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Luna's Story: Rise of the Lunar Stallions - Aegis Shield

Luna falls comatose and is revived by the love-sick kiss of one of Celestia's guards.

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Defend Thy Honor

Luna’s Story: Rise of the Lunar Stallions
Part 4: Defend Thy Honor

It was an awkward scene at the royal breakfast table indeed when Princess Celestia entered. It was the only time of day in which the royal sisters ritualistically met every day. They saw each other during other times, but Celestia’s breakfast time was Luna’s dinner time, so they made the effort to be together. The fact that prince Blueblood had joined them that evening was no small mystery. Word had spread like wild fire about the strange monster that followed princess Luna around, and he wanted to take a look for himself at the ruffian.

Luna and Celestia were serenely seated across from each other, and the prince at Celestia’s side. As soon as the servants put the plates down, the prince was bursting to ask, “Auntie Luna, I was told you have a new… employee, this morning?” he feigned ignorance, but he already knew a lot. A pony with fangs and dark armor and bat wings could not travel far without being gossiped about like crazy.

“Ah yes, he is right there behind thou.” Luna said, sipping her tea idly. She was amused at the audible snap of Blueblood’s neck when he whirled about like he were about to be pounced on. Standing in the slowly growing light, in the shadow of a column, was the stallion in question. “His name is Aegis Shield.” At the sound of his name, the stallion inclined his head respectfully. The motion flashed light over the sharp dorsal fin on his helm, and the shine of his jagged teeth.

“He looks like a monster!” Blueblood blurted, then rushed a hoof to his mouth and turned to sit properly again. “F-forgive me Luna, I didn’t mean—!”

“Thy reaction is only natural. He is supposed to be terrifying.” Luna’s lip curled a little at her nephew. She caught Celestia’s eye for a moment, then coughed a little, returning to her food.

“The same stallion that I threw in the dungeon recently?” Celestia asked. “He’s come a long way, it seems.” It was awkward indeed for Aegis Shield to stand in the background while the entire royal family made table conversation about him while he was no more than fifteen feet away. It made him blush. Instead, he decided to focus on Luna’s ethereal mane for comfort. The night sky was in her hair, swirling back and forth. There was the waterfall constellation, the ursa minor, the ursa major— it soothed him for some reason, finding each one as her mane blew with the breeze that wasn’t there.

“Wait wait, his name is Aegis Shield?” Blue Blood wondered into his hay rice with sugar. “What sort of name is shield-shield?” he pondered. The stallion rolled his eyes a little. Even royalty wondered about that it seemed. He’d heard the same thing his entire life.

“An aegis is a circular shield, nephew.” Celestia said gently, turning to butter a bit of cornbread by magic and take a bite. “The markings on the face are associated with a religious figure, like Luna or myself.”

“Oh.” Blueblood said, his cheeks turning a decent shade of pink. “I see.” He was quiet for most of the rest of the meal. The pampered stallion meant well, he just didn’t know any better.

“There hath not been any lunar stallions for over a thousand years.” Luna said, since her nephew seemed interested in her new guard. “Aegis shalt serve as an example of their might, reborn.”

“Sounds exciting.” Celestia said with a light chuckle, turning her gaze to look at the lunar stallion. His eyes were fixed on Luna. She tried to follow his line of sight elsewhere, but no, it was right on her sister. She bit into her cornbread again, enjoying the taste of the butter. “I’m sure things will go well for him.” She offered up her confidence. There was a certain awkwardness in the air between Celestia and Aegis Shield. She didn’t like it. Heaving a mild sigh, she tapped her hooves on the table a little. All the guards and servants were at attention very suddenly, intent for orders. “Aegis Shield. Come sit with us.”

