• Published 15th Jul 2016
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The Heart of Steele - JasminePosey

Canterlot Soldier Steele Schwert was destined to protect Equestria; her cutie mark made it so. And her son decided to follow in his mother's hoofsteps. But, as fate decides, her son is killed during a mission, and she loses the will to do anything.

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Chapter One

Thump, thump, thump.

I raised my head slowly from the arm of the couch, turning towards the door. Was that a real sound? Or was it just my imagination again?

Thump, thump, thump!

I stared curiously at the small little wooden door now. It wasn't my imagination this time, for sure. But what still confused me as to why somepony was knocking so urgently. Matter of fact, who would be knocking? I haven't heard the sound of a hoof against the door in a while.

The three-note sound rang out again, and I got to my hooves. I stood there for a moment, staring down at my legs. The knocking escalated to four notes, and this time, a voice called from outside:

"Steele? I know you're in there," they said. "Please come out! This is important!"

The voice made my blood boil, and my eyes water at the same time. The unbrushed violet-colored strands dragged behind me as I found the strength to storm up to the little wooden door and yank it open.

"What do you want Blueblood?" I demanded, my raw throat making my voice sound rough. In front of me stood the ever-proper Prince Blueblood. He looked older than I last remembered, and time had taken its harsh effect on him.

The blue-haired stallion seemed a bit taken back by my cold greeting. "Princess Celestia requests your presence," he said. I glared at him.

"What for?" I spat.

He levitated a letter in front of my face, of which I snatched with my teeth. I felt the urge to gnash it between my molars, but resisted it in curiousness to see why she bothered to send her nephew to me. It must've been quite the journey too finding my little cabin among the Everfree Forest.

"And by the way, Steele," he started.

"Don't," I stopped him. "Just don't,"

"But Steele-"

"Did you not hear me?" I snapped. "I don't care what you have to say, and I don't care what Celestia needs me for. Just get off of my property, now," I said slowly, struggling to keep my temper. Blueblood looked a bit bewildered. I backed up, slamming the door in his face. I was sick of looking at him.

I trudged back to the sofa, plopping down once more. The area between my shoulder blades ached once more, but I put off my medications for a bit longer. Now, I held the now-crinkles letter in my hooves. My name was scribbled on the front with fancy gold lettering. I rolled my eyes, tearing through the seal and unfolding the letter.


I know that it has been difficult for you these past few years. You may have been expecting another summoning to check your progress with your therapist, but I'm afraid this is not the case this time.

I fear that Princess Luna and I are in danger. A few hours ago, we received a letter stating that we were to give up our thrones, or suffer the consequences. I've already put the castle on high alert, and all the guards are prepared. But I must ask something of you.

Before the incident, you were destined to become the highest ranking soldier in Equestria. Your skills and your courage helped you to rise above the rest. I have faith that your urge to protect Equestria is still inside you, and I ask that you will step up to protect the land once again. I shall be waiting for your reply.

- Princess Celestia

I trembled slightly with anger. I scrunched up the letter into a ball and hurled it towards the wall. It bounced off the green wallpaper and fell to the ground, causing minimal damages. My breathing grew heavy and I bit into a pillow to try to avoid hurting myself again. The space between my shoulders burned and itched violently, matching my mood.

After all that they forced me through, they think I'll jump when they say to? I was already discharged from the Canterlot Royal Soldiers, therefore I didn't have to take orders from them anymore. I'm not the same mare I was before. I don't take orders from anypony anymore.

The sensation on my back bloomed, making me fidget and grimace in pain. My dark purple eyes glanced towards the bottle that lied on the floor.

My medications for my mood swings and the aches.

I hesitated. I hated taking those pills. They made me feel nothing for hours on end, forcing me to rest and calm myself down. I didn't want to be relaxed anymore. No matter how relaxed I get, no matter how much it soothes the pain on my back, it will never erase the memories. It will never make my wings come back.

It will never bring my son back.

I swallowed, focusing on the pain than the memory. But it was useless. The gate had been opened, and all the memories flashed in my mind:

His smile.

His eyes.

His voice...

Before I knew it, my vision was blurred with tears. The pain between my shoulders were drowned out by the pain in my chest. I had relived a thousand and one memories in the time span of a few seconds. I stumbled to my feet, collapsing in front of the bottle of pills. Tears dripped to the floor as I struggled to open the safety cap. Two green pills fell into my hoof and I swallowed them up without water.

I laid on the floor, feeling a wave of calmness wash over me. The pain in my back subsided, and my mind grew fuzzy. The memories were locked into the back of my mind once more. I curled around myself, my tears drying around my eyes. I didn't fight the drowsiness that soon followed after.

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