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Blazing Skies - SwimmingDalek98

Hello, and welcome to the world of Equestria! I'm Professor Discord! Equestria is inhabited by ponies! You're here to cause havoc and chaos for them! Tell me, what's your name? Geo? That's a nice name… Wait, what're yo

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V- Piping Hot

Blazing Skies

Chapter 5: Piping Hot Bath

"VENITE A ME, ALLORA!" I barrel around, Scratching and smacking the various guardsmen.

"Geo!" I turn my head, and see Discord, baring his deformed fangs at me. He jumps down, and comes at me, with a strange glow around his lion paw.

My lips peel back in a grin, "Double Team." As he swings, I leave nothing but an afterimage, and I move to his left. I watch and see the energy come out of his claw, and… JAYSUS! That entire spot just got WRECKED! He WARPED that space! Imagine what'd happen if I had been there… Oh mio...

"You wanna fight? Let's fight!"

"I like where this is going! FINALLY, you're seeing some SENSE! FIRE PUNCH!" I slam a flame-coated fist into Discord's side, and propel him into the air. I open my wings, and follow suit. "Fly!"

I rocket towards Discord, as he aligns himself mid-flight.


GRAGH! Che diavolo era quello? I feel a sudden, sharp burning sensation in my side, and I turn to see a couple of pegasus guards, with a cloud.

"You wanna play like that? Okay, we'll play like that! Aerial Ace!" I dash forwards, as a simple blur. I slice through the pegasi, and the two both fall to the ground.

"Geo… You… You MONSTER! HAVE YOU NO SHAME IN THE HARM YOU BRING TO OTHERS?" I turn around, facing Discord, who now looks angry. Actually kind of intimidating. Kind of. The snaggletooth and the mismatched body are NOT helping.

"Coming from the so-called 'god of chaos'. Y'know what?"

Discord looks at the damage below, and then glares, "What? What could you POSSIBLY have to say?"

"I'm not here to 'sow chaos' like you said I was. I'm here… because I WANNA FIGHT! SHADOW CLAW!" I swipe at Discord, who warps away from me. He snaps his fingers, and I see multiple bubbles of energy. They all hover in air, before suddenly moving towards me. "Shite!"

I duck under the attacks, and I toss a look over my shoulder, to see if they're homing. Oddly enough, they're not. Huh, you'd think they woul- AGH SWEET FECKIN CHRIST! He just DOGGED ME IN THE HEAD! I rub my bruised cheek, all the while glaring at my enemy, "Clever… You're REALLY clever, y'know that, right? A whole lot more clever than you let on. You could've easily beaten these idiots over the head again and again… and yet you let yourself be considered 'beneath' them… Why? You're the strongest here. You can easily warp the Elements of Harmony to other dimensions. But you don't. You let them beat you… You let yourself become a garden accessory… Why? Why SUCCUMB to weaklings?"







"FRIENDS? Considering how they consider ANYTHING beyond their norm 'evil', THEY CAN'T BE FRIENDS WITH US!" Looks like that struck a nerve. "They called you 'evil'? For WHAT? Acting like a FOUR YEAR OLD WITH HIS TOYS? Literally, all you did was make this world like a goddamn playground. And you were labelled as 'evil'? HOW THE FECKIN CHRIST IS THAT 'EVIL'? YOU'RE BEING PERSECUTED, YOU BLIND CAGLIONE! And I also heard about you being 'reformed'. What the FUCK does that even mean? You're not some PSYCHOPATH who needs to be cured of his 'condition'! You're JUST A FREAKING PRANKSTER! That is NOT evil! Tell me, HOW MANY OF THESE WEAKLINGS PLAY GAMES LIKE YOU DO? AND WHAT DO THEY GET FOR IT? They get called feckin 'silly'! What about that Pinkie bitch? SHE FECKIN PULLS CAKES OUT OF NOWHERE, AND NOBODY COMPLAINS! So why do they call you 'evil'? Simple: Yer not a feckin PONY, that's why! You didn't CARE about their rules! You just LIVED YER LIFE THE WAY YA WANTED TO! And now that I'M doing the same, suddenly I'M in the wrong, too? No. Feckin. NO. I'M goin ta be WHO I WANT TA BE. I WANT TA FIGHT, SO I'LL FECKIN FIGHT!"



Discord glares, "I'm tired of hearing you insult my friends. You're going down." His hand glows in a white light, and from it, a blast of energy flies at me.

