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Mobile Fighter EQG - The Midnight Channel

In the war against the Umbrum, mankind's salvation is machine. Welcome, my friends, to the apocalypse.

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Chapter One: Fire in the Sky

Deep in the artic wastes of the frozen north a dark entity stirred. As it turned its attention to the lands in the south a single thought passed through its shadowy mind.

Long live the king.’

Chapter One: Fire in the Sky

UDMCS Ashes of the Phoenix, Neo Canterlot Airspace Aug.15th 17 AA

Sky Marshall Luna nervously adjusted the collar of her black dress uniform for the third time in as many minutes. Hesitantly she turned away from the full length mirror mounted on the door to her private quarters’ bathroom and addressed her companion.

“You don’t think the cape is too much do you Cadence?”

“The cape looks fine Auntie Luna,” the pink and purple haired woman replied as she reached out and smoothed some of the wrinkles that had formed on Luna’s double breasted jacket from her constant fidgeting.

“Don’t worry auntie, everything is going to be fine you don’t have to be so nervous,” Cadence assured.

Luna sighed and stepped out of the bathroom. “I know I shouldn’t worry, but with Celestia out of town and the Security Council’s inspection today I can’t help but feel like something is going to go wrong.”

“Relax,” Cadence ordered, placing a light pink hand on the older woman’s shoulder. “The Security Council wouldn’t have given you command of the Ashes of the Phoenix if they didn’t think you could handle it. Besides I’m sure you can take care of a few stuffy old men for a couple of hours without Auntie Celestia looking over your shoulder. This is your time to shine.”

“I suppose you are right Cadence,” Luna relented.

“Good now take a deep breath- “Luna did as she was instructed “-hold it, now let it out.”

Luna let out the air in her lungs with a loud whoosh taking with it her anxieties.


“Much, thank you Cadence.”

“My pleasure, now smile. I don’t think Twilight would be too happy to see you looking so stern when she and Celestia get here.”

A small smile graced Luna’s lips at the mention of her adoptive daughter’s name. Getting to spend time with the bookish young girl while she was on holiday from school would be just the thing to help her unwind after dealing with the stress of the Security Council’s inspection of the massive flying fortress that she was given command of.

“There we go.” Cadence supplied a smile of her own. “We should probably start heading to the bridge, the council members will be here soon.”

In a stroke of serendipity, the view screen mounted by the door to Luna’s room activated and the face of one of the bridge crew appeared.

“Ma’am the shuttle carrying the Council members has just left Phoenix’s Roost, their E.T.A is five minutes.”

“Thank you Raven. Please tell Lt. Duet to have a security detail ready to escort them to the bridge once they dock,” Luna requested.

“Yes Ma’am,” 1st Lt. Raven replied with a salute before the view screen clicked off.

“Well it looks like it’s show time,” Luna said with a sigh before straightening up and striding towards the door to her quarters with purpose. With a hiss of hydraulics, the door slid open and the two women exited. They then turned to the right and headed down the corridor that led out of the crew compartments situated on the lower two levels of the aft section of the Ashes of the Phoenix.

Just as the two were about to reach the bank of elevators that would take them to the upper levels of the ship a series of alarms went off. The ship wide intercom clicked on and the sultry voice of Adagio, one of the three SIREN super computers on board, made an announcement that everyone had been dreading since Armageddon.

“Alert! Pattern Black Detected! This is not a drill! I repeat a Pattern Black has been detected!”
A pristine white four door sedan made its way down the winding road that cut through the valley at the foot of the Smokey Mountain Range just outside Neo Canterlot. So engrossed with catching up with one another, neither of the vehicle’s two occupants noticed the muffled ringing of the driver’s cellphone. Eventually the call went to voice mail and the caller’s dire warning was left unheard. Onward towards the city the car went with neither driver nor passenger aware of the coming danger.


“I can’t get a hold of Auntie Celestia!” Cadence half shouted as she and the Sky Marshall hurried towards the bridge. In the back ground alarms continued to blare providing a despairing back beat to the rhythm of the two women’s frantic footsteps.

