• Published 23rd May 2012
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The Autobiography of Scootaloo - A Diary Collection - Tails_155

This is a story focusing on life from Scootaloo's POV. It takes place starting before season one.

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Fitting In (♫)

Author's Note:

Chapter Theme:

Paradise Fears - Sanctuary


The page is stained with brown droplets. Tucked into the pages is a one page essay on "discord."

"Essay on Discord:

Discord seems to be when everything gets turned every which way. In the worst cases it seems like discord is when nothing is the way it is supposed to be. Recently Ponyville was turned into a big giant mess. This Discord thing made everypony fight with their friends and made everything really weird.

Discord is what gets in the way of true friends. We can't give into discord or we could lose what's really important to us. Friends aren't supposed to argue like Discord wants. Friends may disagree, but they don't get in big fights without discord.

If everypony could live in harmony, we would never have to deal with discord again."

In a far better quality hoofwriting at the bottom of the page, it says "C+ hopefully we won't have any more fights like that during class! Or ever, for that matter!"

Got in a big argument at school. I still say that one statue represents chaos. Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle were acting so weird. We kept getting in arguments all day. I don't know what's going on with everypony.

Now I have to write this stupid essay about what discord is. I don't know! I have no clue what to write. Besides, the others started it. Sweetie Belle hasn't ever hit me on purpose before. Not like that, anyway. Apple Bloom has smacked me with a tree branch before, but I think she was just picking and didn't really mean it. Today was different.

Something strange is happening, really weird. It is raining something. I think it's chocolate milk. I have never seen this before. The clouds are all pink. I don't know what's going on, but it's definitely not normal. Rainbow Dash came home and said she has no idea what's going on, but that she has to leave for Canterlot right away. I hope everything is okay.

Everything is still all weird. I still haven't seen Rainbow Dash in a while. Lucky Buck says everything will be okay, but I don't know if I can believe him. He keeps looking out the window with a worried look on his face.

It's been hours. Still no sign of Rainbow Dash. The house is floating on a rock. Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom are here with me. Everything is a total mess. We can't leave the house now. There are big card houses and dancing bison and the ground is all checkerboard. I'm serious.

Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom decided to try and find their sisters. We had to get a ladder for them to get out. Lucky Buck told them to be careful, and that if they find anything out, or can't find anypony in an hour to come back here. I hope they're going to be okay.

Sweetie Belle said Rarity was walking around with a giant rock on her back, and that she's acting very strange, mean, even for Rarity. Apple Bloom said Applejack was acting really funny, too. I haven't even seen Rainbow Dash at all.

Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle keep arguing with me and each other. I don't understand what's going on. I'm very worried, and Lucky Buck yelled at me. He's never done that before.

There was a big flash of light. Everything seems normal again, but I don't really know what just happened.

MamaRainbow Dash is back! She has on a cool necklace thing. She said we need to go to Canterlot, that there's some sort of ceremony. I don't know what's going on.

Rainbow Dash is on TWO windows at Canterlot Castle with her friends! That is so cool! I found out she and her friends saved everypony from Discord. Discord apparently came back to life and caused all this mess. Rainbow Dash and her friends rescued everypony from him, though.


Twilight was acting super, super weird, like SUPER weird. She gave us this weird old stuffed toy. She was all freaked out. All of a sudden I couldn't help myself but I just REALLY wanted that stupid, stupid toy.

Sweetie Belle, Apple Bloom and I agreed never to talk about it again. I have no idea what happened. Big Macintosh took the stupid toy though, apparently he really did like it. I don't see why. It's just some stupid stuffed toy.

Whatever happened, even the mayor wanted that stupid toy, so I don't know that it was just a regular toy. Something was definitely weird about it.

Turns out Twilight Sparkle enchanted it just to get some stupid letter to Princess Celestia on time! Twilight is so strange. She tried to get us to fight with each other. How mean is that? Also, unicorns can do that? I really hope there aren't many unicorn bullies like Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon. I'd hate to be the one a unicorn was bullying!

MaRainbow Dash met Princess Celestia again today. Apparently she and the others have to write to Princess Celestia whenever they learn something about friendship.

Seems weird to me. I wouldn't want homework I wasn't getting graded on, even if it was the Princess. I don't get it. Whatever. Not my business.


Tonight is Nightmare Night! This week new colt joined the school from out of town. His name is Pipsqueak. He says he's never experienced Nightmare Night! How can that be? It's so much fun!

Pipsqueak is from Trottingham. He speaks kinda funny, but he's really nice (and REALLY little).

