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Blazing Skies - SwimmingDalek98

Hello, and welcome to the world of Equestria! I'm Professor Discord! Equestria is inhabited by ponies! You're here to cause havoc and chaos for them! Tell me, what's your name? Geo? That's a nice name… Wait, what're yo

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VI- Immolating Interruptions

Blazing Skies

Chapter 6: Immolating Interruptions

Two weeks before Geo goes to Gilgamesh

So, here I am, flying through the void between worlds. Kinda dull, in my opinion. I wonder who's summoning me? I hope they're not ugly or anything…


Wait, what? What's going o- oh, SHI-

















I groan, and stand up slowly, before turning angrily to see what I just collided with. FUCK, that's a big mountain. Wait… is that CANTERLOT? Shit, it IS! I'm in Canterlot! Celestia's gonna hang my ass when she gets a hold of me! I better get the fuck out of here before-

"Why, hello…" A suave, calm, and extremely familiar voice echoes behind me. I turn slowly, and see…




There's someone in a goddamn Guy Fawkes mask! With a black cloak and everything! Wait… is this another Displaced? Seriously? Someone wound up as V for Vendetta?

"Hmm… First, I find a PokéBall in my chambers, and then I hear it tell me I can call forth a great warrior. Then I find a Charizard who, apparently, has a fondness for rude language. Mind explaining to me who, or what you are?"

"Long story short: Multiple Equestrias. Several people got turned into various characters. Scattered across them. We like to summon each other for aid. We call ourselves Displaced. That just about covers it." V nods calmly, rubbing the chin of his mask.

"Understandable. Considering all that has happened to me, I am not surprised."

I shake my head, "So… until I find a way out of here… mind telling me your story?"

"It's exactly as it seems. I assumed the guise of V for Comic-Con 2008, and was sent to this world as a result. I know not why, but what I have come across here is more than enough for me."

"Nice… I guess… although, you COULD have gone with a better character, to be frank." I flex my wings, and take as dramatic a pose as I could, "I went along as a Charizard for the same thing, in 2018. Long story short, I wound up as the Charizard I'd been training ever since I was a kid. Now I've got badass stats, wings, AND fire!"

My friend chuckles, "Good to know that someone else has appreciation for art. Wait, did you say 2018?"

I nod, "Yep. Although, I don't know if your version of Earth is the same as mine. In mine, a black guy became president in '08, and then he was succeeded by a chick. Things got weird after that."

A sincere laugh came from behind the mask, matching the gleeful expression on it, and a gloved finger moved underneath to wipe a tear, "Oh, that is RICH! I wish I hadn't been taken away so soon!"

He shakes his head, "Well, the moment has passed. I still have work to do here. Would you care to accompany me, Charizard?"

"Please, call me Geo."

"Pleasure, Geo. Henceforth, I ask of you to refer to me as V."

Well, if Teridax could do it, then so could he, I guess. I'm not gonna complain.

"Well, this is my humble abode. I do hope you don't mind if it's a little disorganized." We had wandered into a series of tunnels inside of Canterlot Mountain, and now we were in a small cavern filled with a variety of items. Knives, swords, and various other weapons lines the walls. "Well, YOU'RE ready for armageddon."

He leans down, and sits on a makeshift throne carved from rock, "Well, I have been aware of a potential assault on this nation for a while now. I do believe it would be in my best interests to be prepared for that."

"Assault? The feck d'ya mean?" He turns towards me, and crosses his hands in his lap.


"Uhm… WHAT?"

He sighs, and waves his hand at me, "Long story short? Bug-pony things that can shape-shift. They assume the forms of the general populace in order to feed on their love."

"Wait… how d'ya feed on LOVE?"

V moves his hand as if to initiate a response, but he stops for a moment, "Er… magic, I guess?"

"Hmph. Whatever. How tough are they?"