“Keep trying!”

“I am! Every time I call it just rings and rings before eventually going to voice mail!”

The Sky Marshall stopped in her tracks and rounded on Cadence forcing the younger woman to come to a halt.

“Cadence, I want you to listen very carefully to me,” Luna said icily, her dark teal eyed gaze boring into Cadence’s own light violet. “My sister and my daughter are still out there completely unaware that there is a monster bent on our annihilation currently bearing down on us. You. Will. Keep. Trying. Do I make myself clear?”

Cadence swallowed nervously before nodding her head. “Crystal.”
“Good.” With that Sky Marshall Luna spun on her heels and continued on her way to the bridge. Cadence gathered herself together and hurried after her.


The bridge of U.N.D.E.A. D’s mobile command ship Ashes of the Phoenix was a hot bed of activity. Immediately after the Pattern Black announcement the crew had sprung into action like the finely tuned military machine that they were all trained to be. Alarms continued to blare as technicians scurried from station to station calling out updates and status reports as they went. With a hydraulic hiss the door behind the command podium on the upper levels of the deck slid open and Sky Marshall Luna stepped in. Cadence following not far behind.

“Marshall on deck!” Barked out a lab coated woman with teal hair who had been standing by the computer console closest to the door. The various technicians scattered about the bridge paused in their work and stood at attention. Luna nodded to them and they quickly returned to their work.

“What’s the situation Chrysalis?” Luna inquired. The woman in the lab coat, one Doctor Chrysalis Bladequeen, turned and typed several commands into the console before her. A holographic projector situated above the upper deck whirred to life and the hollo-matter representation of one of the three on board super computer’s core consciousness appeared before the assembled women.

“Adagio please appraise the Marshall of the current situation,” the good doctor directed the simulacrum.

“It would be my pleasure doctor,” the projection purred before addressing Luna. “At oh nine hundred hours’ central standard time my long range scanners detected an increase in electromagnetic energy originating at the edge of the northern Artic Wastes. At oh nine hundred and point five seconds SIRENs one, two, and three entered into deliberation. Point two seconds later the energy signature was confirmed to be a match to what we have on file as a Black Pattern. It’s an Umbrum.”

“Do we have visual confirmation?” Luna questioned the hologram.

“I’ve already taken the liberty of having Aria dispatch a squadron of Sabre drones,” Adagio replied, referring to SIREN 02. “They should be in visual range right about now- “

“Sabre contact!” Came the gruff sounding voice of SIREN 02 as its own hollo-matter projection appeared next to Adagio.

“On screen!” Luna ordered. With an unnecessary wave of her incorporeal hand the monitor above the SIREN 02 terminal came to life. The assembled crew turned their attention to the live feed from the Sabre reconnaissance drones being broad cast on the monitor and let out a collective gasp of fright. The massive monstrosity shown making its way across the flooded landscape that bordered the artic wastes could best be described as unadulterated nightmare fuel. It stood on a pair of multi jointed legs that were far too small to support its massive torso forcing it to lean most of its weight on its heavily muscled arms giving it an almost ape like appearance. If apes were forty meters tall and made out of living shadows with an equine skull for a head that is.

“What’s its heading?” Luna questioned tearing her gaze away from the horrifying image of the perversion against nature stalking towards them.

“Current projections put it on a path heading directly towards Neo Canterlot. At its current speed it will reach the valley just to the north of us in about twenty minutes,” informed Doctor Chrysalis. Luna’s expression tightened at this bit of news. It was roughly a thirty-minute drive from the Smokey Mountain valley to Neo Canterlot due to the twisting roads. At the rate the Umbrum was traveling it would enter the valley before Celestia and Twilight made it out. This could not happen. Luna forced the dark thoughts swirling around in her head to the back of her mind, right now her crew needed her to lead them and lead them she would.

“All hands report to level one battle stations!” The Sky Marshall barked out snapping the crew out of their horrified daze. “Lt. Raven, order the evacuation of Neo Canterlot, I want her citizens in the emergency shelters and its defenses online yesterday!”