Aegis Shield’s brow rose in mild shock. “Er, yes your majesty.” His deep voice startled a few ponies in the room, including Blueblood. Nopony’s voice was that deep. He sounded like a demon! He approached the royal dining table, sweeping his gaze back and forth. There was one chair remaining, across from prince Blueblood. Gulping mildly, he took a seat with a clank of armor. Blueblood was staring at him curiously, and when Aegis offered a smile it was all fangs. The prince went pale and leaned back a little. “Er… hi.” The lunar stallion offered lamely, casting his eyes downward.

“I never stopped to thank you, stallion.” Celestia said mildly from behind her teacup. She sipped idly for a moment, then the cup levitated down to the table again. “Though your methods were… odd, I can’t argue with results. You did what doctors, medicines, and even I could not.” Aegis felt color filling his face at the praise. Luna was smiling bemusedly, chewing her food. “Perhaps there is something special about you.” The princess of the sun made a show of eyeing him up and down before returning to her food. “Please, dine with us. Help yourself.” She offered him food from the royal table, and he nodded politely.

It only then occurred to him that there was seven forks and five spoons in front of him. His ears turned back. Luna cleared her throat a little, and when his eyes flicked over she made a mild gesture. You were supposed to start with the outside utensils, and work your way inward. Blueblood chuckled good-naturedly, levitating a slice of cornbread and a little syrup his way. They ate in relative silence. The lunar stallion felt a little awkward, being the only one at the table without magic. He had to lean down into his food while the royals could levitate theirs upward to their mouths. There was something symbolic there, he just couldn’t put his hoof on it.

“So… how did you manage to awaken my aunt Luna from her coma?” Blueblood asked curiously. Celestia suddenly sprayed tea from her mouth! Time seemed to stop for a moment, for all the servants had frozen at the spectacle. It wasn’t often something ruffled Celestia’s feathers like that. “Auntie are you okay?” Blueblood gaped at the sun princess, who leaned a little to wipe her mouth with as much dignity as possible.

“We think we are done for the evening, we are tired!” Luna suddenly rose with enough force to knock her chair over, clearing her throat. Blueblood turned curiously, looking back and forth between the royal sisters. “Good morning, sister! Nephew!” she strode away quickly.

“Good morning, Luna!” Celestia called weakly, shooing off a servant that was trying to help pat tea out of her fur. She coughed a little, trying to recover her dignity. “Well! I must go and finish coaxing the sun skyward, good day nephew!” she quickly strode out of the room the other way.

“Was… it something I said?” Blueblood asked Aegis Shield, looking confused. The lunar stallion shrugged, a little red in the face. The royal nephew leaned suddenly, whispering, “I think your charge just left.” He nodded towards the door Luna had exited through. The stallion rose with a jolt, wolfing down the remainder of his cornbread with terrifying jagged teeth. Running with a full mouth, he almost knocked a servant down to get out of the room. Blueblood sat back in his chair, very suddenly alone at the breakfast table. What the hay had just happened?


Aegis Shield, still in full regalia, had a few hours to himself now that Luna was safe in her chambers. Though it was the early hours of the morning, it was still Canterlot. The city that never truly slept. There were all sorts of activities to do in the early morning, especially for guards with the late shift like himself. Deciding rather easily on a tavern, the Hook and Barrel, he strode in to find a light drink and some relaxation. What he found instead was a group of curious solar guards.

The lunar stallion found the stool on the end of the bar, asking for something light to wet his lips. Having just supped with the royal family he wasn’t especially hungry, but the entire ordeal had been a little nerve-wracking. Something light would calm his nerves. “One please.” His voice was deep and dark, enough to draw the eyes of half the room. And since most of the room was outfitted in solar guard armor, it was more than a little awkward for the lunar stallion. He pushed the bits across the bar, and brooded over his drink to get away from the staring.

Finally, one friendly face appeared out of the crowd and sat next to him. “Aegis? Aegis Shield is that you under there?” it was the Appleoosian guard mare from before. What was her name again? Apple Fritter? The one that had helped guard princess Luna with him. Yeah that was her. He looked at her, and she winced at his yellow serpentine eyes. “Wow, ah gotta say that’s a new look for ya.” Her accent was poking through in her excitement.