"An individual changeling? Practically cannon fodder. But their queen, Chrysalis, is a force to be reckoned with. I'm not sure of how strong she is on her own, but I am aware that she intends to drain the Captain of the Guard of his power, which, when added on to her own reserves, makes her strong enough to best Celestia."

I perk at that, "Celestia?"

V leans forwards, "You are familiar with your version of Celestia?"

"To say the least." I begin pacing around the chamber, swishing my tail back and forth idly.

V gives off the image of a frown, "That doesn't sound pleasant. Nonetheless, I feel as if you can start anew over here. You can certainly become a good friend to this iteration of her, should you choose."

I turn to him, and shoot a look of utter anger, "I don't care about making friends. All I care about is finding as good a challenge as any. So, are we gonna do anything about these changelings, or not?"

V chuckles, "Patience, Geo. The changelings are planners, masters of deceit. They take time with their operations, and so must we. I, for one, am far willing to wait. My lack of supernatural abilities like the inhabitants of this world means I must resort to stealth, and surprise. While I am aware this is not the case for you, at the very least, abide by my rules during this time. Trust me, there WILL come an opportunity to strike our foe. And when it comes…" He suddenly flings a knife across the room, and it whizzes past my head, embedding itself in the wall behind me, "They will never even know we were there."

I snarl at him, before turning away, and marching outside. Once I get outside, I stretch out my wings, and Fly into the sky.

It didn't take me long to fly towards Ponyville. As I fly overhead, I notice that the inhabitants have a rather peculiar trait about them. Something about them doesn't look right from up here. Wait, what'd Teridax say about them?

A version where the ponies are anthropomorphized versions of themselves… with clothes, to boot.

So… what're they like normally? Well, I'll find out eventually, but better sooner than late-



I rapidly begin to descend, straight down to- Oh, hell no! Not that pond again! I narrowly pull up, and fly away into the nearby bushes. I hit the ground hard, and I roll. After I slow, I pick myself up, "GAH! Do ALL Displaced get knocked around as much as I do? Or am I just a special case?" I turn, and Growl, hoping that whoever attacked me would feel the technique's effect.

I hear the flapping of a small pair of wings, I turn towards the source, and I stop dead in my tracks.

"C'mon! Ya wanna piece of me, scale-brain? Maybe next time ya won't go flyin' around Ponyville!" What? No way. No. Way.

"What's the matter? Scared? Then again, I AM pretty awesome." That voice… that scratchy, arrogant voice…

"Well? Ya just gonna sit there all day? Or are ya gonna do something?" The hair

"Uh… hello?" It… it really… holy fucking shit.

"Nessun modo in inferno... Aye, yay, yay…"

"Uh… are… you okay?"

"Sono cavalli. Perché nessuno dice che sono i cavalli?" I look around, as if I was expecting an answer.

"Uh… you okay, buddy?" She poked me in the side with her hoof. Her hoof.

"Ah… Uhm… I… Crap… I'll… just… be going, now…" I can't take this. I need to get back to V.

I stand up, and as I rise into the sky, she calls out, "Uh… Yeah, that's right! You better run, ya scaly coward!"





I turn around mid-flight, and come careening back down, before slamming into the ground. I grab her by the neck, and huff smoke, "You DARE call me a COWARD? I have faced creatures FAR more powerful than you could ever DREAM of, and WON! Gods of earth, sea, and sky! The masters of time, and space! The being which sits in a world locked OUTSIDE OF THE UNIVERSE! I fought all of those, AND I WON!" Yes, I did indeed have Geo go against various legendaries used by competitive players, who wasted countless hours to acquire legendaries with amazing IVs. Why do you ask?

"And you, a PATHETIC, sniveling, low-grade, mutated, arrogant buffoon, think YOU can best me?" I snarl, and bark at her as fiercely as I can. I throw her a few feet in front of me, "C'mon! I'll SHOW you what a REAL warrior is capable of!" I assume a basic boxing stance, but more using my wings as guards than my arms, of which I keep open, baring my claws. I swish my tail to and fro, trying to create a rhythm to concentrate to.

