• Published 1st Sep 2015
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The Guardian's story - Lon35hadow

You know the drill: guy goes to convention dressed up, buys something, and is sent to Equestria. The difference: I became three different people

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Author's Note:

This chapter is a crossover withLostFaith's story 'The Alpha'

As I looked the the others expressions of surprise, I couldn’t help but chuckle. “What?” I asked. “Having a race that feeds on love, what makes the Empire so safe, and giving it to them is a two fold thing: They get food, and we get an ally. Seriously, am I the only one to think about this?”

“Well,” Twilight asked, “how are we going to find them?”

“That, I already have a plan on,” I replied, getting up. “Follow me.”

With that, I led the others to the portal room. “Be prepared to shield your eyes,” I said as I sent a message to Nolandroid. Now.

With that, the portal began to open. I held up three fingers, and lowered one per second. When the last fell, there was a bright flash, and a being in a light blue armor with a Halo 4 sniper in his hands appeared.

“Really?! Not even the decency to warn me? I just finished upgrading a covenant class assault carrier. At least I didn’t end up here in that strange pelican. That thing reminds me way too much of the TARDIS.” The being looks at me and facepalms.

“Well, we nedd help,” I said. “Twilight, Applejack, Nightmare, this is a fellow displaced, what we are, who was sent to a different Equestria, Church.”

“You know about me? Then you know that I’m not alive.”

“Which is why we need your help,” Cybis said. “We need an AI to help run our magic detection satellites to find a changeling hive

“Ok, but if we’re doing it that way I’m getting help.” Church pulls out a strange looking book and says nothing for a few seconds before an Elite General and a few other spartans that look like Lopez fall out.”

“Really? We were tracking down a separatist.” The elite says in annoyance.

“Odio cuando haces eso.” (I hate when you do that.) The spartans say.

“Did they just speak maneish?” Twilight asked, getting a chuckle from us Guardians and Church.

“Nope,” I said. “Spanish, from our world.”

“Wow, alguien nos entiende sin embargo, ni siquiera obtener el derecho de idioma.” (Wow, someone understands us yet they don't even get the language right.) Church and the elite facepalm.

“Si, yo pudeo,” I said, which means, “Yes, I can.”

“Thank god you didn’t use high school spanish. Or pretend to understand them. I don’t want a coup de grâce this early.” One of the spartans flips off Church.

“Guess we might as well show you guys where you’ll physically be,” Rhino said. “Come on.”

The group of five look at Rhino and nod.

With that, Rhino led us out, as we had built a room in our Tower for AI interface. Thank god for being able to prepare for shit.

“Delta. Did you establish connection with the rest of the Project?” Church asks himself, making everyone stare at him except the Lopez bots and Virgil. A green AI hologram appears next to Church.

“Negative. Wrong frequency.” He disappears.

As the rest gave him looks, I said, “Church is actually an AI, designate Epsilon, who contains multiple AI fragments by memory,” I said to the three mares. “Delta’s the logical one out of them.”

Allison or Tex or Beta, whatever you want to call her appears and asks, “Are you saying I’m not logical?”

“No, just a little headstrong,” I said, “Allison, seeing as how reckless you can be, not taking help from the other freelancers.” At the looks of the mare, I added, “Secret project.”

“Uh, buddy. I wouldn’t piss her off if I were you. She can still leave my suit. I really don’t want a repeat of the Grif incident.” Virgil couldn’t hold it in any longer and starts laughing her ass off at this.

“Which one of us has to deal with a pissed off godess who’s the daughter of something I’d rather not say, for fear of invoking Murphy’s law, that can destroy entire armies with little effort.”

Church flinched a little. “Don’t even mention that law! A displaced asked what could possibly insert rest of words here and a starship the size of a dwarf star appeared out of a portal and then was ripped in half by a black hole in front of my eyes.”

“Then let’s continue before we invoke it,” Cybis said, and we continued, fortunately with a short walk.

