• Published 9th Nov 2016
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Don't Run Away - SkylerTDaniels

What happens when the farmer and the fashionista realize they have feelings for each other? Set in the Equestria Girls world.

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"You're more than meets the Eye"

Previously on 'Don't Run Away'

“Who says I’m movin’ on? Rarity, ya need to understand that I see Rara and all the gals at CHS as friends and acquaintances, never anything more. If ya excuse me, I’ve had a crazy day and need ta clear my mind.” I gently pull my arm free from her ever tightening grasp and reach for the door. Before I exit I turn around and say

“Also, I hope ya don’t give that drifter a second glance ‘cause I’m not giving up on ya.” I say and walk out.

I speed walk to the front of the school and throw the door open.

“Sweet Celestia! Applejack?! You would’ve knocked me to the ground!” Sunset yells as she balances herself against the door frames’ edge.

“Wh- I...I I’m sorry Sunset. I thought ya were long gone by now.”

“You wish. Nah, I gave Sunset here the rundown of what happened at lunch.” Rara leans against the building scrolling through her phone.

“Yea, figured you might need a pick me up. So, we’re all going to Sugarcube Corner for a reward. So, hurry up!” Rainbow runs over to grab my case and pushes me towards Fluttershy’s van.

As we approach the van, the doors open and Cheese literally flies out feet first.

“Ohh, I have a wonderful idea!” he happily expresses with his voice raising a few pitches.

“No! No talking till Pinkie has a Swirly Blast!” Pinkie wraps her arms around Cheeses shoulders and yanks him back in.

I duck my head in and they are perfectly seated in the back row with both of them motioning me to join them.

I’m not surprised by this display of magic one bit… or Pinkie sense? No, that’s another thing altogether. Right? Huh, PINKIE!

I try to come to a conclusion of what just happened when a car comes speeding up from behind us. We all turn around and see a sleek black car nearly avoid us and out the parking lot without changing speed.

“Amateur.” Sunset mutters.

Twilight hits Sunset in the stomach with her elbow. Sunset coughs and giggles a bit.

“What I meant to say was he shouldn’t be driving like that in a school zone, or a parking lot for that matter.”

“Nice save.” Rainbow comments from the passenger seat.

“Huh, Rainbow Dash!”

“I uh I mean…”

We all laugh at how quickly Rainbow can change from an awesome, cool gal to a whipped girlfriend.

I need this pick me up.

Sugarcube Corner

“Now that we all have our dessert I have something very exciting and worthy of gasps news!”

We stare at Cheese with anticipation.

“We are moving the party from Pinkie’s house to my great grandparents mansion-ish looking house!” he says while pulling out green sunglasses. We did indeed gasp.

“Wait, you have great grandparents?”

“You’re rich?”

“Who are you?”

“Girls, girls please. Huuu, his parents and grandparents are up in the stars due to a freak accident a couple years ago, he has money but cannot do anything with it until he’s 21 (lawyers), aanndd his family used to tour the whole world as a super duper amazing family act in the EYE-illusionist tour!” Pinkie releases her breath and smiles. Cheese sits back and chews on one of Pinkie’s chocolate chips.

We take a moment to process the information.

“Hold on a sec, isn’t that the tour that Trixie’s father manages?”

“They are the coolest at traipsing!”

“I like them because they keep all the animals in a safe environment.”

“Yep, figured ya’ll might as well know half of my backstory. As far as the school goes, we found it on a morning walk and asked if we can have a party. Simple as that.” Cheese puts his sunglasses away and changes his voice back to his old western voice.

“Look here partner, ain’t nobody gonna treat ya any different. Ya mean a lot ta Pinkie Pie and we know ya would move mountains ta keep her happy. So relax, we ain’t gonna go telling ya story ta whoever we see. That, is a Pinkie Promise.” After I finish my speech we all do the Pinkie Promise swear.

Cross my heart and hope to fly

Stick a cupcake in my eye.

