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Tale of Vanguard - Skystrike

Vinyl Scratch and Octavia are transported to a Galaxy Far Far Away...

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Knights of the Vanguard


The large refresher fans of the Raxus shipyard went, sending cool, renewed air through the vents and halls. The sun shined through the shutters on the window that pointed directly at the sun of the Raxus system. Nhym slowly opened his eyes and blinked repeatedly as he tried to fight waking up, but it didn’t work. The black haired, shirtless man sat up in his bed and yawned. His hair was long but it stopped at his neck, he was well built but not very large but still big and intimidating. He looked around the dim lit room.The sun created a out of place striped pattern that spread across the room like a fashion designer's nightmare.

The room is large and very well furnished; it looked like a mixture of Jedi artifacts and décor of a large corporate office. After all that’s what Nhym was. He was the master of The Vanguard. A secret organization composed of Jedi and other affiliates. Ex-military, smugglers, privateers, and bounty hunters. They even had a few senators in their corner to help keep their little group secret. Since they were a neutral group, senators and others could get their assistance when they needed it, republic or empire alike. They masquerade under a company called Raxus Sun Inc. A starship manufacturing company that produced ships from freighters to frigate class vessels. Nhym was the CEO. It wasn’t an easy job but he did it, him and his darling wife.

Nhym stretched out then looks to his right, there was a woman lying next to him, her naked body half way covered up by the sheets and blankets. Her skin was a soft cream color. Nhym smiled and traced his hand from her lower back all the way up her to the back of her neck. She gave a small sighing moan and fidgeted a bit. Her hair was lengthy and soft, and colored a stunning green, aqua, and pink rainbow. Nhym leaned down and kissed her shoulder and she groaned and swatted at his face with her hand before her eyes slowly peeked open revealing the enchanting rose pink eyes. She rolls over and looks at Nhym in his steel blue eyes and smiled widely and wrapped her arms around him.

“Good morning…” she said to Nhym. “Good morning Princess Celestia.” Celestia chuckled

“Princess huh?”

“Thats right, my princess.”

“You haven't called me that since the war.”

“Back then it was out of respect and duty. Its a little different now.”

Nhym lightly runs his hand down her cheek and kisses her. Celestia just chuckles and lightly pushes him off of her and slides off the bed. Nhym does nothing but eye her as she struts to the other side of the room. His eyes never left her, eyes her figure as she made her way around the room. Nhym chuckled as his eye caught sight of her tattoo of a sun on her flanks, one for each side. Symmetry is a beautiful thing. Celestia was a magnificent woman, and an extremely talented jedi. After Nhym armed escort mission to protect her during the war, and after her term ended as princess. Nhym found her and began to train her as a jedi. Back then he knew she was strong and he soon fell in love with her. Now look at them, married, running a company together, and their own ragtag group is exiles. He couldn't ask for a better life.

After a moment he finally gets up out of the bed and walks across the room to where his armor and robes were. This armor set was black, made from plasteel, with and internal energy shield, like the ones used by Mandolorians, along with a Cobalt robe under it. Then to bring it all together,the mask of the fearsome harbinger, to Nhym, it was an Identity. He was ‘The Archon’ of the Vanguard, their master, and Leader.

He began to dawn his armor and robe placing piece after piece over his body. When he was done he looked his armor over with a satisfied smile over his face. The he looked over at Celestia for a moment watching her walk around the room gathering her clothes, and then dressed herself. She wore pant suit type clothing, her top being mostly just a black vest and a red tank top. The vest was lined with red and her pants were an off white color with black and red to match her top. On her belt, were her single lightsaber, and her blaster pistol on the other. Nhym crossed over to the window and touched the panel next to it, raising the shudders letting in the orange light from the Raxus sun. Out the window you can see the junk covered planet of Raxus Prime, and the giant black smog clouds that sprawl over the upper atmosphere.

As they dressed themselves there was a knock on their door. Celestia replied with a happy. “Come in.” The door slides open and in walks Luna. A fair skinned woman, dressed in a dark purple armored Robe, lined with strips of black and silver. Like a light jedi combat armor.

Luna, the master jedi, walked with an air of authority and pride. Despite her feminine figure, she still keeps an imposing stance. Her sharp, teal eyes pierce those before her. Always judging, studying and scanning the world around her. Her midnight blue hair waves with grace as she moves, in and out of combat. Unlike her sister, she doesn't think twice to remind people what she is, a jedi master. More importantly, Luna was a force to be reckoned with. On her back is a saber pike resembling Harvests, except hers is a rather Dark Purple color, with the top part of the hilt transparent, displaying her black purple crystal.

