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The Autobiography of Scootaloo - A Diary Collection - Tails_155

This is a story focusing on life from Scootaloo's POV. It takes place starting before season one.

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A Balance To Everything (♫)

Author's Note:

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Aloe Blacc - Wake Me Up


Diamond Tiara has been unusually quiet lately. I wonder if its her special way of thanking us for saving her parents. Whatever. I'm not complaining.

I found out I fly better than Featherweight. Maybe it's because of those gangly legs he has. or maybe it's because he gets blown around in the wind so easily. We were going to hang out in Mom's house with her, but he couldn't reach high enough on his own, so I made some cloud steps up to her house.

Featherweight said that Mom's house was one of the coolest ones he'd ever seen. I really like it, too. Mom said that's why she didn't get rid of it. She wanted somewhere to go relax away from Ponyville, just in case. I guess that makes sense. I know there are times I wish I could just get away for a while.

Featherweight and I played "I Spy" from the windows of Mom's house. You can see Ponyville so well from up there! It's so peaceful way up there in the clouds. I definitely know why Mom likes the house so much.


A couple of pictures of the Cutie Mark Crusaders attempting silly (and potentially dangerous) schemes, as usual, while trying to get their cutie marks.

This may sound really silly, but Featherweight gives the best hugs. I just feel so comfortable when he's with me. I feel like I could just sit and talk with him forever. Mom saw us talking in Dad's house and just kind of let us be. She checked every now and then to see if we were okay, but she didn't say anything.

Featherweight helped Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and me come up with ideas for how to get our cutie marks. He says we keep trying things that we've never done before. Isn't that the idea? He suggested we try things we've enjoyed doing, but we didn't really do very much. He suggested I try something with my scooter. I swear I already did that. I know somepony talked to me about it before. It must not have worked.

Featherweight has started talking more again. I'm very happy for him. I keep hoping he'll talk in class again. He's a very smart colt. I feel like he'd be happy if he could let everypony know how smart he is every once in a while. Some of the ponies think he's nice, but don't know anything else about him. I don't think he needs to tell them everything, but maybe he could do a show and tell with his pictures. He takes such good pictures. He even took a few of Sweetie Belle, Apple Bloom and me trying to get our cutie marks.

He told me he may start a column in the paper about our attempts. I told him I didn't know about that. I mean, after all, I don't want a weekly list of how many times we didn't get our cutie marks. That feels like it rubs it in. He told me he wouldn't talk about why we're doing stuff, just about all the fun things we've done. He said he had some good pictures of us decorating Applejack's apple stand the other day. The pictures are pretty neat, but I don't know. He told me he'd show me what he wrote before he put it in, just in case.


Tucked into the page is a small news article from the Foal Free Press

"The Quest for Identity

by Featherweight (FFP Editor in Chief)

Within the fold of our class are a trio of friends who have been on a constant quest to get the most out of life and find out just who they are. Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle, and Apple Bloom have been trying dozens of different hobbies, just to get a taste of all that life offers. 'It's sometimes difficult to come up with ideas we haven't done, before' says Scootaloo. The trio has done all sorts of activities from harvesting to hoofball, art to zip lines.

'It's been really nice getting to spend so much time with my two best friends' Sweetie Belle informed me while they were pulling out buckets of paint to decorate the sign, pictured to the right. 'We have had a great deal of fun' shares Apple Bloom, tossing paintbrushes into a wagon. The sign they are decorating is for her sister's apple stand, market days from sunup to sundown (except during harvest time).

No matter what, the trio's zeal for experience is something we should all aspire to emulate. After all, what is life without something new from time to time?"

Featherweight wrote a pretty neat piece about us. He interviewed us about what all we've done, and made a nice little piece about our "quest" to find ourselves. He managed to make it about us without talking about how we still don't have our cutie marks. It's a sweet little piece.

