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Blazing Skies - SwimmingDalek98

Hello, and welcome to the world of Equestria! I'm Professor Discord! Equestria is inhabited by ponies! You're here to cause havoc and chaos for them! Tell me, what's your name? Geo? That's a nice name… Wait, what're yo

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IV- Hot Potato

Blazing Skies

Chapter 4: Hot Potato

"By the stars above…" Tirek stared at a large piece of parchment, containing a blueprint for a large set of armor fitted for the minotaur himself.

"And you WONDERED why I didn't make that much for myself. You look like you're more of a tank kind of fighter, so I made it so that you'd have more armor. I can just fly around them, anyways, with Smokescreen and all…"

Tirek stared at me, then back to the design, then back to me, "Just twenty minutes… and you not only made this BRILLIANT design, but also your own armor?"

"HAH! Twenty minutes? I've been here for the past HOUR! And you call THIS armor? It's just a bunch of scraps that were lying around. They fit, so I thought I'd test them out. I think I can work on this design from here. I know the basics to welding, so this shouldn't be too hard." Oh, god BLESS you, Uncle Richard, for that hour-long course on the basics of forging metal. And thank god that I was actually caring enough to remember! He was a cool guy. Vorrei lo conoscevo meglio... Nonetheless, I turn from Tirek, and grab a hammer. I toss an Ember at a piece of metal, and begin smacking away.

"I'm gonna be down here a while. Leave the food at the door. I'll cook it once I've gotten through with this." Tirek nods, and then goes upstairs. I slam the hammer over and over again, and a familiar diddy comes to mind. As I smack the hammer, I sing to myself a tune that my mother drilled into my head.

As I was going over the far famed Kerry Mountains,
I met with Captain Farrell and his money he was count'n


Metal sizzles in the air, and the forge releases a powerful yawn, after having slept for so long.

I first produced me pistol, and I then produced me rapier,
Saying stand and deliver for you are the bold deceiver


I raise a piece of iron, and I use Flamethrower to make it more bendable. I grab it with my claws, ignoring the stinging, and begin to flatten it out.

Musha ring dumma do dumma da
Whack for the daddy oh
Wahck for the daddy oh
There's whiskey in the jar


I raised the iron, and then began whacking it into a curved shape, similar to the shape of Tirek's head. I left a space for his horns, and I had that space connect to the eyes, in a Spartan helmet manner. The T shape extended to the horn sockets, but the t was thin enough so it wouldn't slip off at a moment's notice.

I counted out his money, and it made a pretty penny
I put it in me pocket and I took it home to Jenny


I began grooving out the edges, and widening it so his head would be able to slip right in. I noted to myself I'd need to double check his head size later.

She sighed and she swore she never would deceive me
But the devil take the women for they never can be easy


I use Scratch to open up some of the larger pieces of armor, before throwing them onto a large 'pot' of sorts, that hovered over the forge on chains. I'm assuming this is where armor and weapons would be melted into better shapes, so I would try to use it like that.

Musha ring dumma do dumma da
Whack for the daddy oh
Wahck for the daddy oh
There's whiskey in the jar


The molten iron pours into a mold I carved out, and it begins making a chest plate. The design itself is simple, since I'm extremely lazy, but also effective. It's fairly thick, so it should manage to stop any incoming attacks. At least, any swords or blades. It might help with magic, but I don't wanna put any money on that claim just yet.

I went up to my chamber, all for to take a slumber
I dreamt of gold and jewels and for sure twas no wonder


I watch as the metal sizzles against the mold, and slowly takes upon the shape I needed. The excess leaked off into the forge itself, and disappeared amongst the molten stone and metal.

But Jenny drew up me charges, and she filled them full of water
Then sent for Captain Farrell to be ready for the slaughter


I glare at the haze, and it slowly wears away, showing a perfectly molded breastplate. I reach for a lever, and pulled, releasing water from the moat onto my craft. It sizzles powerfully, before dissipating. I grin at the creation, and then I set it off to the side, next to the helmet.

Musha ring dumma do dumma da
Whack for the daddy oh
Wahck for the daddy oh
There's whiskey in the jar


I look to the parts and gear that would become his lower body armor, and I grin. I raise the pieces all at once, and I pour them into the melting pot.