“I can’t believe you actually let him do that.” Virgil scoffs. “I would have ejected him out of the pelican for doing that.”

Church shrugs, “I kinda forgot about that function.”

“And we aren’t in space, which, by the way,” Rhino said, “we can survive in for a while.”

“Yeah? I can use a dimension of insanity as a pocket dimension or a banishment portal.”

“Can we stop arguing,” Cybis asked. “We’re here, any way.” The room in which we stood was pure white, and had slots for various bodies, which were meant for frames, but could hold Spartans.

“I have a bad feeling about this.” Gamma said in Church’s Helmet.

“You’re not the only one. So, what are we even here for anyways”

“To help us find Chrysalis,” I said, “using the satellites to trace her magic.”

“That’s… actually pretty easy. Relatively speaking.”

“Then plug in,” Rhino said. “I speak from experience when I say it’s easy.”

“Uh. You realize we aren’t like normal Smart AIs right? We don’t come with a chip.” Church says as he leaves his armor which went into armor lock. He somehow picks up the gravity hammer, energy sword, and sniper rifle and attaches them to himself.

“Slots are there to dock,” Rhino said.

Church shrugs and finds the slot and disappears. “Holy shit! I feel like a fucking god! Ok now I think I see something. Wait no. Wait… uh… Is it a greenish looking structure?”

“Bingo!” I yelled. “The rest of you, help him out. I want to make sure its really her hive.”

“Wait no! I’m getting jammed. Are you sure there isn’t anyone else here with your technology? Because I tried to copy the coordinates but it’s not working. Oh nevermind the signal refreshed. Uh, hmm. Yeah I still can’t receive.” Church says in confusion.

“Damn,” I said. “Nolandroid, getting anything?”

“Not a lot,” my Ghost replied. “but I am getting something from Canterlot. I’ll have Disciple check it out.”

Suddenly Church screams. “This system does not like me!”

“Rhino,” I said, to which Rhino nodded and took off his helmet, and plugged in next to Church. “Anything?”

Church was completely silent now and the others were starting to get worried.

“Definitely got something in the badlands,” Rhino said. “Chruch is alright, but that signature in Canterlot: I got Guardian light and, oh come on, we didn’t even say it!”

My eyes go wide as Church is sent flying out of the slot, “If I was human, I’m pretty sure I’d be hospitalized! That machine is like an electric chair!”

“You sure,” I asked. “Rhino seems alright.”

“Eh… oh really now?! Delta?! What did I tell you about screwing around with my matrices?”

Delta appears next to Church and says, “What? We could have-”

“Protocol override. Don’t mess with my matrices.” Delta disappears. “Seems he doesn’t like not knowing what things are. Did you guys get anything?”

“Changelings in the badlands, and that particular force in Canterlot,” Rhino said as he disengaged. “Joy.”

“Wait a minute. Are you talking about…” Church appeared next to Rhino and whispered, “The wedding?”

“Yes for the first thing, and I wish for the second,” Rhino replied, with me being able to hear him thanks to our link.

“Oh great, now I’m getting a bloodlust. You’d hate to have an AI fragment who gets furious just because you said hi if you were me as well. Whatever, so you found them then. The badlands. Now what? Friend or foe? Or what?”

“We reach a peace agreement with them,” I said. “And you guys can go now, by the way. Thanks.”

“Like, go go? Or as in wait until you need us again? Because to be honest, I’ve seen displaced try a peace agreement with changelings and sometimes… It doesn’t even matter how much firepower you have.”

“With them, no,” Cybis said. “Later, though, no idea.”

“That’s extremely vague.” Virgil says.

“We know.”

“Well, if you don’t need us then. We’ll just be in the void.”

With that, they went back to the portal room, and left the rest of us in the room.

An energy sword drops on my head with a note that says, “If you ever need me again, well, you know just talk into this sword and I’ll be there. It’s fully functional and has infinite charge as well!”

