• Published 25th Aug 2015
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Sweet and Sour - MythrilMoth

As part of her rehabilitation, Aria Blaze is forced to move in with Fluttershy.

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Kitty and Razor

Fluttershy stretched and yawned as the spring sun shone through her open bedroom window, casting a warm glow across her smooth butter-yellow face. She beamed as she sat up, taking a deep breath of fresh spring air, damp with dew and the smell of grass and flowers. "Good morning, Angel!" she sang to the rabbit curled up in the basket next to her bed. She turned to address the field mouse nibbling sunflower seeds on her desk and the hummingbird pecking at a seed bell that hung in the open window. "Good morning, Mr. Nibbles! Oh, good morning, Ms. Tweets!" She slid her bare feet over the edge of the bed, wriggling her toes. "How are you all today, my wonderful animal friends?"

A loud yowl from the bedroom next door was her answer, followed by a string of foul language that made Fluttershy cringe and cover her ears.

Fluttershy's door slammed open, and an irate Aria Blaze stood in the door frame. Her hair was tangled, her eyes were bloodshot, and she wore a light, loose green tank top and a ratty pair of denim shorts. In one hand, she held a hissing, spitting cat by the scruff of the neck. "One last time, Flutterbutter, keep your mangy hairballs out of my face!"

"Oh, but Mr. Fuzzy-Wuzzums just wanted to say good morning to you!" Fluttershy protested meekly. "And, um, it's Fluttershy."

"Whatever!" Aria snarled. "The next time I wake up with your nasty pussy in my face, I'm setting fire to it!"

"The things I hear in this house in the morning," Fluttershy's father said from behind Aria. "Now, Fluttershy, I don't mind if you want to pursue an...alternative lifestyle? But—"

"GAH! Dad! NO!" Fluttershy yelped, face flaming. "ARIA!"

Aria snickered. "Okay, the whole thing with the stupid cat was worth it just for that." Tossing Mr. Fuzzy-Wuzzums into the room, Aria turned and padded back to her room.

A second later, she reappeared. "Oh, and by the way? I call first dibs on the shower," she said.

"You always do," Fluttershy huffed as the door closed behind Aria. "Oh, are you okay Mr. Fuzzy-Wuzzums? Oh, just...please, don't...OUCH! Mr. Fuzzy-Wuzzums! I am NOT a scratching post!"

Two weeks earlier...

Adagio Dazzle, Aria Blaze, and Sonata Dusk sat in front of a desk, behind which sat a middle-aged woman in a black robe with a severe but concerned expression. On either side of the three girls sat Principal Celestia and Vice-Principal Luna. A bailiff stood by the door, and behind the three girls stood a young, ivory-skinned man in a navy blue police uniform, his shaggy electric blue hair sticking out at odd angles from under his cap.

"Well then," the judge said. "You young ladies are in quite a bit of trouble." She peered at them over her half-moon spectacles. "I wanted to discuss this situation in my chambers instead of in a hearing because of the...unusual circumstances." She glanced at Celestia, her lips pressed into a thin frown. "Honestly, if Celestia and I weren't such close friends, I would never have believed a word of any of this."

"I've learned in the last several months that there are some very strange things in this world that science and logic just don't explain," Celestia said. "Heck, I have a girl attending my school who, as I understand it, isn't even human."

"Hmm," the judge said. "Yes, I've been meaning to ask about that Sunset Shimmer girl..."

"Please don't," Celestia said imploringly. "She's...she's in a better place now. With friends. She's a good girl. I don't want to see her end up in here."

The judge frowned thoughtfully, then shrugged. "For you? Fine. But you owe me." She returned her attention to the Sirens. "Now, as for you three. As I understand the situation, you've been exiled from your country of birth, with no possibility of return. You've been living here among us under false pretenses, using a form of mind control to get by." Her nose wrinkled. "I'll admit I prefer that, as strange as it is, to the prostitution cases I usually get in a situation like this." She coughed. "Now that you've lost your mind control abilities, your situation has changed."

"Yeah, we got kicked out of our home," Sonata said. "We barely even got to take any of our stuff with us!"

"We're being sued by like, a whole lot of people," Aria complained. "And the bank froze our accounts."

"And then this jerk hauled us in like common criminals," Adagio said, jerking a thumb at the cop standing behind her. "Just because we decided to help ourselves to something to eat..."

"You were shoplifting," the officer said.

"Thank you, Officer Armor," the judge said. "The court is aware of the charges against these girls. All of the charges." She shuffled papers in a folder on her desk. "What exactly is it you want me to do here, Celestia? I mean, by law, these girls should either go into the system or, more likely, to juvenile detention."

"I don't WANNA go to jail!" Sonata wailed, clutching her balled-up fists beneath her chin. "They DO stuff to you in jail! BUTT STUFF!!"

Everyone stared at her.

"She watches a lot of TV," Aria said, rolling her eyes.

"If you sent these three to juvy, they'd be running a girl gang by the end of the first week," Luna said.

"Damn right I would," Adagio said, buffing her nails on her shirt.

"I don't see an orphanage as a viable alternative either," the judge said with a frown.