He smiled mildly, sipping his drink, “It does turn a few heads.” He said deeply. Suddenly he was aware of a stallion standing next to him. It was Mountain Hoof, also from before.

“Aww, he don’t look so tough.” The color in his cheeks said he was more than a little wine-touched. “It’s still the same Aegis, right? Right?” he leaned heavily on the stallion, the scent of cider on his breath. Aegis felt his nose wrinkle. “Still pinin’ away at the princess, right? Right?”

“Aw, c’mon Mountain Hoof. There’s no denyin’ the princess is a nice-lookin’ mare.” Apple Fritter smiled awkwardly. “Be nice, now. He’s still settlin’ into his new job.”

“I think we all know why he took it, eheh!” he slapped Aegis Shield hard on the back. “C’monnnn, you spend a month starin’ at her there in her bed, a stallion can get a few ideas here and there. You know what I—!” Aegis Shield broke his glass over Mountain Hoof’s head. His helm protected him, but the shower of glass and drink had blinded him. Apple Fritter took a step back in the explosion of glass, and the room went dead quiet. Mountain Hoof shook his head a few times to clear his vision. “Hey! Hey what gives?!” he roared, slamming Aegis into the bar with both hooves. His sheer size gave him the advantage, but the frown on the lunar stallion’s face was dark and stoic.

There was a long, tense silence. Was this it?! Were they gonna see the lunar stallion go at it with one of Celestia’s stallions? Bits were changing hooves like crazy in the back of the room, furious whispering as bets flew back and forth. “Rule number one at any job, Mountain Hoof.” The voice was deep and dark, for the lunar stallion spoke. He gave a hard shove, enough to almost put the guard on his back. “Never date your boss.” There was a chuckle or two from the opposite ends of the tavern. Turning his back on his heckler, Aegis put a few more bits on the bar. “Sorry about the glass.” He mumbled to the bartender, turning to leave.

Mountain Hoof stopped him, a great hoof on his chest. “You think you can just break a drink over my head and walk out? That’s assault, you know. I could arrest you, freak.” The massive stallion was still out to win the argument, even if it meant using his powers as a guard.

Furious, boiling anger rose up inside Aegis Shield. He’d hoof-picked the stallion to help protect the princess in her hour of need and this was how he was repaid? Heckling and dragging him along like the town freak? The armor reacted. The ancestor’s reacted. His amber-gold eyes ignited with a powerful glow. Shoving the hoof aside, the lunar stallion seized the solar one by the frame of his armor and lifted him bodily in a godly feat of strength. Frightened hush fell over the tavern again as his jowls rose. The triangle-shaped piranha teeth made their debut and he let out a wordless, carnal roar of fury! Hydra’s would quiver and dragons would look twice had they been there. Shoving his face right into Mountain Hoof’s he roared with all the anger that had pressurized inside him. The guard’s mane flapped wildly in the phantom wind it created, even inside his helm. The dark guard then dropped him back on his hooves like nothing had happened. Mountain Hoof stood there, stunned, looking and feeling like a used piece of chewing gum.

The crowd parted quickly as Aegis rushed for the door. There was a long silence before the tavern slowly tittered back to life. The lunar stallion rushed for the nearest dark alley. His golden eyes steamed a strange golden mist and he rubbed at them furiously. Why had he been so angry? It was just words, just words! And where had that untapped strength come from? No stallion was strong enough to simply lift another one up like that, much less on two hooves!

Lust and power, hunger and might.