“Sister, Harvest has reported in they are returning to the shipyard. With Vinyl and Octavia, the mission was a success.” Luna gives what passed for a satisfied look.

A very tiny smile peeked from the side of her face. Nhym and Celestia gave a sigh of relief. “Good…I was thinking I might regret sending them on that mission.” Nhym says.

“That’s why we sent Rainbow Dash as part of the plan.” Celestia ties her hair back into a long ponytail and turns to Luna.

“Thank you sister, we will meet them in the hanger.” Luna gives a small bow and walk back out of the door. Nhym and Celestia walk after her. Celestia grabs her black robe off of a hanger next to the door, and Nhym pulls his double-bladed saber from the wall and clips it to his belt as he leaves the room.

They enter the hall, the sunlight shined through the large observation window. Below was the entire station. Machines and workers could be seen assembling a whole matter of ships from freighters to frigate sized ships. This was no ordinary shipyard; this also housed the small academy for Vanguard, and the offices of Raxus Sun Inc. The company the group used to fund their endeavors. It wasn’t a large company but it brought in the revenue they needed to get the job done. All they needed was provided; including the secrecy that the cherished so much. The level that they currently were on was composed of the private offices and quarters for the vanguard council. The few senators that that helped them were had access as well. But they never stopped by often. The hall was empty besides the three of them as they walked, their heels knocking against the floor. Luna remained a persistent 2 steps behind Celestia at all times.

Nhym, Celestia and Luna proceed to the turbolift and entered it. The doors slide shut the repulsors kick in sending them down to the main level.

“Sister, the Librarian has returned with more orphans from the civil war on Alderaan.” Luna says.

“More Orphans? Oh Dear.” Replies Celestia

“Don’t worry sister, I will see to it. You and Archon have more pressing matters to attend to.” Nhym nods at Luna.

“Thank you Luna.” Nhym replies with a smile.

“Celestia, we need to analyze the data that Dash stole from Santus fleet. It could finally reveal what the Paradigm has been looking for.” Celestia nods in agreement with Nhym.

Luna removes her saber from her back and collapses it down to the size of a normal hilt and attaches it to the back of her belt. The turbolift hums to a stop and the doors slide open into the hallway. This hallway had people in it. A few security personnel and other members of the Vanguard. Not just Jedi, smugglers and ex-military. It was clearly seen as some still wore their armor, still bearing the republic insignia. Luna, Nhym, and Celestia step out of the turbo lift and look around for a brief moment.

“Sister, if there is nothing more, I will tend to the Orphans.” Luna asks and gives a slight bow waiting until Celestia bowed in response allowing her to leave.

“Why is she like that again? You she knows you aren’t a princess anymore right?” Nhym asks jestingly. Celestia turns to him with a smile

“I told you, her oath to serve me wasn’t just for as long as my term, it was for life. Being my servant is all she knows.” Celestia walks past Nhym towards the hanger, Nhym walks right after her quickening his pace to get next to her.

“She was taught and trained to serve and protect me. That is all she has known since she was a little girl.”

“It’s a little odd though isn’t it?”

“Only because you haven’t had someone at your beckon call all your life. I’m used to it.” Celestia says with a smirk.

Wraps his arm around her waist. He hugs her tight as they walk down the hall to the hanger. “If you say so.”

Vinyl blinks her eyes open hearing the loud WHOMP BOOM of the hyperdrive disengaging, dropping them out of hyperspace. She covers her eyes for a moment then opens them as she rolls to her left looking down off the top bunk across the room. Octavia stand there leaning against the wall looking down at the floor. Vinyl turns and hangs her legs over the side of the bunk and jumps down to the floor.

“Tavi...you alright?” she asks as she makes her way over to her. Octavia slowly looks up and tears from down her face. “Tavi…whats wrong?”

“I can’t do it Vinyl, I just can’t do it. I haven’t slept at all. My mind is filled with thought that aren’t mine. Half of my brain is telling me this is all wrong, the other side is telling me that this is right. I don’t know which to listen to.”

Vinyl hugged her close, feeling her best friend’s pain. “Tavi…I think the best thing right now is to just trust your instincts. Whatever side of your brain is telling you what you need to do to survive. Listen to it.”

Octavia hugged her back and sniffled a bit “Okay…okay I will.” She had to accept the situation they were in, at least until they found out how to get home. “How are you dealing with this Vinyl?”