"You wanna go? Alrighty, then! Let's go!" She bursts forwards, and tries to swing her right ha- hoof, at my head. My left wing blocks, and flings her limb outwards, leaving her torso wide open.

"Scratch." A simple cut, and she's knocked back. She catches herself, and floats in the air.

"Grrr…" She flies back at me, and instead tries to do a simple flying kick. "Pathetic." I side-step, and grab her by the throat, "Imma plant me a dumbass tree! Rock Smash!" I lift her up, and body slam her hard into the ground, creating a small impact crater. I pry her out of it, and throw her aside, "You can't do anything. You talk and talk of how great you are, but that's all it is. Words. Maybe when you learn what REAL martial arts are, you'll be some fun. And one more thing..." I look over my shoulder, "Friendship can't solve all your problems. Learn to solve it with your own power." With that, I fly off, heading in the direction of Canterlot again.

As I fly into the V-Cave, I hear him nod his head in shame, "You really shouldn't have done that, Geo. That kind of ruckus isn't going to give us a good image."

I huff, "Who cares? I was just minding my own business, and she hit me. She deserved it."

"Hmph. Maybe she did. Maybe she didn't. But that's not your call, Geo." He picks up one of the knives on the rack, and begins sharpening it.

"Whatever." I stomp off, into the catacombs, wanting to explore.

Okay, as nice as it is to get away from Captain Conscience, maybe I should've asked for a map. Suddenly, my ears pick up a slight sound around a corner. I stoop low, and slowly crawl forwards. I peek my head around the corner as carefully as can be, and see a pink winged unicorn, whatever they're called, and she's begin held down by… a giant cockroach pony with swiss cheese legs? Are these changelings? Kinda ugly looking…

"Oh, calm down, Princess. You're doing an entire species a grand favor, letting us attend your wedding, like this!"

What do I do? Uhm… do I go in for the kill? End it now? Merda

"Don't do anything yet, Geo…" I feel V's glove on my shoulder, and he stares at the overgrown moth, "Watch. Observe."

"Well, if you'll excuse me, dear, I do have wedding arrangements to make… Ta-ta!" That being said, the creature suddenly erupted in green flame, before suddenly… The FUCK? She just stole that princess's look?

"You must learn to understand your foe if you wish to battle them. Changelings can imitate others' appearances. Engaging them will be difficult. That's why I have learned to be patient. After spending enough time here, I have learned that observation, evaluation, and estimation are key to defeating an enemy. If you don't gauge your foe's powers properly, then they'll have the upper hand. Or, in this case, hoof. Now, we have our own arrangements to attend to." That being said, he jumped forwards, towards the beaten princess, "Salutations, Princess Mi Amore Cadenza." Oh, they didn't.

"You know not who I am, but I know you. And the fact that you've clearly been taken here against your will. Would you care for some assistance?" He reaches a gloved hand towards her, and she slowly takes it, getting lifted off the floor.

"We've gotta stop her! She's the changeling queen, and she'll-" He puts a finger to her mouth, "Shh. As easy as it would be to do that, it would cause more problems than solutions. If we reveal her now, her hive will go into hiding. As much as it pains me to say this, we must wait for our foe to get to a point where she believes she cannot be beaten, to strike her down. In this case, it will be in the final phases of her plan."

The princess is clearly shocked, "What? But that'll mean her hive will be on top of Canterlot! They'll just-"

"Be within striking range." I take the opportunity to step out, slowly, and I shake my tail back and forth, while breathing smoke from my nose. The various crystals lining the walls reflect the orange light of my tail, instantly altering the mood.

"Draw them in, like moths to a flame." I drag my claw along the gemstones, before grabbing one of them, "And then… they get burned." I use Rock Smash, instantly breaking it. I cast my gaze towards the two, "Now then, it's time for us to prepare for battle."

The princess looks between us nervously, "W-who are you?"

V looks at her, "We are the ones you need the most. We work in the dark, to serve the light. We do the dark deeds that others cannot bring themselves to. We… are Anonymous."

