• Published 1st Sep 2015
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The Guardian's story - Lon35hadow

You know the drill: guy goes to convention dressed up, buys something, and is sent to Equestria. The difference: I became three different people

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Guess I should start from the beginning. I'm a huge Destiny fan. I'm not a huge lore guy, that belongs to another friend. Still, when I heard there was a costume store selling parts of Destiny armor, and there was a convention near where I lived, you can bet I wanted to go.

Fortunately, I had saved enough money for the pieces to my outfit. I got a model Nighthawk helmet, the red eclipse cloak, the sanction six gauntlets, and the kell hunter leg and chest armor, all with the lunar elegy shader going. I got lucky enough that my favorite primary, the abyss defiant, was there too. So, a few days after I got that stuff, me and my friend, the lore guy, Patrick,, who's own outfit was hunter with the same helmet, a ghost angel cloak, and the Trials chest, arm, and leg armor with Aaru's Passage went to the convention. We had been there for a few hours when I saw the most hated guy in Destiny.

"Hey, uh, Patrick, is it me, or is that guy dressed like Xur?" Okay, second, next to Rahool.

"Yeah, he does," Patrick said. "I'm surprised he came up dressed like that."

"Yeah, me too." It was then I saw my absolute favorite secondary, and my first exotic weapon, the Invective, on a table next to the guy. "And I am going to get that Invective," I said.

Now, I'm also a brony, and I've read my share of displaced fics, but I figured that it couldn't happen. Why must you hate me, universe. So, I walked up to the guy and said, "How much for the Invective," I asked.

In a voice similar to Xur's, which was weird in and of itself, the guy said, "I do not decide the cost, but the outcome."

"So, forty bucks?"

The guy just nodded, and I handed him the forty dollars, and grabbed my new model weapon.

"And just why did you get that piece of shit," Patrick asked.

"Call me sentimental," I said as I looked down the gun's sights, and damn if it wasn't exactly like the game. "It is my first exotic weapon after all. Try and honestly say you aren't, in some way, attached to your equivalent of it."

Patrick just sighed. "Yeah, I guess so. Still a piece of crap, though."

"Which one of us has a shotgun, again?" I asked, pointing the Invective in his direction. It was then it began to glow.

"Uh, Josh, is it just me, or is it glowing?"

I had only a few seconds to react, and I did what most in my position with my knowledge would do. I flicked off the universe. It was then a portal opened up beneath me. I fell through, and began tumbling. Well, this is going to be fun, I thought to myself as I took up a reclining position while falling through the black portal. Too bad Displaced stories never say how long the transit is, was my last thought as I blacked out.

When I opened my eyes, I was in a forest. Normal, as far as this goes. I was in my Hunter armor. Could be worse, I could be a guy without anything on. Two other people resembling my other guardians. That's ne- wait, what?

Yeah. Turns out the transit had split me into my three different guardians. My Titan persona, who I'll call Rhino-13, had what my Titan had on, which is the entire spearhead armor set, also with the lunar elegy shader going, a Hard Light next to him. My warlock, who I'll call Cybis (Si-bis) had the unity clade armor, also with lunar elegy shader, and the conflagration bond going. Next to him was the Bad Juju.

"Well, this is going to be interesting," I said to myself. "All we need now are three ghosts."

"You sure," I heard a voice that sounded like Nolan North's come from behind me. I turned and saw three ghosts, all with the generalist shell.

"Hey, Nolandroid," I said.

"We're ghosts," the center one, the one who spoke before me, said.

"I know, your voice just reminds me of someone, and I need a way to separate you three.

"You know, he's right," the one on the left, who sounded like Tara strong, said. Great. Twilight as Ghost.

"Thank you, Tara, and yes, that's what I'm calling you."

"Then what are you going to call me?" the last said.


"Okay, why is it they get word play names, and I don't," Tara Ghost said.

"Don't have a lot to work with in terms of your name. Plus, you sound a lot like a voice actor from where I'm from," I said.

"And do you happen to know where we all are?" Nolandroid asked.

I shrugged. "Best guess? Alternate universe that resembles a T.V. show I watch."

"So, what do we do now?" Tara asked.

"Wait for the others to wake up, I guess." I shrugged. "Maybe a while."

"We can wait," Nolandroid said. "If you don't mind-"

"If you're going to ask if you can become my ghost, sure," I said, already knowing what he was going to say.