“Right,” I said, nodding, as they walked away.

“That was interesting,” Nightmare said.

Celestia and the three Guardians she had summoned, Patrick, the Hunter, Mage-5, the Warlock, and Varren Nakesh, the Titan, and an awoken, sat in the dinning hall.

Patrick looked almost exactly like Josh, only he had both eyes, and not a prosthetic. Mage had a gray shell with red eyes (think an Exo terminator), and Varren had gray skin with glowing, blue irises.

"Okay, let me get this straight," Mage said. "You brought the three of us from our home dimension, one where we are a single person, in order to defeat a, as you see them, rouge group of Guardians that have been corrupted by dark magic, right?"

"Yes," Celestia said, nodding.

"And the leaders of this group are, essentially, given what happened to us, collectively our friend, Josh?" Varren said.

"If what happened to you three happened to him, yes," Celestia said.

"Do you have any proof that they were corrupted?" Patrick asked.

"They brought Nightmare Moon back from the moon, and made her one of their co-leaders."

"What does that prove," Mage said. "Especially if the Elements chose them."

"Even the Elements can be corrupted if some one with enough dark magic in their system touches them."

"I'm seeing Josh's point about Celestia being worst princess," Patrick mumbled.

"And just what do you think could defeat them, anyway," Mage asked. "I mean, of what you've told us, Josh has the Shadow Shot, wich negates any special abilities while someone's tethered to it, and Rhino has the Hammer of Sol, which is essentially a flaming wrecking ball. The Elements probably enhance those abilities, too."

"That's why I summoned you three here," Celestia said. "You know how to counter their abilities. Will you please just consider it?"

"We'll think about it," Varren said.

Unknown to the four of them, Forge, invisible in the rafters, was watching all of this. "Steel, send a message to Josh. Tell him what's going on."

"Right," Steel, who now had the dread explorer shell on, said as she sent a video message to Josh.

Rhino, Cybis, the others and I were in the hanger, getting our jumpjets ready. Twilight had the "Road Unravled", the Taken King FWC ship, and Nightmare had "The fangs of Nyx." Her own choice, we had no influence over it, I swear. The satellites, after Church and his group left, had picked up magical fluctuations in the north, which could only mean The Empire was back. Fire team Obsidian and Fire team Distant death, of which Blaze and Far Sight were a part of, had been sent there to ensure pony Sauron didn't take the place over again while the six of us went to the bad lands to get negotiations under way with Chrysalis. And, unlike other Displaced, I have something I know she'll want, which will be the Empire.

"Josh," Nolandroid said as I was doing the last preflight checks for Extinction. "Steel just sent me a video of what we picked up in Canterlot. You won't believe what it is."

"What?" I asked.

"This," Nolandroid said before he played the video message.

My eye began to twitch like I had just drank enough caffeine to give ten water buffaloes a heart attack. "You have got to be kidding me," I said. "Once we're done with the Empire and the negotiations with Chrysalis are over, we're taking a trip to Canterlot."

"Right," Nolandroid said.

"And let just Cybis and Rhino know of this. This doesn't involve the others."

"I kinda guessed that was what you were going to say, Josh, and it's already done."


A few minutes later, all six jumpjets were ready. The hanger doors opened, and once that was done, we took off, me in the lead.

"Radio channel alpha, Nolandroid."


Nolandroid got the channel, one used exclusively by us, and the others were already in. "So, we all know what the mission is, so I won't recap it, but we need to finish it soon, or we may have some issues later on down the road." Including, quite possibly, too much land for us to secure should we go to war.

"We know, Uncle Josh," Applejack said. "We were there."

I chuckled, and with that, we made our way to the badlands.

A few hours later, we had what I guessed was Chrysalis' castle in the distance, and it got bigger with the second.

"Got heat signatures on the ground," Cybis said. "Probably changelings."

