• Published 9th Nov 2016
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Don't Run Away - SkylerTDaniels

What happens when the farmer and the fashionista realize they have feelings for each other? Set in the Equestria Girls world.

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"Baby, I'm gonna make you Mine"

Previously on 'Don't Run Away

“Listen AJ, I know how much Rarity means to you and I know somewhere in that crazy fashion head of hers, she is crazy about you. If this will give her the push she needs to see that you guys belong together, then I’m happy to help.”

“Especially if it’s going to be all of us making a song for our girlfriends.” Sunset adds and pats me on my back. I nod and look toward the drums. Cheese seems to have heard and nods towards me as well.

“What are we waiting for.” I say and pick up a bass guitar that magically appeared off to the side of the drums.

Canterlot High School - The Next Day

I have never gotten this many looks from anyone, not to mention from females.

I think as another pair of girls walk past me and shyly say hi to me. I tip my hat and they both blush. Personally, I don’t think I look that different, just a little makeup to bring out my eyes and hair straighten to make it look thin.

I am wearing skin tight blue jeans with a white tank top that shows off my toned core and a golden brown collar shirt that doesn’t close anymore, thanks to puberty… Maybe that’s why.

“Damn AJ, I swear you’re starting to make me feel self-conscious and I am made out of confidence.” Rainbow Dash speed walks up to me and gives the next batch of girls a friendly wave, but they’re too busy staring at me.

“I think you have half of the girls at CHS questioning their sexuality.” Rainbow says as she follows their eyesight. “And who knew you had a great body under all those flannels? Rarity better hurry up or else someone will attempt to steal you away.”

“Applejack? Is it really you?”

I turn around and see a gal with fair skin and grey hair stop in front of me.

“Well I'll be, Rara? How’ve you been? I didn’t know you went to CHS?”

“Technically, today is my first day. Wow, you really are stirring up some gossip today.” Rara says and glances down at my shirt, raises an eyebrow and locks eyes with me.

“Yep, kind of need to make a point to someone.” I say and frown a bit.

“Alright, well I’ll see you soon. Hopefully we can catch up a bit a lunch?”

“Uh sure, I guess... is lunch time alright with ya?”

“Sure is. I'll see you at lunch y=then.” she says and walks away with a sway in her hips.

“You do realize she was flirting with you?”

“Course I did. I just know she doesn't mean anything by it.”

“Seriously Applejack, the way she was looking at you made me feel slightly uncomfortable.”

“It won’t happen, all I care about is Rarity. So, it doesn’t even phase me when people flirt with me.”

“Trust me, she will keep on flirting with you until something happens between you and Rarity, and I better stop talking about her cause she’s right there.” Rainbow Dash says and nods towards Rarity’s locker.

Sure enough, Rarity is there staring at me, and I can’t help it but raise my hands up to fix my hat. I see her nibble on her bottom lip and I had to turn away from her line of sight. I end up opening my locker to put some distance between her hungry stare and my willingness to give in to it.

“I wasn’t even looking at her but judging by your reaction I can assume she took the bait.” Rainbow scrolls through her phone and I turn to tell her maybe when Rarity walks up to us.

“Good morning Rainbow Dash... Applejack.”


“Mornin’ Rares” I say in a husky voice I never knew I had. It does the trick because I see Rainbow Dash’s head snap up in attention and Rarity shiver softly.

“Di… Did you have time to do your homework?” Rarity clears her voice as she tries to maintain her composure.

“I did.”

“Alrighty then, guess you guys have things to talk about. Anyway, I’ll see you guys at lunch. Need to find Shy and ask her about our class.”

“Excellent idea Rainbow Dash! Applejack, may we start walking to our class.” Rarity says without breaking eye contact with me.

“Course.” I say, close my locker and start walking ahead of her while swaying my hips. I look back to see if she’s following and I see her eyes train on my assets. I grin and think It’s not as fun when people do it to ya huh Sugarcube.
I hear her heeled boots quicken as she struggles to catch up with me.

“You alright there Rare's? Ya look kinda flustered.”

“I have never been better darling. Although, I would not mind if you come dressed in those kind of jeans from now on.”

“I guess it depends on how today goes.” At that moment a boy I have science with runs into his locker, with his girlfriend tripping on her dress.

I feel Rarity’s arms snake it’s way around my arm and pull me close.

“You doing ok there?”

“Fine, just making sure everyone knows what’s happening.”

“And what might that be?”

“That we, uh I’m… we’re here!”

I look up and see that we are outside our class. We walk in and move towards our desks. I look towards Rarity to find she's staring at me expectedly.

“Um Rarity, I kinda need ma arm for writing and such.”

I feel her arms slowly untangle themselves and her fingers rack down my stomach before completely pulling away. I bring my eyes up and I find her staring with darker eyes.
I wonder.

I match her stare with a hooded look and lift the right side of my lips to form a ‘sexy’ smirk.

She moves closer to me and opens her mouth to say something when someone called out to me.

“Oh, hey AJ, didn’t think we had the same class. Could’ve walked together.” Rara side steps over to Rarity and me. “Hey Rara, this is Rarity, ma best friend.” Rara and Rarity stare each other down before Rarity extends her arm forward.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you uh, Rara. My, that is a name you don’t hear often, is it short for something?”

Rara shakes her hand with a tight smile. “Oh yeah, it’s short for Coloratura. But it’s a nightmare to say huh AJ.” They both turn towards me.
Pretty sure this would go different if we weren’t in class.