Vinyl let her go and stepped back “I don’t know. I just listened to my survival instincts.”

“Vinyl, Octavia, we’re here come up to the cockpit.” Harvest voice blared over the Intercom.

“We still haven’t figured out how we are going to get home Vinyl.” Octavia says with a little more distress in her voice.

“We will think of something right now we just have to worry about blending in.” Vinyl replied before giving her one last comforting hug.

She Steps back and adjusts her clothes and steps out of the dormitory Octavia following close behind Vinyl. They walk into the cockpit and Dash is sleeping in the co-pilots seat with her legs up on the console snoring quite loudly. Hk-51 is still standing there his head still looking from side to side repeatedly awaiting a set of orders. Vinyl just looks over at her gives a slight chuckle Octavia just smiles and shakes her head. Vinyl and Octavia look out the cockpit at the Massive shipyard. It was at least 5 times the size of a normal space station. It looked like a giant Circle, where the inside was completely empty but the outer circle was were all the work was being done, where the ships were constructed.

“Welcome home you guys.” Harvest says as he lays in the course to land. Vinyl looks back over at Dash as she snores

“How did you fly here with that right next to you?” Octavia ask Harvest.

“Eventually you don’t hear it. It eventually it just sounds like the engine hum.” He replied with a smirk on his face. His eyes drifted over to Vinyl and she locked eyes with him the quickly looked away to kick the back of Dash’s chair, resulting in her snores ending abruptly with a pig like snort. “Huh! Whats going on!?” she asks

“We are back home Dash.” Vinyl says

“Oh good, finally some good food, and Apple Jacks famous Cider!” she says with an eager smile.

The ship drifted down through the thin layer of debris towards the inner circle of the Shipyard. These are where the private hangars were. Safe for the members of The Vanguard to land where they wouldn’t be noticed by the employees of Raxus Sun Inc. They ship glides into the hanger and the landing struts appear under as they touchdown onto the floor. Inside the hanger, Nhym and Celestia are waiting for them with smiles wide on their face. The gang plank lowers and the others step out Vinyl and Octavia stay out of sight for a moment and look at each other.

“Here goes nothing…” Vinyl says before taking a deep breath and stepping out of the ship and over to the rest of the group. Octavia follows after her.

“Thank the force you are all alright.” Celestia says.

“We are back!” Dash shouts in excitement “Nhym, Celestia, did you miss us?”

That Archon and Didact remember?” Nhym says correcting dash

“We arent in public, you said that rule only applies when we are in the eyes of the public.”

“Use the titles until you are given permission Dash.”

Celestia looks at Nhym “Being a little rough today are we?”

“Well she has to set an example for the new members.”

“I am a hell of good example. Not like these two need it. You should’ve seen them boss.” Dash says as she walks up and puts her arm over Octavia and Vinyl’s shoulder.

“They did a good Job Nhym, some of the best fighting I’ve seen in a while.” Harvest says as he walks up next to Vinyl and he gives her a smile of approval.

Nhym and Celestia look at each other “Looks like a trial won’t be needed. I think it’s time we give them their rites.” Celestia says. Nhym gives a nod in approval. “Vinyl, Octavia, make yourselves comfortable,relax for a little while. We will send you codes when we are ready for you. Dash, the data.”

“Here you go boss.” Dash says as she reaches in her pouch on her belt and pulls out the data stick and tosses it to Nhym.

“I’ll get to analyzing this right away.” Nhym says before turning to leave the hanger, followed by Celestia. Vinyl follows close behind Celestia and Nhym

“You guys got a bar?” Vinyl asks as she enters the turbo lift.

“Several.” Celestia says with a smile


“I’m gonna head up to the firing range. Come on HK.” Dash says while she crosses into the second turbolift.

“Acknowledgment: Yes Master.” Dash and HK head out the hanger and after her.

Octavia stops just outside the hangar door lagging behind the group along with Harvest. Harvest looks at her sensing something is amiss with her. He gently put his hand on her back.

“Octavia, are you alright?” he asks. Octavia jolts a little feeling his touch then she steps forward a little then turns to him.

“Yes I’m alright.” She responds looking away a little. Harvest looks at her then gives a slight nod. He starts to walk into another turbo lift. “Harvest…” Octavia calls out. He stops and turns to her. “The Killing…does it get easier?” she hesitantly asks. He looks at her then gives a slight sigh and a stair that said that signaled to Octavia that the answer wasn’t going to be pleasant.

