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A war is coming. A war that Celestia and The Elements Of Harmony must win so that Equestria isn't plunged into chaos and anarchy. With Discord,Chrysalis, and the newly resurrected Nightmare Moon returning for their revenge, Celestia must get her sister back or be forced to destroy her as well.

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Luna going evil against her will?

Following :pinkiehappy:

(A lovable misunderstood character like Luna going back to evil is tragic, and that's why I'm so interested to see how it unfolds)

Man, after you get a reaction like this it's kinda hard to make a sequel and make sure it can be better than the first chapter. :ajbemused:

Discord feels a bit out of place or is lacking depth in my opinion. But I like where this is going. Hopefully we can explore more of Nightmare Moon's character later on... or are you aiming to get her right in a fight with the mane 6?

What Samut said feels pretty accurate. The villains feel like they're lacking development. They need more evil bonding time.

Maybe you could use a Flashback to how Discord and Queen Chrysalis began formulating the plan.

Arrow to the knee? SKYRIM :pinkiecrazy: Yay :pinkiehappy: This is really cool and I really like the reference. (If you couldn't guess)

This is fantastic I can't wait to fund out what happens next! :pinkiecrazy: :rainbowkiss:

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