Featherweight and I went to visit Shooting Star and Fluttershy. Featherweight was very nervous at first. He hasn't ever talked to Fluttershy, and still feels bad about the Gabby Gums photos. Fluttershy was very surprised when the first thing he said all day was "Sorry." She didn't know what he meant. She was worried that she had done something wrong.

Nice ponies are so funny.

When Featherweight explained what happened, she was very nice (as she always is) and said it's all in the past, and not to worry. After he got past that, he was a bit more talkative. Fluttershy really seems to like Featherweight. They're both uncomfortable talking to other ponies, especially new ponies, and they both really like animals, so I guess it makes sense.

Shooting Star said we were a cute couple, and Featherweight turned bright red. It was so adorable. He didn't say anything for a little while after that, but it was okay. Cute, though? I thought I said this before. Cute isn't me! I'm a tough, cool pony like Mom!

We helped take care of the chickens and rabbits. Fluttershy's birds really seem to like Featherweight. I think it's because he's so cautious. When he was with them, he didn't make any sudden moves, and they'd all come over to him. I think he really enjoyed going to visit Fluttershy. I may bring him to her cottage again sometime.


A picture of Scootaloo pushing around a cloud with Rainbow Dash. On the back in a different pony's hoofwriting, it says "Scootaloo's First Raincloud"

I got to help Mom push around the clouds today! Featherweight took a picture and sent it to Mom. It's not the first time I've been in the clouds, really. After all, I helped with the last Winter Wrap-Up, too. This, though, was the first time I was able to help all on my own.

Mom and I are going to Port Mane with a copy of the picture to put with Mama, Papa and Auntie Raincloud. I think they'd like that.

Featherweight said he wanted to come with us, so we talked with his dad and now Featherweight is coming to Port Mane, too. I haven't been back there since Auntie Raincloud was brought back to Port Mane after her funeral. I don't know what her grave looks like.

It was hard to go back to see Mama and Papa. I cried when I found Auntie Raincloud's grave. Featherweight stayed right beside me and held me close. He and Mom both said that they are sure Mama, Papa, and Auntie Raincloud would be happy for me if they were here.

I showed Featherweight my old house. The unicorn family that lived there saw me and asked if I wanted to come visit. Their colt is much bigger now. His name is Ocean Breeze. He's half a year younger than I am, and has his cutie mark, too.

Drawing of Scootaloo with her face down on a table saying "I'm hopeless."

I showed Featherweight my old room (it was pretty different now.) The walls were different, all the furniture was replaced. The kitchen still had lavender in it. I almost started crying. Featherweight was right there for me, though. He asked if I wanted to leave. I told him I just missed Mama and Papa. I told him that they used to have lavender in the kitchen just like the unicorn family.

I was getting kind of tired, but I really wanted to show Featherweight and Mom the flower shop Mama used to work at. I haven't seen it in a long time. Miss Golden Posey came up to me and gave me a big hug. She said she hadn't seen me in forever. She asked how I was doing, and said she was so sorry about everything that happened. I told her I was fine (well, as fine as I'm going to be) and that I was living in Ponyville. I introduced her to Featherweight, and she said he seemed like a very nice young colt. If only she knew!

He said he was happy he got to come with me, but that he was sorry I was upset. He doesn't know that I couldn't have been happier that he went with me.


The writing is the same as the back of the picture from the previous page. The page has some tear marks on it.

Dear Scootaloo,

I couldn't get the nerve to tell you to your face, but I think I love you. I hope you feel the same, but I can understand if you don't. You were asleep when I wrote this. You fell asleep on the couch while I was over again. Your mom told me you needed sleep, and just carried you into your room.

I really hope you feel the same about me, but like I said, if you don't, that's okay...

Love, Featherweight [Featherweight is signed.]

P.S. Sorry for messing with your diary. I should've asked. I promise I didn't read anything!


The writing on this page is Scootaloo's once again. Tucked into the page is a picture of Featherweight's face with a big smile. On the back, written by Scootaloo, it says "My coltfriend, Featherweight"

I don't know what to say! Featherweight is so great. I just finished talking with him. He said he was really nervous when he wrote in my diary. He didn't want me to be mad. He said he just couldn't get to where he could tell me to my face. He was too nervous.