“Im going to give you the same answer my master gave me.” Octavia looked at him, his pause seeming to take an eternity to pass.

“No…it never does. But take solace in the fact that their deaths allow others to live. I had to learn this lesson early in life. Be glad that you are better equipped to understand and deal with it.” He said before turning away from her allowing her to absorb his answer.

He Collapses his Saber pike into a small hilt and puts it onto the back of his belt. “Remember, stay away from the main deck until we get you some civilian looking gear.” Harvest said as the turbolift doors slid shut leaving Octavia standing there outside the turbo lift. Octavia gave one more deep breath.

Children run about the play area in the orphanage, the little ones playing with toys, the older ones just lying in their bunks chatting amongst themselves. The orphanage was hidden along with their academy. It was very large but it was big enough for the children they had saved. They had been saved from war zones, gangs and some were just abandoned in the streets. It was Nhym’s policy to not leave any behind. There is a woman walking in between the rows of bunks picking up a few things off the floor. The Woman is about five feet tall with a long blonde ponytail falling down her back. She looks to be in her early twenties. Her skin was a soft peach color and her, her cheeks speckled with freckles and her eyes a deep lime green. “Aye, make sure y’all er pic’n up yer stuff. I aint y’alls maid.” A few kids shout back over the ruckus “Yes miss Apple Jack.”

An attendant enters the room and calls over to Applejack “Librarian…Miss Luna is here to see you…”

Apple puts a few items back in the intended place and turns to her “I’ll be right there, can you look after things here for a while?” she replies

“Yes miss.” The attendant says as a few children run pass her feet. The attendant chases after them making playful roaring monster noises. One of the Kids was a boy, about five years old with mud brown hair and matching eyes. The other was a girl the same age with orange hair and blue eyes. “Pound, Pumpkin I’m gonna get you!” the attended says. Pound and Pumpkin, sequel with joy as they run through the room.

In the front of the orphanage Luna stands there with her strait contemplative look on her face awaiting Applejack. Harvest soon walks up behind her and speaks “Master Luna…” then he bows. Luna turns to him and a wide smile breaks through “You don’t have to call me master while we are here Harvey. We talked about this.” Harvest smiles at her

“Right, Hi mom.” He replies. Luna opens her arms wide inviting him into a hug. He walks into her arms and she grips him close.

“Good to have you Home Harvey.”

“Good to be home mom.”

The release their hug and take a step back from each other. “How was the mission Harvey? How did Vinyl and Octavia do?”

“They both did well. For a plan that seemed half baked, they made it work. So well that Nhym and Celestia want to induct them today.”

“That is definitely impressive…” Luna stops for a moment and looks at Harvest for a moment as if she can sense something in the air around him. “Harvey I sense something more…” Luna shows a slight smirk.

“I’ve told you everything there is to know.” He looks at her wondering what was going through her head

Luna gives a chuckle and she is about to speak but Applejack comes in from the back.

“Oh hi thar you two. What can I do yah for.” They both turn to her with a smile.

“Hello Applejack, we are just coming to check the condition of the orphans rescued from Alderaan.” Luna says

“Oh I plum forgot to tell Nhym about what happened down Thar, I was in such a hurry to get the two to a kolto tank for recovery.”

Harvest and Luna’s face turn to a frown, the children had been hurt. Applejack leans against the desk and folds her arms.

“Two of the children were being taken by two sith. As the the others were being led safely to house Organa's spaceport, I followed them. I figured they was special or else they wouldn’t bother taking them. When they reached the shuttle and realized what was happening I sprung into action. After an exaspuratin’ duel I took’em down, but the shuttle started to leave. The pilot ended up damaging the shuttle trying to stop me from takin’ the youngns’. The Shuttle crashed with all of us in the darn thing! Pilot died, I managed to protect the kids.”

Luna and harvest took a deep sigh of relief. At least the children were safe. “Oh my goodness, im pleased that you and the children are alright.” Replied Luna

“I knew I should’ve come with you to Alderaan.”

“Nonsense Darlin’ I handled it just fine. Besides, I bet yah had yer hands full with Vinyl and Octavia and all. I’m assumin’ that the mission went well.”