“Sure is, should’ve seen me try to say it Rares. Reminds me of when Applebloom sneaks peanut butter ta Wynonna.” Rarity giggles a bit and Rara opens her mouth to say something when Ms. Cheerilee walks in.

“Take your seats please, we have a lot to do in a short amount of time.”

We sit and before Rara moves back to her seat she runs her hand down my arm. I raise an eyebrow and she winks at me. I turn my head to Rarity when I hear a loud snap.

“Here Rarity, I have one more anyway.” I hand her my pencil. She takes it, sets her jaw and starts writing down the notes Ms. Cheerilee already has on the board.

I hope the plan works.


“... and that’s why AJ won’t ever go near a pear.”

“Hahaha, really Applejack? A possessed pear? You couldn’t have been that young?” Rainbow Dash holds her sides and leans on Fluttershy for support.

“I hate to admit it but I have to agree with Dash over there. A… pear?”

At least Sunset tried to hold in her laughter.

“Hardy har har, means a lot to know ya’ll laugh at my expense.”

“Oh we’re just teasing you AJ. If you want you can share an embarrassing story about me.”

“Embarrassing? Ya had nothing to be embarrassed ‘bout, especially with that magical instrument us regular people call our voice.”

“You sing too?” Rainbow Dash asks.

“Um… yeah. I sort of been doing that for a while before I decided to finish my schooling at an actual school.” Rara looks in my direction and I move my head in confusion.

“Anything we’ve heard?” Twilight asks as she sits forward curious.

“You… um, you could say that. Ever heard of the song The Spectacle?”

“Oh! I have the one that goes ‘Razzle, dazzle. Glitz and glam. Turn it up, it’s a spectacle!” Cheese sings and nearly throws Pinkie off her seat.

“You can’t be Countess Coloratura! She’s way too old!” Pinkie says and inspects Rara.

“I’ve never heard that name before.” I say casually and everyone stares at me.

“Applejack, darling, you’ve never heard of her and yet she’s a friend of yours?”

“I think Apple Bloom mentioned that name before while we were out in the orchards.”

Pinkie appears behind me and sticks her headphones in my ears and a pop song comes on. Once it finishes I look at Rara.

“Sounds like a spaced out effect of your voice.” A collective gasp comes from everyone.

“Oh my, that is a very popular song now. How did that happen?” Fluttershy asks.

“A lot of hard work, however I didn’t think it would be a huge hit on Sharetube.”

“Wow, maybe you can give us some pointers? We have a band called the ‘Rainbooms’.” Rainbow offers and Rara nods slowly.

“I just got really lucky someone wanted to give me a chance. I don’t think I’ll be any help.”

“Nonsense, any help is greatly appreciated.” Fluttershy says and everyone at the table nods.

“A...alright. When do you guys want to start?”

“After school would be great. That way we have time to go over your notes.” Sunset says while playing with Twilight’s hand. Rara nods and sits next to me.

“You still play the triangle AJ?”

“Eenope, I play bass. Rarity gave me a customize strap with my initials monogrammed at the end of the strap.” I say proudly and I turn my head towards Rarity. She blushes a bit and leans a little bit into me.

“Took me forever to make that. However; it was well worth it.” She says and nudges me with her elbow.

“I see. Looks like you have a great duet partner AJ.”

“We haven’t really sang together, but we do harmonize nicely.”

“At camp; AJ and I would sneak out after lights out and start making song on her guitar. Fun times, huh AJ.”

“I caught a bad cold after that night. Weather was below freezin’ and I forgot to take ma jacket.”

“Granted, it wasn’t my finest moment, but something great came out of it though.”

“What was that?” Rainbow ask as she swallows her sandwich.

“I wouldn’t be number one on the internet. I’m telling you, this gal right here is full of inspirational knowledge that she can sell the farm while having the owner work the lands.”

“That sounds so weird. So, the owner would be working as an employee instead of having the employee work for them. She would just sit there as the owner! Oh, you should try that Applejack!” Pinkie bounce in her seat and reaches across the table to grab my shirt.

“Calm down Pinkie. I ain’t gonna sell anyone anything. It's just a figure of speech.”

“Who is this figure and why haven’t I heard their speech?”

We all groan a bit and shake our heads.

“Applejack, I wa-”

“Oh AJ, sorry uh Rarity? AJ, I need you to help me find my locker since you sidetracked me this morning.”

Rara loves chancing death I see.

Rarity glares at Rara with her eyes squinted and jaw clenched.

“Uh yeah sure, I’ll be right with ya.” Rara leaves the table saying her goodbyes and I turn to Rarity.

“You alright Rares?”

“Perfectly so. You shouldn’t keep Rara waiting. Go have fun with your camp friend, I’ll be fine.”

“...were you about to ask me something?”

“You mean before she decided that you would be her personal escort for the school. Absolutely not! Run along AJ, someone really wants to spend time with you.” she says and turns her attention to Fluttershy. Rainbow and Sunset shake their heads no. I take a few seconds before I stand up.

“See ya’ll at practice.” I turn to leave, but not before I look at Rarity. Her body is angled far away from me and has her face pointed directly at Fluttershy.

Damn it Rarity, must you always be so dramatic! She’s just a friend from summer camp, why would… damn it ta hell.

It finally clicked, all the praises, stories, summer camp. Rara made herself out to be the ex-girlfriend I never had.

“Rara.” I say and stomp my way out of the cafeteria.