Rainbow Dash says she's going to spend the night doing some really crazy pranks. I bet it'll be fun, but she said it'll be in the sky, and that I probably wouldn't be able to help.

I'm going as a werewolf! Rarity made my outfit. It's so awesome!

Nightmare Moon Princess Luna came to visit Ponyville for Nightmare Night. She really scared everypony. Twilight Sparkle told me she didn't want to scare anypony. I guess that's why she said she was going to cancel Nightmare Night when everypony kept running away.

She seems like she's probably a nice pony. Once she learned how to talk like a normal pony (she kept using all these weird words, like she was from another time) she seemed just fine.

We saw Fluttershy. Pinkie told us she was getting gobbled up by Nightmare Moon. It turns out Fluttershy just ran into her door when Twilight brought Princess Luna to see her.

Pinkie also told everyone that she was going to gobble up Pipsqueak. It turns out she was just saving him from the apple tub. He was trying to bob for apples and fell in.

I feel really bad for Princess Luna. She didn't even know what fun was. How can she have gone for as long as she did without learning about fun? That would be terrible.

I didn't mean to make her feel so bad. I didn't know she felt so bad about the way we saw her. Pipsqueak and I agree that she's our favorite princess.

Rainbow Dash was a bit irritated when she got home. She says Princess Luna got her with her own prank. She got over it, though, and said it was actually probably really funny.

I remember when I was really little, Mama used to take me around the docks and shops and everypony had lots of candy to hand out. I went as all kinds of stuff, I remember one year, Papa helped me make a timber wolf outfit. It was really cool! I bet somewhere in Equestria there's a picture of it, but I don't know where it would be. Last year, before Mama and Papa got sick, Mama helped me make an alicorn princess costume. It's a bit boring or whatever, but Mama made a really nice crown and pendant. I don't know what happened to it, but it was really well made. Mama said she learned how to make jewelry in school, and she stayed good at it by fixing her necklaces and stuff when they'd break. I don't even know if Papa got to see me that outfit other than pictures. He had to work the skies that night.


Sweetie Belle told me that lately Rarity has been even meaner than normal. I did get to meet her parents, though. They seem like nice ponies. They're way nicer than Rarity is.

I had no idea what Sweetie Belle's parents even looked like. We have always been at Rarity's shop when we would hang out. Sweetie Belle says she never introduced me before because I "never asked." Scootaloo smacking her forehead doodled on the side.

Apparently, Sweetie Belle decided she just wasn't going to be sisters with Rarity anymore. I had no idea you could do that. She told me she thinks Rarity hates her anyway. I told her that wasn't true, but I can see why she'd think that. Rarity is always telling her that everything Sweetie Belle does is wrong.

Sweetie Belle spent all day hanging out with Apple Bloom. I didn't get to hang out with them because Rainbow Dash and I were practicing flying. I made it off the ground again! I even stayed in the sky for a few seconds! I wish my parents could have seen it.

I watched the Sisterhooves Special. I thought Sweetie Belle was running with Applejack at first. I was really confused. Apple Bloom met up with me during the race and said she, Rarity and Applejack had a plan to get Sweetie Belle back together with her sister.

I may not have a sister (now that Rainbow Dash is my Mom. Besides, Rainbow Dash was busy moving around clouds to keep weather clear for the race), but I am happy I have two ponies who care about me like sisters, just like I may not have parents anymore, but I have two other ponies who care about me like parents. I should have stuck around to congratulate Sweetie Belle and Rarity, but I went with Lucky Buck after I got a bit upset.

I got upset because I started missing my parents while watching the race. We used to play all kinds of fun games in the park back in Port Mane. We didn't get flank deep in mud, but we did end up messy sometimes. We used to have so much fun. When I saw everypony having so much fun in the race, I just got upset and had to leave.

Lucky Buck took me to a café. He bought me a piece of strawberry cheesecake and told me it was okay. He said moments like this will always happen, but that it gets easier to deal with them over time. If that's true, how come all these months later, I still can't stop getting upset like this? It was a special moment for everypony, and I left because I was jealous. The snack was tasty, but I didn't get to congratulate my friend because I got so upset. What kind of friend am I? A small drawing of Scootaloo, underneath it says "bad friend"


Shooting Star took Fluttershy, me, Rainbow Dash and Lucky Buck to Fillydelphia. Fluttershy said it had been a while since she had been able to spend time with her long-time friend. Shooting Star, Lucky Buck, Rainbow Dash and her had planned a nice little trip. I don't know why they brought me, though. I could have stayed in town just fine on my own. This was about Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash, not me.

