• Published 23rd May 2012
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The Autobiography of Scootaloo - A Diary Collection - Tails_155

This is a story focusing on life from Scootaloo's POV. It takes place starting before season one.

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What It Takes To Be A Hero (♫)

Author's Note:

Chapter Theme:

(Diana Ross or this version) Anndi McAffee and Aria Noelle Curzon - If We Hold On Together

This is Scootaloo's personal experience of the events of Not All Is Set In Stone. (For those who once read it, I did a whole rewrite to polish it and make it... readable.)

NOTE: You do not need to read that story to get this part. I didn't write it to require that.

My theme for this is significant to the chapter in that the teamwork is so heavily focused, and they all rely on each other for strength in this dark time, but also it's a personal tie to my favorite movie of all time.


I actually flew all the way up into the clouds today! Mom was so happy! She said I did a fantastic job! I wish Mama and Papa were here to see. I wish I could tell Auntie Raincloud about this.

I told Dad what I did and he gave me a hug and said that it was "great news!" I'm glad this happened when it did, because I needed some "great news" about now. I've been feeling so upset with all that's going on. I still haven't gotten over Diamond Tiara taking my diary.


Page is very wrinkled and tear stained. The writing is very sloppy and shaky.

There was a big earthquake after school. I went home to see if everypony was okay, and Mom was hit by some sort of light and now she has been turned into some sort of crystal. All I have now is one crystal feather that fell from her when she was hit. Did I lose another pony forever?

I don't know if Dad is okay. He's in Fort Hoof today, visiting his cousin. I can see out the window that something is happening to lots of ponies. Spike said I need to go with him to find Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle. I don't want to go anywhere. Ever again. I don't want to meet anypony ever again. All I do is lose everypony.

All three princesses and Shining Armor came and told me, Sweetie Belle, and Apple Bloom that we need to go find these temples back in the villages the three pony tribes came from. They're supposed to have some sort of special magic for the three things the princesses gave us (Princess Luna turned Mom's feather into a barrette, Princess Cadence turned some crystal apple into a tiara for Apple Bloom, and Princess Celestia turned a crystal heart into a locket for Sweetie Belle.) How are we supposed to do that? We're just fillies!

The princesses, and Shining armor. All of them. They’re all turned to crystal. If this thing can turn even them to crystal, what chance do we have? This is hopeless.

The penmareship is poorly written and somewhat difficult to read.

It's night. It's dark. There are these monsters out there, and we're trying to sleep in a bush. We found a book in the Ponyville Library that showed us where we're going. I saw Featherweight. He's really upset. Apple Bloom led him to a cellar where she said she brought Dinky, earlier, to be safe. Pipsqueak, Twist, Snips, Snails, and several other ponies were down there, too. All the foals are okay, it seems, but all the older ponies have been turned to crystal. I hope we can do this. If we don't, it's my fault that Mom is gone forever. Miss Cheerilee was turned to crystal, too...

We went to Canterlot where there was a cave. That's where the map starts. from there we headed up and over a mountain. it took forever. Then we made it to the edge of a forest. That's where we're sleeping. We're out in the open. We're not safe at all.

I just can't sleep. I'm so worried about what's going to happen. What if we can't do this? What if I can't do this? The book we have says these temples require somepony with courage, somepony with hope, and somepony with sympathy to grant their powers. I don't know why I'm here. I don't have any of those. I don't think I can do it, I can't stop thinking about myself, and I don't think this is going to work at all. All we're going to do is go out there and I'm going to get my friends hurt. Why wasn't I turned to crystal?


We were in that forest forever. Now we're in this field full of rocks. I hurt my leg after I led some crystal monsters that were chasing us away from Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle and over a cliff. I'm okay. I just kind of did it. I saw a cave that would be safe for my friends and I told them to go. I flew off toward a cliff and the monsters chased after me. I didn't care if they got me. I just wanted my friends to be safe. Right now they're everypony I have. I can't let them get hurt. Even if it isn't such a happy story for me.

The monsters attacked us as soon as we got out of the forest. There were several different sizes and colors, and we ran to a bigger cave, first, but there was another one inside. Then I led them off the cliff and they broke into a thousand pieces. if I hadn't been able to fly, I would've been down there with them... At least Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom would have been okay.

I hope Featherweight is okay. I bet he's scared and confused. He lost his dad the same way I lost Mom. I just hope we can do this. I still don't know what good I am going to do.

This cave is only a bit safer than that stupid bush. At least nothing can stomp on us... I still feel like we're in danger...