“Very well, we even managed to steal the Data from the Paradigm’s computer.” Harvest Answered

“Well good, finally we can start puttin’ the hurt on’em.” Cheered Apple Jack

“I'm sure it will happen soon enough.” Replied Luna

Suddenly all of their datapad start to beep, they all looks down at them and they display a short snippet of code:‘9237’. It’s an access code. It’s for the secure turbo lift that leads to the observation deck. They all knew what it meant. When they got the code it was something of note, and since Vinyl and Octavia had just completed a big mission. It was time for them to become one of them.

“Well then, I guess it’s time…” Luna said

“I reckon it is…lets not keep the young girls waitin’.” She said as she made her way past Harvest and Luna. They quickly followed after her. All of them walked with enthusiasm to their goal. They leave the orphanage and head towards the turbo lift. On the way they run into Octavia and Vinyl, they are walking in the opposite direction coming at them.

“Um…what does this mean?” Vinyl asks holding the datapad in the air pointing at it with her finger.

“We are a little confused as to where to go.” Said Octavia

Harvest smiled at both of them but his eyes lingered on Vinyl for a moment. Harvest found her personality charming. She was a bit of wild card though. When he first met her on Mar Shaddaa, she was a simple DJ in one of the floating Casinos. He was with Nhym and Celestia when they found her. It wasn’t his place to question the Archon’s choices. But in his head he figured that he picked her for her physical ‘assets’. Which Harvest couldn’t deny, she had plenty of. He noticed he was lingering too long and hadn’t said a word. He looked over at Luna who had a small smirk on her face.

“Follow us, I forgot you haven’t been shown this yet…” said Luna.

They continue to walk down the hall until coming to a room that looked like an archive library. Once the all enter the room Apple Jack closes and secures the door behind them. Luna and Harvest walk over to one of the Archive shelves. Vinyl and Octavia looked on waiting to see what they would do, they weren’t very surprised when the shelves rotated around revealing two input panels, with number pads. Harvest and Luna enter the code ‘9237’. The wall at the back of the room slides away revealing the secret turbolift. The shelved rotate back around hiding the panels.

“Clever…” Vinyl says

“Come, they are waiting for us.” Luna says as she steps into the Lift, everyone else follows her in. The lift doors shut and the wall

Celestia pushes the data stick into the terminal, and types her way through the interfaces,humming joyfully as she does. Nhym on the other hand walks over holding a small black case under his left arm making his way over to Celestia. The room they are in is huge and circular, with a glass dome spread out over the top peering up at the planet Raxus and the stars above. The room was full of chatter coming from the second level pathway that circled the outer rim of the room. The Pathway was full of other members of Vanguard. There were at least 200 plus people there, composed to various races and positions. Nhym looks up and takes a long sigh “Why don't we have of these in the room?” Nhym asks

“I don't know, we should add one.” she replies to him.

Nhym stops next to her at the terminal looking at the screen as Celestia looks over the data.

“Hmm doesn't look like much. Are you sure it was the right fleet?”

“Absolutely, I recognized the formation. Darth formations are very particular, do we know who is leading the Paradigm yet?”

“We’ve got nothing yet, I have all my contacts working on finding out.”

“What about Layla?”

Nhym looked at her with a very serious look on his face “No, I'm not going to bother her.”

“She is the best asset we have in imperial space.”

“She has enough to deal with already and I dont want to add to it.”

“But Nhym…”

“No.” he said in an unusually stern voice. He rarely if ever used that tone with Celestia.

“Have the computer go over the data, Vinyl and Octavia are almost here.”

Celestia turns away from the computer and walks with Nhym to the center of the room. Nhym open the box; inside are 2 small pins, both other the Vanguard insignia. The insignia was a modified galactic republic symbol with a small modification. At the center, was the embossed head of a Varactl. it was a fitting symbol for their organization. Ironically it was Nhym’s favorite animal. Celestia let out a tiny chuckle.

“What?” Nhym asked

“Nothing, its just a big day.” she replied and looked up at him.

The turbolift door slides open, Luna, Harvest, Apple Jack, Octavia and Vinyl step out and spread out in a small half circle near the center of the room. The room goes silent. Everyone on the outer rim stops moving and watches the group below. Luna, Harvest, and Apple Jack remove their sabers form their belts and ignite them, spreading a slight multicolored glow on the floor. Octavia and Vinyl look at them and let out a small sigh. It was obvious they were nervous, and they knew that the rest of the group could sense it.

Octavia and Vinyl were still uneasy about their predicament. They wanted to go home, and lost in the strange universe, they had no idea how they were going to get home. They just knew that all they could do was play along and let their minds take over and tell them what to do. They made eye contact when Nhym began to speak.