"Alright, then," Nolandroid said. "Which means you guys are going to be their Ghosts," he said. "Who knows, might bring them around quicker."

"Maybe," Tara Ghost said, going over to Rhino and doing what ever the Ghost did in the first mission of the game. This mad Rhino groan.

"Oh, my head," he said, getting up. Now, he was an Exo, if his name didn't already give it away, and he sounded like player Exo males. "What happened?"

"That's would best be answered when our comrade wakes up," I said as Dinklebot floated over to Cybis and did the same as Tara Ghost, with the same results.

"Well, now that everyone's awake, I guess I can explain," I said as Nolandroid phased, or lack of a better word, in me. "Basically, we are probably in Equestria."

"Great, a displaced fic," Rhino said. "Well, what should we do," he said, grabbing his Hard Light. "Do we decide to become pseudo-villains, or heroes to the populace?"

"Too cliched," Cybis said. "Let's wait until we know when we are before deciding what we're going to do." Guess I should point out now Cybis rounds out the races by being an awoken.

"Agreed," I said, my Invective in my hands. "So, Nolandroid, we got any other weapons?"

"Surprisingly, yes," he replied, still in me. God that sounds weird.

"Okay, give me Abyss Defiant and Saw-tooth Oscillator," I said, and both weapons appeared in front of me. "okay, make that just Abyss, otherwise, I won't be able to carry them all."

"Right," Nolandroid said as my Abyss disappeared and reappeared on my back, and the machine gun just disappeared.

"Guess I'll take the split shifter pro," Rhino said as the fusion rifle appeared on his back.

"I'll take the Chosen," Cybis said, and the future war cult sniper appeared on his back. What can I say, I'm an FWC guy. "So, where to?" he asked just as we heard screams.

"That way," I said. "Sparrows?" I asked the three Ghosts, and in response, three Tumbler Sparrows appeared in a triangle formation. I hopped on the lead one, with Rhino and Cybis getting on the left and right ones, respectively.

"Let's go," I said, doing the emote when you press up on the d-pad while riding a Sparrow on the ground. The three of us activated the boosts, and we flew through the forest.

A few minutes later, we arrived at the edge of the forest, and saw Ponyville. Well, sometime after Luna's banishment, I said over the mental link the three of us discovered we had, most likely due to us once being a single person.

Agreed, Cybis replied. Question is when specifically?

As the three of us arrived at the edge of the town and got off our rides, Rhino replied, "We can ask that of Celestia later. Now, we save some ponies."

"Ooh-rah," I said, and the three of us ran into the town, only to be met with the sight of timberwolves and, just because, I imagine, a damned Ursa Minor. "Oh, you've got to be kidding me."

The wolves and huge star bear heard us, and turned, growling. It was here we saw three ponies, one stallion, one mare, and one newborn, each earth ponies. "Okay, let's get this over with quickly," I said, making sure mt Invective had rounds in it and my Golden Gun was charged. It wasn't.

The first ten wolves charged. When they got close, I unleashed point blank Invective shots in four of their faces, Cybis used his melee, which had the tint of void light, and the wolf exploded, killing all but the last, which Rhino punched hard enough with his storm grip the disintegrating dog was sent flying. I reloaded my shotgun, and put it on my back, pulling out my auto rifle. "Anyone else," I said as the two older ponies grabbed their baby and ran and the wolves encircled us.

I looked at the others and nodded, and they did so. We then unleashed hell. All the weapons we were using had some semblance of automatic fire, and each were, as far as I could tell, fully upgraded. Needless to say, we mowed the wolves down quickly, which just left the huge ass bear.

"Super is ready," Nolandroid said.

"Not yet," I said. "Only as last resort."

"Do you not see the size of that thing?!"

"What are the pressure points of a bear," Cybis asked, and I knew what he was going to try.

"I'm no expert, but I'd say there's one at the base of the neck," Rhino said.

"Cover me, then," Cybis said as he put a fresh mag in his pulse rifle.

I knelt down and began to fire on the Ursa minor, not going for anything vital, and I noticed the shots came out at a slower frequency. Rhino took up standing position behind me and did the same with Hard Light, distracting the bear for the Warlock as he used glide to get on the roofs of a nearby building. Just as I reloaded, he jumped off of it and glided to the bear, landing on the neck.

"Sat goodnight, bitch," he said, delivering a palm strike to the base of the neck. The bear's eyes widened, then drooped. "Make Way!" Cybis yelled, jumping off the back. As it fell, with nopony in the way, just buildings, I saw a group of what I assumed were royal guards approaching.

