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Hiatus for now. I'm into more adult themed anthropormorphic/TF stuff now


When Fluttershy is reminded of her foal Scootaloo and then
she seeks out to get support from Big Macintosh and tell the sad truth to the little filly.

I'm not making chapter only new story's.

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:applecry::twilightsmile::fluttercry: OH GOD THE FEELS

Is not that sad, is it?

i like it and please make more chapters for this story

so far it's ok ..but a few things bother me first the time skips and converstaions with the conversations their a bit to short, the time skiops are some what ok but their to clustered together this chapter could have been expanded into maby 1 or 2 extra chapters about her preperations and sutch aswell as uinner thoughts on all pony's parts such as applejack wondering in her head why fluttershy needed bigmac and so on overall intresting story idea keep up the good work

Nice story overall but was too rushed honestly, you should of made the chapters longer and explain why the parts are happening if you know what I mean. Also you should make paragraphs and things too, and put all the chapters into different parts like actual chapters. Good story likewise! !_!

4824887 thanks I now know this but it was my first story I need some slack my new story will be in the makeings soon I need a name still but " fluttershy will be the one whom saves the day my oc the antagonist and applejack the protagonist as well

Comment posted by Kovy deleted Aug 25th, 2014

Seems fast and has a few grammar errors here and there but its an alright story. Big make doesn't really say much but if you still want to send me a recording of your impression of him or have me attempt my own impression of him while reading then let me know. I've been told I sound both southern and boyish at times. As a girl that's pretty bad but I wouldn't be the first girl to voice over a guy character.
I recommend for any future stories you try your hand on to proof read or get one of those free text to speak tools. There's a google text to speak app for your computer or a fee download called Natural Reader you can look up. Both are free and are helpful in hearing out what might sound weird that you didn't mean to type.There the only ones I know of and both are good.

4929080 ok ill look re do it and tell you

4929080 I'm currently rechecking the story and having a buddy of mine check it over.

And what I meant about voice acting is that I would take my lines of big mac and then send them and as you would read you would play the recording and clear it out with editing.

hope this helps :pinkiesmile:

:rainbowhuh: Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, do I know you? I could've sworn I met you on Google Plus. Huh.
Very nice story, though, I liked it!:raritywink:


Kovich Oatskovh ring a bell?

5686733 How did you find me?

5690674 I actually just came across your story, then I recognized your OC!:twistnerd:

5690877 LOLA what a coincidence!

Say, what's your g+?

5691040 My google plus is just my name.:twilightsmile: +Miranda Escalante

5691122 ok I'll look for ya

5691122 can you PM me on hangouts? There literally 7 of you on g+ and your pic won't load.

5692618 uum..I'm not sure what you mean by "PM" :rainbowhuh: (Sorry, I'm not very computer savvy)

5693154 msg me through hangouts

Sweet little story :pinkiehappy: P.S. you kept calling Angel "Angle" :facehoof:

6412966 sowwy I was stupid when I wrote this crap over a year ago

6418837 Lol it's fine just wanted to point that out :yay:

aw, that picture is so cute:twilightsmile:

Nice story, I liked it, but...it had a lot of errors.

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