“Knights of Vanguard, guardians of the Aegis, we come here to welcome 2 new members. Adding another layer the shield of light that we are. Vanguard, it means that we are the leaders of a movement, Aegis means a shield a protection for those who cannot protect themselves. Not just people of the republic, or the empire or anywhere in between. But of all. That is what it means to be a member of Vangaurd.”

Nhym took both of the insignias out of the box and handed the box to Celestia. He walked up to each of them and pinned it to their tunics. “Both of you, kneel.” They followed his instructions and got down on one knee still looking up at him. Nhym ignited one side of his double bladed lightsaber, with a loud snap-hiss, filling the area around him and bright Cyan light. He hovered the blade over Vinyls shoulder.

“We are…” Suddenly without warning, Rainbow Dash burst through the turbolift doors, everyone's head snaps to her as she runs past Nhym and takes her place next to Applejack and stands at attention. She acts like she did nothing wrong trying not to make eye contact with anyone. Luna shakes her head in disappointment. Celestia just keeps looking at Dash, almost dumbfounded at her actions. Nhym clears his throat and goes back to what he was saying.

“We are an unyielding Shield of Light.Protection of the innocent, the weary, the broken. This is our code, do you both swear to uphold it until the day that your hearts cease to beat?”

“Yes Archon…” they both responded. In their hearts they both knew that it was the right answer, even though their minds were conflicted. They went with their hearts and answered firmly in the affirmative.

“Welcome to Vanguard, Knights…” he said hovers the blade of his sabr over each of their shoulders. After that he let out a loud chant. “In alis Aegis.” everyone in the rooms responded with an equally loud chant
In alis Aegis!”

“Rise knights, welcome to the family.” Nhym said with a smile as he turned off his saber and put it back on his belt. Vinyl and Octavia rose to their feet and Dash let out a loud sharp whistle and cheered for the two of them.The room roared with sound of whistles and applause.

“You are all Dismissed, return to your duties.” Nhym yells to the onlookers.

“Everyone go get wasted!” Dash cheers but no one responds. Luna and Harvest both look down and shake their heads.

“You guys are so dull sometimes.” Dash complained “Don't know why I signed up for this.”

“Yah got tired of Devin stealing your bounties in the empire. So you joined us hoping to make some credits.” replied Apple Jack

“I told you never to mention that credit stealer around me.”

“Oh here we go…” harvest said rolling his eyes before he started to walk away. “Luna, will you come Spar with me, I need brushing up on a challenging technique.”

“Sure, Harvest.” she replied and made her way into the turbolift followed by the bickering Applejack and Rainbow Dash. Celestia and Nhym followed close after them arms wrapped around each other like a pair of newlyweds. Octavia and Vinyl how ever stood in the room as they all left. Vinyl walked in a small circle around the huge room. Awestruck by the sights above, octavis was so amazed that all she could do was stare in disbelief.

“Octy...this is unreal.”

“Its almost unbelievable…”

“Maybe...this place isn't so bad. You see how they treated us? We they treated us like family. Just like they would in Ponyville. Its like...they all were transported here with us. Just a little different.”

“This place does have a certain, alluring factor to it.”

“Look, maybe we don't look for away home just yet, let just enjoy this.”

“Vinyl what about the fighting? I dont think I can deal with the killing…”

“I know its tough but, Nhym said we are doing it to help people, thats what these guys are all about.”

“I dont know Vinyl…”

“How about just for a few days, then we start looking for a way home?”

Octavia groans as she thinks over Vinyls proposal. Vinyl puts on her puppy dog eyes in an attempt to placate the woman.

“Oh, alright Vinyl...3 days. That all you are getting.”

“Sweet!” Vinyl cheered “Well come on lets see what this place is like.”

Octavia was uneasy about being being here, and Vinyl was treating like a vacation wasn't helping. Vinyl had a sunny disposition about most things, unless she was faced with a present danger which was almost never. In Ponyville at least. Vinyls system for avoid breaking was apparently at work here. Or maybe it was her new found powers that calmed her spirits with ease. Either way, they could be in some serious danger here. There were things in play that they couldn’t see. Octavia doubted that the versions of themselves that were supposed to be here even understood. But Octavia could do nothing without Vinyls help so she went along. Vinyl started to walk towards the turbolift but Octavia stands there in thought.

Vinyl turns to her and ask “Tavi, you comin’?

Octavia puts on a half smiles and walks over the the lift and enters it. They are all in for a ride that they won't soon forget...

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