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Blazing Skies - SwimmingDalek98

Hello, and welcome to the world of Equestria! I'm Professor Discord! Equestria is inhabited by ponies! You're here to cause havoc and chaos for them! Tell me, what's your name? Geo? That's a nice name… Wait, what're yo

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II- Dog Days

Blazing Skies

Chapter 2: Dog Days

"Mega… KICK!"



GOTCHA, BITCH! No way she could've avoided that! She had to duck under my Power-Up Punch, and I slung me Mega Kick right after! NO WAY she could've dodged, even if she WAS capable of foreseeing it! She had to duck under… which meant she could've rolled… I check my foot. Sure enough, the only thing on it is dust and wood. No bloody pony brains.

"Why're you being such a meanie-pants?" That annoying. FECKIN'. VOICE! IT'S! STILL! ALIVE! I turn, and glare with all the hatred a violent sociopathic Charizard can muster- which, by the way, is a lot.

"Growl…" A deep, and primal sound rises from my throat, and the ponies start to quiver. Their physical striking ability is limited, which means less trouble from Rainbow, and the farmer. Speaking of which, where is that inbred hick-



"That's what y'all get fer messin' with Ponyville!" There's the farmer, doing… a handstand? Her legs were extended pretty far out. I took the opportunity to notice the lean muscles that were attached. So that explains the severe pain in my hip.

I'm gonna feel THAT ONE in the morning, that's for damn sure. Good thing I used that Growl beforehand, otherwise I might've felt it for the next few mornings to come…


A burst of extremely hot air comes out of my mouth, and the effect is immediate. The six begin to drop like flies, unable to withstand the sheer temperatures I'm generating.

"Ooogh… Rarity..." I hear a sound behind myself, and I toss a glare. There's a child behind me. She has marshmallow-white skin- er, fur? I'm saying skin, and… two-tone hair? Not sure what to say, but at least it's not a rainbow. She's on the ground, and I notice her skin's getting awfully red. She's been afflicted with a Burn. I'm fairly certain they don't have Burn Heals here.

"Mannaggia, I didn't want this to happen… Guess I'll have to move this fight somewhere else…" Hey, I'll admit it. I have mental problems. And social problems. But I ALSO have problems with letting kids get involved. Even if they are horse-furries in a land where the god is a mismatched abomination who likes to break the laws of physics.

I grab the child, and I stretch my wings out, using Fly to quickly ascend high enough to find a convenient source of water. I see a pond at the edge of town, and as I begin to fly, I hear something else coming at me...


Something hit me in the side of the head. It was… a shoe?

"GIVE ME BACK MY SISTER, YOU RUFFIAN!" Dio mio, that one's feisty… Wait, did she say sister? OH, so this one was calling out to her sister, whose name is Rarity… wait, her name's 'Rarity'? That had better be short for something.

"If you want her back, then DON'T hit me on the head while I'm carrying her! I weigh somewhere over 200 pounds, do you REALLY think it's a good idea for me to fall?" I don't even give her time to respond, before I speed off to the pond. The child's breath is getting slightly lighter by the moment. Damn, those burns are really doing their job. I just hope that nobody else was hurt… Wait, actually, I kinda do. Just not the kids, at least.

"HEY! GIVE BACK SWEETIE BELLE, FREAK!" AND, here comes the aerial Dyke-tron 9000. Just in time to ruin my good deed for the day.

"As much as I'd LOVE to cave your skull in, 'Rainbow', I have slightly more important things to deal with! Namely, getting this 'Sweetie' to water!" Now we're over the pond. Rainbow's lower than me. If I try to go straight down at my current speed, she'll get a clear shot at me without having to ascend. I can't possibly lower myself down there safely without getting smacked in the face. And that'll make me drop her. As much as I HATE to do this, I have no choice.

"Sky Drop!" I do a quick shuttle loop, before starting to drop straight down. There's no stopping now. I only have a 43% chance of actually making this WITHOUT getting my already-busted ribs getting absolutely banjanxed by a flying furry Usain Bolt.

