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Red Dawn is a Bat Pony/Pegasus halfbreed. She has been hunted, attacked and vilified all her life. All she wants is some positive recognition. She believes she'll get that in the Lunar Guard. But, she has a hidden past, hidden even to her. Will she find out where she came from? And why she has a sigil on her stomach...?

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Guys, don't just down-vote, tell me what's wrong!

5958769 Wall of text sydrome. Look it up, it well help considerably

5958812 Where has it got WOTS?

5958834 let me explain. Simply indenting is not enough. You need to

Do this. See that space? Make one before each new para.

5958853 Oh! Okay, thanks!

5958853 Is this better?

5960718 No. Close though. I suggest checking out... (Should I show you my story that has this or another?)

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