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Human AU - Written alongside Leigh-Anne G as part of a human equestria series of stories, this story is one of Fluttershy who is saved from a mugging by a mysterious stranger and while slowly getting to him realises that he is more than a hero to her but rather someone she would rather spend her life with.

Being posted here for the first time.

I'm not great at descriptions I don't think.

Credit to Rea-San on DeviantArt, who's photo I'm currently using without permission... it's adorable.

Chapters (6)
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It sounds more like a human story rather than a pony one.
Woman = Mare in the pony world.
I do not think that ponies wear jeans... or any clothes at all.
Nice though.
Looking forward to some romance.:ajsmug::twilightblush:

I definitely appreciate the comment but I kind of have to laugh. The story is a Human AU story, in which Equestria is populated by humans. I'm sorry if you got tricked here otherwise, I do have that marked down as the first words in the description.


Not hand.
Hoof mate, they are ponies afterall...
You seemed to be confused with ponies and humans...

31765 Not yet, it's coming. Promise. I'm actually just in the process of uploading what was already written and posted on fanfiction.net so you'll see a couple more chapters either today or tomorrow.

31741 yeah im having trouble
are they the main characters in human form?

Your a fucking POWER RANGER!?!?!?!

Isnt it Katana Not Kitana?

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