"Stop him!" I hear 'Twi' shout, and I feel Rainbow try to alter her angle from my tail-flame. Too late, lassie. You're already directly over me, and going ninety to the dozen. I, on the other hand, reach the water's surface, and I pull up, just enough so I can lower 'Sweetie' in the water. These names just get more and more ridiculous.

"Oh, no, ya don't!" Oh, merda. I feel a foot press itself into my back, and it hits HARD. I feel my grip on 'Sweetie' loosen, before dropping her completely. Now she's sinking. FABULOUS, now I can put 'convicted for man- er, ponyslaughter' on my resume! GENIUS! Well, I would get her, but then again, tail-fire that's also my life source. Can't let that go out. Nope. I already died once, not doing it again. I already did it once, and I became a Charizard. I'd like to enjoy this a little longer. I'm not gonna waste it on a- Oh, per l'amore di Dio

I dive down, and try to keep my tail above the surface. I can't see, the pond's too murky from us knocking all of the muck underneath up. My tail comes dangerously close, I can already feel its bottom touching the water, and- JAYSUS THAT HURTS! So… cold… But I can't let this kid go because I've got THE FECKIN CHILLS! I swim deeper, and let all but the very tip submerge. I frantically reach around, and my claws grab onto something cloth-like. I can't quite grab it, without having to completely submerge my tail. Merda, this is gonna suck…

My tail suddenly turns ice-cold, and I feel it spread to the rest of my body. I waste my last inch of power, and force my wings to propel myself upwards. My tail reaches the surface of the water, and I feel the warmth, but total exhaustion spreads through my entire body. I manage to get my head above water, and I grab 'Sweetie' in my jaws by her hair. I use my legs, tail, and wings to shoot myself to the edge of the water, before barely surfacing. I collapse to my knees, breathing heavily. Damn, I can't fight like this… Can't even use a Scratch… I don't have any energy left... the best I can do is Struggle and hope I don't kill myself…

"SWEETIE BELLE!" Shit… Here comes the angry elder sibling… I brace myself for the inevitable strike.


The pain itself is minimal, compared to the absolute lack of strength I'm feeling. "How DARE you, you MONGREL! Trying to DROWN my sister like that!"

Her rabid ramblings turn into static, as my eyes suddenly feel like lead. I'm out cold before I even feel my head hit the ground.

Woah… Where am I? Everything's so… weird. It looks like I'm on Space Mountain, or something… Did I die? Did I die again? Is this going to be my MO? Go to a place, f*ck everything up, and then die?

"Hello, strange one." OH MY GOD, that scared me! I turn around in this… void, and I see another one of the horse… people. This one's a lot like 'Twi'. Hybrid. Horn and wings. But her hair! That is the freakiest sh*t I've seen so far! How does it DO that? I mean, SERIOUSLY! It's WAVING! How does it DO that?

"Are you even going to respond?" She raised an eyebrow, clearly indicating annoyance

"Impatient little stronzo, ain't ya? I'll talk whenever I damn well feel like it." I glare, before trying to move in her general direction.

"Hmm, rather violent, aren't you?"

"Vaffanculo, I ain't in the mood for this. Just send me to Hell or wherever I'm going to."

"Hell? Oh, you believe this to be Purgatory of some sort?"

"I did kinda let my tail-fire go out…" I turn to the aforementioned appendage, and- "Inferno Santo! The darn thing's still there! But, HOW? I went underwater! The fire went out! I should've DIED! This is supposed to be the afterlife, isn't it?"

"… NO, this is the world of dreams. I am Luna, Princess of the Night. I entered your mind upon seeing you fall unconscious after retrieving poor Sweetie Belle from the pond." She raised an eyebrow at me as she introduced herself, as if I'd forgotten a piece of common knowledge

"Wait, I'm dreaming?" I patted my body. Seemed slightly plastic, but solid enough for me.