“Yes ma’am!” the 1st lt. called from her station before relaying the given orders.

“Helm! Put us on an intercept course for the Umbrum. I want that thing stopped before it reaches the valley!”

“Belay that order,” a deep baritone voice commanded. Luna’s head whipped around to face the one who had spoken. Standing behind her and Cadence was a tall broad shouldered man with a neatly trimmed white beard and his equally white hair done in a top knot. Behind and just to the left of him was a shorter heavier set man with shaggy brown hair and a wide youthful face.
“Councilmen Tirek, Scorpan,” Luna nodded to the two men in greeting. In all the excitement she had forgotten that the two members of the Security Council had been on their way when the alert had sounded. “May I ask why you just overrode my orders?”

“Because Sky Marshall as of this moment this operation is under my command until I deem it necessary for the Ashes of the Phoenix to deploy,” responded Tirek.

“But Councilman,” Luna protested. “U.N.D.E.A.D was started specifically to combat the Umbrum. Do you honestly expect conventional military forces to survive the encounter let alone win!? Regular weaponry won’t work against them!”

“That remains to be seen Sky Marshall. I would much rather risk a few UAVs than to rely on an untested weapons platform or its contingent of toy robots.”

“The Olympians are not- “Chrysalis began to protest, but a raised hand from Luna cut her off.

“So what would you have us do then?”

“The Ashes of the Phoenix is to remain here on standby. Only if my plan fails are you to engage the Umbrum. Do we have an understanding Sky Marshall?”

“Yes sir,” Luna growled out through clenched teeth.

“I’m really sorry about this,” Councilman Scorpan hastily stated to Luna as the two men strode passed her on their way to the secondary command deck just below the podium where they stood.

“What do you think Tirek’s plan is?” Cadence questioned once they were out of ear shot.

“I don’t know Cadence, but whatever it is it can’t be good.,” Luna replied gravely.


The load roar of Turbofan engines shattered the peaceful air of the valley. Slowly, the white sedan that had been traveling through it came to a halt and its two occupants stepped out. The younger of the two watched in awe as a squadron of low flying VTOLs soared by overhead.

“I didn’t know you guys did CAPs this far out from Neo Canterlot,” Twilight commented while following the passing machines with her gaze.

“We don’t,” Celestia responded with a concerned frown. “And they are flying too low for an air patrol. If I did not know any better, I would say that they are on an attack run.”

“An attack run? On what?”

Instead of replying Celestia leaned back into her car and grabbed her cell phone out of her purse. Her cerise eyes widened as she saw the considerable number of missed calls and text messages from her niece Cadence. Going through the messages her eyes widened even further as her irises constricted in fear.

“Twilight get back in the car,” Celestia ordered trying her hardest to keep her voice from shaking.

“What’s going on? Is everything alright?”

“There’s no time Twilight get back in the car now!”

Hearing the urgency in her Aunt’s voice Twilight quickly complied to the command with Celestia slipping back into the driver’s seat soon afterwards.

“Hang on,” commanded her Aunt as she restarted the engine. “And whatever you do don’t look back!”

Twilight gripped the sides of her seat as Celestia shifted gears and slammed her foot down on the accelerator the sudden burst of speed forcing the both of them against the back rests. Despite her Aunt’s orders to the contrary, Twilight allowed her curiosity to get the best of her and she turned around to look out the back windshield. She let out a strangled gasp of fear as she beheld the monstrous creature lumbering into the valley. So transfixed by the monster’s terrifying visage she failed to notice the squadron of VTOLs breaking off from their attack run or the shining cylindrical object that had been launched from the lead fighter.


A pillar of brilliant white light erupted over the ridge of the Smokey Mountain range. Over pressurized air was forced out in all directions by the explosion. Shortly after the air flow began to reverse as the air pressure attempted to equalize dragging dust and debris in its wake. The super-heated air rose above the blast center and quickly began to cool causing it to roil up into the tell-tale shape of a mushroom cloud. Even though it was being projected on a massive holographic display, the forward view screens of the UDMCS Ashes of the Phoenix did not do the sheer destructive force of the explosion justice.

