• Published 4th Apr 2014
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Lightning - BronzeUnicorn

Rainbow Dash is flying to her house through a blinding storm, when things take a turn.

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Author's Note:

Just a TwiDash oneshot. Enjoy!

It was a dark and stormy night in Ponyville. The weather ponies had missed a downpour earlier in the year, so they have to make up for it and make it the second worst storm in the weather history of Ponyville. The first was the one that had brought a tree into the library in Twilight’s bedroom. Repairs had been made and everything was back to normal.

Rainbow Dash was flying through this wretched storm. She just had to make it home, even if it meant flying through this monsoon.

She kept flying, trying her best to keep her wings flapping. It was hard to when the fierce winds threatened to rip her wings clean off her body. They ached as if she had been flying nonstop for a week. She knew she wouldn’t last much longer before her wings would fail her and send her falling to her imminent doom.

Suddenly, a flash of blinding light surrounded her and sent horrible, painful shock waves through her body, making her stop mid-air and begin to plummet. She couldn’t even move as she lost consciousness during her plight. As the ground came closer, she thought she heard somepony yell and run towards her, but exhaustion soon gripped her and she blacked out.


Dash slowly awoke out of her unpleasant slumber. Her body she wracked with pain, achiness, and soreness. She couldn’t move any part of her body except her head, which if she did move, it’d cause her headache to get worse. She groaned loud and audibly as she let misery wash over her.

Just then, Twilight came in the door and rushed to her side. “Oh! Thank Celestia you’re alright! I was so worried about you!” Tears had formed in her eyes adding the the red puffiness around them. She had been this worried about Dash?

“Yeah, I’m-” She was cut off by a jolt of pain in her throat.

“Try not to move or talk. You were struck by lightning and hit the ground pretty hard, even though I tried my best to stop you. I thought you weren’t going to wake up again.” Tear began to stream down her face as she nuzzled again Dash’s shoulder.

Dash prepared for the intense pain, but none came. Instead, a tingly feeling stayed on her shoulder from Twilight’s nuzzling. This is interesting. I've never felt this way before. She thought as she sighed contently from the pleasant feeling.

After a few moments, Twilight wiped her tears away and looked up at Dash. “I read in one of my books that it helps to massage the victim as the shock fades away. Would it be alright if I do that to you?” She asked, making it sound like a science experiment. Dash slowly nodded in response with a smile.

Twilight pulled the covers off of her friend and helped her to lay on her back. “This lotion is said to have special healing and relaxation abilities that should help even more.” She said as a squirt was heard along with the rubbing of hooves together. Dash cringed a bit as the cold sensation hit her back. She shut her eyes tight as the pain made its presence known.

After a few moments of Twilight kneading and rubbing her back, the pain began to fade and be replaced with the sensation of pleasure and relaxation. She moaned and sighed lightly as she let the relaxing feeling take over.

Twilight kneaded and massaged all of her backside. This was like heaven to Rainbow Dash. Twilight was also adding to the pleasure by nuzzling and kissing her neck and cheeks. This was the best experience ever to Dash.

When the massage stopped abruptly, Rainbow turned around to see Twilight standing directly over her with a warm smile and half-lidded eyes. She looked sexy and friendly at the same time! And with just a hint of cuteness. Dash’s eyes widened at the inviting site and smiled anyway, looking to enjoy the rest of her time here. “Turn over, so I can get your frontside.” She said as she motioned with her hoof. Dash did as she was told and blushed at the position she was now in.

Twilight added more lotion to her hooves and pressed them against Dash’s toned chest and abs. Rainbow Dash cringed a bit at the pain that surfaced, but slowly succomed to the pleassure that followed. She was moaning out freely now, vocalizing how much she was enjoying this. This had to be the best night of Dash’s life! She was being massaged and cared for by her friend and secret crush! She had developed the crush after she became a Princess of Equestria. This could not get better!

When Twilight was finished, Twilight flipped her back over onto her stomach. “There’s one more thing I have to take care of.” Dash looked back at her with a confusing look. “Your wings, silly! They were torn up from the strike. I’m just going to preen them and make them all better for you.” Rainbow didn’t even have time to protest as Twilight rose and took one of her primaries into her mouth and gently glided it back into place. It sent shockwaves of pleasure throughout her body, making her tense up immediately.