Shooting Star and Lucky Buck walked around downtown with me while Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy were eating and doing some shopping. Shooting Star really knows his way around. He says that after he graduated from magic school, he traveled Equestria and lived in a few places for a couple of months at a time. He said Fillydelphia was one of his favorite places, and that he'd wanted to bring Fluttershy one day. He said he wasn't expecting to go with a group of ponies, but he was happy about it, because he hadn't gotten to talk with me or Lucky Buck or Rainbow Dash much.

I felt like I had ruined his trip with Fluttershy. Lucky Buck said he ran into Shooting Star one day and that they got to talking about going on vacations and decided we would all go as a group. I don't know why they didn't just drop me off at Sweetie Belle's or Apple Bloom's. I don't need to be here, this is a special time for them!

We went all around town after Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash caught up to us. We saw all the sights. We even went through the Fillydelphia Museum of Art. It was really neat that Shooting Star knew his way around so well. It made the trip really fun!

I was really young the last time I was here. I don't remember much of the city. It was basically a new experience for me. We did go to the place where the Summer Sun Celebration was held when I was little. I tried to find where we were, but it looked so different being almost empty. Besides, that was so long ago.

I still feel like they should have left me behind, though. I tried to stay quiet as much as I could, but Lucky Buck kept asking if I was okay. I was just fine except for feeling guilty. He said I wasn't my "normal, punky self," and that if I was upset, we could talk at any time.

Shooting Star bought me a couple of postcards to send to Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom. I took some of the money I brought and bought another one for Miss Cheerilee. I hope she likes it. She always talks about how much she enjoys history. The card shows a picture of a couple of the monuments and has some information about their history on the back.

I accidentally called Rainbow Dash "Mama" again. She seemed surprised, so I apologized to her and almost started to cry. She smiled and gave me a hug. She said it made her feel special that I said that. Why? I mean, I know moms are special, but what's special about being called that?

I don't want to forget my real Mama. I mean, if I start calling Rainbow Dash that, what if I forget my real Mama? Would that happen?


We head home from Fillydelphia today. Shooting Star said I am a sweet young filly. Who has he been talking to this whole time? I'm NOT sweet! I'm a tough and cool filly. I want to be like Rainbow Dash. Fluttershy is sweet. I like Fluttershy and all, but she's not Rainbow Dash!

We just got home. Cheerilee stopped by the house and said Fluttershy told her we were back in town. She thanked me for the postcard and said she'd put it up on her desk at school. That's so nice of her.

I met Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom and we're finally trying out bowling. We're not doing so well at this point, though. Are we ever going to get our cutie marks? It seems like no matter what we do, we're stuck staying blank flanks.

Apple Bloom went into the Everfree Forest all upset. I hope she's okay. It's dangerous in there. Sweetie Belle and I should've followed her in.

I started to be able to stay in the air for a while at a time. It's so cool!

Apple Bloom met us at school, and she has a cutie mark! I don't know what it is yet.

Haha, it was funny watching Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon trip over themselves trying to do the loopty-hoop. Sweetie Belle and I don't think it's for us, either, though.

Uh... Something is going on. Apple Bloom has two cutie marks. I'm really happy for her. Sweetie Belle and I agree she's the most special pony ever, but I've never heard of such a thing. Besides, she gets two before we even have one?!

She put on quite a show downtown today. It was really neat. I hope Sweetie Belle and I can get our cutie marks, soon. Maybe we'll get two, too!


I don't know what's going on, but Apple Bloom had three cutie marks! Something weird is happening. She wouldn't stop doing all her talents! Is she trying to rub it in? Drawing of a pouty Scootaloo.

This really doesn't look good. Apple Bloom is bouncing all around town. She is covered in cutie marks!

She has something called cutie pox. This doesn't look good at all! I hope she's okay. She's whizzing around like a tornado now.

I'm glad that's over. I was starting to get tired just watching poor Apple Bloom. Apple Bloom was so nice about what happened. She apologized to Zecora and even to both of us. I don't blame her for giving it a shot. I probably would have, too.

We're going to get our real marks for sure this week, though! We just know it!


Rainbow Dash got a pet... turtletortoise. I don't get it. It has a little propeller thing on its back so it can fly around, which is kind of neat, but why a turtletortoise? I'll ask her when she gets back from setting up this afternoon's rain.

Apparently that tutortoise saved her life! Crazy. It's cute, but I wouldn't have ever expected Rainbow Dash to get a pet turtortoise. His name is Tank. He's really friendly and has an adorable face. It still seems weird, though. It usually stays with Fluttershy, since she and Lucky Buck have to work so much.