Atop the second highest level of the massive flying fortress’s command bridge the two visiting members of the Security Council sat.

“Alright we did it!” Councilman Tirek exclaimed shooting to his feet and slamming his fist down on the console in front of him in his excitement. Turning to look at the command podium behind him he addressed the three women standing behind it.

“Sorry Sky Marshall, but it looks like U.N.D.E.A.D won’t be needed after all.”

The various members of the Phoenix’s bridge crew paused in their work to look up at the diluted reflection of the fiery Tartarus that the mountain pass had become on the main screen.

“Incoming Shockwave,” reported Adagio. The hollo-matter projection of SIREN 01’s announcement heralded the forward displays cutting to static as the ship’s external sensors were knocked out. The gargantuan airborne vessel rattled violently in the turbulence that followed, but the efforts of the helmswoman quickly stabilized the ship.

“That was such a massive blast, it had to have been killed by it,” stated Councilman Scorpan, though doubt colored his words. His eyes danced nervously from the static filled display to the bank of red phones in front of him.

“External sensors back on line,” announced Aria sounding annoyed at having been essentially blinded.

“Yeeeeaaaahhhh it’s still not dead,” came the immature sounding voice of the third and final SIREN super computer code named Sonata.

“What!?” Councilman Tirek’s fist clenched in anger.

“Visuals restored,” reported Adagio. The displays turned on showing the fiery wasteland that the valley had become. The vaguely equine skull that served as the Umbrum’s head had been blown off in the explosion, but a new one appeared to be growing out of the ragged hole its stumpy neck had become. The rest of its roiling shadow of a body was just as ravaged, but still it stood.

“It’s a Faust damned demon!” Tirek slumped back down in his seat.

“Well so much for that plan,” Councilman Scorpan muttered. Tirek briefly glanced between Scorpan and Sky Marshall Luna and wondered if she had caught the emphasis Scorpan had put on the words “that plan”. Not that it really mattered, he was still in command and he had another ace up his sleeves. Looking over at his fellow Security Council member he gave a brief nod. Scorpan returned the gesture and the younger man swiped his security pass through the card reader on the side of one of the red phones before him. Picking up the phone he spoke into it briefly before handing it over to Tirek.

“So it looks like the Umbrum can regenerate after all,” Chrysalis murmured just loud enough for Cadence and Luna to hear.

“It appears that way. Though it makes sense in hindsight. It would not make a very effective independent weapon if it could not,” Luna replied with a frown. The three watched the screen as the Umbrum lifted its newly regenerated head and regarded one of the Sabre surveillance drones circling around it with what looked like mild curiosity. A baleful glow built up in the empty abyss of its eyes a moment later and the drone it had been watching exploded. Its brethren followed shortly thereafter.

“Fascinating it appears they can also learn,” Chrysalis said sounding almost giddy as she noted this bit of information down on the PDA in her hands. Several seconds passed in awkward silence. Chrysalis looked up from her notes to find five sets of eyes, two living and three holograms, starring at her with raised eyebrows.

“What?” With several exasperated sighs and shakes of the head the assembled women returned their attention back to the two Councilmen. Tirek was still speaking softly into one of the red phones.

“So you have received the telemetry then? Good. Yes, the first bomb did hurt it. Good luck and Faust speed.” Tirek hung up the phone and looked up at the display. He hoped that his Plan B was more successful.

“My scanners are picking up a squadron of Z75 Corvids entering our air space,” Adagio reported. “Their vector puts them on approach to the Umbrum.”

Sky Marshall Luna’s expression tightened as she regarded Tirek with narrowed eyes. “What is the meaning of this?”

“They’re from the Treasure of Griffonstone,” Scorpan explained with a heavy sigh. “They launched shortly after the Umbrum left the artic wastes as an insurance measure.”