"Well, yes."

"So, I'm not dead."

"You are at the hospital recovering as we speak."

"So… I'm gonna wake up soon?"

"Unless you've fallen into a coma. Which I find unlikely, given how your body is less tangible than it should be."

"Whatever. So… is there a point to this?"

"Is there a point to the violence you committed today?"

"Yes, actually."

At this she raised an eyebrow, "What would that be?"

"I was bored."

"You consider attacking innocent ponies a proper cure for boredom?"

"You consider it alright to jump into people's heads as they sleep?" That looked like it hurt her some.

"Fair enough. But, in truth, what caused you to start? From what I've heard, you didn't attack at first, and only wanted to find Twilight Sparkle, am I correct?"

"I wanted to find someone who could take me home."

"Whatever do you mean?"

"I died. Discord pulled me here from my dimension. Clear enough for ya?"

"I was never aware Discord could do such a thing… Still doesn't explain why you tried to attack innocent bystanders."

"Okay, I didn't attack any bystanders. I was thirsty, and I licked my lips, don't tell me you haven't done THAT before when you're feeling parched, an' then that rainbow-haired ASSHAT decided to hit me in the bloody face! So,, I thought I'd soften her cough- er, teach her a lesson- the way me dad taught me."

"And… the assault of Sweetie Belle?"

"Hey, don't even THINK about calling it that! The lass was BURNING from the inside out! My Heat Wave attack would've killed her if I didn't submerge her! She shouldn't have been there in the first place! I- The hell?" Suddenly, my entire form flickered, like something out of Star Trek.

"It appears as if you're waking up."

"Mannaggia, it's time to face the music already? Well, here goes nothing."

"And there comes something." I turn to her, and gasp. She couldn't have!

"Did you just-"

"… Prin… Tia…"

"ope… il!"

Is it really such a good idea to be yelling when someone's got their head stuck in a vice? GOD, this hurts… Mannaggia, Questo non sta andando a finire bene… Let's see… property damage, assault, reckless endangerment of children, and… arson? Did I burn anything? No, I'd remember that… I didn't use Flame Burst, so the chance of collateral was low…

"He… p! Ge… uni… ells… eady!"

Well, seeing as how I've been ejected from the sanctuary that is the dream world, might as well walk into the shit-hole that is my situation in the living one.

"Grgh… Crap, my head…" I open my eyes, and see a large amount of white, and gold. Is this some kind of super hospital? Cause if so, I might not wanna wreck it… Oh, wait… that's a bunch of pony-people. In armor. They're unicorn-men, and their horns are… glowing? There's… three? Four? Can't really tell.

"Do not move! In the name of the Royal Sisters, you are under arrest!" Royal sisters? Wait… was that dream chick ROYALTY? And… she was a hybrid, just like Twi… oh, crap, did I assault royalty? That's like slapping the President! No WAY am I gonna sit through this one!

"Not today, suck- AGH!" Suddenly, I was coated in a weird wave of energy, and pinned to the bed. "HOW ARE YOU DOING THIS? SERIOUSLY, ARE YOU IDIOTS PSYCHIC OR SOMETHING?"

I try to move, but only find the pressure increasing.

"Don't even try to escape, Geo. These are expert-level unicorn binding spells. You're not getting out any time soon." I look over, and- son of a bitch, there's the royal purple herself. Heh, isn't purple the color of royalty somewhere? Russia, I think? Or was it Belgium? Ah, feck it. I never really paid attention in world history, anyways.

