• Published 9th Nov 2016
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Don't Run Away - SkylerTDaniels

What happens when the farmer and the fashionista realize they have feelings for each other? Set in the Equestria Girls world.

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"This is More than a Crush"

Previously on 'Don't Run Away'

“Rarity? Are you alright?”

“My fist hurts.”

“Mind if I take a look at it?”

“At the boutique, if you don’t mind.”

I nod and we walk the rest of the way in silence. I keep replaying the whole incident over and over.

No one has ever stood up for me like that.

I glance at Rarity and notice her hand cradled in her left, her head hangs low with her hair covering her eyes.

She's possibly the true definition of inner and outer beauty.
Oh yeah, you're in love.

We reach the Boutique and I open the door for her. A low ‘thank you’ was all I heard before she sprints the way up to her room. I run after her but she slams the door on my face before I had the chance to stop her.

“Rarity, please, may I come in?” I ask and press my ear to the door.


“Rare please, I need to make sure your hand is alright.”


I pace in front of the door for a few seconds before I slowly approach the door and place my right palm to the door.

“Rarity, I know you’re scared, confused and angry at yourself and that’s ok. You were not the one who was out of line, you were putting him in his place... I understand violence is not your first instinct when it comes to teasing, but he had it coming. You already made it clear that you wanted nothing to do with him and he still didn’t listen. You… you are not a bad person for punching him, the only bad thing you did was beating me to the punch...literally. So please, open the door and let me help you.” I gently say and wait for a few minutes before the door finally opens and Rarity stands behind it with her head low and mascara running down her cheeks.

“I knew his words were just to get a reaction out of you, but I never thought they would get a reaction out of me! I am so frustrated and confused at this Jacqueline! I don’t understand why I did that? Why is it that I felt like I had to protect you from him? Why couldn’t I use my words? Why did I pu…” I slowly raised my hand to her shoulder and shook her a little bit.

“Hey, it's ok. I don't mind ya being tough. And I also don’t think I’m the one who should answer those questions. But, I'll be ready to listen when ya figured it out.” I say and give her a gentle smile.

Rarity looks disappointed at my answer but nods. I reach for her hand and inspect it.

"It ain’t broken, just swollen. Let’s get you some ice while you tell me bout the sink and we’ll go from there.” I smile and lead us to the back room.

I have her sit on a chair and take out some ice from a small refrigerator in the corner. I wrap the ice in a few napkins and kneel in front of her.

“I ain’t gonna lie, this will sting.” I place the ice directly over the index and middle finger and hear her wince and whine.

“Why does it hurt so much?”

“Well, from my understanding, you hit him using your fingers and not the knuckles... How’s your thumb?”

“Fine. I know I’m suppose to keep it on the outside of my fist.” She smirks and flicks my hat off.

“I’ll let that slide cause you’re hurt...And the part of you using my name.”

“I happen to love your name, but if you insist on me calling you Applejack, I won’t complain...much.”

I smile and nod. We stay in silence for a while before I whisper “Thank you.”


“Thank you for everything you did for me back there… No one has ever done that for me.” I say and concentrate on her hand.

“Applejack, I might not know what all these conflicting thoughts mean, but I do know that anyone who disrespects a friend of mine like that will be on the floor without a second thought.” She lifts my chin up and kisses my forehead.

I try to hid my blush by ducking my head but she keeps my head up. I see her looking in my eyes then shift quickly to my lips. I move slowly closer to her and I feel her hand guide me towards her lips...

Author's Note:

Cliff hanger huh! :pinkiegasp:
We all knew this was going to happen sooner or later :derpytongue2: