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The Autobiography of Scootaloo - A Diary Collection - Tails_155

This is a story focusing on life from Scootaloo's POV. It takes place starting before season one.

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The Weight of the World (♫)

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Coldplay - Paradise


Today, after school, Pipsqueak told Sweetie Bell he liked her. I thought it was so cute. Sweetie Belle didn't know what to say. After Pipsqueak left, Apple Bloom and I joked around with her.

I ran into Pipsqueak this afternoon. He said he feels really silly. He says he should've just kept his mouth shut. After that I felt bad. I tried to tell him he wasn't silly, and that if he likes her, he likes her. I also reminded him that she technically didn't say no. He told me he meant to tell her on Hearts and Hooves Day but he was too nervous. He's really a sweet little colt. I hope things work out and he and Sweetie Belle can be friends.

Little drawing of Scootaloo giggling

Sweetie Belle, Apple Bloom and I are going to try and give hedge art a shot. Sounds really weird, but we're up to try anything. What if it's our special talent? What would it even look like?

Apple Bloom cut off my tail! It's going to take forever to grow it back. I look absolutely ridiculous. Not to mention I feel all uneven now. I am not even sure I can use my scooter too well, let alone fly. Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom thought it was funny. I'm definitely going to hear about this from Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon tomorrow. I really don't think it's so funny.

Mom said it'll be fine, but she did laugh at me. If Mom laughs at me, I just know everypony else will. I look ridiculous!


Page lightly stained with tears.

I was right. Today was terrible. Everypony laughed at me. Apple Bloom finally said she was sorry, but it was hard to take her seriously when she was laughing, too. Miss Cheerilee finally got the class to leave me alone, but I told her I felt sick after lunch and hid from everypony until it was time to go home. That way Dad wouldn't wonder why I was home early, since he doesn't work today.

Dad took me to Rarity's. Rarity almost passed out when she saw my tail. She said it looked awful (thanks for letting me know). She had some extentextensions for my tail, but since there's so little hair, it's really uncomfortable to wear them right now. At least everypony (hopefully) won't make fun of me tomorrow.

Sweetie Belle saw me and said she was sorry for laughing at me. I still don't know, she could tell I was upset at school. I don't know whether to take her seriously or not.

Applejack brought Apple Bloom to the house and made her apologize. Applejack says she's not happy that Apple Bloom treated me like that. Apple Bloom said she didn't do it on purpose. I know she didn't, but her laughing really upset me. I'm not surprised that Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon made fun of me, but they're my friends!


Sweetie Belle told Pipsqueak she likes him, too! I was shocked. Apple Bloom, Featherweight, Snips, Snails and I were playing catch with a hoofball when we saw Sweetie Belle go over to Pipsqueak and give him a hug. I asked her what happened and she said she liked Pipsqueak, too. She just didn't know what to say. Huh.

I think I just saw Twilight Sparkle wandering around with her head all wrapped. Her hair was cut really short. I have no idea. Not my business. Weird, but not my business.

Mom says that apparently Spike burned off Twilight's mane and a flowerpot fell on her head. In a tent. I still have no idea.

Mom and Spike were apparently picking on Twilight, who decided she wasn't going to do anything after receiving a visit from herself in the future. She said Twilight was trying not to do anything so she wouldn't cause some horrible disaster that is supposed to happen next Tuesday.

So unicorns can enchant things to make everypony who sees them fall in love with them AND travel back in time? I hope I never make Sweetie Belle really mad!


Mom invited me to watch the dragon migration. I already told Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom I was going to see it with them. We're going to hide in the bushes. We're not going to stand out in the open like Mom and her friends. I mean, I kind of want to, but Apple Bloom says it sounds too dangerous, and I'd rather stay with my friends. You know, protect them if something happens.

We're here waiting for things to happen. Sweetie Belle (She was kind of quiet and didn't say much to me) and Pipsqueak (I guess Sweetie Belle invited him) are here, so are Apple Bloom (she still hasn't said anything to me since she apologized), Twist and Dinky (I invited), and Featherweight (I don't know who invited him. I mean, I don't have a problem with it, but I don't know who invited him, though I hope he doesn't bop me with this big lens on his camera). I don't know when things are supposed to start, but this is going to be awesome!

That was so cool! All those dragons! I've never seen anything like it! I'm glad I got to see it, and I'm glad I got to see it with my friends. Even if my two closest friends didn't really talk to me. Mom got a face full of flames! I'm glad she's okay. She told me she was glad I wasn't where they were. She didn't want to see me hurt.