… I fucking hate this guy.

Several days have passed by, and all is going according to plan. V has set up several criminal organizations within Canterlot to prepare a massive raid on the guards' armory, under the illusion that this is for a major heist. In reality, this is to arm the guardsmen he'll be freeing. V claims that this will also reveal the presence of said organizations to the public, and allowing the guard to arrest them henceforth, killing two birds with one stone.

I, in the meantime, tried to not be idle. I scoured the caverns, looking for places V plans to evacuate civilians to. In the process of this, I also found two TMs. Will-O-Wisp and Protect. But still nowhere near closer to getting Mega Evolution. Ah, well.

But the weirdest part of the whole thing was V. More often than not, I noticed him looking ominously in the distance, as Mi Amore Cadenza, or 'Cadence', as she liked to be called, were walking around. I learned to understand his gaze, and noticed he stared at her a lot. Specifically, her ass. Now, I'm not gonna call him out on that, since he apparently has blue balled long enough to go after something like that. Of course, considering how he confessed to staying here for over a year with barely any residents knowing of his simple existence, and those who did know he was here only knew of him through letters and notes he would leave behind with instructions, directions, payment, and other things. In short, no contact with anyone. That had to get to a man, even if he was V.

As the final day before the wedding dawned, and their version of the 'Mane 6', as V called them, arrived, I noticed Cadence being very antsy. "What's wrong, lassie? Nervous?" She turns to me, "You could say that… It's just… we've been letting Chrysalis get close to Shiny. We have no choice but to do it, too…" "Okay, the whole naming thing? It's fucking terrible. I can't even… SHINING ARMOR? SERIOUSLY? Who names their CHILD 'Shining Armor!?"

Cadence leaps back upon hearing my outburst, and then sits low, "What's your problem?"

I turn back to her, and breathe slowly, "Sorry… guess I'm a little anxious, too… It's just… something to fight, right in front of me, and I can't fight it."

Cadence raises an eyebrow, "Why does the idea of fighting seem so entertaining to you? How does inflicting harm on others come as a good thing?"

I turn away, "Because it's the most enjoyable experience I know. The blood pumps through my veins, adrenaline flows, my senses go into overdrive. And that's when we just get started… when I actually start trading blows, the sheer rush I feel… unsurpassable. I feel my very soul, clashing with another. I see into who they are. It's a feeling that can't be surpassed with any normal kind of action. That's why it's so addicting…"

V walks in, "Not to interrupt your little 'warrior philosophy' session, but the wedding recital is coming on now. If my calculations are correct, Twilight may try to claim that Chrysalis is 'evil'. From there, nobody would believe her rather lofty, albeit correct, claims. Twilight will be sent down here, to rot. That's when we move."

"Got it. Y'know, if it weren't for the fact that everyone here is an absolute moron, I would've sympathized with them for not knowing…" I ignore the glare Cadence shoots me, "How long we got?"

"About ten minutes before she's sent down here. From there, we have approximately another hour before the wedding itself begins."

"That's plenty of time! Why we gotta worry?"

V turns to us, "Because we're stuck here in old catacombs that stretch for miles in every direction. Unless you actually know this place, you're bound to get lost."

"I can use my Dig move and get us out of here." I pull up a weak grin, and shake my claws.

"Well… that actually simplifies everything… Literally, everything. This grants us time to gain an audience with Celestia, and inform her of what's really going to go down… And that means we can begin civilian evacuations… I could have them come here to the mines… Then the enemy will be descending on an empty city…" I grin, and slam my foot, "And I can go buck wild! Incredibile!"

V chuckles, "Well, that indeed makes my part of the mission somewhat easier… Very well. Wait, the recital's beginning… Be prepared for anything…" All of us turn, and sit quietly, looking towards the weak magical link Cadence set up to analyze the surface, displayed on the crystals as a makeshift television.

"She's EVIL!"