Twas early in the morning, just before I rose to travel
Up comes a band of footmen and likewise, Captain Farrell


I lower them into molds shaped for a larger quadruped's body, and they slowly spread out. They make themselves into a solid form, before settling and letting the excess drip off. I pour the water over, and I sigh deeply.

I first produced me pistol, for she stole away me rapier
I couldn't shoot the water, so a prisoner I was taken


I take the armor, and raise it high into the air, letting the light cast over it, before setting it to the side, satisfied

Musha ring dumma do dumma da
Whack for the daddy oh
Wahck for the daddy oh
There's whiskey in the jar


I look to the final pieces, some armbands. I grab some swords and break off some old arrowheads, and I let them melt down, before funneling them into ring shapes.

If anyone can aid me, it's my brother in the army
If I can find his station in Cork or in Killarney


I watch as the pieces sizzle, before pouring water onto them, and setting them aside. Now, Tirek's armor set is complete. I grin as I gaze upon the finished set, and a low chuckle comes from my throat.

And if he goes with me, we'll go rovin' through Kilkenny
And I'm sure he'll treat me better than my own a-sportin Jenny


I stare at the perfection of it all. Tirek will definitely be impressed. This'll allow me to get on his good side. Yeah. I know what yer thinking. Do I REALLY want him as a friend? At this point, he's probably a superior alternative to the rest of the schmucks sitting around here. Besides, he's been good to me. Good enough to let me get stronger. And that's worth a LOT more in my book than in most people's.

"Geo, has the armor been finished yet?"

"See for yourself, minotaur."

"I'm a CENTAUR, foolish LIZARD! AND I SHALL BE- Oh, my."

I turn to him, and give him a smug grin, "You'll be… what? Wait, you're called a centaur?" Huh, guess I should've paid more attention in ancient history class. I thought the whole mythos part wasn't necessary, so I played a shit-ton of Super Smash Bros for 3DS during it. Nobody noticed, of course. Nobody ever does, for some reason. In hindsight, it's like the universe wanted me to be a gamer…

"Yes. I'm called a CENTAUR. And is this the finished armor?"

"Yup. Now, then… what was it you wanted to talk about?"

"Right… I heard something coming through the woods. We'd best be prepared."

"Cazzo… How big, you estimating?"

"It's potentially an Ursa Minor."

"An Ursa-whatta?"

"An Ursa Minor. Take a gigantic bear, and give it the appearance of stars."

"Sounds like fun. Maybe I should-"

Tirek grabs me, and smacks me around, "NO! If you take that thing on, it'll draw the attention of the citizens of Ponyville! And that means we'll have to face this 'Twi' you spoke of!"

Merda. He's right. "So… any ideas?"

"We wait for it to pass by. In the meantime, keep working on any equipment we'll need."

I nod, and fire up the forge again, this time taking armor and forging it into a simpler shape.

"Geo, how is your own gear coming along? If we must fight this creature, I'd rather we be armed properly."

"Almost finished. Just need to hammer out the helmet a little…" I raise the tool, before crashing it onto a few dents on the headpiece. After a few more hard smacks, I overlook the piece, and grin in a satisfied manner.

"This is better than I could've expected from you, Geo. I'm positive that this shall allow us to stand against the majority of Equestrian weaponry. Knowing them, they probably haven't advanced much in the past thousands years. They call themselves ponies, but they are more sheep-like in nature. They do nothing to better themselves. They only are content with sitting back and letting their princesses fix all of their problems. They live dull, boring lives."

I instinctively growl in response. "I'm positive this will mean we won't have to deal with anything particularly difficult. We'll only have to worry about the princesses, right? Their magic is all we should be concerned with."

Tirek shakes his head, "Boy, ALL unicorns are to be concerned with. And pegasi. Their powers over the weather are not to be underestimated."

I do a double-take to Tirek, "Wait, they can what?"

Tirek turns to the armor on the wall, "Yes. Pegasi can channel their own innate magic into the clouds in the sky, allowing them to move clouds, and create lightning storms. In combat, they can hurl small cyclones, and weak bolts of thunder on their enemies."