"Right," I said. "Nolandroid, care to deliver the message?" On the way here, I had recorded a message for Chrysalis, and tasked Nolandroid with delivering it.

"On it," he said, and transmatted out of the ship and into the castle.

I guess he got lucky because a few minutes later, he came on over the radio, saying, "She's agreed to meet you guys, but it has to be in her castle. Some of her guards will meet you at the front gate."

"Right," Rhino said. His was the first of the jets to descend, with the rest of us following. Once we were close to the ground, the six of us transmatted down. Now, Nightmare was the only one of us not to have a Ghost, simply because we didn't know how to make our own.

I was the one to notice four changelings in armor that resembled the Royal Guard's, but I had no idea what it was made up of, so I couldn't judge it. To their credit, they didn't react to us appearing. "You six are to follow us," the lead one, whose armor was red colored, said. We nodded, and followed.

As we walked through the changeling castle, I have to admit, it definitely looked more majestic then Canterlot, and that's saying something. The walls curved into the ceiling, and the corners were smooth, rounded. On the walls, pictures of who I guessed were previous rulers of the hive. Damn, they look regal.

Anyway, we made it to what I assumed was the throne room with no one having spoke on the way. I guessed right, because when the guards opened the doors, there was Chrysalis, smaller holes in her legs then from season two. Next to her head was Nolandroid, and the two were having a conversation.

"So," Chrysalis said to him, not noticing the rest of us, "your friends are able to easily piss off Celestia and live?"

"Yeah, we can," I said with my arms crossed. "Hello, Queen Chrysalis."

The two of them looked at us. "So," Chrysalis said, "you're the famous Guardians."

I nodded. "That we are," I said.

"So, what is it you have to offer me for an alliance," Chrysalis said.

"Something we're in the process of getting," Cybis said, nodding to Dinklebot. He floated to in front of Chrysalis and showed a live feed from fire team Distant Death, revealing to us as well that Sombra brought an army, though both fire teams were holding out.

"The Crystal Empire is what we offer you," Rhino said. "That is, under the condition that you won't attack us or Canterlot unless it is in self defense for your hive. Fair enough?"

"And why do you think I would want the Empire?"

"Nightmare," I said, looking to the lunar alicorn, who nodded.

"Because of the fact the Empire is powered by love," Nightmare said, which got the changeling queen's eyes to widen, "and we all know your kind feed on it, and I speak from personal experience when I say that more then enough love is generated, enough for your kind to feed with out harming the ponies there."

"And if any of my changelings wish to join you?"

"That will depend on if they meet the basics," I.E: creating a super. "So, what do you say, your highness?"

Chrysalis brought a hoof to her chin, thinking on the terms. "And the six of you are independent of Celestia?"

"Indeed we are," I said.

"In that case," she said.

"I accept."

"Thank you," I said.

"Just go get the Empire, and our alliance is secured."

"Right," I said, turning around fast enough to where my cloak did that whole flair thing that looks just badass. "Bitch," I whisper just as the others follow and we made our way to the ships.

"Oh, and Chrysalis," I said. "You can get the combat training too, if you want." With that, the six of us left to kill a king.

Canterlot-Patrick 3rd

Patrick and the others, Celestia included, sat at the table where Celestia had told them of why she brought them to Equis when a guard rushed. "Your highness, I bring news from Northern Equestria."

"What?" Celestia asked in a calm voice.

"It has returned."

"Talk about vague," Patrick said. "Though, let me guess: The Crystal Empire?"

Celestia looked dumbfounded. "Yes. How did you know?"

"Lucky guess," Mage said. "And, much as we don't want to be here, we'll help take care of Sombra."

"But how will you get there?"

Varren pointed to his forehead, which made Celestia blush in embarrassment.

"Of course," she said, lighting her horn. "Be careful. Sombra will do anything to ensure he obtains victory, even killing you." With that, she teleported the three to the north, not realizing until after she did so that she forgot something important.

"I forgot to give them weapons."