I place my face in my claws, "Oh, my God…"

"Evil! Evil! Evil!"

"Is she seriously…" I look up for a brief instant, before resuming my position, "Oh, dear lord…"

Don't show up to the wedding at all."

"Well, after that performance, I would say just about the same thing…" I purposefully ignore Cadence's glare, and watch as Chrysalis uses magic to send the girl down here. As she arrives, V and I quickly hide away, and Cadence sits behind a gemstone. We watch as Twilight blasts the various gems around, and I stand up, as Twilight gets closer to hitting Cadence's crystal. We stare in curiosity as Cadence tries to wrestle off Twilight, and performs the childish song and dance they love.

"… And do a little shake… it is you!"

"And I'm me. Your point?" I step out from the shadows, and stretch my wings. I look at her, "Don't ask questions. Right now, we're gonna get you to the surface. And then we're gonna go straight to Celestia, and tell her to evacuate the city. Then, we get that impostor where she stands."

Twilight looks around, "… Right…"

V turns, "Geo, I do believe you should use your Dig technique right…" He reaches along the wall, and then taps a single spot, "Here. Continue for about forty meters straight forwards, then make an upwards turn, and go straight. If I remember everything right, we should end up in Celestia's personal chambers within twenty minutes."

I crick my neck, "Alright, here goes nothing… Dig!" I burrow through the earth rapidly, carving a pathway large enough for the three to follow. As I dig, I hear Cadence behind me singing about how she has to get to her husband.

Oh, Shining Armor, I'll be there very soooooooo-

"NO!" I turn around, and give her a glare, "If yer goin' ta sing, don't sing abou' da possibility a' losin'! Look, ya wanna hear a song? I'll sing ya a song! And one that's less pessimistic than yers! It's about a man who's… doing something very similar to what I'm doing, now that I think about it… Okay, follow my lead…" If there's one thing that I will hold onto, it's Disney's American Legends.

I begin slamming into the rock rhythmically, like a clock. Klang, Klang, Klang, like a railroad worker's hammer. Considering what I'm about to sing, this is even more fitting. Cadence and Twilight look to each other, then to V, but he just shrugs. After a few moments, the two pick up the rhythm. If my understanding of these creatures is right, from what V has told me, they tend to pick up on song cues quickly. Cadence breathes in, and sings.

Well, come on John
You're the one that we're depending on
Swing that hammer with all your might
I know you can show 'em
How to do it right

Klang, Klang, Klang

As I kept on slamming into the rock, I give off sharp, strong breaths, in rhythm, creating the 'huh, hah' from the chorus.

Huh, huh....
John Henry, John Henry
John Henry is a mighty man
Born with a hammer
A ten pound hammer
A twenty pound hammer
Right in his hand

V picks up quickly! And he's got a damn good singing voice, too!

I heard John's mama liked to sew at night
So he pulled down the moon
for a little bit of light

Klang, Klang, Klang

I keep burrowing into the earth, and then V calls, "Now!" I pull straight up, and begin hacking away at the ceiling. I place my legs against the sides of the tunnel, and slide them up to any crevices that appear as I travel. Meanwhile, the three behind me keep singing, and frankly, they're pretty damn good.

Took a lot of cooking to keep John fed
10 dozen eggs and 8 loaves of bread

John Henry, John Henry
John Henry is a mighty man
Born with a hammer
Born with a hammer
Born with a hammer right in his hand

As we rapidly ascend, I hear multiple voices. As we continuously plow to the surface, I hear the distinct shout of Rainbow, wondering why everything's shaking, and why she can hear singing. I can't even try to contain my grin as I keep working faster.

He plowed the earth
So wide and deep
The seed he sowed
The ground had to keep
His hammer hit the earth
with such a mighty blow
Everything he planted
Would jump up and grow

John Henry, John Henry
John Henry is a powerful man
All our lives we've been so poor
John, let me show you
what we're working for

I feel my claw reach into open air, and I burst straight out, spinning around to knock off dirt and rock. As I spin, I slow and turn to Celestia.