Spike left early. I don't know what he was doing. Why wouldn't he want to watch the dragons migrate? He is a dragon, after all.

I don't know what to think about Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom. Just because I'm upset doesn't mean I don't ever want to talk to them again. We're best friends, aren't we? We're still friends, aren't we?

I really hope so.


Mom went with Twilight Sparkle and Rarity to keep an eye on Spike. Apparently he's going to go with the dragons on the migration. I hope Spike is okay.

Dad and I are going to the Apples' today. Applejack invited us to lunch. I wonder if Apple Bloom will talk to me. Maybe I'm just a bad friend.

Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle were both at lunch. They both said they were sorry again for laughing at me, and they were sorry they didn't talk to me during the dragon migration.

Big Mac had that stupid stuffed toy again. Twilight didn't even think it was as special as he does. He stuffed it under the table when he saw me staring at him. Whatever, if he likes it, he likes it. Still weird to me. Stallions don't play with dolls, do they?

Since they didn't talk to me, I mainly sat with Featherweight. He had binoculars, so I got to get a good view. I was upset they didn't talk to me, but I can't stay mad at my friends. They're just that, my friends!

Spike rescued a phoenix egg from some big mean dragons. That's so cool! Mom also helped rescue Spike after the dragons got angry at him for not smashing the egg.

Who would smash a phoenix egg? Or any baby egg? How horrible. I'm glad Spike decided being a "dragon" dragon wasn't for him. I like him more as a "pony" dragon, if that means he saves phoenixes. Phoenixes are just the coolest things!


The baby phoenix hatched last night! It's so cute! Little drawing of Peewee takes up a lot of the page.

Twist came by the house and brought us some candy. She said she wanted to thank me for inviting her to come to the dragon migration. That was really nice of her. She may be totally nerdy, but she's still a really nice pony, and that's good enough for me.

Spitfire of the Wonderbolts is going to be here in a couple weeks! Mom told me. She's super excited because Ponyville is this year's home of the pegasi tornado to send water up to Cloudsdale. Mom's in charge of everypony in the group. She hopes they can break the wingspeed record for this year. I want to help, but she says I'm too little, and that it's going to be dangerous.

I hope that things go well. I wish I could help. I feel like I should. I should've learned to fly better. I knew I should've been exercising more. It'd be so cool to help set an Equestria record!


I had no idea Fluttershy had bully problems when she was in school, too. She was so upset about the bullying from Flight Camp that she didn't even want to help with the tornado. Apparently some ponies made fun of her for being so slow. Why would they do that? If they're trying to get a top speed, why would they treat anypony like that? Besides, Fluttershy is so nice to everypony, what type of pony would be mean to her?

Mom's really upset. She and Fluttershy have been friends for a long time. She seems really upset that Fluttershy isn't going to be able to join in. I wish I could take her place. Then they would have the same amount of ponies and Fluttershy wouldn't have to worry about being bullied.


Today is the big day. I see everypony heading to the reservwarreservoir. Everypony except me, that is. Well, me and Fluttershy. I'm watching the tornado from the edge of town with Dad, Fluttershy and Shooting Star.

I don't know how he did it, but Shooting Star managed to get Fluttershy to go over there. She didn't seem to try and fly at first, and the tornado fell apart, but they tried again and finally Fluttershy joined the group. They did it! Maybe if I had helped, they could've made it the first time, but at least Fluttershy got over her problems, and everypony treated her like a hero! Good for her!

Maybe by the time they choose Ponyville again, I'll be able to help with the tornado for Cloudsdale. Next time, I want to help set a record with Mom! That'd be so awesome!


Featherweight got his stupid cutie mark before us! Featherweight! How did he get his cutie mark first? He's nice and all, but what does he have that we don't?

Sweetie Belle and I tried a bunch of stuff with newspapers today after Apple Bloom left a copy of the Foal Free Press with us. We didn't find anything special, though we did end up all muddy. We're going to go tell Apple Bloom that her idea made no sense.

We're going to try and be journalists for the Foal Free Press, maybe we'll get our cutie marks that way! Apparently that's what Apple Bloom wanted us to do the whole time.

Oh gee. Diamond Tiara is in charge of the Foal Free Press. This is going to be a big mess. She was mean to Featherweight. Featherweight isn't mean to anypony! He doesn't even say anything!

I'm going to write about a new bird nest that Sweetie Belle and I helped make.

Ugh, got covered in mud after trying to write about the nest. I looked ridiculous. I hope nopony saw me.

