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Just a teenage girl with a love for writing.


Steele Schwert was going to be the #1 General of the Canterlot Royal Soldiers. Her son, her pride and joy, was even recruited into the organization. At one point, life seemed complete: a loving husband and child, a perfect job protecting her friends and family, and the respect of all of Equestria. But after the bombing, she was left with nothing: her son was gone, she was "honorably" discharged from the organization, her wings were gone, and she couldn't look at her husband anymore. The perfect life she once knew was gone. And she blames the organization for it, as well as hating herself for it. Then, years later, another criminal arises, with intent on dethroning the Princesses. Princess Celestia herself had requested Steele's assistance -- Will she refuse? Or, even after all the strife she endured, will Steele rise against this enemy? There's only one way to find out.

Chapters (4)
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