"Merda! INCINERATE!" I open my mouth, and breathe out a wave of flame. It collides with the energy wave, and the two attacks create sparks of energy. I breathe with all my might, propelling waves of flame towards Discord, straining all of my stamina. I know that if I lose focus for even another second, he'll overtake me, and I'll lose. He's just… so strong… I can't fight him like this. His magic is too powerful. I need to get in close, and deal damage from there. I need to break through his defenses. C'mon, think! There must be SOME way I can make him lose concentration!

"Discord! We've come to help!" I hear the sound of several ponies behind me, and I feel Discord's attack weakening. This is the opportunity I needed!

"No! You can't stay here! He's DANGER- GRAGH!" My Incinerate hits him dead-on. He falls to the ground, with multiple singe marks all over his body.

"Discord! NO!" I turn to the ponies, and… "Oh, great. It's the Bitch Brigade." The six who I met in Ponyville. And beside them, the princesses. "Stay back, if you know what's good for you. After I'm through with him, THEN I'll deal with you weaklings."

The one they call Rainbow snarls, and then zooms in towards me, "DON'T YOU DARE CALL ME WEAK!"

"… Heh! So, it looks like you wanna go down FIRST! Dragon Tail!" I smack Rainbow into the concrete, and as she picks herself up, I fly straight towards her, "Flame Punch!" I hit her dead in the stomach, and propel her into the air.

"Had enough, feather-head?" I grin maliciously, as I watch her be propelled through the air.

"Maybe she has…" OOF! "But AH certainly haven't!" DAMN that donkey kick! I fly back several feet, and I catch myself, tearing through the ground on my claws. I look up, and see the farmer, a focused stare unlike the look I remember from before.

"Looks like… you've gotten strong… That kick hit harder than last time… but I've gotten STRONGER! Dragon Rage!" I unleash the Dragon-type wave of energy towards her, and it tears up the street while it travels. I decide to not be idle, and I dash into the air overhead, and analyze the situation.

Farmer girl can't move fast enough to evade the projectile, and she knows it. All she's doing is bracing herself for the inevitable one-hit KO. Behind her, Twi is charging her horn, probably to make an energy shield. Butters, that yellow one who technically started this whole mess, is sitting there, scared shitl- Wait, she was there a second ago. Dove è andata?


Dragon Rage hit its mark. I look down, and see- what the hell. Farmer girl. Not there anymore. But I'm pretty sure I didn't annihilate her. So where is she? Wait, don't tell me…

"Thanks, Shy!"

NO. No, no, NO! She did NOT just- shit, she did. Well, wasn't expecting… 'Shy' to be able to move super-fast… Well, with that knowledge in mind, I can safely say that she is now to be labelled a valuable tar-


Holy shit, I must be tripping balls or something! EVERYTHING SMELLS LIKE PURPLE! HOLY FUCKING SHIIIIIIIIIIII-

-IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit? Why am I on the ground? And this place… doesn't smell like Manehattan… HOLY BALLS, this place is weird… smells like brimstone and coal… Damn, where IS here, anyways? I pick myself up, only to see several spears aimed at my head. Well, fuck me in the ass with a brick…

"That won't be necessary. We don't resort to such… violent means here. Relax, you are among friends." A deep, calming voice, one that sounds way too goddamn familiar, echoes across the catacombs. The spears raise, and the wielders walk away. I pull myself up, and watch them. Instead of ponies, I see weird mechanical creatures, and… HOLY SHIT! Are those Rahkshi from fucking BIONICLE? FUCK YEAH! Wait a minute… Rahkshi come from…

"Hello. You may refer to me as Makuta Teridax." Merda. I'm dealing with a practical demigod, and I couldn't even kill a REAL one. Well, if I was even given the chance…

"You needn't worry. You should feel at peace here."

"You SERIOUSLY sound like a Bond villain right about now… I do NOT feel comfortable, and I am CERTAINLY not going to relax until I learn WHY THE FUCK I'M HERE!"

Tall, dark, and plainly evil backs away at my outburst, "That is a rather complicated explanation, but I shall do what I can do explain it to one such as you." Wait, did I just get called retarded? Okay, THAT'S IT! YOU ASKED FOR IT!

"Before you do something foolish, NO. I did NOT imply you were… 'retarded', as they say. I simply meant that I am on a higher level than you. After all, I don't expect you to be capable of Understanding the universe like I do."