Cadence’s pocket vibrated and she pulled out her smartphone. After consulting it for several moments she let out a relieved sigh. Leaning over to Luna she whispered into her ear.

“I just got a message from Auntie Celestia. They got caught in the blast of that bomb, but they’re okay. They are on their way to Phoenix’s Roost right now.”

“Thank the Goddess,” Luna breathed out at this small bit of good news. “Have a medical team ready to take them to sick bay as soon as they get there.”

Cadence nodded and moved away to make the necessary calls. With that taken care of Luna turned her attention back to Tirek.

“I don’t recall the name of that particular carrier as being a part of the UN’S northern detachment,” she stated.

“Right,” Councilman Scorpan answered. “Because of certain mandates the Unified Nations have against the particular arms its fighters are carrying.”

“I see,” Luna forced out through clenched teeth.

“You’re not really going to let them detonate a Nuclear warhead this close to Neo Canterlot are you?” Chrysalis leaned in and whispered.

“There is really not much I can do at this point. Not with Tirek in charge. My hands are tied,” Luna answered with a sad shake of her head. ‘Twilight, Sister, please be safe.’


Captain Gilda Skytalon of squadron Shadowbolt carefully curved her plane in a wide arc. She had been warned at the mission briefing that orientation was crucial to their success. The missile slung under her port wing was already well within range. Comparing her current heading with the valley’s prevailing winds, she allowed a self-satisfied grin to spread across her lips under her flight mask. Her target was easily visible even at the distance she was at, though the fiery inferno of a crater it stood in helped.

“This is painkiller one to pill box, target is in sight over,” she radioed, her voice smug. She had just barely beat her wing mates there and she would be damned if she let one of them take what she had already decided would be her kill.

“This is pill box,” the voice of Director Shimmer crackled over the radio. “You are go for launch authorization code Echo Alpha Tango Maritime Echo Six Niner over.”

Captain Skytalon entered the code into her flight console suppressing a snicker at what the code spelled out all the while. After the code was accepted she depressed the final release trigger and the ten-meter-long missile slung under her wing dropped before shooting off as its rocket ignited. The missile soon broke the sound barrier and its ramjet kicked on. An exotic engine with no moving parts air was quite literally rammed into the missile’s annular intake where fuel was then mixed in and ignited. The jump in the missile’s thrust doubled its speed and then doubled it again. Hovering at just a little over Mach four the rocket crossed the valley at a velocity of one point three kilometers per second. A bare fraction of a second before the Sol Rv15 impacted its proximity fuse triggered.


The second explosion was larger, much, much larger, as was the resulting mushroom cloud. Just like with the first bomb the ship’s external sensors were knocked offline when the shockwave hit causing the Phoenix to start listing to one side from the air turbulence it caused. The two Council members sweated as they waited for the sensors to come back online; Scorpan had already picked up one of the red phones. Luna watched the scene unfold with a forced impassiveness masking the maelstrom of worry within.

“Sensors restored,” Adagio intoned. “No energy signature detected.”

The forward display resumed playing the footage from the valley revealing a twice ravaged crater and nothing else.

“I want confirmation. Scan again and make sure it didn’t just escape,” Tirek ordered the SIRENs.

“No sign of Black Pattern on any of my sensors,” Adagio supplied. “Girls?”

“Confirmed, no energy signatures matching a Black Pattern detected,” Aria stated.

“Yeah, what she said,” Sonata finished. “I mean Confirmed, Black Pattern no longer detected.”

Councilman Scorpan let out a relieved sigh and slumped back in his seat. Pulling a cloth from the front pocket of his suit jacket he dabbed at the nervous sweat that had built up on his forehead.

“Excellent we did it. And here you said normal weapons could not hurt the Umbrum,” Councilman Tirek gloated as he turned to face the Command podium with a smug grin.

“That missile was no ordinary weapon,” Luna replied icily. Chrysalis looked up from her PDA at Luna. Judging by her tone she could tell that the Sky Marshall wanted to know just how exactly that was not a normal weapon. She made a note to look into it once the Council members left.