"MERDA!" I snarl, and I throw a table to the side, "Electric-type attacks? And we're both wearin' metal armor… And I'm a flying type… FECKIN HELL!" I breath fire up onto the ceiling angrily, before stomping away.

"Where are YOU going?"

"To get some feckin' fresh air." I storm my way out of the castle, before stretching open my wings. Tirek's frail body barely catches up to me, before trying to grab at me. I Fly before he gets within arm's reach.


No, I really won't. Especially at this elevation. Now I'm high in the air, looking around at the upper cloud line. I breath heavily, my lungs still trying to adapt to the sudden change in pressure. After a while, my breath cools, and I relax. My gaze passes around the area, before settling on a small opening in the clouds, leading directly to Ponyville. A large surge of rage grows in my mind, and I get a rather devious idea. I make a sharp nosedive, and I begin sniffing around once I break the cloud line. I look through the forest, before seeing- HOLY SHIT! That's a big feckin bear! I bet not even Zangief could pile-drive that sonofabitch! Bene, il tempo di fare qualcosa di stupido

I begin falling, faster and faster, before I pull up, and I float around the beast. "Hey, stupid!" It turns around, and stares blankly. I grin deviously, "I got a present for ya! Aerial Ace!" I swing around it, before clawing along the side of its head. It roars in response, before trying to bat me to the side. I grin, and fly away, in the direction of Ponyville. Time for Operation: Spicy Alpaca!

My keen eyes notice several ponies in the area shifting about when they hear the Ursa roar. I manage to fly through the streets quickly enough to lose it, and then I make a sharp turn back into the forest. Time for Phase 2! I pull up in front of the castle, and call for Tirek, "Hey! C'mon! Quickly now!"

Tirek runs out, as fast as his frail form allows him to, "What is it?"

I grin, "Hop on. I have a BRILLIANT plan!" He raises an eyebrow, but eventually does climb on. My wings stretch, and we burst into the air, flying at maximum speed.

"So, what plan do you have in mind?"

"I drew the Ursa to Ponyville!"

"You WHAT? Geo, I TOLD you to stay away from that accursed creature!"

"No, no, no! It's part of my plan! See, while IT is destroying the town, WE can get any supplies we need! And we can also see what Twi is capable of!"

Tirek stares, before slowly peeling his lips back in a grin, "And I can get back to my full power this way… heh, heh…"

I smile at him, before looking back to where I was going, and began to fly faster.

We arrive back at Ponyville, hiding from the large beast. We quickly dash into the market square, which has been abandoned by ponies, since the Ursa is dangerously close. I look around, before noticing a rather interesting-looking satchel in one of the booths. It perfectly resembles the satchel that Professor Birch wore in the Hoenn games. I grin, and swipe the thing from its place on the stand. Just to make sure none of them would suspect anything, I also use Rock Smash to shatter the market stand. Make it look like an accident.

"Geo! Quit shopping and start finding what we need! Get FOOD, for crying out loud!" Oh, right. I turn, and look into the other booths. After a bit of hunting, I find myself stumped. There's nothing in these stands that even RESEMBLE what I need. Dove è il cibo? It's a MARKET SQUARE, for the love of Christ. You'd think that there'd be more around!

"What's TAKING so long?" I turn to Tirek, and see that he's still on the lookout for Twi to show and demonstrate her combat prowess.

"Well, if there WAS some food around here, I'd certainly have gotten some already!"

He turns, "What do you MEAN there's no food around he- oh, no."

"What, what is it?"

"This is a freaking EXCHANGE, YOU IMBECILE!"

I look around. Sure enough, there's a few banners, but I'm unable to read them.


Oh, crap. "Well, at least we should be able to get you some energy! Wait… I smell some incoming! To the left!"

Tirek turns, and quickly puts on his cloak, and drops to the ground. As the ponies run past him, he cries, "Help! I've fallen and I can't get up!" Did he really just use the Life-Alert line?