Wait, unicorns do magic? Oh, so that's why the guards' horns are glowing. They use magic through them. Like how Wamuu funnels wind through his horn. So… break the horn, and no magic? Simple enough. Now, how to do it… Need to evaluate potential escape routes. The window? No, everyone's right here, watching me. The door? There might be more out there. Wait, I have my priorities off. How do I get rid of four unicorn guards who can use what appear to be Psychic-type or Fairy-type moves. Knowing my luck, they're probably both. But type won't matter right now, I need a plan of attack! Let's see…

"Don't even think about leaving, Geo. You're in no condition to run. Besides, you're surrounded by the Royal Guard. Even the strongest of dragons have been taken down easily by them." Well, I'm no dragon. Well, unless I get my Charizardite X. Hey, wait a minute, do I still have it? I think I might've brought it with me through dimensions. This is gonna be risky, but I'm sure they're stupid enough to fall for it.

"Wait! Did you… find anything on me?"

Twi turns around rather sharply- she definitely found something- "Yes, actually. We found these on you." She pulls back one of the curtains next to my bed, revealing- OH GRAZIE A DIO! The Charizardite X and Y! AND the Mega Ring! Perfect! I just need to get the ring, and just ONE of the stones.

"Care to explain?" Merda. Now they want an explanation. Family heirloom? That'll work. Probably. Dragons are known for hoarding things, right? That'll get 'em.

"They're heirlooms. From my mother." When in doubt, always refer to mama. She can solve ANY problem. Even when she ain't there. "Could… Could I have them, please?"

"Well, I don't see why not. They can't possibly be used as weapons." You are DEAD WRONG, sister. Her horn glows a sharp lavender, and a similar coating covers the two Mega Stones, and the Ring. They all float over to me, and I grab the X and the Ring. Now, I just have to wait a little. If I'm right, when Pokemon fall asleep in hospitals, they undergo miracle cures. I turn on my side, and pull my covers up, grabbing the Stones, and Ring tightly, giving the impression that I'm trying to go to sleep.

"Keep a sharp eye on him. He's pretty vicious." Damn straight. I hear Twi leave the room, and two guards follow her. I swear, they're making this easy on me. Now, here comes the hardest part, falling asleep. Which, by the way, isn't that hard, since my head's been crying out for a return to the dream world. I wonder if that Luna chick's still there. She seems like she might be a good sparring partner in the meantime.

"I'm back in… Where am I now?" I was expecting space, not… a palace. I look around carefully, wondering where the devil Luna is. "Hello? Luna? I'm here to fight." I begin stomping through the halls, slowly checking my surroundings.

"I'm in here, Geo." I turn, and begin speeding down the hall on my wings. I stop, and swerve when I see her in what appears to be a… dressing room? Well, no way to start a fight than by surprise, right?

"Hello. I wasn't expecting you to return so so- AH!"

SURPRISE, MUTHAFUCKA! "GIGA IMPACT!" I slam into her with all of my might, and send her out of the window. I catch my breath for a moment, and lazily walk to the window. I see that she caught herself mid-fall, and is currently glaring at me. Perfect.

"You DARE to assault the ruler of the night? In my own domain? FOOLISH!" Her horn glows, and she sends several blasts of energy my way. Good, she's no slob. There's no routes through them, but what she DOESN'T expect me to do is to not even get them at all. I back-track, exiting the now-trashed dressing room, and wait outside for the blasts to hit.


Damn, thank God I chose to pull back. Well, time to play ping-pong!


"Dragon Tail!" I hit her RIGHT in the chest! She flies back, and hits a wall, hard enough to send her flying back at me, "Dragon Tail!" She flies RIGHT BACK again, "Dragon Tail! Dragon Tail! DRAGON TAIL!" I hit her in quick succession, and she hits the wall each time. Well, since she's the only one in the party, I guess she has to keep coming back for more…

"ENOUGH!" A sudden burst of azure colored energy stops my assault, and she stabilizes herself in flight. "Stop this madness! There is no point to this violence! You-"

"Cool story, babe. Sky Drop!" I grab her by the face, before flying towards the wall I repeatedly introduced her to, and sliding her up along it. Her shoulders jumped and wiggled as the stone cracked and fell apart, while we rose rapidly. We reached the top, and her head broke through a stone gargoyle. I pulled back, and then I started to fall, now gripping her in a bear hug. Struck by an odd blend of ingenuity and nostalgia for fighting games, I begin to spin.