The memory of the words struck him like a physical blow. He looked down at the armor he was wearing, running a hoof slowly over it again and again. “It’s alive.” He mumbled quietly. Suddenly he itched furiously. Scratching wildly he leaned against the brick wall and rubbed his body against it. The armor shrieked and groaned. “How do I get this thing off?” he pulled at the helm forcefully, but the helm was attacked to the platelets of the back, and those were attached to the chest piece, and those to the eye in the center of his chest, and… and… it was all one piece, looking at it this way and that. Rushing to a rain puddle from a recent storm, he peered at himself from different angles. There weren’t any buckles or anything, it was just on his body. How had he gotten it on in the first place? Oh right, Princess Luna had magicked it onto him. Did that mean it was permanent?! Would it not come off?! Panic rose in his chest and he thrashed about amongst the alleyway dumpsters, trying to force the armor off of himself. But no, the transformation had made it a perfect fit with no give on any of the straps or platelets. It fit him like a sock.

There was a crack of parting air, and a new figure appeared in the alleyway. “Art thou already tired of thy new vocation?” It was Princess Luna, wearing only two horseshoes and missing her chest regalia. Half-dressed. “We could feel the frenzy rising from across the city.”

Aegis Shield stared at her. She looked so pony when she wasn’t dolled up in her armor and shining things of office. He stopped trying to peel his armor off and went to her. “Something in the armor, it makes me angry. And strong. And gives me night vision. What am I, Batpony?”

Luna stared at him, for the modern reference had sailed right over her head. “Thou art… augmented.” She said gently, reaching to pat him in a soothing way. “But we are proud of thou, if it means anything.” The princess saw questions in his eyes. “Thou could’ve taken whomever it was apart. The armor thou wears gives thee the strength to do so. Thou could’ve ripped thy enemy in twine. Literally.” She saw him looking a little pale, and quickly kept talking. “But thou didn’t. Self-restraint and mercy is good to temper justice.”

“Justice?” Aegis said, feeling a little overwhelmed. “He was just talking. He was drunk. They were just words.”

The princess chuckled at him. “Well, whatever it may have been, it got a rise out of you and thy armor reacted. What did thy heckler say?” she was curious, eyeing him up and down.

He turned his ears back, a little embarrassed. The sun was slowly rising, casting more and more light into the alleyway. He mumbled for a moment, but could not deny the princess her question. “He said that I took this job so I could be near you.”

The princess smiled awkwardly, cocking her head and looking down at herself. Suddenly very much aware that she was only half-dressed, she felt warmth in her cheeks. “And… and what didst thou say to him?” she asked in a rather small voice.

“I broke a bottle over his head.” Aegis mumbled, scuffing his hoof on the ground a few times.

Princess Luna threw her head back and laughed a deep, throaty laugh. She leaned on him with one hoof, her mane flapping back and forth in a joyous way. It was like a glorious banner, and it held the faint scent of the summer night after a storm. “W-we had no idea thou would wade into taverns to defend our honor!” she saw him turn a lovely crimson, and she pushed her mane out of the way finally. “Commendable! I would not order thou to start violence with drunken ponies, but commendable!” she burst into peals of laughter again, leaning helplessly on him. Her scent filled his nose. He ver suddenly wanted her. Wanted those lips. The armor reacted. The ancestors joined in his song. “What shalt thou do with the rest of thy morning?” she asked him when she’d finally come down from her giggling. “What does the average guard do with the end of their day, so to speak?” she calmed, then saw the glazed over expression in his eyes. His jowls lifted, the piranha smile working its way across his muzzle. A new feeling began to overtake him.

“We get kisses from the more attractive mares. They love stallions in uniform.” He told her, leaning and mashing his muzzle furiously against hers. Princess Luna gave a filly-like squeak, pressed back against the wall. She flailed a little, red-faced and furious. How dare he?! How DARE he?! How d—oohhh… his deep and purring growls pressed her against the dark brick, her ethereal mane bannering wildly under his domination. Her hoof rushed up around his neck, pulling him powerfully to her eye-level so the kiss could deepen. How many centuries had it been since her last kiss? She was like a parched pony in a desert, suddenly thrown a canteen of ice water. When the kiss broke, they were panting. She looked at him a heady expression, rubbing a stray line of spittle from her mouth. When he went in for the second kiss she struck the open eye on his chest plate. With a sound of drawing swords the lunar stallion’s armor sank into what looked like a medallion, folding into an impossibly small space until it was gone. His fur flashed back to brown, his mane exploding into gold. His cutie mark reappeared on his flank, a golden shield with a star on it. The magic left him, the ancestors silencing themselves. The eye of the medallion closed as though sleeping, and he staggered off of her. He fell to all four knees, his cheek pressed against her bare breast as his wings flapped awkwardly out of tune with one another.