"Hold on! We'll help you!" They get closer, and I examine them from afar. Yes, three of them, a trio of normal ponies, Earth Ponies, Tirek called them. They all had flower-related 'cutie marks'. Pathetic how those work, anyways. Once you get one, you can't do ANYTHING else in life? ANYTHING? SERIOUSLY?

"Just a second, old man! We'll get you out of here!" Old man? He doesn't sound THAT old to me…

"Thank you… I'll have to give you a reward… your eternal reward…" DID HE JUST QUOTE MOTHERFUCKING JAFAR? And… MERDA SANTO! He's EATING THEIR MAGIC! Just like that! It's… Dear, God, that's vicious… But still none of my problem.

"In hindsight, I must thank you, Geo. If not for you, I wouldn't have gotten HALF as far as I have in acquiring my revenge on Celestia and Luna.

"Heh… whatever works, right? C'mon, let's get some food before we go home."

Now we're in a small restaurant, tearing through the supplies. So far, we managed to pack some much-needed supplies. I turn to Tirek, "C'mon. This should last us for a few days. Let's go already."

Tirek nods in reply, "Indeed. We should get moving. At this rate, it's possible that we might be fo-"

A loud gasp interrupts his sentence, and both of us turn instinctively, to see Pinkie Pie, standing in the doorway, "Oh my GOSH, you're back! And you have a friend! I guess this means I'll have to-"

"Scratch!" I instantly move in front of her, and slice open her stomach. I wait for a few seconds, before grinning. Immediately after, her belly sprays blood, and she falls over.

Tirek leans back, "You… you killed her? Was that even necessary?"

I turn, and glare at him, "I'm not like you. I don't kill the weak. She's only minimally injured. If she's treated quickly enough, she should recover, but I highly doubt she'll awaken any time soon."

Tirek stares, before shrugging. He grabs his bag full of supplies, and walks out right past her. I quickly turn, and grab a tablecloth, and wrap it tightly around the wound. I pick up her and my bag, and walk outside. I set the bag and Pinkie down, before returning to the building, "Earthquake!" I stomp the ground, and it leaves a crack, which carries to the restaurant. THe entire thing falls apart in an instant. I pick up the bag, and both of us dash into the forest.

"That was a close one, wasn't it?"

"Aye. Had I been a second later, I'm sure she would've screamed. Just our luck she's not the full shilling, eh?" Tirek nods in confirmation, and leans his head back, breathing slowly.

"That small meal… will not be enough."

I turn to him, "No shite, moron. We'll need to get you more energy before ya take on anythin'."

"No… the amount of ponies here… is not nearly enough for me… I need to get to a larger area… with more ponies… more magic…"

"You want us to get up and MOVE? This is the safest bloody place that we HAVE! If I'm around, we're SURE to be noticed! You told me back in that hellhole! Dragons are absolutely HATED here! I can't go anywhere with you!"

Tirek glares, "Well, if we stay here, then that Twi will certainly find us. I'm positive that pink one's wounds will indicate something more happened to her."

Merda. The Pinkie Sense… No WAY they're going to believe that she was injured by the collapsing building! They'd sooner believe that I'm able to use ice powers!

"Maledizione!" I rodar, and slam my fist into the wall. I glare at said wall, before turning away, "Well, we'll eat for tonight, and then we'll try to find somewhere else to hide. C'mon, bring whatever you're eating over here."

"So… any ideas where we can hide?"

"Yes. I acquired for us a map of Equestria, and I have just the place." Tirek unfurls a map, and shows it to me, pointing to one city in particular, "Manehattan. This city has a large enough population for us to blend in easily, and its thick labyrinth-like structure allows us to easily avoid those who would otherwise wish us ill will. I can easily acquire enough magic to make me be able to hold my own in battle, and you can continue to train in a more… intense environment."

I stare at several other images of the place. Long, twisting roads. Sharp, tight corners. Heavy amounts of potential enemies. Perfect training area. "Let's roll out. This is gonna be fun."

"This is totally not fun." I'm sitting back against a wall, tossing a tennis ball against the other side and catching it.

Tirek glares, "Stop your whining. This is for the good of both of us."

