• Published 4th Apr 2014
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Tale of Vanguard - Skystrike

Vinyl Scratch and Octavia are transported to a Galaxy Far Far Away...

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Prologue: Just a Normal Day (Edited)

Chirp Chirp Chirp

Vinyl rolls over in her bed ignoring the chirping birds. She groans in protest at the birds and smacks her lips, trying to dose off again. But her attempts were useless; the birds seem to get louder as she tries to get back to sleep. Vinyl’s eyes finally crack open as she rolls over and looks at the birds perched on her window seal. She rolls out of bed and stands up. She gives a long yawn and stretches out, similar to a cat. One can hear her bones and joints popping and crackling. She walks over the window and pushes it open and does what she did every morning. With a loud voice she declares “Good Morning Ponyville!”

Everypony on the street below looks up and replies with a happy “Good morning, Vinyl!” Vinyl delightfully waves back at the then puts her head back into the window. She looks over to her giant stereo. It took up nearly a whole wall within her room. In front of it was her laptop and mixing deck. She gives a happy smirk before she uses her magic horn to turn the doorknob and pushes it open as she walks through it and she kicks it shut. Then she makes her way down stairs.

As she walks she could hear Octavia playing her cello, in a slow enchanting, melodic way. Her music was relaxing but Vinyl prefers her dubstep. The loud pulsating bass line, melodic crushing whirls, and the way the crowd responds to her music. It was her euphoria. Vinyl reaches the bottom of the stairs and walks up to Octavia’s room, the door was shut and but she could tell she was in there. She leans on the wall and waits for her to finish her song. Vinyl loves living with Octavia. Of course, someponies thought it was weird. A lot of ponies think they have something going on. But no, they are merely friends that lived together, that was it. After a few moments she could hear Octavia put her cello away and walk towards the door. Octavia pushes it open and Vinyl steps back and smiles “Morning Octy…” Vinyl says with her trademark smile. Octavia responds with one of her own.

“Good Morning Vinyl. You sleep well?”

“Yeah I did, I’m starving for some breakfast though.”

Octavia pushes her door closed with her head gently and looks at Vinyl. “Well, we are out of food; we need to go shopping today. How about we grab some food and Sugarcube Corner, and then go shopping in the market?”

Vinyl nods and smiles at Octavia “That sounds awesome, let’s go.” Both of them head towards the front door, Vinyl makes sure to grab her glasses off the table next to the door as they head out into the street towards Sugarcube Corner.

“Hey Octy, you excited about our first performance together?” Vinyl asks eagerly.

Octavia, caught off guard a little by the question responds “Yes, I am very excited. Well… more nervous than anything…”

Vinyl smirks at her then looks ahead as she spoke “What d’ya mean? You’re acting like you never performed in front of an audience before.”

Octavia shakes her head, “It's not that Vinyl…I’m just concerned about our sound. How we will sound together…You have to admit, what we are suggesting is a little… odd.”

Vinyl steps in front of her and grins. “Not odd…I prefer… progressive! Yeah, that’s it! Octavia, your cello, backed up by the power of my extreme wubs will work wonders! Everyone will be blown away!”

Octavia sighs, and then smiles at her friend “If you say so, Vinyl…”
Vinyl nods and her smile remains, “Now come on, I’m starving!”

Vinyl and Octavia increases their speed to a trot and hurry to their favorite café. On their way there they pass by Rarity, they wave in a friendly fashion. They noticed that Spike was riding on Rarity’s back, with love in his eyes like always, “Is he still pinning after her?” Octavia asks.

Vinyl replies by shaking her head with a smile on her face, chuckling a bit. “Yep and he will never stop until he has her. It’s actually kind of cute, don’t you think?”

Octavia nods when in the distance they saw Twilight, standing in the street looking up at Rainbow Dash attempting to clear the sky of clouds. She was succeeding mostly, but for some reason she was pounding and kicking this one cloud that wouldn’t go away. Octavia and Vinyl walk closer to them and were able to hear Rainbow Dash barking at the cloud “Aw-come-on! Why-wont-you-just-go-away!?” as she frantically pounds the cloud with each word she spoke. Vinyl and Octavia look up in confusion, there was no cloud that Rainbow couldn’t clear, and no storm she couldn’t divert…for some reason this was different. Vinyl and Octavia look at each other and shrug “I wonder what going on” Octavia asks, with a raised brow.

“Don’t worry, I’m sure Twilight will figure it out, she always does. Remember when Rarity was trying to do the weather?” Vinyl responds.

Octavia’s eyes went wide and shudders, remembering that she was nearly struck by lightning that day… Octavia slightly glares at Vinyl “We said we were never going to speak of that day. I was so scared that I didn’t come out for the rest of the day…”

Vinyl chuckles a little and continued to walk. When they reached Sugarcube Corner and arrive at their café. Something… strange had happened, however. Suddenly the sun was blocked by clouds, dark clouds darker than storm clouds. The sky seemed to roar and groan a little. Vinyl looked up as they walked over to their favorite table. “Vinyl…this is really strange… Something is wrong here.” she hears Octavia say.