"Spinning… PILEDRIVER!" I curl sharply, and completely crush Luna under both of our weights, and feel her neck twist from the momentum.

"AGH!" I pull into the air, and hover. I know that after someone's been slammed into the dust, they usually are either a mangled corpse, or they decided to no sell it. If it's the latter, I should probably prepare a Flame Burst. I feel the heat building up in my mouth, rising from my throat, before I see a single hand, raised in the air. The flames dissipate, and I pull in closer.

"Tch… Whatever… I have done… to offend you… I apologize… I truly do… but there is no need to go this far…" Still kicking, but she's not gonna be getting back up.

"In the Dream World, I can hurt you all I want, and when you wake up, you'll be fine, right?" She looked surprised by that bit of logic, almost like she had never thought of it before.

"Well, that's partially true. No injuries shall be felt, but the pain shall certainly be remembered… and in some cases, it can cause the dreamer to undergo seizures from the pain overload." As she explained, I walked straight in front of her.

"But you'll be fine, right?" She groaned, and slowly nodded. I raise my foot, "Good. I Before I do this, I have the need to inform you that I am about to run like hell. I don't expect you to be able to stop me."


I grind what's left of her head off of my foot, and watch as the corpse dissipates from the Dream World. I notice myself flicker, too. Good, time for Operation: Minty Hippo.

WHOO! That was a good rest! I feel 100% restored! I slowly open one eye. It's the dead of night. Amazing. I shift, and fake a grumble, making it look like I'm adjusting in my sleep. Out of the eye I have on the bed, I can see that there are still two guards in my room. I feel the Mega Ring and the Stones, so there's that. Quietly, I open the Ring, and slowly slide it onto my right wrist. I quietly shift, and move the Charizardite Y to the area above my tail. If I'm right, anime logic dictates that all intelligent, anthropomorphic animals can hide anything in an invisible back pocket. Considering how I've faithfully followed those rules up until now, I am confident they should save me now. Nope, it ain't working. Guess I'll have to get a duffel bag or something to hold these in when I'm out of here. In the meantime, I grasp the Charizardite X, and with my other claw, I reach to the Mega Ring.

I press its crystal in, just as how I remember from the games. I feel it click, and…


Why aren't I a Fire-Dragon type? By now, I should've transformed into a pitch-black weapon of war! What the feck's going on?

OH. Anime rules. I need a proper drive for any important transformation to work the first time around. How about SAVING MY FLAMING HIDE FROM BECOMING A TROPHY ON SOME ROYAL ASSHAT'S WALL?

"Vite questo, il tempo di uscire di qui!" My wings flint up into the air, and knock my bed sheet onto one of the guards. As the other turns to contain me, I am swift to insure he does NOT. "SCRATCH!" I slash along his armor, and knock him into the wall. He hits his head against the wall, and collapses.

The other throws the sheet off, and glares at me, his horn glowing. His mouth opens up, probably to yell for help. My own spews a few flames, "Don't even think about it. Say one word, and I roast this entire wing, are we clear?" His mouth snaps shut.

"Good to know you're obedient when you need to be. Now, do your country a favor, and let me go. Trust me, if you do, you'll never see me again. I hope. Ah, screw it. Wing Attack!" My wing smacks into him, and he collapses against the far wall. I turn to the window, and pull my head back. Time for phase 2 of Operation: Minty Hippo, "FLAMETHROWER!" My mouth snaps open, and a torrent of heat and fire bursts out, hitting the glass with dead-on accuracy. The glass begins to heat up, and slowly melt. It drips onto the floor, leaving a wide exit for me. My wings spread open, "Fly!"