"We've been here for five days. Five. Days. So far, you've been the only one able to DO anything. You've been draining ponies left and right! And what've I done? Nothing. Lots of NOTHING. No flying, no training, NOTHING. Because YOUR attempts to drain magic has put all the guard on HIGH ALERT! Speaking of which, why haven't I seen either of our wanted posters?"

"What do you mean?"

"What I mean is, if Celestia HERSELF does these inspections, why is it there's been no form of public announcements? She should've let them all know we've escaped!"

Tirek snorts, "C'mon, Geo. You know these ponies by now. They're PATHETIC. Even a BUNNY STAMPEDE sets them off. And since Celestia believes she is perfectly capable of handling EVERY situation, then she wouldn't let these ponies go into a panic. We're SAFE. They don't know where we are. And trust me, in a while, that Pinkie Pie will wake up, and then they'll start sniffing for us in the Everfree. They don't know that we've already secured ourselves in Manehattan."

I nod, understanding exactly what's going on. "Hmph, indeed. But what of MY training?"

Tirek groans, "Try it tonight, alright? I'm positive that these ponies won't even THINK about going outside, since 'the Magic Thief' is about." He chuckles, "See? Why do you THINK I've had you stay put? I was setting up your course."

"You're a clever bastard, you know…"

"I know. But I also know you're significantly more so. Which is why I value your ability to analyze the enemy in battle. It's an essential skill that we both need to survive this."

"Heh. Don't expect such blatant praise to get you very far."

"I don't. I know actions mean more to you than words."

"And so far, yours have been quite meaningful. Thank you for all you've done, Tirek. Now, if you don't mind, I think I'll Rest…"

Night quickly approaches, and I awaken, energized and free. I step outside through the old broken window, and my wings stretch for the first time in a week. I look around, and I grin. I burst out, and Fly to my heart's content. I swish past stores, banks, and dealerships at such a speed I can't tell any of them apart. I go up, and down. I turn, and I throttle. I go close to the ground, and I go high above the skyscrapers. I land atop one, and take in the fresh air. I open up my satchel, and sit down. I reach into it, pulling out the orange Charizardite Y. For the past few weeks, I've been trying to get it, or its counterpart,t to work. I've been unsuccessful, unfortunately. But now, I'll try again. I take the modified Mega Ring, now refitted to fit snugly on my wrist, and I hold the stone. I push the stone in, and I hear a single 'click'.

Nothing. Again. "God, DAMNIT!" I throw the satchel to the ground, and then the Charizardite X slip out. It rolls, and it was only my peripheral vision that sees the stone falling from the roof. "CAZZO!" I jump off, and fall as fast as I can, barely grabbing onto the Charizardite. However, I know I'm falling too fast to pull up, so I do the natural thing, and use Sky Drop, instead turning my momentum into an attack. I figured it out a while ago that Sky Drop can be used to break my fall, if I direct the attack to the ground. Kind of like how the Assassins can land in barrels of hay perfectly fine, even from atop extremely tall buildings. Or how Corvo Attano can break HIS fall by stabbing someone in the back of the head.

"Hragh!" I breathe for a moment, and look at the small impact crater I made. I flap my wings, and burst the rising dust away, and roar into the air, unleashing a Flamethrower as well.


My head snaps to my left, and I see a door opened slightly, with a single face gazing out from it. The moment I turned, they closed it more, but still left enough room for the one eye to see me. Merda, this won't be good…

"Hey, you!" I storm towards the door, and when I see them try to close it, I shove my claw in the way. I pull it open, and I grab the pony by the throat. I take only a second to take in her features, creamy skin, with striped light blue and white hair. I glare, before feeling my expression soften somewhat upon gazing at her soft, innocent, blue eyes. Remembering why I cam where in the first place, my gaze hardens again, "Not one word, do you hear me? Not one. Single. Feckin'. Word. Understand?"

She nods slowly, and I set her down. As I turn, I look back, and Growl, to unnerve her, and in case she tries to hit me with a chair. Seriously, even though I have maximized my Defense stat against Tirek's boulder trick, I do NOT wanna be hit with something so pathetic. My wings unfurl, and I soar into the night sky, hoping to disappear from her memory quick enough.

"You were SPOTTED?"