… Why do I get the feeling that was a major plot point?

"You see, there are multiple realities that exist in the universe… parodies, so to speak. What-ifs, Could-bes, and similar concepts." He held up his palm, which somehow showed visions of multiple versions of… holy shit is Ash kissing his Butterfree?

"Erm, I DO apologize for showing you that… Note to self, get a filter. You're not Google images..."


"Do you understand, so far?"

"Y… yeah… I think… I've been scarred for life, but yeah. I get it."

"Well, see, YOU were sent from YOUR version of Earth to the world of which you've become… familiar with. A version where the ponies are anthropomorphized versions of themselves… with clothes, to boot."

Wait, what?

"Judging by your expression, you don't know about the base Equestria, do you? Well, that's not important now."

"And where do I play into all of this?"

"You see, in the… 'multiverse', as it's been coined, there is… a 'script', of sorts. A way that things absolutely must happen. Fate. Destiny. It applies to everyone, even those that think they are freed from its influence. It was created… by the Admins."

"You're… you're fucking kidding me, right? First, you tell me that this all has been pre-determined, and no matter what, I can't do shit about it, and then ya tell me that some goddamn computer wiz stronzo tells me who to live my life?"

"I do not refer to the admins of the Internet you are familiar with… What I refer to is THE Admins. Those who create, monitor, and write the 'script' of the multiverse. Now, I have several simple goals. One of them being to eliminate the Sys Admins, as they prefer to be called. Now, see, I have a gift that normally only they possess… Understanding."


"Understanding is the ability to see the 'code' of the multiverse, and, by extension, everything the Sys Admins have planned. I, and only one other who is NOT a Sys Admin, have this power. I have foreseen what they would've done to you, 'Geo', and I do not approve at all."

A wave of cold flows through my veins. A pure, bonafide, icy chill. Simple, primal, fear.

"Do you want to know? What it is they would've made you into? Quite pathetic, really."

He turns to me, and somehow, I feel his expression change to one of concern, "It's alright if you don't want to know. Frankly, I wouldn't recommend it. Even creatures MUCH greater than yourself have collapsed and never recovered from seeing my visions."

"Show me."

"… What?"

"I said…" I grab him by the throat, and pull him close, breathing out smoke as I did so, "Show. Me. My. Destiny."

"… Very well, then. Prepare yourself..." He places a single finger on my forehead, and… Impossibile... Non può essere!

"During the battle of Manehattan, the one I just saved you from, Tirek steals magic from the guards you felled, and then takes out the Mane Six as you cast them aside. Afterwards, he betrays you, and you lose almost all of your wing in the process. You recover, in due time, and combat him, utilizing Mega Charizard Y in order to melt the armor you forged for him through his very flesh… And then you Sky Drop him, break his arms, Sky Drop him again, and finally, perform a barrage of Flare Blitzes. Those, coupled with the damage you sustain, is enough to almost cripple you. Afterwards, you are taken by Celestia's guard in your weakened state, and sealed in a specialized cell, free of your Mega Stones and Ring. From there, you constantly attempt to break out, and eventually, the magical defenses whittle away your mind until you're nothing but a vegetative shell. A husk. A useless lump of orange-scaled flesh."

I stare at the visions shown before me, "I… how? I PLANNED for Tirek! I KNEW he would probably betray me! His ARMOR was DESIGNED to melt through his flesh! All I had to do was use ONE Incinerate! I MADE that pile of rust MYSELF! I KNOW it was useless! I can't even forge for SHIT! The whole THING was one giant weapon that he was in! And I KNOW he's a Dark-type, so I coulda used a lot of Focus Blasts and Power-Up Punches! So… how?"

"The Admins' code demanded it. This is why I had to recover you at this here point. Here, you are still at your physical best, but not wounded by any of Tirek's attempts on your life. You're the only version of yourself that hasn't already reached this point. Honestly, WHY they would decide to throw away such an AMAZING warrior like yourself is BEYOND me… It almost brings a tear to my eye, well, if I still had tear ducts, of course..."

Useless, useless, USELESS! I roar into the air, and begin thrashing about, slamming into the walls, "USELESS! EVERYTHING I DO IS USELESS! I AM USELESS! ALL OF MY EFFORTS ARE WASTED TIME! MY ATTEMPTS TO EARN MY WAY THROUGH LIFE ARE PATHETIC! Inutile, patetico, stupido, me!" I drop to my knees, and place my head in my palms, tears flowing slowly.

