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The Sun's Tears - Lunar_Star

In the still of the night, old memories hurt more then one would think.

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The Sun's Tears

Celestia strode through the winding corridors of her castle in which she shared with her younger sister Luna and their champion Lunar. She had already brought the sun to rest over the horizon and the last glimpses of it’s warm light were fading fast against the coming night. As the moon slowly started to make its way into the darkend sky, she came to a stop before a set of doors leading into the royal baths. This was a place reserved only for Celestia and Luna but it was a known fact that their champion used them on occasion.

But tonight was something different. The baths had been sealed off from both princesses for sometime now due to reconstruction. Celestia was in her chambers when a note appeared before her asking her to come to the royal baths. She was not sure if she should but once she noticed who the note was from she smiled and did just that.

As the sun princess stood before the two oak wood doors, she reached with a gentle hoof and pushed it open, finding them to be unlocked. As the door opened, the first thing the princess saw was a tall dark figure standing on the connecting balcony. The breeze of the warm summer wind made the silk curtains flutter and slightly obscure her vision of the figure but she knew from the way the pony stood just whom it was.

Celestia softly closed the door behind herself so as not to alert the pony in question. As she drew closer, she could see the moon’s glowing light shimmer of the stallion’s silvery mane and tail. She knew who this pony was as he stood there in the moon light. But before she could say anything, the stallion turned his head and looked at the princess with a sideways glance.

“I am glad you could make it.” The stallion spoke in a deep tone as his indigo iris focused on the white mare.

“You don’t think I would turn down your invitation do you?” She smiled and as she drew close to him she nuzzled her head under the stallion’s chin.

“So tell me Lunar, why is it you asked me here? If I remember the baths were closed off for some weeks now and from the looks of it, nothing was done to it.”

The stallion chuckled deeply. “I had ordered this room reconstructed but yes I left it the way it was but with only a slight difference.”

“What difference?” Celestia looked to her champion and tilted her head in confusion.

“Just watch.” It was all the stallion said and with a nod, the princess did.

The moon slowly rose higher into the night sky and as it’s light made it within the room there was an explosion of color and light. All around the room and even in the heated tub, small lights twinkled like tiny stars. Each one giving off a myriad of colors.

To stay that Celestia was impressed would be an understatement. She was awestruck. Everywhere she looked it was like the night sky had graced their bathroom. She quickly looked back up to the stallion. “How...?”

“Do you remember the caves in Canterlot Mountain?” Celestia nodded.

“Luna and I discovered thousands of moonstones and opals within those caves the one day we went exploring it. We called in a large team to excavate them and placed them within the castle vault. But it was I that had the idea to use some of those stones for something other then just sitting in the treasury. So I called in some favors and had this room scattered with them. Then I imbued them with magic to shine once the light of the moon hits the room. Luna will love it I am sure but I thought you would enjoy it as well.”

Celestia marveled at the room in question. Not much was done to change the design of it but with these tiny stones, the room became much more then what it was. “Oh Lunar it’s beautiful but this can not be the only reason you asked me here.”

The stallion shook his head. “No, t’is not. Care to join me?” He motioned with a hoof towards the heated water of the bath before slowly making his way into the water. He sat along the side and gave a sigh of comfort. Celestia on the other hand took her time removing her crown and necklace before placing them upon a stand against the one wall. She then stepped out of her golden shoes and gently pushed them under the stand.

“Always so prim and proper huh princess?”

Celestia giggled. “Well I do have an image to maintain unlike somepony.”

“My dear Celestia, whatever do you mean?” The stallion join in her laughter as she sank into the warm water beside him.

“I am so very happy that mother and father let you stay here with us. Though I am sorry about your parents Lunar.”

The stallion simply shook his head. “Do not be. They died fighting to protect others, and me. It was their duty after all and though I would have wished otherwise nothing can change what has happened. As you said, as long as I never forget them they will always be with me.”

Celestia smiled and snuggled closer to the stallion. “So tell me, what was the real reason for asking me here?”

The stallion smiled. “First I think little champagne is in order.” With his magic he pulled over tow glasses and a bottle of wine he procured from their cellar. Being careful to pop the cork slowly he removed it and pour both himself and Celestia a glass.

“A toast. To the pursuit of peace and harmony between all races. Also to love... and a family.”

Celestia had taken a sip from her glass and set it down before she spoke. “Just what did you mean by that last part?”

Lunar had also taken a sip from his glass before placing it on the rim of the tub. His horn soon started to glow in it’s usual indigo light before a small box came floating over to them. It made it’s way past the stallion and floated before the mare. “For you?”

Celestia looked at the box then the the stallion. As her eyes met his he mouthed the words ‘open it’ to which she once more eye’d the box. Now her body started to tremble. She was not sure what the stallion had planned but knew that it was something big.

As she took the box within her magic she slowly opened the box. Once it was opened all the way, its contents revealed to her, she quickly brought a hoof up to her muzzle in a gasp of surprise. Inside the box rested a solid gold horn ring. The ring was studded in amethyst and diamonds. Celestia looked to the ring and then to the stallion.

With a gentle smile he looked deep into her eyes. “Celestia I hath known thee since thou were not but a filly. We hath grown up together and during those years, hath grown close. T’was not long ago that I realized that the only way for me do become even happier was to ask this of thou. So I do, Celestia, guardian of the solar disk and Princess of Equestria. Will you marry me?”

Celestia sat this in shocked silence. Tears running down her face. The colt she had known since he was a nothing but a foal, her best friend and champion had just asked her the one question that many of other nobles had but the difference was the answer. So with a shaky and broken voice, she replied.

“Yes... Yes Lunar I will marry you.”

The stallion took the box within his magic once more and removed the ring from it. He set the box next to their glasses and turned back to the still quietly sobbing mare. He smiled and slowly placed the ring upon her horn before sliding it down and resting it against her forehead. He then takes her head within his hooves and pulls her muzzle to his own in a kiss so heated that the water would boil.

Celestia in her way, returned the stallion’s kiss and held him close with her hooves.

With a gasp, Celestia shot up in her bed. She breathed deeply to try and regain her composure. Once she had, she looked around the room. She was in her bedroom in Canterlot, the moon had slowly risen into the sky and was shining it faint glow through her open window. As she looked to her side she noticed that there was a space, seemingly reserved for a pony on her bed. It was then that the dream she had just had came flooding back to her and in her grief, she silently wept into the night.

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Short but to the point. I like it although you may want to look into an editor. Nothing major jumped out just little things here and there but over well done. :moustache:

4496516 I do not rightly know of anyone.

I can always help. I found that all you have to do is ask around here and someone will help you out.

4499231 That will be fine, I do not mind

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