Princess Luna panted a little, coughing awkwardly. “We shalt see you tonight, Aegis Shield. Report for duty.” With a crack of parted air, she teleported away by magic.

The stallion leaned against the wall, breathing hard, mysterious medallion hanging around his neck. The lusty feeling of desire had passed as soon as she’d removed the armor from him. Was it making him crazy? What was the matter with him, doing that to her like a stallion in season?! He didn’t get seasons, he was gelding! The armor was evil. He would have to throw it away. Grasping at the medallion with his teeth he made for the nearest storm drain and stopped. “You’re augmented.” He repeated his princess’ words. “Augmented.” He chanted softly, looking at the bizarre device. One couldn’t augment something that wasn’t there to begin with. He gulped a little at the realization. The cider-touched Mountain Hoof had been right from the very start. He wanted to be around Luna for more than just guard duties.

Lust and power, hunger and might.


Princess Luna could still feel his lips on hers, the little voice in her head was eager to revel in the feeling. She scrubbed at her lips a little, trying to deny it. He did not shrink from her, he did not fear her, he did not slip and call her Nightmare Moon like others sometimes did. It struck her to wonder what really had made him want to kiss her. While she was comatose, that is. Not just now. She looked in the mirror and herself, cocking her head. She was not unattractive.

Her doors suddenly burst open and she turned with a startled yelp, mane bannering to one side. “Who is that? Who dares burst into our chambers?!” she demanded. A golden-eyed shadow stared at her from the doorway. “Aegis Shield!” she snapped, heat gathering in her face. “We told thou to retire for the night and report tomorrow!” he was walking toward her quickly, a hungry gaze in his eyes. The alicorn meeped as he pressed up against her, hot and naked fur making a sinful friction between them. He extended his neck to rub up against her neck and mane, even with their height difference. Wait, how had he maintained his golden eyes without his lunar stallion regalia on?

“Your majesty.” His voice was a black, hungry chuckle that belonged in the dark. Brown mixed with midnight fur as he walked her backward into her own bed, his piranha teeth flashing into view as he loomed above her. She yipped as she fell onto her back, splayed out. He clambered up onto the alicorn-sized bed, his muscled chest working itself as he did so. She couldn’t help but stare at the rippling bits, honed and toned from seasons of training as a royal guard. Standing over her, his head dipped in what she thought was a bow for a moment. But no. His hot, searching muzzle scrubbed at her bare chest and she panted feverishly. She should stop him. She should STOP him. But ohh… no no, her body said it felt nice Wanted more. More big powerful stallion, yes please. His sharp teeth sank into her ear, and her shoulder, and even scraped across the soft of her belly. He gave deep syrupy purr like a great mountain cat, ever the dominant animal.

“Aegis!” she shrieked when his head had dipped lower. The sin! The scandal! Yes! YES! She clutched at him. Her wings snapped all the way open with rabid, heated desire. “Oh AEGIS!” She cried out into the sweltering night.

Princess Luna fell out of bed with a yelp, sweating and disheveled. She lay there panting for a long time, flushed crimson. “S-such visions!” she scolded herself, swallowing several times and untangling herself from the sheets. She looked out onto the balcony, where the sun was starting to touch the horizon. It was almost twilight, in which she would need to begin raising the moon. Luna made to get up, then stopped. That felt like—! She lowered herself slowly, crossing her back legs in a meek way. “Oh dear…” she mumbled shyly.

End of Part 4