• Published 9th Nov 2016
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Don't Run Away - SkylerTDaniels

What happens when the farmer and the fashionista realize they have feelings for each other? Set in the Equestria Girls world.

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"I'm not Giving up on You"

Previously on 'Don't Run Away'

“You alright Rares?”

“Perfectly so. You shouldn’t keep Rara waiting. Go have fun with your camp friend, I’ll be fine.”

“... Uh, were you about to ask me something?”

“You mean before she decided that you would be her personal escort for the school. Absolutely not! Run along AJ, someone really wants to spend time with you.” she says and turns her attention to Fluttershy. Rainbow and Sunset shake their heads no. I take a few seconds before I stand up.

“See ya’ll at practice.” I turn to leave, but not before I look at Rarity. Her body is angled far away from me and has her face pointed directly at Fluttershy.

Damn it Rarity, must you always be so dramatic! She’s just a friend from summer camp, why would… damn it ta hell.
It finally clicked, all the praises, stories, summer camp. Rara made herself out to be the ex-girlfriend I never had.

“Rara.” I say and stomp my way out of the cafeteria.

I go all the way to the end of the hallway, turn the corner and almost knock Rara to the ground. She reaches for my waist to steady herself. “Well, fancy meeting you here.” Rara says quietly into my ear.

“Ya need ta stop this Rara.” I say sternly and gently take her arms off my waist.

“Do what? Pretend we never had feelings for each other?”

“Back then I thought we would see each other every day, but you moved and I realized you were just a crush nothin’ more.” I say and let go of her arms.

“... You really do like her huh.”

“What? Who?”

“Rarity, almost as thin as a twig, with legs that go on for days.”

“Watch how ya talk bout her. I’m not above knockin’ some sense into ya.”

“Uh-huh, so have you guys talked about your feelings, or what?”

“Last night actually, she well, she said it’s best for us to stay friends.”

“Yet you want to give her a reason to say yes. Damn AJ, you should’ve told me this sooner. I would have done more flirting with you.”

“No, you’ve done enough.”

“She’s jealous? Knew it, AJ she likes you as much as you do. We just have to find a way to make her see that you guys are perfect for each other.”

“Funny you should say that.”

“Oh, and what have you been planning?”

I tell Rara everything from battle of the bands to what happened yesterday and everything in between.


After we had a long and understanding conversation, Rara decided to help me show Rarity we are perfect as a couple then best friends.

“I can help you with the song too.” Rara offers as we head toward the music room.

“Thanks, but we have that covered. All ya gotta do is be at Pinkie’s party and not let her out of your sight.”

“Jeeze, possessive much?”

“I just don’t want anything or one to mess this one chance I’ve got.”

Rara nods and opens the practice room door. We walk in and Sunset rushes to my side.

“Applejack, um I need to tell you something really important alone.” She says and glances at Rara.

“If it’s about Rarity, I already know.” Rara whispered to Sunset.

“After you guys left some guy comes up to the table and asked if Rarity had a date to Pinkie’s party. She said no and left with him. We haven’t seen her since.”

As if on cue the door opens and I hear Rarity's laugh behind us.

“Wow, may I stay for rehearsals? I mean there's no sense in me leaving for two hours just to come back to the same spot.”

“Why of course Meadow. You may sit anywhere you please.” Rarity says while going over to her keytar.

“Um hi, I don’t think we’ve been properly introduced; I’m Sunset Shimmer.” Sunset holds out a hand to him.

“Oh yeah, I’ve heard a few things about you. Nice to finally meet you, I’m Meadow, Meadow Song.” He says and shakes Sunsets hand.

"I apologies for certain comments you've been told." Sunset says and grabs her guitar.

“Howdy Meadow, I’m Applejack and I’m sorry to say that I haven’t seen ya around here before.” I say as calmly as I can.

“Well, I haven’t been here long. Just transferred from the Falls and before that Manehattan, guess you can say I’m a wanderer.”

“That all sounds very interesting, but can we at least try and finish practice with no outside distractions!” Rainbow Dash exclaims.

“You got it Dash!” Cheese says and sits on one of the piano bench while pointing at Pinkie. “You got this Curly que!” he says and Pinkie counts us in. “1, 2, 3, 4!”

Rainbow and Sunset start strumming, while Pinkie drums out a steady beat. I pluck along to help the bass and start singing.

Once Upon a Time

You came into my world and made the stars align

Now I can see the signs

You pick me up when I get down so I can Shine

Shine like Rainbows

Shine like Rainbows

Friends you are in my life

And you can count on me to be there by your side

And when the music comes alive

You sing us songs to lift us up so we can shine

And the sound that we hear in our hearts

Makes a crescendo

And the light that ignites in the dark

It makes us all glow

And shine like rainbows

We shine like rainbows

Shine like rainbows

We shine like rainbows

Together we stand

As the rain begins to fall

And holdin' our hands up high

As the sun shines through it all

And the sound that we hear in our hearts

Makes a crescendo

And the light that ignites in the dark

It makes us all glow

And shine like rainbows

We shine like rainbows

Shine like rainbows

We shine like rainbows

We shine like rainbows

As we finish the last note, I open my eyes and see Rarity looking at me with a small smile. I smile back and was about to praise her when Meadow spoke up.

“No wonder this school loves you guys! That was truly amazing!” he says and hugs Rarity. I turn away and walk toward Rainbow.

“Dude, seriously, I had no idea this was going to happen.” she whispers to me and I shrug.

“If she wants to date that’s fine. I, I just hope tomorrow night will be worth all this stress.” I say and turn my head to see Meadow leaning closer to Rarity. I turn with my eyes closed, take a deep breath in and exhale it out.

“Alright ya’ll, we have one night to create an ‘awesome’ set list, so let’s get ta rockin’!”

“Yeah! That’s the spirit AJ!” Pinkie starts drumming “Awesome as I Wanna Be” and soon we’re all jamming out to it.


I raise my bass off of my shoulders and place her nicely inside her case. Everyone seems to be doing the same, except the couples start leaning into each other while silent goodbyes are lost to the group as they walk out. I close my baby’s case and grab my backpack. I turn around and see Rarity leaning against the piano.

With a raised eyebrow I ask “I thought you were going on a date tonight?” I attempt to sound casual.

Nice attempt.

“I asked if he would do me the honor of taking my keytar to my car.”

“How kind of him.” I mutter and start walking towards the door.

“Applejack, wait.” I feel her hand around my wrist and the plea in her voice.

“What is it Rarity?” I ask with my face still looking towards the door.

“I would appreciate it if you would turn around.” I turn and see her watery eyes.

“Applejack, please know that I am trying to move on. It wouldn’t be fair if you’re doing it and I’m here not trying.”

“Who says I’m movin’ on? Rarity, ya need to understand that I see Rara and all the gals at CHS as friends and acquaintances, never anything more. Now if ya excuse me, I’ve had a crazy day and need ta clear my mind.” I gently pull my arm free from her ever tightening grasp and reach for the door. Before I exit I turn around and tell her

“Also, I hope ya don’t give that drifter a second glance ‘cause I’m not giving up on ya.” I say and walk out.