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Deep in the Everfree Forest lives a creature who no pony has lived to tell about. all anypony knows about it is that its called Slendermane and it kills and abducts ponies for god knows what.

*I take no credit for the cover art and give full credit to who ever pony that made it.

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A little fast paced so far, But I like it take meh thumbs. :twilightsmile:

I've heard references to the slender mare before...
glad someone made a story on it

Good job, a touch of rush but still, great concept and written!

I had a similar idea but reading this one shall have to do.
Great start by the way. Gripping! *snicker* you might even say it 'grabs' your attention!
I also see you tagged it 'dark'

Sorry I can't make any more bad puns. I'm laughing way too hard to think!

Hmm interesting idea, but like others have commented, it's all very fast. There's no sense of tension or buildup that is really needed in a slenderman/mane story. If you can slow the pace then I reckon you have a the makings of a good story here.

And then all you'd need to sort out is the occasionaly spelling and grammar mistake. But everyone makes those, so don't worry too much about that, focus on the narrative.

And maybe a little rushed.

Im trying to slow the 3rd chapter down abit

Oh..my..Holy shit! more please

1071577 Thanks. Its always good to see someone enjoy my story :pinkiehappy:

aaaawwwwwwww snap,Applejack just bucked Scootaloo in the face :pinkiegasp:

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