I wonder what would be a good pet for me some day. Maybe like a hawk or something. Hawks are really cool, and they can fly so well! I hope one day I can fly as well as a bird like that.

I've been practicing flying. I still can't stay in the air too long, but I'm able to lift myself off the ground when I want. I can't get very high up in the air yet, either. I'm trying, though! I'll be a flyer yet!


I started a Rainbow Dash fan club that meets at the Cutie Mark Crusaders clubhouse. It's going to be so cool! I think she'll enjoy it. We got these neat rainbow wigs and everything!

We had our first meeting today. I thought I heard Rainbow Dash somewhere when we were deciding what to declare Rainbow Dash. I didn't ever see her, though.

MamaRainbow Dash is upset. Apparently there's a mysterious pony in town that keeps rescuing ponies. She says she's supposed to be Ponyville's hero. I don't care. She's still my hero.

Lots of strange and dangerous things have happened lately. A pony carriage went rolling down a mountainside. A building fell down. Even a dam broke! It's been crazy this week. That Mare-Do-Well pony really is quite amazing. She rescued the town!

Wow. I didn't realize how upset Rainbow Dash was about Mare-Do-Well. I really shouldn't have said Mare-Do-Well was the "greatest hero in Ponyville." I think I really hurt her feelings.

I told Rainbow Dash I was sorry. She said that SHE was sorry. I didn't know what to say. She sat down and wrote a letter to Princess Celestia and then said that she was sorry she got such a big head about the whole Mare-Do-Well thing. Did I make her think she had a big head?


Rainbow Dash left today to go with her friends to surprise Rarity for her birthday. I'm here with Lucky Buck. He took me to the school playground to hang out with Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom today.

It's been getting colder again. Winter is definitely on its way. We didn't stay out too long. We came back home to play games and think up ways to get our cutie marks. Lucky Buck said we should be keeping a list of the things we've done after we kept suggesting things and realizing we had done them.

Shooting Star came to visit Lucky Buck today after Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom left. He came to pass the time while Fluttershy was gone. He said once he got the animals all fed for the evening, there wasn't much to do so he decided to walk around town.

He asked me how I was doing. I said I was fine. He asked if I was feeling better now than I had been the last couple of times we had a chance to talk. I told him I felt a lot better. I still miss my parents, but I think they would have wanted me to live the best I could, not continue to worry about them. I miss them a lot, but I don't really cry anymore (unless it's just a really bad day.)


It's still getting colder out. I'm glad Lucky Buck's house is so warm. I usually come home right after school unless I'm going somewhere with Sweetie Belle or Apple Bloom or both of them. He and Rainbow Dash (when she's not working) are always home with dinner ready when I get there.

I think I found away around accidentally calling Rainbow Dash "Mama" without forgetting my real Mama. I think I'm going to start calling Rainbow Dash "Mom". It's different enough that it's not what I called Mama, but I think she'd really like it. Every time I accidentally call her "Mama" she blushes and smiles. I still just try to call her Rainbow Dash around other ponies, it just feels weird.

I don't know what happened, but on Spike's birthday he became huge and started tearing apart the town and stealing everypony's stuff! It was really weird. Rarity of all ponies saved us. I guess it makes sense, he still looks at her like she's the prettiest pony in the world. She is a beautiful pony, but it just seems weird. He's a dragon.

Rainbow Dash found out she's playing Commander Hurricane in the Hearth's Warming Eve show at the end of the month in Canterlot! She is really excited. I’m excited too! I hope we can get good spots! It may be tough. The Canterlot show is the biggest show in Equestria! And RAINBOW DASH is going to be in the show! It’s going to be huge, and it’s going to be AWESOME!


It snowed for the first time yesterday. Rainbow Dash said she likes winter, but hates how cold it gets when she pushes around the clouds. She said that it just gets to where her wings don't want to move sometimes and she has to take a break. She told me she hates taking breaks. She hates having to slow down, ever. Sounds like Rainbow Dash to me.

I can hear Mom practicing lines for the show in her bedroom. It's really funny to hear, because Lucky Buck is not an actor at all, so he delivers the lines so badly. That, and it's really funny to imagine him as the characters.

[Drawing of Lucky Buck dressed in a Princess Platinum outfit]

Lucky Buck said we don't have to worry about tickets when I asked him. He said since we're coming as guests of the actors, we get reserved spots. I asked him if he was sure, he said he made sure. We're going to be right up front for the show! I'm so happy!

I didn't get to go to last year's Hearth's Warming Eve show. I didn't have a way to go. I just stayed in town and visited shops, pretending to look around so I could stay warm.