This is going to be a nightmare. Diamond Tiara is a monster. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea.

Sweetie Belle had a new idea for a story. We're going to write on Snips and Snails. They got totally covered in bubblegum. We're going by the name Gabby Gums.

Wow, Diamond Tiara was actually nice (for Diamond Tiara) to us after we brought this new story and got it printed. She wants us to do more.

Sweetie Belle told me that Rarity said our column was better than "anything in the Ponyville Express!" That's crazy. Now we have to find out what to do next.


We've been doing gossip stories about all of Ponyille. It's awesome! Everypony's been loving it!

It's a bit uncomfortable, though. The Mayor looked really upset. I hope it wasn't because of what we wrote.


Diamond Tiara didn't like our interview with Spike. Now we have to figure out something else. I don't like writing gossip. I'm afraid I'm going to hurt somepony's feelings.


The hoofwritten copy of an apology article in the Foal Free Press is tucked into the page. The page itself is somewhat tear-stained.

We've had to start writing things that are basically just lies. I felt horrible when we did one on Mom. I hope she's not mad.

The only reason I did it is because Sweetie Belle said she was doing one on Rarity's diary. I was really shocked that she'd steal somepony's diary after seeing what happened to me on the playground, but we needed something. I'm starting to worry that this is just wrong. I hate lying, and I hate doing this to everypony.

Diamond Tiara won't let us stop. She's threatening to run stories on us! If we stop doing the Gabby Gums segment, we'll be the laughing stock of everypony!

Mom's really mad at us, she stomped down rain on us. Fluttershy is crying. We made Fluttershy cry. After I just wrote the other day asking who would bully Fluttershy, we made her cry. If it wasn't enough that we made Mom so upset she stomped rain on us, we hurt the feelings of the nicest pony in Ponyville.

And what if Mom doesn't love me anymore? I guess I deserve this. I'm the worst filly ever.

Nopony wants to talk to us. I'm afraid of getting embarrassed, but I didn't tell the others how upset I was that Mom is mad. I don't even want to go home tonight. I don't want to look Mom in the eye. I've been trying not to cry all day. My face actually hurts. My stomach hurts.

Sweetie Belle had an idea. We're going to come clean to everypony, even if it means Diamond Tiara is going to ruin us.

Mom didn't come home last night. She slept in her cloud house. Dad said she just needed some time to think. He was upset with me, too, but he told me he loved me. He didn't talk to me much, though.

What if they really don't love me anymore? Maybe I should run away. If this doesn't work tomorrow, I'm going to go hide in the clubhouse until I find somewhere else to be.


Featherweight is the new editor-in-chief. Everypony forgave us, and Diamond Tiara got demoted (and covered in ink! It was awesome)! I never want to do that again. I felt horrible.

After school today, Featherweight came up and apologized for the picture of me in the mud. It's the only thing I've ever heard him say. I was really surprised he said anything. He is a really nice pony, even if he did take those embarrassing photos of us. At least he apologized, and he seemed like he meant it. He had trouble even looking at me. He looked very upset with himself when he came up to talk to me. He looked like he wanted to say something else, but he kind of walked away after looking at me a couple of times.

He's going to be a great editor-In-chief. We may not have as popular a newspaper, but at least he's nice. I think everypony would listen to him because they wouldn't forget that he said something. He rarely says anything at all.

I apologized again to Mom and started crying. I felt really lousy. She probably should've just left me to the streets or something. I still haven't gotten over what I did.

She told me to calm down. She said even if I hadn't apologized, she would've eventually gotten over it. She told me she loved me. She really is the best pony in Equestria. She and Dad both thought I was ridiculous for asking if they loved me, and for asking if they wanted me to stay. They both said they couldn't believe that I would think they wouldn't love me because of one foolish (bighugegiant) mistake.

It wasn't just one foolish mistake. It was dozens! Dozens of BIG mistakes. If I were them (or anypony in town) I wouldn't trust me ever again. I'm such a mule.


Mom is going with Pinkie Pie and her friends to take some cake to a competition in Canterlot today. She said she won't be back for a couple of days.

Featherweight came up to talk to me again today. I was really surprised. He is still upset about what he did, too. He said he feels like he invaded everypony's privacy. I guess I'm not alone, in that way. At least he didn't make up lies about everypony.

He also said he kind of liked me. I smiled, but I didn't say anything. I still don't know what to think. What am I supposed to do now? I've never had somepony tell me they like me before. I mean, did he mean... like me like me?