“Whatever helps you sleep at night Marshall.” Tirek and Scorpan stood from their seats. “Now if you would excuse us we must report back to the rest of the Council. Please have your crew prepare a shuttle back to Phoenix’s roost for us would you?”

“What about the inspection?” Scorpan questioned as he followed at the heels of the taller man.

“I think we’ve seen enough. Good day Sky Marshall, I suspect you shall be hearing from us again soon,” with that said the two Councilmen exited the command bridge.

“Well that certainly could have gone better,” Chrysalis commented once the door had slid closed. Cadence gave the teal haired woman a glare that practically screamed “you don’t say?” while Luna merely sighed.

“Ten years ago a three hundred kiloton Nuclear warhead was dropped on Old Canterlot. Today we have once again borne witness to the power of that terrible weapon on our soil. I fear if Councilman Tirek has his way it will not be long before our country is reduced to a radioactive wasteland.”

The bridge fell into silence at the Sky Marshalls words and the sardonic tone in which she had spoken them. Cadence and Chrysalis watched on stunned as the woman they had known for years to be a pillar of strength seem to almost collapse into herself under the weight of what had just happen. From her slumped over her position, Luna watched out of the corner of her eye as Sonata floated over to them. The hologram wore a nervous expression on her face and was poking her index fingers together in a worried manner. Despite knowing that the SIREN computers were far more than just advanced pieces of hardware with preprogramed personalities it never ceased to amaze her how human like the trio were.

“Yes Sonata what is it?” Luna inquired once the avatar of SIREN 03 was beside her. The hologram hesitated for a moment before finally speaking.

“Um, I’m still picking up life signs in the valley.”

“What?! Is the Umbrum still alive!?”

“Err, no ma’am. They’re uh, they’re human. The biometrics match what I have on file as Field Marshall Celestia and Twilight Sparkle.”

“No,” Luna whispered with eyes wide in horror at the implications. She quickly turned to where the other two projections were currently hovering. “Can you two confirm?”

“Yes, biometrics are a confirmed match for your sister and daughter. They’re faint, but they are there,” Answered Adagio.

“So they are still alive?”

“Yeah, but probably not for much longer. Those life signs are coming from smack dab in the middle of the fallout zone,” Aria added flippantly. Luna’s demeanor pulled a one eighty. Her posture straightened and her expression became stony. Turning she addressed her two companions, her voice hard.

“Cadence get a rescue team out there now. I want them recovered and in sick bay before we’ve landed. Chrysalis, find a solution.” With those orders given Luna turned on her heels and marched towards the bridge’s exit.

“Where are you going?” Cadence called out after her.

“To do something I should have done sooner,” Luna replied icily. “I’m calling Chairman Sombra.”

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Her authorization code is EAT ME-69. I don't know if I'm disappointed or ecstatic.

7001283 You can be both. I was both laughing and ashamed of myself when I came up with that.

Is this based on G Gundam?

7008983 It pretty much takes every super robot (including g-gundam) anime and smooshes them together. Though the main foundation is Neon Genesis Evangelion.

So, this fic is an almagation of Evangelion and every mecha anime plus the world of Equestria Girls? Cool.

This is awesome! We need more Mecha and MLP crossovers.:twilightsmile:

7009942 Yes, yes we do and I aim to fill that void.


I am Twilight and by my hands will the enemies of my world be broken

This is recursive fanfic of Shinji and Warhammer 40k, isn't it?

7008993 You've definitely managed to perfect the blend of military-babble and techno-babble used in Eva.


7010519 Well I did say this was an amalgamation of every super robot anime so why wouldn't I use something from the greatest super robot anime of all time? As for the Shinji and 40k thing, I read that story years ago back when I was in high school and that line really stuck with me It sounded like something a badass Twilight would say. While that story was one of the many influences for this one it won't really be a recursive fanfiction of it.


Well I did say this was an amalgamation of every super robot anime so why wouldn't I use something from the greatest super robot anime of all time?

Well, you're watched now.

We need more MLP/Evangelion crossovers fics in this website.

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