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Flippy Flopper

I write almost solely M/F and F/F vanilla sex. So if that's what you're looking for, congratulations: you found it.


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This story is so simple, yet so nice. It left everyone speechless and let me the first tomcomment. Good job, dear. :twilightsmile:


Or maybe it's because you're the first to finish reading it. :ajsmug:

But yes, short yet sweet. Good job, Flippy. :twilightsmile:

7525294 Great work, again! Just wondering, are you going to do the other princesses?

7525525 Maybe...

Although, I am trying to have a separate fic between each story in this series, like how I finished "A New Idea" before I did this one.

Comment posted by FangedCreature deleted Aug 31st, 2016

7525531 Oh, sweet Celestia..............you're..........you've.....................you've got so much planned......................

7531317 I don't really get it either. There's just something about alicorns...
... and Changelings...

First off this was pretty decent for vanilla sex. It was pretty to the point though, and I don't mean "it is a clopfic you smashed uglies really fast". You had absolutely no foreplay whatsoever in either story. Just wham bam thanks princess I'll guard you tonight.

Eat her out, shove your hoof inside her, spank her flanks, nom her ponut, I don't care. You went straight for the main show with nothing to warm either party up.

My only other gripe is that this isn't another story, this is another chapter. This is literally a continuation of the same story, from the previous chapter.

Also you just boned a sexually repressed Princess of the Sun who had toys but you didn't use them. You also fucked the Princess who sees everyone's dreams. They are both anything but vanilla. Heck Twilight is a closeted pony, with way too much time on her hooves. Cadance is the Princess of love and I saw you hint at Chryssi.

Get freaky. Get out of your comfort zone and get kinky.

7556618 yes yes yes, all the yes to your comment

So, I'm gathering that there will be a third 'shift' story? 'Overtime', perhaps?

You may have been gifted with the chance to fuck the goddess of the sun, but the price is pulling a double-shift.

Totally worth it!

"Nothing happens during my night without my knowledge."

Not sure if this is soothing or disturbing...

The princess hops onto her bed (which you notice is about half the size of Celestia's)

No Luna, Cadance, Twilight, Nightmare Moon or Chrysalis here...
(I'm thinking too deep again, right? Again!)

Mother of ships shifts!!

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