“Relax, Dashie. I’m almost done.” Dashie? When did Twilight ever call her that? Her thoughts quickly left her as Twilight finished her ministrations, leaving Dash in a daze of bliss. She was in pony heaven and absolutely nothing could make this better.

Twilight slowly crawled on the bed and turned Dash over with her hooves. Rainbow Dash’s eyes were closed and a big goofy smile was on her face. Twilight smiled as she laid herself against the pegasus making her gasp at the sudden closeness. Dash opened her eyes to find Twilight smiling up at her as she nuzzled against her chest affectionately.

It seemed like hours to Dash as she watched and felt Twilight’s loving touch on her chest. It was the most amazing thing she had ever felt. Even more awesome than the previous ministrations she had done. There was only one thing that could make this night perfect. “Dashie?” Twilight asked as she crawled up to come face to face with the relaxed pegasus.

“Yeah?” She asked, her voice catching up her throat in anticipation.

“There’s one more thing I have to do and I almost forgot it.” It almost sounded like a lie, but Rainbow Dash didn’t even care as the alicorn’s face approached hers. Dash looked a little confused, which Twilight immediately picked up on. “This-” In a short, smooth movement, Twilight pressed her lips against Dash’s in a flare of passion. Dash’s eyes went wide as she realized she wasn’t dreaming.

Twilight ran her hooves through Dash’s mane smoothly as the pegasus did the same. After a moment, Twilight’s tongue pushed at Dash’s mouth, begging for entry. With no hesitation, Dash let it in and their tongues battled for control. More passion and love built up in the two of them as they continued. When they both were straining for air, they broke the kiss and stared longingly into each other’s eyes, never breaking eye contact.

“I love you, Dashie.” Twilight said as she nuzzled into the crook of Dash’s neck, sighing in content for her new found lover.

“I love you too, Twi.” Rainbow Dash said as she nuzzled the side of Twilight’s head and listened to the calm breathing of the alicorn beside her falling asleep. Within minutes, she too fell asleep and began to look forward with happiness into the new future with her new lover.

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Comments ( 5 )

Hm, not really my type of shipfic, I prefer long emotional buildups, not sudden moments where characters fall in love. But it's not fair to downvote something because it's not my style, so I'm neither downvoting or upvoting it. You did pretty well, though.

... You get an "eh" out of ten. It wasn't great, but it wasn't bad. There wasn't any real buildup, other than the massage that was waaaaaaaaay too sensual for "just friends", which at that point they were. Twilight is not that kind of character. I doubt highly she'd dive right into it. It'd be more suited to her if she was constantly checking and double checking to make sure that Dash was okay with it. Every time Dash tensed at all, like she would with the pain, Twilight would stop and make sure she was okay.

Oh, and a minor gripe that I'm sick of seeing used over and over again.


Sorry, I see a lot of stories that have Rainbow get struck like that and it just drives me nuts. It wouldn't waist the energy required the pass through her body if it would only lead it to having to travel through the air again. It would just go straight through the air, right past her. But I'm willing to look over that kind of thing.

The idea that Dash had a crush of Twi came out of absolutely nowhere, and felt lie it was added because you didn't want to write in Rainbow realizing the feelings. Had it been mentioned sooner, like when she first discovered she was at Twilight's house, it's feel much more natural. Oh, and that's another thing. They have pretty much no verbal interaction. How much does Rainbow actually say to Twilight? A couple lines? If I woke up randomly in my friend's house, who was crying, I'd have a couple questions. Instead, Rainbow lays there and get the massage, which was admittedly well written if a bit sudden.

Totally not a fan of this pairing but I have to say, it was quite adorable in its entirety.
It's a bit short, but you can't ask for much from a one shot besides being short and sweet.
With as much bias out of the way as possible I give it a 6.7/10
Not the best but far from bad.

Thanks for the feedback everyone. I appreciate it and it helps me to improve on my skills. I will probably do a revision of this later on. Anyway, thanks again.

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