I told Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom about what happened. They both don't really know either. Sweetie Belle said that she just kind of hangs out with Pipsqueak when she gets a chance. She said she doesn't really know what else there is to do. I do think Featherweight is a good colt and all. He's been really nice to me ever since we first metwere in the same place together. (He didn't talk, but he shared some grapes with me the first time I was around him.)

I just need to figure out what to do. I need to think. I don't know what to say to him when I see him again. What did he even mean? I don't want to look stupid if he didn't mean it like that.


I just found out that I get to be a flower filly in a Royal Canterlot Wedding! I'm so excited! Rarity is making everypony who is going dresses! I don't know what to say! Why was I picked? I'm not really that special.

I finally got up the nerve to tell Featherweight I liked him, too. He did mean it like that. I feel funny, but like... in a good way? Anyway, we're going to Sugarcube Corner today after school for a treat. He said he is paying. He insists. That's so nice of him, but I don't understand why. I don't get it. I have enough for a snack.

I talked to Twilight Sparkle today. Apparently she's really upset her brother didn't tell her face-to-face that he was getting married. I guess I can understand being upset, but if he really is the Captain of the Royal Guard, wouldn't he be, like, really REALLY busy?

Everypony else is really excited, though. Mom is going to do a Sonic Rainboom after the vows are said! She's super super excited! I would be!

Spending time with Featherweight was nice. He didn't say a lot, but he seemed like he was really happy I made it. He did tell me that he lives with his adoptive father. Adopted? I wonder why. Did he lose his parents when he was young, too? I hope not, it feels terrible, and I wouldn't wish for something like that for anypony.

Featherweight was mostly in his low quiet voice, but he got a lot louder (for him) and had a really worried look on his face when he told me NOT to tell anypony that he was adopted. I would never. I know how Diamond Tiara has treated me, I'd rather die than let anypony at school find that out about somepony else! He'd really never say anything.


We're on our way to Canterlot. It's really exciting! Everypony (but Twilight, oddly) is really excited.

There were a LOT of guards and a big purple barrier when we got to Canterlot. I've never seen Canterlot like this. It's crazy!

Twilight is so angry. I've never seen her like this. She yelled at me when I mentioned Princess MeMi Amore Cadenza to her this evening. What'd I do? I mean, she wouldn't just yell at me, but what did I do? I hate when I do something wrong and can't even figure out what I did. Makes me feel stupid.


Dad still isn't here. He said if he wasn't here by the day before the wedding, that he would be out in the courtyard watching. He wasn't sure if he would be able to get off work for the week of the wedding or not. Being a policepony means you can't always get the days off you want. He already had reserved the day of the royal wedding the day he found out about it. He told me that even if Mom and I weren't a part of the wedding, it's still a very special occasion for anypony, even if they're not from Equestria.

Twilight is acting so weird. She seemed really upset and ran past me to the rehersrehearsal. She was late. I heard her yelling from the door while I was looking for Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle. She called Princess Mi Amore Cadenza evil! Evil? What'd she do? I haven't really seen her other than one day when she walked past me. She didn't say anything, but I'm just some filly. She probably wasn't the one who picked me to do this. I mean Applejack and Rarity are part of the team, and they're from Ponyville, and they're Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle's real family. I'm just some filly from Port Mane. I'm not rich or famous, and the princesses don't really know me... why am I here?

Twilight made Princess Mi Amore Cadenza run away crying. Shining Armor yelled at his sister, and told her not to show up for the wedding at all! His sister! Then, everypony but Twilight left. Then the Princess went back in. I never did see Twilight leave at all. Maybe she stayed in the Ballroom until after I went to bed.

But wow! Not show up for the wedding at all? It's his sister! I really don't know what to think. I don't know how that would make me feel. I wonder what's wrong with Twilight. She hasn't acted like herself the whole time she's been here.


Well, today's the day. I feel really weird being at Twilight's brother's wedding without Twilight there. Doesn't anypony else think that's odd? She is the only reason any of us know anypony here.

I'm almost ready to go in. This dress is so great! Rarity really is an awesome designer!

That was terrifying! This thing called the Queen of the Changelings was parading around as Princess Cadence (I finally found out that's what she usually goes by. Nopony told me). Then she turned into her real, creepy form and knocked out Princess Celestia! Then she attacked everypony with all her minions. It was so scary.

Mom and her friends went out to find the Elements of Harmony and got caught. I was really freaked out. Twilight just barely rescued Princess Cadence in time, and somehow Princess Cadence saved Shining Armor, and the two of them cast some crazy spell that defeated the Changeling Queen.