Canaan land, Canaan land
Everybody working
For the Canaan land
Home and freedom hand in hand
Workin' for the Canaan land
Oh, movin' on down the line
John Henry came right on time
Now we're movin' on down the line
John Henry came right on time
Home and freedom hand in hand
Workin' for the Canaan land

I look down as Twilight and Cadence climb out nervously, and V follows, still singing.

John Henry, John Henry
John Henry is a mighty man
John Henry, John Henry
John Henry is a powerful man
Steel drivin' man
John Henry was
A steel drivin' man
Oh, yes, he was
So proud defiant
A gentle giant
A steel drivin' natural man

"Hey, V." He doesn't hear me. "Hey! We're done." I hit him on the head, and he stops.

"My apologies. I got… carried away." No shit,coglione.

"Twilight? Cadence? What are you doing here? And who are they?"

Cadence jumps forwards, "Auntie, you have to listen to me! There's an impostor on the loose! I've been locked up in the tunnels below for a week while she took my place!"

Twilight leans in as well, "Yes! She's gonna launch an invasion while everypony's preoccupied with the wedding!"

V steps forwards, and places his hand upon the pommel of his rapier, "It's Chrysalis. She and her changeling hive are using this wedding to overtake Canterlot. So far, she's directly drained Shining Armor of a very, very good portion of his magic. The barrier will fall around the apex of the wedding. I implore you, Your Highness, evacuate the citizens. I know the tunnels below unlike anyone or anything else around. I've made them my personal fortress. Your citizens shall be safe there. Meanwhile, the Guard can deal with the changelings."

Celestia looks around, "I'm… not sure what to think of all of this… but if it means the protection of my subjects, I shall do whatever's necessary. But, before I do anything brash, who are you two?"

V bows, "To save time for everyone involved, my name is V. My companion here is named Geo. Now, I highly recommend evacuating now."

Celestia bears a scowl, "Alright. I'll have the guard arrest Chrysalis before anything drastic happens."

V objects, "No! If the barrier doesn't go down, the hive will retreat, and they'll be able to bide their time. It doesn't matter if you capture their queen, they'll get a new one! And besides, she's already drained enough of Shining Armor's energy to basically make herself on par with yourself, Celestia, if not greater. Have the 'wedding' commence, and keep the evacuation to a down low. Once the event actually starts, and the hive come in, we'll be ready, with spears pointed in the proper direction." Upon noticing Celestia's look of skepticism, he tilts his hat, "Don't worry, I'll make sure that the civilians are kept safe. You just focus on making sure that Chrysalis is kept unawares of the plot."

Celestia frowns, "… Fine. The wedding shall go as planned."

As V and I sit upon the rafters, we watch as Chrysalis moves towards the alter. "Can I do it? Please? Pretty please?"

"No. Stay back. Wait, for now. I don't want us to play all of our cards just yet." V looks down, and watches as they begin to exchange vows.

"If any would object to the… union of these two…" Damn, she's barely holding in the anger, "Speak now or forever hold your peace."

V takes the opportunity to descend, and land right in the aisle. For a moment, silence. Then, Celestia deadpans, "… I do believe he objects."

Chrysalis jumps back, "Why's this happening? On MY special day?" She quickly begins the fake tears routine. It's not very effective.

"It's not your special day…" I toss a look over my shoulder, and see Twilight and Cadence walk forwards, "It's mine."

Chrysalis leaps back, "How did you get pass my bridesmaids?"

The four of us look to each other, "Bridesmaids? I don't remember anything like that."

V chuckles, "We dug past them! We never even encountered them in the first place! HAH! This day just gets better and better."

Cadence points a hoof, "She's a changeling! They impersonate others to feed on their love!"

I mutter to myself, "Still doesn't make any kind of sense…"

Chrysalis laughs, "HAHAHAHA! Then so be it!" She bursts into green flames, and the disguise burns off.

V chuckles, "I did not recall you being so traumatically hideous, Chrysalis."

