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Based off of Alexstrazsa's "The 63rd Rune," this story focuses on the relationship that develops between Rainbow Dash and Octavia. The night they shared at the Prime Pegasus, their chance encounter in Canterlot, as well as their meeting after Rainbow Blitz was turned back into a mare are all to be explored through the eyes of everyone's favorite blue winged pegasus. The teen rating is probably an overstatement, but I'm going to stick with being safe over sorry.

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I have to give it to you: Great job, I actually want to see the fallout of this situation and the reaction of Octavia when she's told that the stallion who stole her heart wasn't actually a stallion at all... and neither "his" friends

I'll just be tracking this now, and I'll read it later. I don't have time now, but I will get to it eventually. :3

>>The Jack

No worries. Hope you like it when you read it. :pinkiesmile:

(Small correction: "... I know that I will the best flier in all of Equestria." You need a 'be' after the will.)

... That was totally awesome! Thanks for adding to the story Rune 63!

>>Magical Trevor

Ack, an error! Thanks for catching it, and I'm glad you have enjoyed the story thus far. :twilightsmile:


Assuming it keeps the same standard as the original work, I probably will xD

Do you have any idea how many chapters this will be and how often you might update?


Right now I'm thinking that it's going to be around four chapters long.

I'm hoping to get the next chapter out sometime next week, and then, as long as I don't get too busy, I shouldn't have a problem getting the subsequent chapters out within two weeks of each other.

388234 Ok, thanks. I guess I won't wait to start reading it then. :twilightsmile:

Nice start, I can't wait to read more.


Happy to hear that you enjoyed the first part of the story. You won't have to wait for long, though, the next chapter is on the horizon!

now I suppose that now we're going to winteese the fallout of this now:pinkiecrazy:... all what we need now is that Octavia is actually Pregnant and Rainbow Dash/Blitz is the Father:rainbowderp:

Great job, this is as awesome as the first chapter:yay::trollestia:


Oh, man. That "Octavia pregnant" bit made me laugh so hard! :rainbowlaugh: That would make for an interesting ending, though...

Also, thanks again for the feedback. It's good to hear that I've been maintaining the quality of my writing. :twilightsmile:

438658 Inddeed, besides, never underestimate the effects of alchol (or salt... or cyder for the matter) on ponies of different gender (even if the "stallion" is actually a mare due to a magic mishap:facehoof::pinkiecrazy:) even if the two of them at the momment doesn't think they actually did it or was something of an akward wet dream:trollestia::rainbowderp:

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