Pony Hill

by Dark Spark

First Chapter: Hear! Hear! The Fair is here!

Golden Oak Library
-One month after Luna's return-

"... Bits ... Check! I think I've got everything", Twilight pondered.
"Spike? ... Spike! Where are you? We have to go" she called and then paced to her room. There was Spike, lying in his basket and sleeping peacefully.
"SPIKE" she called and nudged him with her right front hoof.
"Not yet Rarity, just five more minutes", he muttered. Twilight waited for three minutes.
She knew exactly what she had to do to wake him up. Back in the kitchen she levitated a glass, filled it with water and made it float to the upper floor. Sorry Spike, but you leave me no choice. She thought, and poured some of the cold tap water over his head.
"Cold" he yelled as he woke up in fright and fell out of his basket.
"What was that for, Twilight" he then asked wearily as he had recovered.
"Sorry, Spike, but we have to leave, the girls are waiting" replied Twilight.
"Why didn’t you say so in the first place" he called, all of a sudden already leaving the library. I'm on my way Rarity!
"Wait for me Spike" Twilight called after him, while she was wondering how he had gotten downstairs so quickly. She followed him in gallop. This dragon is a hopeless case. Twilight smiled.

Ponyville Fair

"Yuuuuuhuuuu! We're here, darling" Rarity called when she saw Twilight. The lavender unicorn galloped directly towards her friends as soon as she had noticed them.
"Sorry you had to wait for me to girls... It took a little longer."
"Oh, it doesn’t matter! The main thing you're here now! Right? Right? Right? Right?"
"Yes, Pinkie they main thing is that she’s here", approved Rainbow Dash.
"Yeah, she's right Sugar cube! Now let's go."
"Yeah", they all cried together.

Mood: Creepy Fair

"Twi ... Twilight ... Twilight..."
"Wha ... What happened?" asked the unicorn mare lying on the ground, while for a moment her vision was slowly sharpening again.
"You've just fainted Twi."
"Awwwww my head..." She pressed her hooves to her temples. As soon as she could see clearly again she sat up and looked at her worried friends.
"I'm fine girls. Really, I'm ok again" Twilight realized, getting up.
"If you say so, Sugar cube", said Applejack, concerned.
"We were worried about you", Fluttershy whispered.
"Girls, I told you, I'm fine."
The light of the rising moon fell into Twilight’s eyes and she decided to steer the conversation on that topic instead.
"Hey look! Luna rises the moon", she called out, pointing to the appropriate direction.
"Let's take a ride on the Ferris wheel! From there we’ll certainly have a great view" Twilight suggested. Welcoming the change of subject, her friends agreed with her, although Rainbow Dash was not that enthusiastic about it. She was virtually flying all the time, anyway. But she came along without a word; after all, they were her friends.
"You were right, Twi! That view is great" said Rainbow Dash as they sat on the top of the Ferris wheel.
"But how can this be so cool? I mean, I have the same view every day."
"Because you look at the moon rise with your friends", Pinkie Pie happily squealed.
"That's because with friends everything is beautiful, Darling" Rarity added.
Spike called out and pointed with his claw at a column of smoke that slowly rose in the air and made its way around Ponyville.
"Hey, girls what is that?"
"I have no idea" confessed Twilight a bit concerned.
As a circle of smoke had formed around the entirety of Ponyville, the black clouds sank back to the ground again.
"Girls I have a very bad feeling" Fluttershy squeaked and as right on cue, the earth began to burst, where the smoke had hit it. Rarity cried
"I ... It comes closer"
From the Ferris wheel it looked like as if a noose, placed around all over Ponyville, would be tightened at a furious pace. But from where they were now, they couldn't get away. As the smoke had almost reached them, their gondola finally came to a standstill at the end of the ride.
Most ponies had already fled. They galloped as fast but they could overtake them now.
One could see that the earth didn’t really crack but more flaked off; the effect wasn’t limited to the ground below though, no, everything to come in touch with the ever tightening, invisible noose suffered the same fate: The profit booths and control stations the noose touched also began to flake. They weren’t destroyed, but oh no, it seemed they were aging about fifty to one hundred years; even the plush toys inside looked different. The plush ponies had become ugly disfigured monsters, or maybe it looked as if they had cannibalized. Other ponies because you could still see the drying blood on their nostrils and mouths.
They weren't quick enough. It caught Fluttershy first, then Rarity, too. Next was Twilight with Spike on her back, then Applejack and Pinkie Pie. Only Ranbow Dash managed to escape for a while. She soared up to the cloud where her house was built, hoping to be safe there. But soon after Rainbow had slammed her front door behind her, the cloud suffered the same fate as the rest of Ponyville.

"Bahahahahaha Ahahahaha" the evil laughter echoed through all over the town.
"Welcome to Pony Hill! My little pony!"