Chrysalis chuckles, "Comment all you want, beast, but my hive have already descended on Canterlot! We have already won!" The barrier dissolves outside, and I see a swarm of black come down, kind of like that scene from The Prince of Egypt, with the plagues.

Celestia steps forwards, "I think not. See, when these four came to me, they told everything. We've already evacuated everypony in Canterlot. The guard is ready for your hive. now, the only thing left is to deal with YOU!" Celestia leaps into the air, and fires a bolt of magic. Chrysalis counters with another, creating a Dragon Ball Z beam struggle.

"Princess, no! She's too powerful!" V reaches forwards, trying to signal her. But it's already too late. Chrysalis' beam is rapidly overpowering Celestia's. She's knocked to the ground, her horn singed, and her crown tossed aside. The other ponies in the room begin to panic. Twilight and her friends gather around Celestia, and try to help her. Celestia barely sputter, "Get… the Elements…"

"Hahahahahaha! I guess Shining Armor's love is more powerful than I could've predicted! Now I shall conquer all of Equestria with EASE!"

… Oh, boy.

After a while, I see the six Element Bearers, and Cadence, tied up and thrown in front of Chrysalis. V is absent from the group. "Where's the tall one?"

Twilight calls back, "Making sure you can't hurt anypony! By now he's probably already gotten the citizens of Canterlot far away from here!"

Chrysalis scoffs, "Hah! It matters now. I shall get them in due time. For now, I do believe it's time for me to be properly crowned as ruler of Equestria!" Wait, what? She's gonna put a- wait a minute… Oh, I have an idea… This is too good...

A changeling drone picks up Celestia's crown, and hovers over to the queen, lowering it onto her head. "Bwahahahahaha! Now, as the ruler of Equestria, my first order of business is-" I plop down, and shake the entire room. Chrysalis staggers back, "Who dares interrupt my coronation?"

This is it… "Coronation, eh, Chrysalis? This is bad comedy."

"A dragon? What are you doing here?"

"Here a hint!" I pull my head back, and unleash a Fire Blast, completely annihilating her. As she screams, the flame churns, before exploding in a five-point star shape. I walk forwards, and crush the crown underneath my heel. I look around to the various changelings in the room, "Would anyone else attempt to fill her shoes?" Sure enough, the changeling drones begin to dash away. While V does have some sound logic to taking them all down, I feel like I need to get this out. I step out to the window, "Hear me, changelings! I have defeated your queen! Chrysalis is no more! Now, when you return to whatever black pit you came from, and any other dark creature asks about why you failed, tell them this! Tell them, that Canterlot is protected! Tell them that Equestria has guardians! Tell them that if they wish to see the dawn of the next day they will stay away from these borders! Tell them that I, Geo, stand at the ready! Tell them that I! Am! Here!" I breathe a large wave of fire out, completely filling the sky. As the sparks fade, I see the drones buzz off, pun unavoidable, as fast as can be.

I turn around, and walk towards the six, and tear apart their bindings. "V's probably still in the caverns with the rest of them. It would make sense they'd hide in there. They can't be seen if they escaped, and they know how to move through the place. I'll go get them. You all try to free the guard, and hunt down any strays." I quickly turn and fly towards the entrance I made in Celestia's chambers.

"Hello? V? Where are you? Yo! The battle's over! I won! Chrysalis is toast! C'mon!" As I stomp through the caverns, I continue to find nothing. Apparently, they're hiding better than I thought. Suddenly, a strange smell fills my nose, and I follow it. It's odd, and rather repulsive. Probably vomit. One of them must've popped from all the pressure. Ah, well. Probably some stuffed-shirt who had it coming. But why does it smell like squid? I start to round a corner. Pretty sure they don't eat th- Oh, Dio misericordioso… All this sborra... What kind of sick perverted thing could've done this? Wait… is that… a filly? There's another… and… THREE FILLIES? Who could've done this to three fillies?

