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You're new here so I will try and be nice.

Writing stories about your OC who is friends with the Mane 6 and shares your name is a magnet for downvotes.

Rewriting the Mane 6 with different personalities is magnet for downvotes, it's also called having characters be OOC.

Start small, a simple Slice of Life fic before you rewrite the pilot of the show.

6856324 Although you make a good point I have to say that it wasn't my intention to get popular or anything. I know my writing isn't the best and I know the idea is overdone and people are going to judge it harshly but if they choose to judge because I changed their favourite character than that is up to them. I wouldn't put this on the internet if I wasn't expecting some criticism. The idea is that it starts using the show as a strong base and then it changes into its own story as time goes on and it does change rather dramatically at the end. So people can choose to stick around or just leave it how they wish. I'm OK with it :3
I also wanted to say that the avatar being the same as the character in the story wasn't meant to be some lame idea to get views or something. I honestly just randomly pick one of my characters from my fanfictions to use as a persona on various websites so I can easily remember it. Although, I do understand how that could be seen as a bit attention grabbing or something. It shows the character though on my avatar and it helps for people to remember me if they wish to keep up with my story and so it is useful in that way.
So all in all, this is a longwinded way of saying thank you for your comment and I appreciate it but I honestly don't mind what people say, its gonna be what its gonna be :3

Ooo, baby, apparently this is happening. Author, I wish you luck, because you are most certainly going to need it.

6858487 errr thank you. I appreciate the comment although it is worrying. Yes I know the second chapter is pretty terrible but I hope to improve on the next chapter as that is where things are actually not based on any episode. I guess what I am saying is the first 2 chapters are a practice run before I get to the nitty gritty but I do need them as they develop the character and show what is relevant within this story from the original show and what isn't. I hope people can understand. Once I write the 3rd chapter I would love to hear people's opinion on it and if you think it is better done from that point then I will try to think of a way of building the beginning a different way.


My comment wasn't meant as a criticism of your actual writing, which could admittedly use some work. Rather, I was referring to this being another OC-joins-the-main-characters story. They rarely turn out well, and one in particular is close to one-million words of wish-fulfilling awfulness. Your story could be the greatest story in the world and it's still going to get flak from people just because of the subject matter, I guess is my point.

6858656 thank you for clearing that up but I understand it wasn't to do with my story. I didn't think it was and sorry if it sounded like I was offended or something. Yes, you do have a point and I understood that before I posted it. I wanted to tackle a clique idea and see if I could improve it and morph it into something great. If I fail then that is just par for the course. It's OK I will take the blame. I'd rather be different and be unpopular than be the same and popular :3

Hello nice story you're working on, and like the plot and how you've changed things a bit as you go with the storyline. Looking forward to what could happen next! :pinkiesmile:

6873788 thank you :3 It's nice to see I made someone happy :twilightsmile: I am writing 2 different fanfictions at the moment. One is not a pony one so it won't be on this website and the other is this one. I am alternating writing chapters between the two. I am almost done with my other fanfiction chapter so It won't be long before I get to writing this one and update it. Hopefully in a few days :3

Poor Floppy :fluttercry: I hope that mother and brother of hers get what they deserve :flutterrage:

Why doesn't this story have a dark tag?

6876368 oops :derpyderp1: You're right. I guess I forgot about that being a possibility. I wasn't sure what constitutes as Dark in fanfiction as this is my first time but now that I think about it I should have selected that. Sorry :ajsleepy:

OOC Mane 6...Sue-ish protagonist that shares the same name as the author...I think I know where this is headed.

6955765 Thank you for your comment but I would suggest that you please read more of the story before you make a comment. I would like to think that the story isn't going where you think but once you have read a bit more I would love to hear what you think :3

Poor Floppy I hope she finds happiness soon! :fluttercry:

I have changed the stories rating to mature due to the harsh content in the last chapter just to be safe. I have also added new tags which apply to the last chapter. Please tell me if u think I am missing anything :twilightsmile:

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