I burst from the window, and I look outside. Holy hell, I'm in the middle of a CITY! Wait, is this the only place where there's a decent hospital? Do they REALLY have to travel all this way for a HOSPITAL? Wait, is this city ON THE SIDE OF A MOUNTAIN? This is just RIDICULOUS! And- WOAH! There's a whole CASTLE right here! Is this where the 'Royal Sisters' live? Huh, makes sense… But seriously, A WHOLE CASTLE?

"Stop right there, criminal scum!" Perché, Dio, perché? What have I-a done to-a deserve-a this? Wait, I'm crossing the languages. Don't do that. You have a perfectly good Jotaro voice. Don't screw it up with a cheesy accent.



Y'know how sometimes you see in the movies how determination can change the inevitable? Yeah, let me give you some advice right now; it's a load of bullcrap. No matter how hard you try, sometimes you can't change anything. Well, you could, if yer bloody MEGA RING WORKED PROPERLY!

"I was honestly going to try and defend you, Geo, but now? I'm afraid I'm going to have to-"

"Wind yer neck down! After everything that's happened to me in the past 72 hours, I am NOT in the mood for yer pity! I can defend MYSELF, thank you very much! I don't think I even need one of yer bloody pony lawyers!"

Me and my big mouth. I'm sitting here, no lawyer, no reasonable defense, NOBODY who would dare try to defend me if they had at least HALF an inch of sense, which I highly doubt that Discord fellow has.

"All rise for the judge, her Royal Highness, Princess Celestia." Princess who-what? I see another pony enter the room, and- JAYSUS that's a fine bit of skirt! No, literally, that's actually a REAL skirt. She's wearing a skirt. And she's the JUDGE. Kinda makes me feel less awkward about being in the nip.

"Court is now in session." She sounds like an R63 Liam Neeson. Not sure if that's a good thing or a bad. She's a hybrid, too… OH, so she's one of the 'Royal Sisters'. Wait, that means that she probably heard from Luna about what happened tonight… Son of a ZOCCOLA! Now the JUDGE is against me! Well, I know exactly how this is going to go down. Might as well start focusing on more important things, like an escape route. Let's analyze the area… I could try and get past the guards and go out the main door… No, they'd expect that. What else can I do? Hmm… AHA! I could Smokescreen as the guards come near me to bring me outside! I'll use a Fire Blast on the main door, make them all think I'm going out there, then I escape through the judge's exit! It's brilliant, brilliant, brilliant! Genius, I say!

Now, all I have to do is account for what everyone else might do in the meantime…

"Geo, you are hereby sentenced to care by my student, until I feel you have learned your lesson. Is that clear?" The guards approach me, and as one gets behind me, I turn my head up to her, the self-righteous little bitch. This whole time, I've heard her get pissy EVERY TIME the idea that one of them was hurt came up. Probably thinks herself a mom to them all. Guess what, nanny? Time fer a change o' diapers!

"Crystal, Your Majesty… SMOKESCREEN!" I turn straight to the ground, and unleash a cloud of smoke. GOD, I will NEVER get over how AWFUL that tastes! SERIOUSLY, HOW do I make that?

"Get him!" Shit, better leg it while the going's still good! Time to set the pieces in motion…

"Fire Blast!" The star-shaped flame pierces the main door. Just as expected I hear them all begin to gather around that area.

"Cover the exits!" Too late, boyo. I'm already out of here.

"Fly!" I burst from the smoke, and head straight for the judge's exit. I see Celestia herself standing there. Perfect, a chance to THROTTLE ONE OF THESE FREAKAZOID BASTARDS! As I begin to brace myself for an all-out tackle, I feel myself suddenly get knocked back by a powerful golden aura. I then feel myself get knocked around. Repeatedly.

"Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, OW! CAZZO!" I pick myself off the ground, before suddenly getting knocked outside, through the door I blew open. Huh, glad I did that. Would've hurt to go straight through it. I look around, and I see that I'm in a hallway. On the far end is a window. I pray that whoever designed this place is happy, wherever he is. He just saved a Charizard's life.