"There, there… You don't have to worry anymore… The moment I pulled you here is the moment you deviated from the script… Look!"

He opens his hand again, and it shows Manehattan, just as I left it. Only, unlike the vision I saw before, Rainbow sees Tirek while searching for me. While the sight of that asshole companion of mine getting his centaur hide handed to him by a furry tomboy does feel good, it still does little to halt the sea of despair that my heart has become.

"Now, I give you a simple choice, Geo. Go back there, and try to change what you saw, or let me take you in. I will mold you into a powerful warrior. More powerful than EVER before! Your voice shall make mountains TREMBLE! Your fire shall burn brighter than STARS! You, Geo, shall become my finest creation. The last piece of the puzzle I need for the sake of accomplishing my true goal..." He turns away, and waves his hand. Several Rahkshi walk up to my side, and hold their staffs up. They're probably teleportation Rahkshi. Which means they'll send me right back where I came. Back there. I can finally have my chance! But…

"Worry not. Once this goal is accomplished, you shall get your fight. And honestly, you're better of training with me if you want it to be remotely fair… Your version of Celestia is quite powerful… Possibly one of the most POWERFUL iterations of the Lady of the Sun thus far... She has several abilities that no other possesses… Mainly because she actually bothered to train..."


"… Send him-"

"Wait!" I raise my claw. The Rahkshi back off, and walk away, knowing they won't be needed here.

"Oh? Did I finally convince you?"

"What the hell d'ya mean by 'no tear ducts anymore?" He seemed genuinely surprised by that comment.

"You are not the only one who was transformed from a man into something greater. I, too, was once human. But I acquired this mask, the Kanohi Kraahkan, or at least what I assumed to be a replica of it, online. I purchased it, back on Earth, or at least my Earth, and, feeling nostalgic for the lost BIONICLE series, placed it on myself. Next thing I know, I'm in this Equestria. I mastered my powers, but I was sealed in Tartarus, alongside my Tirek, for at least four thousand years. We're not the only ones. There are others, Displaced, we call ourselves."

"… Lemme guess, anonymous seller?"

"Indeed. Now, most of us attribute our transportation to one called 'The Merchant', a Sys Admin who seemingly sells artifacts with the intent of making us Displaced, with no known goal. With that in mind, know that my war will bring the Merchant to justice. Will you join me?"

"Lemme make ONE THING CLEAR, pal! Your whole fumo e specchi might work on others, but NOT ME! Yer gonna tell me what I need to do, but I ain't a pawn on some goddamn BOARD, ya hear? And I know when yer gonna try and make me do crap I dun wanna do! So, unless yer looking fer a dig in the snot locker, DON'T try and play any puppet bullcrap wit me!"

"… My, you certainly are stubborn… Very well, then. That is how it shall be. We shall begin training in due time. I have other preparations I must attend to. In the meantime, the Rahkshi shall escort you back home." As he walked away, he looked over his shoulder, "Welcome to the Brotherhood of Shadows, Geo."

The Rahkshi guided me to a large, open cavern, and- holy shit. Rahkshi. Are. Everywhere. One of them nudges me, and coos. He points towards a large crystalline construct, and I move. I stand in front o fit, and several Rahkshi hold up their staffs to it. The ends glow, and send beams of energy into the crystal. It begins to rotate, before sending a wave of light and energy.

Y'know, having been LAUNCHED from one universe to another is NOT a good feeling. Having it done AGAIN after about SEVEN MINUTES' REST is an even WORSE feeling. Nonetheless, I shake my head, and I look around. It seems I'm back in the castle where Tirek and I first hid out. I hear a small 'plunk' noise, and I feel something hit my head. I pick it up, and it shows itself to be a small black crystal of sorts. I look at it closely, then I suddenly hear a voice come from it.

"Hello, Geo. This is a pre-recorded message. This is here to inform you that until I have finished preparations, you will have to wait. If you find yourself too bored to wait around until then, create a beacon. One can send these through the Void, allowing others to summon you for their aid. You will find several in the room you've come into. Either respond to those or make your own. Your choice. I shall not make you do anything you don't want. Until we next meet, Flame Pokémon."