It was so sweet of him. I'm really happy he was able to tell me he liked me back when he did. I don't know how I would have been today if he hadn't talked to me after the thing with the Foal Free Press. He's a really special pony.

Dad and Mom both read what Featherweight wrote and both of them said it was "adorable." (Mom teased me a bit.) He's such a sweet colt. I just can't stop saying it! I think I love him, too.

I've never felt like this before. I'm just so happy. I have a loving Mom and Dad, even after everything that has happened, and two very close friends, and a wonderful coltfriend. If I could stay like this forever, I think life would be as close to perfect as I'll ever know.

I would like to have my cutie mark, though. Just saying. I mean, come on!


Featherweight has started spending a lot of time with me, even when I'm with Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle. He said sometimes the stuff we do for our cutie marks is dangerous, and he doesn't want to see me, or really any of us getting hurt.

I don't think we've ever really been too badly hurt. Covered in sap, yes. Covered in mud, yes. Chased by a squid, yes. How many things have we done?

I'm starting to wonder, thinking about it. Seriously, is there anything I am good at?

I asked everypony and they all said I'm a good friend. That's sweet of them. Featherweight told me I also am really cuddly. That made me blush. But, can you get a cutie mark in cuddling? Would that even be a useful talent? It'd be kind of weird. What would it look like? What am I talking about? I don't want a stupid 'cuddling' cutie mark! I mean, I wouldn't be able to get something like that. I would have something tough and cool. I just know it.

There has to be SOMETHING I'm good at. The three of us are actually not even sure what to try now. We'll have to think this week.


Featherweight and I went to Fluttershy's again. Fluttershy was out shopping, but Shooting Star was at the house. He said we were welcome to stay. Featherweight played with the bunnies while I sat under the shade of the cottage. He brought one of the little ones over to me and sat with me and the bunny.

I read some of the things from my diary to him. He said he felt so sorry for how I lost my parents, and how I dealt with it. He said he hated hearing me fight with my feelings about it. He asked what happened. Auntie Raincloud told me she thinks it was something they ate. Apparently several ponies in Port Mane got very very sick at the same time. Thinking about it again, I really just hope they didn't hurt.

I started to get upset reading and writing. Featherweight curled up with me and tried to cheer me up. I told him I was going to write in here that he's too nice for his own good. A lot of me definitely thinks he's too nice for me.

He just saw me write that and said that I was being silly.

Fluttershy is home. She was happy to see us. She invited us in for some tea. Fluttershy makes really good tea. We stuck around and talked for a while.

I am pretty sure Featherweight was joking by the way he said it, but he told Fluttershy he would have to stop by more often for tea. He said it was so good. Then, she said we were welcome anytime. I'm not surprised she of all ponies would tell us that, but it was still very nice of her. Fluttershy said she thinks it's interesting how much quieter I am when I'm not with Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom. She said when I'm with them I'm loud enough that the birds fly away, but when I'm not, all the animals seem much calmer. Am I really that loud? I've never noticed.

I think I've figured out what in Equestria Featherweight's cutie mark means. He's so gentile. He doesn't scare away rabbits or squirrels or anything that usually gets spooked when somepony gets too close. He's just so gentile, like, well, a feather. I think he likes working with animals, because they don't seem to be as mean as some ponies (I think by now it's obvious who I mean.) Featherweight gets so happy when he's here. Maybe we should visit Fluttershy more often.


I was walking downtown today past Sugarcube Corner and got buried under a bunch of streamers. Only Pinkie Pie would ever cause something so silly as a "streamer accident." She said she was packing up a party box and didn't get the lid shut right. I will never understand that pony. Ever.

I met Featherweight at his house. He said I had confetti in my mane. I guess I'm not surprised. He helped me get the confetti out. It felt really nice, him running his hooves through my mane. I felt so relaxed.