"C'mon. You said it yourself, they're PATHETIC! As long as she thinks I'm still around, she won't tell ANYONE! We're FINE, remember?"

"But for HOW LONG? HOW LONG will she continue to stay silent?"

"As long as she needs to be, alright?"

"…" Tirek turns away, and scoffs, "Brilliant thinking, Pocket Monster."

"Vaffanculo!" I march away, and I go up to the rooftop. There, I stare at the many ponies below, and see them flying about, doing as they will. Living their static lives. The entire sight irritates me. I can't stand how happy these IMBECILES are! They don't ever TRY to change things up!

"Pathetic sight, isn't it?" I turn sharply, and see… Discord? The chimera freak who brought me to this hole?

"How oddly still everything is… don't you agree it could use a touch of… chaos?"

I slowly nod, not sure where this was going, "Uh-huh… What's it to ya?"

Discord jumps up, "Well, I know Celly and Lulu are gonna get positively HISSY about this, which is one of the reasons why I'm doing it, but I'm going to make you an offer."

I stay silent, and stare down at the ponies below.

"See, I'm going to let YOU do something that you normally couldn't do if you were to continue on the path you're on right now."

I scoff, "What could you possibly offer me?"

"A chance to fight the Royal Sisters. Fair game. No innocents will be involved. No outside interference. Just you, them, and your wacky, dirty tactics."

I slowly turn, "You had my curiosity, but now you have my attention."

Discord claps his hands quickly, "Excellent, EXCELLENT! Simply marvelous how much you LOVE combat! It's why I brought you here, y'know! Because I KNEW you'd give this world a much-needed dosage of disorder!"

"What would you ask of me?"

"Simple: Hand over Tirek, and I'll let you three go at it!"

WHAT. I turn to Discord, and I grab him by the throat, "Okay, NO. You think that I'm some kind of back-stabbing SCUMBAG? I'll GET my fair fight, and I KNOW I will. I don't NEED to make deals with PSYCHOPOMPS like yourself!" I toss him to the ground, "I'll do what I want, how I want. I want to fight alongside someone who HELPED me escape from that absolute HELLHOLE. I want to fight alongside someone who MADE ME STRONGER. And if you think I'll be a turncoat just for one fight, then you are terribly, terribly wrong, good sir. And now, I'm going to have myself a fight." With that, I jump off the side of the building, with Discord leaning over, watching me with wide eyes. Clearly, he expected a different result. Well, if he's teh spirit of chaos he should expect randomness.


I slam into the concrete, and roar into the air, "Hello, Manehattan! I'm here with a SPECIAL DELIVERY!" I charge up Flamethrower, and breathe all over the road. I specifically try to make sure that none of them were hurt, but also try to maximize environmental damage. Hey, considering how Godzilla could do what HE did to San Francisco, I deserve a LITTLE bit of a destructive spree.

Kree-ow! Kra-kow!-Zoong!

Several bolts of magic fling past my head narrowly, and I duck to avoid a barrage of others. There, I see several unicorn guards, horns all aglow. "Stop, in the name of the law!"

I grin, "Aerial Ace!" I practically flash step towards them, and strike all three in a single blow. They fly into the air, all screaming in pain, scratches all along their exposed skin.

"Get him!" More bolts fly all around me, and my smile widens, "Oh, THIS is gonna be fun! VENITE A ME, ALLORA!"

Author's Note:

If anyone's wondering, I DO have an uncle in the welding business. Although, he's never taken me to work. He just tells me about what he does, and none of the technical stuff either. He basically said 'I toss around a hot piece of metal, and I put it against another hot piece of metal'. He mentioned that injury was a real possibility, but since this is Geo we're talking about, who as a human was too stupid to care, and now as a Charizard is still too stupid to care, but now he doesn't even have to in the first place, this isn't even really relevant.

Note that I bear no rights to 'Whiskey in the Jar'. In fact, who DOES bear rights to that song? It's so old, it's like trying to say that you 'own' a Christmas carol. Heh, now I remember that one episode of the Simpsons… good times, good, good times...

By the way, check out the TVtropes blog page I made about this! I updated it for this chapter! Until next time, ciao!