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Scribble Script

"Life's to serious to be taken seriously." - Oscar Wilde


Sherlock Hooves, one of the greatest minds in the world. And also only consulting detective in the world. He has often been the last hope of the royal guard's investigative bureau at Palace Court.

Now, only recently, some long lost journals of Trotson, best friend, colleague and biographer of Sherlock Hooves. So, my faithful readers, let's take a seat and make a literary travel back to Canterlot as Sherlock knew it, over a hundred years before Princess Luna's return and accompany the great detective at some of his cases!

-Yours truly, Scribble Script

First Case - The Brightwater Murders : A series of five murders that may or may not be connected arouse the interest of Sherlock Hooves.
Second Case - Revenge of the Mummy: Has the mummy of an ancient Coltyptian Queen risen from its eternal slumber to punish those who dare to disturb its rest?

(Author's note: As I am planning to stay in the same universe -or multiverse- in all of my stories, reuse of some Characters and contexts from my other stories can occur.)

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Absolutely fantastic. I would love to do a reading of this. Just when I was about to give up on finding a good Sherlock Holmes crossover, my prayers were finally answered in the form of this masterfully written fic. Bloody. Brilliant.

Comment posted by Scribble Script deleted Apr 19th, 2016

Wow! I was prepared for many things, but not for a feedback like this. :derpyderp1:
If you want to do a reading of this story, please feel free to do so, I'd be honored.

Oh, and apologies for the 5 days delay. I really should check my acc more often.:twilightsheepish:

Will this be like Sherlock Homles where every case has a "mundane" explanation, or will there be actual magic/supernatural-ness?


I take that in Equestria, magic is something 'mundane' as well. Magic is widely used as a tool and sometimes as a murder weapon as well. But such powerful things as cursed artefacts (like the Alicorn Amulet) should be very rare and out of the ordinary. So Sherlock won't likely encounter many of them. I don't say it couldn't happen though... :twilightsmile:

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