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Flippy Flopper

I write almost solely M/F and F/F vanilla sex. So if that's what you're looking for, congratulations: you found it.

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That was pretty good. Looks like you probably get by with writing more then clop if you wanted to try. But they also say write what you're good at.

This is almost verbatim how my first experience with Fluttershy would go (possibly minus the sex).

I agree with Anstca, your writing style is interesting. I'll be looking out for what you make in the future.

As for the story itself, the main problem I had with it is that Fluttershy doesn't seem like the kind of character who'd have sex with someone she just met, but that's the nature of the clopfic I guess, haha. Otherwise, good stuff.

7531099 Yeah, I felt that way too. But hey: good times were had by all (especially you:ajsmug:).

:facehoof: Goddamn it, Discord…

Instead of going straight into into it, you bring your muzzle to her neck and softly begin kissing it, moving up and down from her ear to her chest, warming her up for your final engagement.

Just something I noticed. Also great story

This was certainly interesting. I wish it had been longer though. Anyways, have a like.

7882167 *Coughs* Sequel in-development *cough*.



In that case, I shall follow you, lest I miss out on the much anticipated sequel.

lol, that Discord moment though. :rainbowlaugh:

How on earth did Angel manage to drag Fluttershy? Given their size differences, I'm guessing that she's well over 100 times heavier than him.

Also, this:

This song fits this chapter almost perfectly.

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