Lucky Buck said he is going to drop me off at the front. He's going to go help prepare the party after the show. So he won't be up front with us. I guess I'll try and find Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom.


Next week is the show! Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom said they're going to be in the front, too. We'll all be together! It's going to be great! Mom is going to do a great job. I just know it.

I remember to write it the same way now, but I still seem to call Rainbow Dash... Rainbow Dash a lot. Sometimes when we're at home I remember to call her "Mom," though. It's just strange. I haven't really used a word like that on purpose in a long time.

We had recess inside for my birthday today. It was too cold out, Miss Cheerilee said. Miss Cheerilee and everypony (well, most of the class) wished me a happy birthday. It's basically just another day, to me. My parents used to have parties for me. It feels weird having one without them here.

Mama always used to set up our little yard or rent out the park. Papa would make a really good cake. I didn’t get many presents, but I didn’t really care. I loved getting to spend time with my family. I even invited students in Port Mane, even though I wasn’t really close friends with anypony. I got my first scooter one year for my birthday. When I got bigger, Mama gave it to our neighbor’s colt. I kind of miss it, even if I couldn’t fit on it. Drawn below is a drawing of a scooter with a flame design on the bottom.

Miss Cheerilee told everypony in class that we would get extra credit if we went to one of the Hearth's Warming Eve shows. We just have to get signed proof from a family member. She said that several ponies in the class (me, Apple Bloom, and Sweetie Belle, of course) have family members performing this year.

Diamond Tiara told me after class that Rainbow Dash was going to mess up the whole show. I wanted to kick her, but instead I waited until she got down the path and threw a snowball at her and zoomed off. She didn't catch me before I got to the house. Lucky Buck told me to apologize, so I did, even though I really didn't want to, but it was really funny to see the clump of snow in her mane as she stormed off down the street.

Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie set up a birthday party for me. I wasn't expecting a party at all. I haven't had one in a couple of years. I got a new Wonderbolts poster from Rainbow Dash, and a book called "1001 Cutie Marks" from Twilight Sparkle. She said maybe if I read through it I would learn how to get my cutie mark. It's just a bunch of sappy stories about finding yourself. I appreciate it, but I don't see how it's going to help me.


We're getting ready to leave for Canterlot in just a little bit! Rainbow Dash looks so cool in her helmet. She's going to do an awesome job. I just know it!

The words of the line is crooked. The writing is sort of sloppy. There is so much showsnow on the ground. I'm writing this in the dankdark of the theater while Apple Bloom, 3weetjeSweetie Belle and I wait for the show to start. It's a bit too dark to see what I'm d@ihgdoing, and we're kind of snug, but I can't wait for the show! I know it's going to be great!

The audience is filling in. There are so many ponies here, I hope Mom doesn't get stage fright! She won't though, she's good in front of--

The show was awesome! I forgot all the history from when I saw the show when I was a very little filly. It was actually interesting. I usually find history boring, but this was really neat! It's weird to think that at one time I would have never been able to be friends with Sweetie Belle or Apple Bloom (though there are some Earth ponies I could see that being the case. Yes, I'm talking about Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon.)

The party was a lot of fun. Mom was signing autographs (along with all the other ponies in the show) and there were lots of tasty things to eat. I really enjoyed everything today.

When we got back to Ponyville, Mom fell right asleep. Dad and I sat and talked for a little while. He said he was very happy I had a good time. He also wrote a note for me to bring to Miss Cheerilee.

Just noticed I called Lucky Buck "Dad"... I haven't done that before.


For Hearth's Warming Day, I got Mom a sweater for when she is up in the clouds. Rarity made it for me to give to her. It has all the colors of her mane on it and her cutie mark on the chest. It also has covers for her wings as far as it can go without messing with her ability to fly. She said it was really cool and that she would definitely be using it. I'll have to thank Rarity again when I see her next.

I got Dad a picture book with pictures from all of our trips and stuff in them. He always took all these pictures when we'd go places and they just sat in stacks in a closet. He said it was a wonderful gift and that he was very happy.

I got a new scooter! I told them that I was going to keep using my old one until it got too worn out. I'll never get rid of my old scooter. It's one of the few things I still have from my real parents. I really like the new scooter, though. I told them it's really cool! I definitely will use it one day! Maybe I'll just switch between them from time to time.

I went and showed Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom my new scooter, just to try it out and to see what they got. Apple Bloom got a cookbook and a new bag. Those just don't seem like very fancy gifts. They seem more like things for a job. Sweetie Belle got a new dress. It's really pretty, but I don't know how she moves around in it. It's really poofy.

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