Celestia made a pained face. "I had hoped to offer a more...unconventional method of rehabilitating these girls."

The judge leaned forward. "Explain."

"Well, you see..." Celestia hesitated. "There's a group of girls at my school. The Rainbooms—well, that's what we call them ever since they started their own band."

Adagio's eyes widened. "Oh no."

"The five main members were instrumental in rehabilitating Sunset Shimmer after the Fall Formal incident."

"Oh please God no."

"I was thinking, perhaps if we were to place each of the Sirens in the care of a different member of the Rainbooms, and let them guide these girls..."


Everyone paused and stared at her as her chest heaved.

The judge smiled. "Celestia? I think I can work with that..."

* * * * *

Fluttershy hummed to herself as she padded barefoot down the hall to the bathroom. The humid air and slightly corn-chippy smell told her Aria was finished. She stepped in, turning on the ventilation fan, and slipped off her bathrobe, hanging it on the hook on the door. She pulled back the shower curtain, grimacing at the thin layer of grime on the shower floor. With a sigh, she raised a foot to step in...

Then frowned at her leg. "Maybe I need a quick shave," she said to herself.

She opened the medicine cabinet and paused, frowning. Her razor wasn't where she'd left it last. She reached for it, lifted it up, and yelped as she found a coarse purple hair sticking out from between the blades.

"Oh, she didn't," Fluttershy hissed, narrowing her eyes. With a disgusted sigh, she put her razor back, opened the cabinet under the sink, grabbed the bag of disposables, pulled out her shave gel, and went to work on her legs.

After her shower, a freshly-scrubbed Fluttershy with tiny round band-aids stuck to several nicks on her legs arrived at the breakfast table, not completely dressed for school yet, and sat down at her place. She cleared her throat to get the attention of Aria, who was reading a comic book on the other side of the table. "Excuse me, Aria?"

"Yeah?" Aria replied disinterestedly, not bothering to look up. Fluttershy's dad reached for his coffee, face hidden behind the morning paper.

"Why did you use my razor to shave your—" Fluttershy faltered slightly. "Umm, bikini area?"

A stream of coffee flew across the table.

Aria shrugged. "Mine sucks. I like yours better."

"But it's my razor," Fluttershy said. "That I use—well, USED to use—to shave my legs. Do you have any idea how disgusting it is to find another girl's no-no hair in your razor?"

Fluttershy's dad made a "gaaah" noise from behind the paper.

Aria smirked. "'No-no hair'? Seriously? Are you five?"

"Aria! I'm serious! You can't just go around using my stuff like that!"

Aria raised an eyebrow. "But isn't that part of the whole magic of friendship thing?" She made air quotes. "Sharing and all that?"

"Sharing is very important, yes, but not my razor! Not when you have your OWN razor, and definitely not when you use it to shave YOUR pub—"

"BREAKFAST!" Fluttershy's mom sang rather loudly, scurrying up to the table and laying out plates. "Aria, how about after school, we pick you up a NEW razor? One that you maybe like better? And Fluttershy dear, I'll pick you up one too, of course."

"Thank you, Mom," Fluttershy said primly.

* * * * *

"She makes me so mad I could just...I could just scream!" Fluttershy took a deep breath and...let out a tiny squeak barely louder than a mouse.

The Rainbooms sat at their usual table, eating lunch together. Sonata sat with them, next to Pinkie Pie; ever since the sentencing, the two had quickly become fast friends. Rainbow Dash often complained that having Sonata around was like having a second Pinkie Pie. Adagio and Aria stayed away from the Rainbooms at school as much as possible. Adagio had struck up a narcissism-based friendship with Trixie, and Aria tended to hang out with the punk kids.

Rarity patted Fluttershy's hand sympathetically. "Now, darling, you simply must calm yourself! You are the kindest, most patient person I know. If anyone—"

"Aria's a lost cause," Sonata said cheerfully, scraping the sides of her pudding cup. "I should know, I had to put up with her for a really long time."

"Shucks, Ah bet Fluttershy'll turn her right around inside of a month," Applejack said, swinging a fist.

"It can't possibly be worse than living with Adagio," Sunset said. "The landlord's getting sick and tired of me calling him up to pull hair clogs out of the drain. I'm seriously tempted to shave her bald in her sleep."

"That won't work," Sonata said. "Adagio's hair can't be cut by any known blade, razor, shaver, or clipper."

Sunset stared at her. "You're kidding."

"Her hair ate three stylists last year," Sonata said with a wide grin.

"Oh my," Fluttershy said, eyes wide. She shook her head. "Anyway, it's...it's not just the razor thing, although that was disgusting. It's just...she's determined to try to make me angry, and she isn't even trying to be nice." She glanced at Sonata. "How did you ever put up with her?"

Sonata shrugged. "Constantly insulting each other, hair-pulling catfights...oh! One time, I took this aluminum baseball bat, and clobbered her SO HARD she didn't wake up for a week!"

Everyone, even Pinkie Pie, edged away from Sonata.

"I'll...um...take that baseball bat thing under advisement," Fluttershy said.

Sonata giggled. "Yeah...good times. Good times."

"Man, am I glad I didn't get stuck with one of those crazy girls," Rainbow said, shaking her head.

"Look, Fluttershy," Sonata said seriously, leaning forward. "The one thing about Aria is, you can't let her walk all over you. And, don't take this the wrong way? But you're kind of a doormat."

"She is NOT!" Rarity said. She paused, then added, "Well...not all the time."

"I know they stuck her with you because she's the meanest of us and you're the nicest of the Rainbooms," Sonata said. "But with Aria, you gotta push back. Seriously. She crossed a line, right?" She grinned. "Get even."

Fluttershy gasped. "I...I don't know if I could ever do something like that..."

"If you don't, there's no telling where you'll end up finding her pubes next, or which of your animals she might do something nasty to."

Fluttershy's eyebrows drew together. "Hmm..."

* * * * *

When Aria returned from school after detention and shopping, she found Fluttershy sitting at the kitchen table with a large, delicious-looking ice cream sundae in front of her, covered in gooey chocolate sauce and whipped cream. She licked her lips and grinned.

Fluttershy was just about to spoon up some of the creamy chocolatey goodness when Aria swooped in and plucked up the sundae. "Thanks, I was starving," Aria said.

"Aria! That's MINE!" Fluttershy said.

"Eh, make yourself another," Aria said. She dug the spoon in, spooned up a heaping amount of ice cream, syrup, and whipped cream, and slowly shoveled it into her mouth, her eyes fixed on Fluttershy's pouting face the whole while...

Suddenly, Aria's eyes went wide in surprise.

The sundae clattered to the table, the spoon ringing against the edge of the bowl.

Aria started to cough and wheeze. "Hot, hot, hoHAAAAAAH...ack...grgle..."

"Too spicy?" Fluttershy asked. She reached under the table and pulled out a bottle labeled "Dirty Bastard Sauce". "I only added a couple of tablespoons of this."

"YOU LITTLE gaaaah...grk...hrgle...what..."

For almost a minute, Aria coughed, hacked, and wheezed, before spewing a thick, disgusting hairball onto the kitchen table.

"Oh, THAT'S where that went!" Fluttershy said cheerfully.

Aria glared at her, then stomped off to her room, slamming the door.

With a smile, Fluttershy cleaned up the table, disposed of the trap sundae, and made herself a real one, whistling a happy little tune.

* * * * *

After dinner, Aria was lying in bed listening to angry punk rock and reading a magazine when Fluttershy walked in, carrying a bowl, a spoon, and a napkin. She glared up at her, rolled her eyes in disgust, then went back to her magazine.

Fluttershy reached out and plucked Aria's headphones off. "HEY!" Aria snarled.

"Here, this is for you," Fluttershy said, offering her the bowl and a smile. Aria frowned and looked inside. It was chocolate ice cream. "It isn't poisoned, there's no hot sauce or hairballs. It's just plain ice cream." Fluttershy smiled encouragingly. "To apologize for earlier. What I did to you was pretty mean."

Aria scowled, but accepted the bowl. She dipped the spoon in and took a tentative test bite. After nothing bad happened, she took another. "No chocolate syrup or whipped cream?" she asked.

"No, just plain ice cream," Fluttershy said. "Good girls get sundaes. You're not there yet. Not by a long shot."

Aria snorted. "So how much trouble did you get in wasting so much ice cream on that bullshit prank?"

"Oh, none at all," Fluttershy said. "That was my own personal ice cream I bought with my own pet-sitting money. It's mine to eat, share, or waste as I please."

Aria stopped eating and frowned. "You wasted ice cream you bought with your own money just to mess with me?"

"Let that be a lesson to you," Fluttershy said. She motioned to the ice cream in the bowl. "And this came from my own personal ice cream too. Friends do share, you know. Just...not razors and toothbrushes and things like that."

Aria ate some more ice cream, then looked up with a frown. "Why do you spend your own money on ice cream?" she asked. "Couldn't you just ask your mom and dad?"

"Oh, I could," Fluttershy said, "but I prefer to buy it myself, because I like the expensive kind. You see, I...I need my ice cream sundae every afternoon. It's kind of my thing, you know? Every day after school, I come home, I feed and water my animals, and I make myself one ice cream sundae. I've been doing that since I don't know how long." She paused. "I think...I started doing that right after Sunset Shimmer showed up at school. Back then, when she was a bully and, well..." Fluttershy trailed off. "That ice cream sundae was what I looked forward to every day. It was the one thing that was all for me, the one thing nobody could take away from me."

Aria paused. "And I tried to take it away from you," she said.

"And where did that get you?" Fluttershy asked with a smile.

Aria rolled her eyes and snorted. "I won't touch your ice cream without asking anymore," she said.

"Thank you." Fluttershy turned to leave.

Aria watched her, then finished the ice cream, shaking her head.

Author's Note:

This is just a little something inspired by the fact that Andrea Libman and Diana Kaarina (Fluttershy and Aria) voice twin sisters Sweet and Sour Grapes in Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures. Andrea Libman even uses Fluttershy's exact voice for Sweet.

I'm still on hiatus, so I'm not sure when I'll be updating this. In the meantime, go check out the counterpoint to this story written by Mirai-chan!