• Published 9th Nov 2016
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Don't Run Away - SkylerTDaniels

What happens when the farmer and the fashionista realize they have feelings for each other? Set in the Equestria Girls world.

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"Let's be Friends, Start out Slow"

Previously on 'Don't Run Away'

She lifts my chin up and kisses my forehead.

I try to hid my blush by ducking my head but she keeps my head up. I see her looking in my eyes then shift quickly to my lips. I move slowly closer to her and I feel her hand guide me towards her lips.

“Rarity! You here?” Rarity’s mom shouts from the front of the shop.

I stop moving and slowly move away from her. I make sure her ice isn’t melting and stand up.

“I think your fingers just needs to rest a bit. Which sink was backed up?”

“Oh! Yes, come with me darling.” She stands and walks down the stairs.

Is it just me or is she swaying her hips more than usual?

I quickly look away when she turns around to make sure I’m following her and it might be my imagination, but I swear she has a smirk on her face when she noticed me staring.

Well damn.

A Hour Later

“There ya go. It shouldn’t be acting up on ya for very long time. If it does just let me know and I’ll be here as fast as I can.” I say and wipe some sweat off my forehead.

“Well gee, Applejack that was pretty quick. Usually the people we call take at least 3 hours to repair a simple plumbing job. And here you are doing it in a hour! I am very impressed.” Rarity’s dad says as he inspects the work.

“Well sir, Granny always tells us don’t start something ya never intend to finish.” I tell him and put away the tools I left here a few days ago.

“Now, now Applejack, Hondo is just fine. This one’s a keeper Rarity.” He says and puts an arm around Rarity.

“Father please, let’s not embarrass our guest.” Rarity says with a blush.

“Don’t worry bout me si...uh Hondo. I ain’t going anywhere.” I look at the time.

“Uh, except now. Gotta get home and finish my homework.” I say and get my stuff ready.

“Aw, so soon? How bout dinner? Don’t want ya to think we only keep ya around for cheap labor.” he winks and Rarity rolls her eyes.

“Ha-ha that never crossed my mind. Sure, I’ll stay for dinner. As long as it’s alright with ya sugarcube.”

“Oh honestly Applejack and you say I’m dramatic.”

“Alright everyone, go wash up and dinner will be ready when you guys come down.” Rarity's Mom calls from the front of the store and we head up to wash up.

“Does it feel weird that you guys eat here instead of your house?”

“Not necessarily, we usually eat at the house... Only on special occasions we eat and sleep here. A nice change at times.”

I nod and we wash up.

“Applejack! You’re here!” Sweetie Bell runs past us but stops to give me a quick hug.

“Hey Sweetie, how was school for ya today?”

“It was alright. Apple Bloom, Scootaloo and I are planning a sleepover sometime soon and since the both of you are here... would it be ok to have it at our house Rarity, please?!” Sweetie Bell says as she uses her puppy-dog eyes on us. I look to Rarity and see her crumble under her sister’s gaze.

“As long as mother and father are alright with it, I would be as well.” Rarity says and Sweetie Bell brings her into a big hug.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!” She squeaks and runs down the stairs.

“Couldn’t say no huh.”

“You try saying no to your sister when she makes those eyes.”

“Can’t argue with that Sugarcube.”

“Come along Darling, you must be famished from working on our pipes.”

Before I could reply my hunger decides to make it’s presence know.

“... maybe” I say and follow a giggling Rarity down the stairs.


“... and that’s how I asked Ms. Cookie Crumble to marry me.” Hondo Flanks reaches for her hand and gives it a quick kiss on the palm.

“Oh, you old charmer.” Mrs. Crumble says as she gently slaps his arm.

“Aw, now that is an engagement story.” I say as I finish my chicken.

“I’m telling ya girls, ya only get one shot at a soul mate so make it count.” He says and points to everyone at us.

“I hear ya. Granny tells us ‘if ya can’t survive a friendly banter or a downright battle of insults then why are ya wastin’ yer time.’ She told us that my Ma and Pa used to get in arguments over the littlest things, but never went ta bed angry. She remembered one day they were yelling in the orchards and then saying sweet things to each other like nothing happened.” I explain and took a sip of my water.

“I remember your dad. Head over heels in love with your mom and one heck of a football player. Best on the team before he decided to marry your mom and settle down on the farm.” Hondo explains.

“Eeyep, taught us how to play all kinds of sports growing up. He said it was a great way to keep our apple picking muscles on their toes.” I laugh as I remember the day I asked him that question.

“Say, would ya be able to come over during the weekend to throw the old pigskin around for an hour or so. I love my daughters, but they seem to be busy every time I ask them.” He says and looks shyly down at his plate.

“Oh no you don’t! Just last weekend I amused you and threw that ghastly thing for two hours!” Rarity defend herself and I couldn’t help but laugh.

“Then a friendly game of just the 4 of us. Your mother could keep score you’ll be on my team and Sweetie will be on Applejacks’...if that’s alright.”

“I have no problem with that.”

“We are gonna kick your butts!” Sweetie Bell raises her voice up to a tone only dogs can hear as she puts her dish away. Rarity and I cringe a little as she said it and I nod.

“Then it’s settled! We’ll see ya here around 10 on Saturday if that’s alright with ya.” Mrs. Crumble asks.

“Perfect time.” I say and look toward Rarity. She has a gentle smile on and a small blush forming on her cheeks.

I excuse myself and make my way over to wash my dish when someone takes it from my hands.

“And what might you be doing?” I ask raising an eyebrow.

“You are a guest, and I will not have you wash dishes.” Rarity says firmly and starts washing them.

“How bout I dry and put them away? It only seems fair.” I say and pull the towel from it’s place and start drying a plate.

“Fine, I’ll allow it this time.”

“You saying I’ll be over for more dinners?”

“... We’ll see Jacqueline”

“I suppose I have to allow that one as well.”

From the corner of my eye I see Hondo Flanks and Cookie Crumble standing in the dining room doorway looking at us with a knowing smile before leaving us alone to clean up.

I can get used to this.

Well don't. Who knows what's going to happen in the next three days.

I grab a plate from Rarity’s hands and our fingers brush against each other. She looks at me and smiles before she removes her hand and starts on another.

I need to tell her before things get out of control.

...We're way past out of control.

We finish in complete silence.

“I believe it’s about time I take you home darling; It is a school day after all.” She says and grabs her keys.

“You don’t have ta do that Rare, I can always call Big Mac.”

“Nonsense, now hurry and say goodnight to everyone.” She says as she exits the Boutique.

I say my goodbyes and jog all the way to her car. When I enter the car she turns to me with wide shocked eyes.

“Ar… are you alright Rarity? Did you see someone? Was it Trender?”

“A… no, I was, I just realized something and I uh I’m alright… um let’s get you home.”

“You sure? Cause it seemed like y…”

“I said I was fine!” She says hastily. I stare at her and try to see if she was really ok but she wouldn’t look at me. I turn to look out the window the entire way home.