Now I know why Twilight was acting so weird. She figured out something was wrong. Nopony listened, though. I didn't know what was going on. I should've paid attention. Maybe I could've helped her. But I don't even know the Princess.

At least everypony is okay.

I definitely won't forget this day. It was crazy and very busy, and of course it was also really scary. I didn't even get the chance to write as much as I wanted to. I had to do my job. I threw down flower petals for that thing to walk on. The whole time, the real princess was trapped. I didn't know, though! It's not my fault, is it?

Poor Princess Cadence. She looks so sick. She said she'll be fine. She thanked me for caring about how she was. I'm so embarrassed. Twilight was right the whole time. If we had all just listened, we could have fixed everything before all this happened.


We're redoing the Royal Wedding next week. We couldn't hold it right away because everypony had to clean up the castle. Dad was supposed to visit and see the show from outside. I hope he is okay. We're staying in Canterlot all week. Canterlot needs all the help it can get, cleaning everything up.

Princess Cadence came up to Sweetie Belle, Apple Bloom and me and said she was very excited we were going to be flower fillies for the wedding. She is really really nice. Now I see why Twilight Sparkle has been talking about how great she is ever since everything got sorted out the other day.


We had the real wedding. It was amazing. I got to be the flower filly for the real Princess Cadence this time. A real princess! The wedding was so sweet. Shining Armor and Princess Cadence make such a sweet couple! They look so cute together!

Pinkie Pie set up a really fun party afterward. I should've invited Featherweight! I told that to Sweetie Belle and she said she should've invited Pipsqueak, too. We both feel really silly. There's not a very big chance of another royal wedding for a long time.

I'll have to tell Featherweight that I'm sorry when we get back to town. That was so stupid of me. I hope he was able to see the fireworks, at least.


Tucked into the page is a photograph of the Cutie Mark Crusaders in their outfits on a train. The back has the date and a caption about the royal wedding.

I feel much better today. We got all dressed up to see Princess Cadence and Shining Armor off. I'll probably change when we get back to town. I don't know when I'll get to wear something like this again. This is pretty special.

Dad did make it to see the wedding from outside the castle. He came with Shooting Star, and they brought Pipsqueak and Featherweight with them! I forgot I told Dad about Pipsqueak. I knew I told him about Featherweight, but I didn't know he was going to do that. I'm glad he did.

They were all excited to see us. We got on the train back home together and talked about what happened.

Apparently after the fake wedding started to go downhill, Dad told Shooting Star they needed to get everypony out of the way and fast. They hid in a basement while everything was going on, so nopony got hurt. I'm glad. Once I found out they were all here for the fake wedding, I was worried about whether they were okay or not.

Pipsqueak told Sweetie Belle, Apple Bloom and me that we looked very pretty. He is the sweetest little colt! Featherweight didn't build up the nerve to talk, so I just sat by him on the ride home. I could tell he was happy to see me. He wouldn't stop looking at me. He kept blushing and smiling. His goofy teeth make him look kind of cute.


Everything has kind of settled down since the wedding. It's actually been very quiet. It's kind of weird after being so busy.

Featherweight came to visit today. He and I played games in the living room while Dad made lunch. He's finally started talking more, at least to me, and even a little bit to Sweetie Belle, Apple Bloom, and Pipsqueak. He talked about the Foal Free Press. After Sweetie Belle, Apple Bloom and I found out we weren't going to get our cutie marks in journalism, we decided to quit the team. It was getting in the way of us finding out what our cutie marks were. Too much time.

Featherweight wrote a piece about the wedding and read it to me. He's a really good writer! He also takes pretty good pictures. The Foal Free Press' photographer hadn't talked about going to the wedding, so Featherweight took one of his cameras and took pictures. He said he wished he had had time to take pictures of the fake wedding, but they needed to get to safety quick. He's crazy. There's no way "pictures" was the first thing on my mind.

Mom has to take care of a big storm today. They had to postpone two rains due to several pegasi being out of town. The weather is off sometimes during the summer. Lots of pegasi go to visit their families, plus there was the wedding, and so Ponyville ends up with not enough ponies to move some of the bigger clouds around.


Today, school was pretty fun for a change. We talked about ancient pony history. Today we talked about the earliest pegasi. Apparently pegasi have always been tough ponies. This seems kind of funny when you look at ponies like Fluttershy and Featherweight. I couldn't imagine either of them fighting anything.