I miss Mom. I miss Mom so much. and I miss Dad. I miss Mama and Papa, and Auntie Raincloud, and I wish I could be with Featherweight. I didn't sleep again last night. I just kept worrying. what if I can't do this? I'm no good at anything. I don't even have my cutie mark! What good am I going to be when it comes to saving everypony?


Page is wrinkled and stained with tears.

Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom have been trying to cheer me up. They both seem to think things are going to get better. I don't know. As long as I'm in charge of fixing things, I don't see how...

We made it to the place the three tribes met before they set off to discover Equestria. It's all broken down. The pegasus fort is all dark and gray. I have to go there alone. After that, we'll go to the other places. I guess the others will just wait in this building while I'm gone. It's safe.

Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom said we're all going to go to a different temple at the same time. We're each going to the place that our ancestors came from. I told them they didn't have to, they said that if I had to go alone, they'd go alone, too. They're so nice. They really didn't have to. I think it's a bad idea though. What if it's dangerous?


I am exhausted. I don't want to do anything anymore. I got my stupid enchantment. I want this to be over with. The monsters played with my head. they showed me Mama and Papa getting sicker and passing away, and Auntie Raincloud, and Mom and Dad turning to crystal, and Miss Cheerilee turning to crystal. and I couldn't help them. I just saw all of them disappear. Again. I'm exhausted. I feel terrible.

Once I saw the stupid things, I got so mad at them, I just had to get what I came for, just so that they didn't win. I feel so lonely now. nopony is back yet. What if, because I agreed we all go on our own, Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle got hurt? I should have told them to wait. Now they might be in trouble and it's all because I agreed to let them go.

Apple Bloom is here! She asked me why I keep writing. I said that it helps calm me down. I guess that's true. whenever I'm really upset I just want to write what happened down and let everything out. and be somewhere where nopony can find me.

Apple Bloom said she chased after those stupid crystal monsters, and that she rescued one and let it go! If I had found them I would've stomped them into a million pieces. I want them all gone!

We still haven't heard from Sweetie Belle. I knew we should have

Sweetie Belle said that she got stuck in this maze that kept moving around, and until she was reminded of her family, by her locket. She said it gave her a lot of hope, seeing her family’s faces. Before that, she thought she was going to be trapped forever, but then the walls all just kind of disappeared once she felt like she could do it...

I want to get as far away from this place as possible. It really shook all of us up, and now we're done, so I want us to go. Now.


We haven't seen anypony or anything at all, all day. Everything is so empty, it's really creepy.


Everypony is okay again. I didn't get to write anything down. I wanted to get everything fixed and I didn't want to waste any more time.

We saved Twilight and her friends first, so they could go with us to get the Elements of Harmony. That alone wasn't enough to save everypony. We had to rescue the princesses and Shining Armor before we finally beat that thing.

Apple Bloom let the creatures go. They live everywhere now. I wanted them to all go back to where they were from or be turned to dust! They wouldn't attack us when she was around, though. It's like they cared for her and didn't want her hurt.

We went through all that work. We saved everypony in Ponyville. The princesses went to save ponies in other places, but we saved everypony in town and we STILL don't have our stupid cutie marks. Twilight said she thought it would be a really big burden to have a cutie mark as "hero." I don't care. That'd be the coolest cutie mark, ever!


Page is wrinkled and covered in tears.

Featherweight stayed with me all afternoon, yesterday. We just sat on the couch at Dad's house, and I cried and cried and cried. I know I should be happy, but I felt like I had lost everypony. When I was up there in the clouds, I thought I had lost everything. I thought I was just going to give up and lay there forever.

I guess I just hadn't let it out yet.

Featherweight was so sweet. He just wrapped his hooves around me and gave me a kiss, a real kiss, my first real kiss, and he hugged me until I fell asleep. When I woke up in the middle of the night, he was gone.

Mom says Featherweight stayed with me last night until she said it was getting dark and his dad would be worried about him.

Featherweight told Mom he didn't want to leave until somepony got home to make sure I was okay... She said he was very worried about me and how upset I was... She said he told her to remind me that it was over, that everything was done... that everypony was okay...

Featherweight is so sweet. I have to go see him later today, I have to thank him. He didn't have to do all that for me. He stayed with me even though he was worried about his dad, too. He should have been with his dad.

I spent the afternoon with Featherweight. We went to the playground and just sat and talked. I told him that he was very important to me. He told me that without me, he wouldn't have been able to be as happy as he was today.

I don't know why he thinks I'm so special. I'm just some pony with good friends that help me make it. I'm nothing without them. I guess that's just how it works. Nopony would be who they were without their friends.

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