I turn back to my would-be captors, "Hasta la vista, poni- OH, GOD, NOT AGAIN!" I duck under a golden ball of energy, before running to the window. Freedom, sweet freedom… It's so close… and all I have to do is just, "Fly!" My wings uncurl slowly, and I rise into the air. I feel time slow around me, like a slow-mo scene in a movie. I flap more, gaining at least two feet off the ground. I slowly begin to accelerate, and I get closer to the window. I raise my claws, ands turn my head down. I prepare for the impact...

Cut the music. Seriously, cut it.

Instead of glass, the impact I get is one with the cold, hard floor. Surprise, surprise, it's while I'm coated in a golden aura. I turn around, and I see that Celestia chick, with her guards behind her. They hold spears at me, and their horns glow intensely. I don't think Smokescreen will work two times in a row… what other tricks do I have? My Mega Ring doesn't do shit, at least not until I get a proper level of conviction. So… Heat Wave? Best option right now. I hope they'll all just collapse and be done with it. "Heat Wave!"

The entire room's temperature rapidly grows. The guards feel it immediately, probably because of that armor. Seriously, who in their right mind would WEAR that sort of stuff? Especially considering how hot it was during the day… Indoor uniforms, maybe? Nah, that's retarded.

"Impressive. You can do more than just produce pure flame, Geo." What. The. Feck. She's not even FAZED! Is she using her magic to repel it? No, the horn isn't glowing… "But it's not enough to compare to me."

Okay, NO. She did NOT just go there. I LITERALLY put my ENTIRE CHILDHOOD into making this body as powerful as it is. "You… you say that I don't compare to you? That's right… because I'm above you, Your Highness! I am the Flame Pokémon! My fire reigns SUPREME! INFERNO!" I spat out an ENORMOUS wave of fire, and it hits her dead-on. The guards all leap back, and cower, as they should.

The flames dissipate, and I glare, before roaring over my triumph. "RAAAAOOOOGH!"


"GAOGH!" I'm knocked back suddenly, and my back hits the window. It cracks and opens, but I still stay inside the building. At least I get a nice view.

"You are a violent, impulsive, and frankly rude little creature. You shall be staying in Tartarus for a very long time." HOW? HOW IS SHE STILL STANDING THERE? IT'S IMPOSSIBLE! SHE'S A MONSTER! A THING! A FREAK! A… A DEVIL!

"No… No, no, NO! I'm a full-powered Charizard! No way anything could POSSIBLY take that kind of attack and live! My fire's the best around!"

"You may use strong fire, but no flame can compare to that of the sun." She raises her hand, and her horn glows, and I see its light fly out, before going outside, past the horizon. As the sun's light falls upon me, I realize the truth of what I stand against. This is no devil. This is no monster. This is the sun itself.

I collapse to my knees, accepting my defeat. I can't fight this. Not now, not ever. I am subservient to it. My mind goes dull, still trying to process the power that I stand against. I don't even feel anything. I don't feel the guards grab me, and begin to drag me off. As I am on the airborne chariot-ride to my prison, I don't feel anything. Not even the wind. All I know is that I tried to kill the sun.

My numb form feels nothing as I see a large set of obelisk gates open, and I am thrown within. I lay on the cold marble, trying to process my situation still, and yet I continue to come up with nothing. For once, I am out of options. I can do nothing, but sit here, and wait for my inevitable death. I feel a tear stream down my face, when I hear a voice.

"So, what're you in here for?"

Author's Note:

If anyone's wondering, I AM using Google Translate for the Italian. That's probably why it's choppy, to those of you who speak the language yourselves. The wacky sayings, though, are legitimate Irish phrases used all around the nation. The reason he's not speaking in Gaelic, even though it's the official language of the bloody nation, is because barely 30% of them actually know it, and only 13% of the population speak it fluently, if I remember the statistics right.

Proofread by Ssendam the Masked, and a local celebrity, Razor the Awesome.

Hope you enjoyed!