Miss Cheerilee came up to me after class today. She told me she was happy to see me taking notes. She says she wished I would take class seriously more often. Mama used to tell me school was important. Maybe I can try a bit harder to pay attention.

Sweetie Belle, Apple Bloom and I are going to try photography. Featherweight said he really liked taking pictures for the paper (when he wasn't being forced by Diamond Tiara to snoop on everypony, anyway). Apparently he's always liked taking pictures. I figure we can try. What's the worst that can happen taking pictures?

I fell off a little cliff trying to get closer to a bird I saw flying. I should've been paying attention to the ground, but I was looking through the camera. I wasn't able to fly in time to stop myself. It wasn't a big fall, but it did hurt.

Featherweight took our pictures to his dad. Apparently his dad can get them all set up for us.

Well, nothing amazing, that's for sure. Featherweight said we did alright for our first time. I don't know who he's fooling, because we definitely didn't do a very good job. Half of mine were blurry.

Apple Bloom kept getting her hoof in the picture somehow. I don't get it. Sweetie Belle couldn't get the film into the camera and keep the camera shut. None of her pictures turned out, at all.


Apple Bloom seemed really upset today. She says she doesn't understand why nopony thinks she's cute. I don't think that's true at all! I think several of the colts in class probably like her, but I couldn't see her and Snips together, for example. I think that the ponies who would have a liking for her just know they're not in her league. I told her this, but she said I didn't have to make things up to cheer her up. Make things up? Is she crazy? I'm not going to make stuff up. I don't want people lying to me, why would I bother lying to her? I have no reason to lie to her. I was kind of upset by that, but she's just in a bad mood. I don't think she meant it.

Really, though. Could you imagine like... Snips or Snails or somepony like that with Apple Bloom? Ridiculous. She'll find the right pony. I have a feeling Diamond Tiara had something to do with this.

I told Applejack why Apple Bloom was upset. She took Apple Bloom for a walk, just her and Applejack. I hope she gets to feeling better. I didn't mean to make her upset. I know Sweetie Belle didn't either.

Featherweight wanted to come hang out today. I told him I was busy. I still feel bad for Apple Bloom. I didn't want to see him today if she was still upset. I didn't want to seem like I was rubbing it in her face. I told him I would see him next weekend.


Featherweight answered a question at school. Even Miss Cheerilee was surprised. He's still very quiet in class, but he actually said something--while everypony was in the room! A small drawing of Featherweight with his hoof raised. A drawing of Miss Cheerilee with a surprised, but happy look on her face.

Featherweight is really smart, so I know he knows the answers. He just doesn't like to talk. He told me after class that getting to talk with me has made him feel better, like he should actually say things to others. I felt really special and really bad at the same time. I should've gone to see him last weekend. I didn't want to upset Apple Bloom if I saw her again, though. Everything's gotta be so complicated.

Dad and Mom took me to dinner. Featherweight happened to be at the restaurant with his dad (the one who adopted him.) His dad is a really nice Earth pony. He told me he was very happy that Featherweight was seeming happier than he had been. He said that I'm "to credit for that." I don't know what that means for sure, but if he means he thinks it's because of me, I don't think so. I'm just some pony he knows. He did it himself.

We ended up eating dinner with them and Dad paid for everypony's food. Featherweight thanked him. He actually spoke quite a bit! It's still really rare, but two times in one day! I'm really happy he's more comfortable talking with some ponies.

Featherweight's dad was talking to us when Featherweight wasn't at the table. He explained a bit about Featherweight that he said nopony at school except Miss Cheerilee knows. Featherweight's mom and dad ran away or something and left him alone in some other town. He said he put out things in the papers and nopony ever came to pick up Featherweight, so he took Featherweight in. Shutter Speed, Featherweight's new dad, seems like a sweet older stallion. How awful that Featherweight was just... left there, though! Shutter Speed said Featherweight knows, but that he gets really embarrassed about it. He said he thought we should know in case we said something and he seemed upset for no reason.

I felt horrible when he said that. I may not have my parents anymore, but at least my parents kept me. Maybe that's why Featherweight doesn't talk much. I don't know if I would feel like talking a lot if I felt like my parents didn't want me at all. What would that even feel like? I can't even think of what it would be like. I can't imagine anything like it.

Today really got me to thinking how weird things have been with Featherweight. I've never really... had somepony I'm friends with who I don't talk with... I kind of feel like I talk at him a lot, but he seems happy, and I guess that's all that matters?

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