• Published 10th May 2016
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How Love Works - HypernovaBolts11

Toothless is (sadly, not a dragon) tasked with running New Hiveland, while trying to sort out his feelings for the newest member of the city.

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Epilogue - Heirs

In the grand throne room of Canterlot, Princess Celestia grit her teeth as noise filled the castle. She looked straight ahead, not acknowledging the clamorous voices demanding her attention. She cringed as her sister, sitting to her right, leaned over, and whispered into the solar monarch's ear, "'Tia, do you remember what you said when I was first caring for Nightsong?"

Celestia grumbled, not looking at her sister, "You'll never let me forget it." She wiped her bloodshot eyes with her front left hoof.

Princess Luna held a hoof to her mouth, and giggled. "No, I never will," she confirmed.

In a puff of smoke, Discord solidified to Celestia's left, holding a little alicorn filly in his front legs, with a bubblegum pink mane, white coat, and no cutie mark. Her purple eyes opened as the draconiquus set her down next to the princess. The antler on the left side of her head had a few ice cream cones between its many branches, one of which she lifted to her mouth with her golden magic, and took a lick of. She promptly hopped onto her mother's throne, looking back at Discord, saying, "Thanks for the ice cream, papa."

Luna smiled, and told Celestia, "You said that parenting was easy."

Discord and Luna both broke into laughter, and Celestia shouted at the dozens of other occupants of the throne room, "SILENCE!"

Everyone went still, especially her twenty five sons, who had all been begging for her attention a few moments ago. Most of them were equine with a few of their father's features thrown into the mix, but one was definitely a draconiquus, a mix of flamingo, snake, leopard, and owl parts.

Celestia said, "It's time for your father to take you to the amusement park."

Her one daughter, named Sunspot, didn't look up, and quietly sat by her mother's side, licking at her ice cream, alternating between vanilla and strawberry cones. But her sons all ran towards Discord, shouting things like "Roller coaster", "Cotton candy", and "Chocolate milk" at the top of their lungs.

Discord muttered to Celestia, "You win this round, but they're yours in another hour." He then promptly teleported away, dragging his twenty five sons with him.

Celestia took a deep breath, and looked down at Sunspot. She smiled at her daughter, and asked, "May I have some ice cream?"

Her daughter didn't nod, so as not to lose any of her cones, and levitated a vanilla cone to her mother. "Sure," she said.

Celestia felt a bit warmer about this whole children idea, and told her sister, "Your mistake was sticking to one boy, and not having any daughters. You and I both know how that curse worked. You could have had hundreds of fillies to talk to, if you'd have simply pursued another husband." Her eyes widened when she caught sight of her sister's stomach, which was a bit larger than it normally would have been. "When did that happen?"

Luna smiled, and gently patted a particular guard on the head, a handsome griffon with the face of an owl and the stripes of a tiger. "Oh, a few months ago. I assumed someone as astute as you would've noticed. If you hadn't been spending all of your time playing with Discord in the dream world, I'm sure I wouldn't have felt so... rowdy," she said. "Constantine and I have been very... productive as of late."

Celestia froze, and asked, "You... You didn't watch us, did you?"

The lunar alicorn winked at her sister, who promptly slapped her forehead with a hoof. She laughed, and said, "Oh, don't worry. Your secret's safe with me." She then leaned towards the griffon, and whispered into his ear, "Are you still up for trying out that fetish we discussed in the dreamscape?"

To be continued...

Author's Note:

When I get to writing some of the other prequels you'll see a lot more of Constantine. Make no mistake, he's more than a historical footnote in this series.
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