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"Life's to serious to be taken seriously." - Oscar Wilde



The swordstallion Valor Edge has just appeared on the doorstep of Sweet Apple Acres. While Applejack is trying to learn about Valor's past, Twilight is investigating a strange golden light she noticed the night before. But as soon as she finds some clues, she is suddenly attacked...

Author's note: Reformated and reedited it a little. No major changes

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Interesting beginning mate. There are however, some points in this chapter where the words could be re-fraced for the better feel of the reader.
Also some 'comma' marks are missing, or kind of misplaced. ( This is my feeling, but than again, I could be wrong as well. Since I'm no native to English either.) :scootangel:

Other than that, good beginning for Valor.:moustache:

Cheers mate!

Thank you.
Indeed the commas are an issue, I'm not sure how to handle really correctly. :facehoof:
And as I'm writing and translating at the same time I always search for the best words and by that I may be exaggerating... If so, feel free to suggest words more fitting. :derpyderp1:

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