"'Bout damn time," Rhino said. "If it hadn't been for us, who knows how many might have been killed."

"Agreed, but let's not say that to their faces," I said. "They're crap, yes, but even ponies need faith in something."

"I'd say they'll want to talk to us," Cybis said.

"Then let's go meet them," I said, and the three of us began to walk on a path to be able to signal the pegasai quickly.

Before we got far, though, I felt something tug on my cloak and turned around to see the mare, who had a red coat and a golden mane and tail with what looked like an apple tree for her cutie mark, and the stallion, with a bright green coat and a red mane and tail with a brown stetson hat and an ace with speed blurs behind it, who I assumed was her husband who was holding the filly, who had her mother's coat, mane, and tail colors and her fathers green eyes.

"And what is it you two want," I said as Nolandroid removed my helmet, revealing the brownish tanned skin with similarly colored hair and a scar over my right eye, and a greenish-blue prosthetic, the look I chose for my Hunter when I created him, and I knelt down.

"We just wanted to say thank you," the mare said. Her eyes widened. "Oh, sorry, my name's Golden Harvest and this is my husband, Swift Ace."

I smiled. "Nice to meet you, Ms. Harvest," I said. "Who's the bundle of joy?"

"Our daughter, Applejack," Ace said, which made my eyes widen slightly in surprise.

"Josh, those guards are going to get here soon," Rhino said, urgency in his voice.

I looked back at him and nodded, saying, "Right." I turned back to face the three ponies, with filly Applejack reaching out to me with a large smile. "It's been a pleasure to meet you both, but my friends and I need to meet with the guards. They'll want to talk with us."

Harvest smiled. "Of course," she said. "If any of you ever find yourselves back in Ponyville, you're welcome to stay at Sweet Apple Acres."

Cybis nodded. "We'll see. Oh, and my Name is Cybis," he said, bowing.

"And I'm Rhino-13," Rhino said.

"Well, it's been nice meeting you three," Ace said, and the two ponies walked off, the stallion holding their daughter.

As they walked off, Cybis said what we were all thinking. "Did we just change history somewhat by saving Applejack's parents?"

"Probably," I said, getting back up. "Nolandroid, leave my helmet off. I want the guards to see they're dealing with something alive."

"Right, he replied.

As we set off again, Cybis asked, "Should I take my helmet off, too?"

"Wouldn't hurt," I said.

With that, Dinklebot removed Cybis' helmet, revealing his light blue face and wild, green hair and eyes. "Better," he said. "What about you, Rhino?"

"May as well," he said as his helmet disappeared, revealing his shell, which was cyan and orange, with a horn accessory materializing, and a face plate in front of his optics and where his nose would be if he was organic. "Something tells me the reaction is going to be funny," he said, his mouth lighting up red as he spoke.

I chuckled. "Definitely," I said just as we stopped because of three guards landing in front of us.

"Who are you three, and what are you," the lead on asked.

"Well," Cybis said, "I am called Cybis, and these are my friends, Josh and Rhino."

"As for what we are," Rhino said, shrugging. "Well-"

"We're Guardians," the three of us said. Just because, I added, "Take us to your leader. And we just wish to speak with her."

The guard raised an eyebrow. "In that case, it'll be a while, as we did not bring a chariot with us."

"No problem," Rhino said. "Tara?"

"Jumpjets are coming down now," she said.

A few seconds later, three jumpjets, an Extinction Event, a Scorpio Miracle, and a Ketch me if you can, came down from orbit. How the weapons and ships I had were here, I had no idea, but I wasn't going to question it. "We already know where to go," I said. "Want a ride?"

"You'll need us to see the Princess, so yes, we will be riding with you."

"Good, because you wouldn't be able to keep up otherwise," Rhino said as the six of us, one guardian and one royal guard per ship, were transmatted on board our ships. I was on the double E, as I call the extinction event, and yes, I am aware of how that sounds, and I don't really care; Rhino on the SM, and Cybis on the Ketch me.

With that, we flew off to Canterlot to meet Celestia, as the guards dialogue indicated Luna hadn't returned yet. Fun, I thought sarcastically. At least it's about seventeen years until Nightmare's return, and I have a few ideas for that.

Author's Note:

And thus, my first displaced begins. I know it may be different from other displaced, but I just want to see how that might do, including the guy being three separate people on arrival. I'll see ya guys next time.