We flew up to Mom's house and watched her moving around clouds. She waved to us while she was working. We just sat and watched and looked around Equestria as far as we could see. Someday when I'm older, I hope I can get a nice cloudacloudicloudominium like Mom's. Featherweight and I both really like the views, and it's so much quieter way up here. When I'm upset, I can just get away from everything. It's no wonder Mom is up here so much.

Looking out over Equestria as far as I can see, I really would love to travel, more, but it costs so much. Maybe someday I can travel with Featherweight. He can take photos and I can just see the sights.


It's Nightmare Night tonight! I am going as Mom. Little drawing of Scootaloo with a Rainbow Dash mane, laughing.

I told her I wanted to do something funny this year, and I remembered I still had my Rainbow Dash Fan Club mane. (We don't really meet very often anymore. We still are a thing, I guess. I'm still a fan of Mom!) Mom got me some blue paint and helped me get all colored up. She said it was like a little "almost as awesome" version of her. I'm fine with being almost as awesome. For now.

Featherweight is dressed as a ghost. I told him he should've picked a costume I could actually see him in. I also told him that it seemed a little lazy. He laughed kind of nervously and told me he forgot it was Nightmare Night tonight. How can anypony forget it's Nightmare Night? He also told me his dad hasn't sold many pictures, lately, and they're kind of short on money. Why didn't he tell me? I could have helped out. It's not like he hasn't bought snacks for me. (It still drives me so crazy. I can pay for my own stuff.)

I totally forgot last year that I was going to write a letter to Princess Luna telling her how much I appreciate her. I said it before, I don't blame her for feeling a bit upset from time to time. The night is so pretty. After Featherweight and I finished going door to door, we went to the Apples' gazebo with Sweetie Belle, Apple Bloom, and Pipsqueak and just looked at the stars. Poor Pipsqueak fell asleep while we were out there. Somepony (it totally wasn't me) drew a mustache on him. Nopony else stopped me herthem, though!

I finished writing my letter and Spike sent it for me. I hope Princess Luna likes it. I really didn't get to thank her for cheering me up when that crystal monster attacked Ponyville, or for helping me get over my fears and talk to Mom back when we had that camp out.


Placed into the following page is a letter with practiced script, on official letterhead.

"Dear Scootaloo,

I appreciate your letter, and am very happy that you took the time to write me on Nightmare Night! I am no longer as petty as I used to be about Nightmare Night, nor night time in general, as you likely know. You did, however make me feel special, when you told me that you thought my night was beautiful. I am very glad you think so. You say you still haven't earned your cutie mark. I promise you, you will earn it in time. You are a wonderful young pony and you are full of potential. One of these days, I hope to hear from you that you earned your cutie mark, and I hope you let me know what you find as your special talent.


Princess Luna [''Princess Luna' is signed.]"

I got a letter back from Princess Luna! Spike brought it to me this morning! Mom said it was really cool! I think so, too! I'm going to keep this letter forever!

I showed the letter to everypony at school today. They all (except Diamond Tiara, of course), thought it was really cool that I got a letter from one of Equestria's princesses. Miss Cheerilee told me after class today that she is thinking about having an extra credit assignment next year for Nightmare Night as far as writing letters to Princess Luna. She said she thinks she may do the same for Princess Celestia during the Summer Sun Celebration week. That would be really cool. I think the princesses would find that really nice.

Featherweight and I went to the library with Mom this afternoon. Featherweight kept looking through history books, so I showed him the one that we used when we went to the homes of the three pony tribes. He was really excited. He read the whole thing. Sweetie Belle, Apple Bloom and I only looked at a few pages. The book is giant.

Mom was reading the Daring Do book that just came out. I just came to hang out. I mostly ended up reading back over everything that has happened to me since I started writing in this thing.

I really am very lucky, I have to say. Seeing all the stuff that I've been through, I ended up with some very good friends and family. I love all of them, very much.

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