“I’m sure it will pass if we give it time and plus…” Suddenly Apple Jack and Pinkie Pie rush around the corner, obviously in a huge hurry. They rush over to Twilight down the street. Then suddenly from behind, somepony runs past Vinyl and knocks her off of her chair and she falls to the ground with a loud thud as the pony trips over and falls on top of Vinyl.

Octavia watches and gasps “Vinyl are you alright!?”

Vinyl quickly pushes him off of her and staggers to her hooves and looks the pony in the eyes with her now narrowed ones, “Ow! Hey, watch it you…” she stops mid-sentence as she gazes at him. His dark blue mane, charcoal colored coat, and strange bat wings (rather than feathered ones) makes her awe struck. She then shakes off the feeling and resumes speaking “…You, uh… clumsy punk. You could’ve broken my glasses.”

The pony, revealing to be a stallion, stands up straight and proud, Vinyl feeling a little intimidated by him as she notices he was also clad in dark, violet royal armor.

“I’m terribly sorry miss, are you alright…?” he askes as he looked her over with a voice of concern.
Vinyl sighs and blew a piece of her turquoise and blue hair out of her face “Yeah yeah, I’m alright. Just watch where you’re going…you could hurt somepony, y’know?”

“Once again, I am deeply sorry miss...” The stallion bows and spoke with a frown

Over head Princess Luna flew along with her sister, Princess Celestia. “Harvest Moon, hurry to the meeting area.” Luna calls out from above.

“Yes Princess Luna, of course….” He looks at Vinyl and gives a slight bow before leaving and taking off after Luna.

Vinyl twitches her tail at the pony as he left. “Octy…I think something may be going down. Celestia and Luna are here…” Octavia stands up as the princesses fly to where Princess Twilight was standing at the end of the street.

“Maybe we should cut this short and just go back home…” Octavia suggests seeing the rest of the Café is now cleared out.

“Maybe you’re right Octy…” then she was interrupted by a loud clash of thunder, the sky is painted with a bright red glow and the clouds began to swirl around in the sky, violently. They watched as Rainbow Dash was struck by a bolt of purple lightning and was sent careening to the ground below. Everyone that was congregated in the town square begins to float into the center of the swirling vortex in the sky. Vinyl and Octavia look on in fright as all the other ponies run for cover.

“Octy…what going on?” Vinyl asks with a frightened voice.

Octavia shakes her head, “What makes you think I have any idea what’s happening?”

They begin to start backing away as the rest of the town was starting to be lifted into the swirling vortex. “Time to go, now!” Vinyl shouts, wanting nothing to do with this.

Vinyl and Octavia quickly turned tail and ran away from the destruction that was unleashing behind them. Vinyl and Octavia had never been this scared in their lives. No, they weren’t scared… they were terrified! It was like the world was ending, and even though they were running, neither of them believe that they can out run what was coming. It was a nightmare come to life. Vinyl pushes on with vigor not realizing that Octavia was lagging behind her until she hears her call out “Vinyl!”

Vinyl stops and looked back as Octavia was being carried away into the sky “Octavia!” she cries out. Then she feels herself being lifted into the air. She kicks her hooves in trying to run in the air, trying to frantically get back down. ‘No no no no oh no!’ She thinks to herself, she looks up into the heart of the swirling black empty abyss that they were floating towards. It was just them; everyone in Ponyville, and everything else. Sweet Apple Acres, Mr. and Mrs. Cake’s shop, the library…everything was being swept away by this unknown force that had taken hold of them. “Octy, hang on!” she yells as Octavia disappears into the void…then Vinyl was next, swept up in an instant.

Where did they all go…?

Vinyl wakes up with a loud gasp and sits up straight in her bed, panting and in a cold sweat not knowing where she was or how she got there. She shakes her head and her hair goes back and forth across her face “What a nightmare…” She goes to put her hooves on her face but is greeted by a strange feeling. The things touching her face weren’t hooves at all…they look like… webbed duck feet with longer points on them. She jumps back in fear with a yelp as she looks down examining the rest of her body. What are these things on her chest? She takes her new hands and feels them. They were soft and squishy. ‘Dear Celestia… what are these, what am I…where am I?’ She looks around the room she was currently in. It was dark, covered in metal with a door that had no door knob. Vinyl was scared and confused on top of it. There was a small window next to her bed with a red blinking light next to it. Vinyl looks down at her hands and extends her index finger and hesitantly pushes the red button. In a moment the blast cover flies up from the window exposing where she was. Out the window, spread out like an infinite sheet, was the fast deep abyss of space…