FINALLY, someone calls me by my proper title! Well, might as well look at these 'beacons'. I turn around, and see a small pile of… what the hell is this crap? Just a bunch of random junk. I sort through them, and each time, I hear a new, loud-ass voice calling out that they can 'help me in my time of need'. Whatever. Well, no harm in jumping on a bandwagon, right?

I grab a piece of leftover metal from that absolute abomination that was Tirek's armor, and begin casting a few flames on it. I mold, meld, and reshape it, until it becomes the shape of a Poké Ball. I breath a final, steady flame onto it, making it glow rather ominously. I raise it into the air, "Well, here goes nothing…"

"Hear me now, those of you who have been Displaced across the universe! Those who desire strength unparalleled, and ferocity in battle like no other, simply call out for me! I am Geo, the Flame Pokémon! For those who want to roast the heavens and scorch the earth, call upon me with this, and know VICTORY!" I clenched the ball tight, and I threw it into the air. For a moment, it hovers in air, before actually turning around, and shooting a red light at me from the 'button'. The red light comes over my body, and then leaves. The Poké Ball 'blinks', and then it disappears.

"… Well, that happened. Now, what to do until I get an answer…"

FUCK, this is more boring than I expected!

Two weeks have passed since I sent out the Poké Ball. Got nothing to do, nowhere to go… But I've undergone some... rather unique developments. First off, I've had a growth spurt. Somehow, I've begun to get larger in height. Originally, I was the standard 1.7 meters, like most Charizards. According to the Dex, at least. But now, I've gotten to a rough 1.8. Yeah, I'm a lot taller. And for some reason, my voice has dropped. Now I sound like Blackbeard from Crossbones. I've even dropped the accent my unique heritage forged or me. After meeting Teridax, I decided to give off a little more of the 'cultured warrior' image. He certainly pulled it off. After all, he obviously showed me what he did solely to manipulate me into trusting him. Show me my least fortunate moments, and then tell me he saved me from them. Classic memory-altering strategy. Only this time, it's future-altering. Nice twist, but not one I much care for. It almost worked, too. But in the end, it is still the same. He makes me think I need him to escape my 'fate', and I obey him like a dog. Damn, I just thought that all out in my new voice. I AM getting used to it.

I step out into the center of the castle, and look around for a moment. I fly up, and onto one of the overlooking balconies. I sigh, still bored out of my mind from a lack of activity. Until either Teridax finishes whatever crap he might be doing, or I get summoned, then I'm stuck here doing nothing. He sent a scroll about four days ago, and it told me to remember that time flows differently between worlds, so everyone's preparations might already be done, or haven't even gotten started. And that's not even counting any of these 'Sys Admins' interfering. I'm willing to bet my (now somewhat larger) hide that they're doing their best to crack open Teridax's defenses. I wonder what kind of Displaced I'm going to meet. Maybe I'll see another Pokémon fan. A Pikachu? Wouldn't count on it. Not even someone as fucked up as the Merchant can possibly want to send a Pikachu out into the wide, wide world. Especially since, according to that same message Teridax sent me, he likes to send us all to the multiple parodies of this world. The idea of a Pikachu standing his ground against those two royal bitches is too good to be true.

And I'm honestly concerned for myself now. I keep trying to cultivate the 'intellectual fighter' image, but I keep flinging curses around. Mostly in my head, since I've actually worked on making myself a filter between my brain and my throat. It works, though not as much as it probably should. Ah, well. I still like this new voice.


Suddenly, my entire form begins glowing in a white light, and a portal appears before me. I hear an indistinct voice, and garbled words, but one thing comes clear as day:

"C'mon out, Charizard!"

"If such a wording is to be used, then I've no choice but to respond, don't I?" A translation of that would be: No fucking way am I missing this golden opportunity! I turn to the portal, and burst into it, and I fell the white light break me apart into nothing but light. Into the void, I go…

That golden sound of a Poké Ball opening, and unleashing its occupant is a glorious one. Knowing that I am the occupant in question only adds to how fucking AMAZING it is. My form solidifies, and the light fades away, just like in the anime. I hunch forwards, breathing slowly, attempting to draw as much attention to myself as possible. The silence confirms this. I strengthen my breathing, before leaning up and roaring at the top of my lungs, stretching out my powerful wings.

After a moment, silence. I proudly display my fangs in a belligerent smirk, "Do I have everyone's attention now?"

Author's Note:

To see what happens next, visit my comrade, shinigamisparda, and his story, The Mighty Warrior of Epicness

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