"Oh…" One of them shifts, and I cringe as I watch this… filth leak from under her dress. I step closer, "Hello? Hey, what happened? Who did this to you?" I grab the filly, and I shake her, "C'mon! Say something! Please! You- wait a minute…" I slowly reach forwards, and wipe the gunk from her face. It's Sweetie. Rarity's sister. The one I burned. No, I can't think of that right now, "C'mon. Who did this to you? Say something! Please?" I notice her lips slowly trying to form a word, "Yes? Yes? C'mon, I won't hurt you! Tell me, please!" I lean in closer, hoping to get even a hint of the identity of this disgusting pervert.

"M… mask…"

No. No, no, no, no. "Are you sure? He had on a mask?"

She nods, slowly, "Please, don't let him hurt me again…"

I slowly pat her forehead, "Don't worry, little Sweetie…" I get up, grab her and her friends, and walk away, "I'll make sure of it."

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" I slam through walls, until I finally see V, in the middle of a crowd of cheering celebrators.

"Oh, hello, Geo. You're not here to crash the party, are you?" I start marching closer to him, flexing my claws

"No. I'm here…" I grab him by the face, and toss him aside using Strength, "To BREAK YOU!" He hits the DJ system, and as he slowly gets up, I unleash the most powerful roar possible.

"Geo! Why are you doing this?" Several guards step between me and him, with Celestia glaring at me.

"You wanna know why? THERE'S why!" I point towards the wall I broke down, and the three fillies I left beside it. "I found them in the catacombs. Sweetie told me HE did it!" I point my claw at V, and unleash a violent reptilian hiss.

I charge forwards past the guards, who I knock aside like bowling pins. I grab V, and fly through several more walls, before finally hitting the mountain bed itself. I Fly straight into the air, carrying him with me. As I do so, I use my free claw, and rapidly Power-Up Punch him, letting my strength grow more and more. I accentuate each strike with a curse upon him, "YOU! TRICKED! US! YOU! USED! US! TO! HURT! THREE! CHILDREN! YOU! SICK! BASTARD! I! WILL! KILL YOU!" As we reach the uppermost limits of the atmosphere, I stop, and slowly angle us both downwards.

V can barely speak above a whisper, "Please… don't…"

I crane my neck to the side of his head, and speak into his ear, "Is that what they said? Right before you hurt them?"

I pull my head back, and watch as the eyes underneath his mask stretch in horror. "Sky Drop." I let go of him, and as he falls, the burning sensation in my heart grows even greater.

"But IT'S NOT OVER THERE!" I zoom downwards, until I'm on level with him. I stretch my claw, and it becomes covered in a dark purple flame-like material, Ghost-type energy. "Shadow Claw!" I slash open his stomach, and as I pass him, I open my other claw, "Dragon Claw!" I go at him again, and this time after I pass him, I let my entire body burst into flames, "Flare Blitz!" I slam into him, ignoring the damage to myself. Right now, this cazzo needs to go DOWN!

I pull back my claw, and clench it into a fist, "Mega Punch!" I slam my fist into his face, completely shattering his mask. As he recoils, I swoop down and go straight to the ground where I know he'll land. I slam feet first into the dirt, and turn 180 degrees, pulling back my fist, which then bursts into flames. I watch closely as he comes closer and closer, "Bruciare all'inferno, figlio di una cagna! Flame Punch!" I hit him, dead in the face. The fire quickly spreads through his entire form, and he slides past me, as nothing but ashes.

I stare at the ground for a few moments, before feeling all the pressure in my knees give out. I lean forwards, and let my head fall into my claws, "Why? Why, why, why? I finally made a friend… Why did he turn on me? Why? Why does everyone I meet keep giving me reasons to hate them? I wanna go home… I'm tired of this… Mama, papa… Please, help me…"

Author's Note:

Yes, this was meant to get dark. Real dark. And really fast.

Happy ORAS release, if your poor souls are still intact enough to care.

Note: V is not anyone else's Displaced.