Pinkie pulls out her spoon from her ice cream and holds it up to Cheeses’ mouth. Cheese looks at each one of us and smiles. He then stares at Pinkie Pie and slowly eats the ice cream. We all let out a sigh of relief and Cheese grabs Pinkie’s wrist and pulls her in for a kiss.

I turn my head to give them some privacy and find Twilight staring at me in thought.

“Ya alright there Twilight? Do I have something on my face?” I reach up and wipe my cheek.

“Nnno, your face is fine Applejack. I’m just trying to figure out something.”

“Oh? And does this something have ta do with a certain fashionista?”

“...kind of. I was wondering if you’re going to um ‘stand down’ or go ‘get your girl’.” The table explodes in laughter and Twilight’s face turns a bright red.

“What? Is that not the correct terminology?” she tries to hide her face with her arms but Sunset grabs them and gently moves them back down.

“Tw-Twilight Sparkle, I have never heard you nor the Princess attempt to use slang of that nature. It’s adorably hilarious.” Sunset says while putting her arms around Twilight and hiding her face in the crook of her neck.

“What she said… except that whole adorable thing, I think someone took that title way longer than we’ve know both of you.” Rainbow Dash says and nudges Fluttershy gently. Fluttershy looks at Rainbow Dash and smiles.

“If ya’ll can tone it down with the whole lovey-dovey talk, I’d be much obliged.” I casually say.

“Come on AJ, Rara’s next to you. Surely, there’s a compliment hiding in that hay beating heart of yours.” Rainbow teases and receives a glare from Rara and me.

“As much as I'm enjoying this, I have to call it an early night. See you guys tomorrow?” Rara stands to leave and I stand to give her a hug.

“Course Sugarcube, not ta mention at the party.”

Rara waves to the rest of the group and exits the cafe. I turn around just as a paper ball hits my forehead. I glance from the ball on the floor to the girls.

“Alright, who did that?”

“That would be me.” Pinkie raises her hand and stares at me with a half frown half smile.

“Why in the world would ya do that Pinkie?”

“Seems like you needed to take your mind off of the party… also my Pinkie sense is telling me to distract you for as long as I can.”

I’m about to ask why when I hear an unwanted and familiar voice comes up behind me.

“Wow, this is a small town. I was craving an ice cream and Rarity suggested this place. Nice to see you guys… again.” Meadow waves and drops his hand to my shoulder and squeezes. My head snaps up in attention and I stare at the group for any sort of help.

“Uh- hey Meadow, did you order your dessert already?” Cheese asks.

“Hmm, oh no! I should probably go do that huh. Be right back!” he speed walks to the counter and waits in line.

“I see all of you wanted something cold for this warm night.” Rarity observes while taking out her compact mirror,making sure her makeup is nothing less than perfect.

“I always want something sweet, cold, hot, baked, shaved, syr…”

“I get the idea Pinkie Pie.”

“Oh good, I was hoping you would.” Pinkie leans forward trying to scoop out the last bit of sundae from her cup.

“... I don’t suppose you would be alright if we joined the table?” Rarity asks the girls since I have my attention strictly on my hot chocolate.

“Well, we are leaving soon. So, go right ahead.” Rainbow cleans up hers’ and Fluttershy's spot with a napkin. She stands up and holds out a hand to Fluttershy, who takes it gently. Twilight is putting on her sweater, Sunset pushes their chairs in, Pinkie has an ice cream, Cheese leaves a tip on the table. I feel my cup and find it cold enough to down it. I do and get up with the group. I pass Rarity and give her a small smile and exit the cafe.
Once outside I release my breath and walk towards Fluttershy's van.

Author's Note:

Hello one and all!
I would like to thank all who have been reading and coming back for more. Hope I'm keeping this story interesting enough for you. I also wish you a safe and wonderful holiday! I'm not sure if I will update next week, let's home I do! Until then take care and read on! :pinkiehappy: :twilightsheepish: