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Creator of "The Colourless Girl" web comic! (Coming soon in Fanfic)


When Jessica (aka Colourless Girl) has her fragile heart broken, sadness takes over her, as well as anxiety, problems making friends and problems with getting her crush to like her back, she realises she may have to fight in order to survive, even if it's not in her own dimension.

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People get picky sometimes; but I see great potential in this story.

3718231 i think the 3 dislikes is only because i've just started writing it. It did take me a while just to write the first chapter! :applejackunsure:
But anyways, thank you!:derpytongue2:

Comment posted by CreativeGreen deleted Mar 17th, 2014

I too see potential. The chapters could be longer. :heart:

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