Don't Judge me! hehe :rainbowkiss:

"Body Moves" by DNCE will make an appearance in this story. :twilightsheepish: