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Three months after NightmareMoon was defeated by the Elements of Harmony. Disappeared Princess Luna and.... the night turns into Tartarus!

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Oh and I will be checking your story for spelling errors c:

Why are your using "Their"? And also magic and comb should be came, Hm... I could spell check this but not very good in the grammar side if you want

I have no problem with jokes or constructive reviews, but please Trying to avoid double posts.

And the magic is still to come:twilightsheepish:

A very interesting idea, I must say I'm a big fan of Silent Hill. And all respects for you, this isn't an easy crossover for a startup!
Keep your spirit up, bro and go on!

Now LakeyallOfHeartsEves has offered his help already, but if you can still use help from a fellow countryman (and I guess from the untranslated word-pieces in your story, we at least speak the same native language), I'll be glad to help you; four eyes see more than two and six eyes see more than three...:raritywink:

You have to put celestia in there I'd love to see her reaction to this

Sry that it took so long. But here's the next chapter :twilightsmile:

I'm back from vacation in everyday life

Excellent story keep up the good work and are you looking for your next story idear

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