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The Not-So-Normal Adventures of King Sombra and Pinkie Pie - Harmony Charmer

Sequel to "The Cake Batter Incident". An unlikely bond is formed when Pinkie is tasked to reform Sombra, the ex-king of the Crystal Empire.

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Chapter 4: Where Her Demons Hide

Everypony has self image issues; it's a fact that few have come to terms with. Whether it be with one's appearance or personality traits they can't change, the issue exists. Many look as if they have no issues, as if they are content with themselves. But, they're hiding their demons, the voices that tell them they aren't good enough; that they are imperfect.

Among those self conflicted souls, was Pinkamena Diane Pie, the Element of Laughter itself.

Her normally joyous expression was lined from her ever present frown. Her reflection stared her down, scrutinizing her every feature. Her flat mane hung over her face like a veil, making her look malevolent. Her eyes were cold and icy, narrowed to thin slits.

"Your eyes are enormous," Pinkamena whispered disgustedly, "they look like crystal balls; pretty, but empty."

Pinkie prodded her eyelids as she worriedly looked at her large orbs. They did look rather large compared to other ponies.

"And you're so skinny," Pinkamena said icily, "You're just skin and bones."

Pinkie looked down at herself, the began jabbing at her flesh. She could feel her ribs poking through her coat, her eyes watering at the mere touch of it. She screwed her eyes shut as her lower lip quivered and she clenched her teeth to keep from letting out a caterwaul of despair.

"Sombra doesn't like skinny mares," Pinkamena sniffed, turning away from Pinkie.

Pinkie whimpered and hid her face in her hooves, attempting not to cry.

Pinkamena looked back at her formal cheerful counterpart and rolled her dead, blue eyes. "He also doesn't like crybabies," she snapped, flicking her tail.

Pinkie looked up from her hooves, with tears shining in her eyes. "I want him to like me," she whispered pathetically, "I just want him to like me..."

Pinkamena scoffed and shook her head. "Who'd want to be with somepony like you?" she snarled, "I'm the only one who actually likes you. You're so unpredictable and random."

Pinkie flinched at the thing she'd been called many times in her lifetime, including her best friends.

"Pinkie Pie, you are so random!"

"Darling, must you be so random?"

"Pinkie, that was just flat out random!"

"I can't believe how how random ya are, Sugarcube!"

"Um, Pinkie... That was really random... Not that there's anything wrong with that..."

She screwed her eyes shut and a river of tears flowed down her cheeks, silent sobs escaping her lips. Her curly hair flattened out, making her and Pinkamena one and the same. When she looked into her reflection once more, she saw her curly self staring at her with such pity and sadness, that it broke her own heart.

"I just want him to like me..." she cried, "I just want Sombra to think I'm pretty."

* * *

Sombra watched the clock's second hand tick with each passing second. He had spent the last while staring at the clock, awaiting for Pinkie's arrival. He had wanted to get out of that stuffy library for ages and Pinkie's lack of punctuality was making it impossible to do so.

"I'm sure she'll show up, Sombra," Twilight reassured him for the 36th time(he had counted out of sheer boredom).

He didn't respond, for the 17th time, and continued staring at the clock. Once the second hand coincided with the minute and hour hand on the 12, a small wooden bird popped out and let out three loud clucks, signaling the hours end and beginning.

'Where is she?' he thought irritably, glancing at the door for what felt like the hundredth time(he had lost count after 73). He groaned and stood up from his spot and paced anxiously.

Spike walked by, carrying a small stack of spell books. "Looks like your date stood you up," he said with a grin.

Sombra whipped around to face him, causing Spike to freeze in fear. He zoomed away, as to avoid Sombra's wrath. Sombra went back to staring at the clock, trying to calm his nerves. He'd been teased about Pinkie being his fillyfriend ever since she attacked him publicly a few days beforehoof. Twilight and Rarity, the only friends of Pinkie he could tolerate, had joined in on this teasing and Spike had recently taken to it as well.

The doors to the library opened and in came Pinkie, bouncing happily and beaming like the sun.

"Hello, Sombry!" she chirped, landing in front of him and leaning in his direction, her eyes bulging out of their sockets.

He leaned back, her closeness making him extremely uncomfortable. Upon closer inspection, he saw dark lines underneath her bloodshot eyes, as if she had been crying.

"You look awful," he said, a puzzled look coming across his features. Pinkie wasn't what he called attractive, what with her curly hair and pink coat and mane. But, seeing her as she was now, he realized that she looked really terrible compared to her normal look.

Pinkie blinked in shock, her grin disappearing.

"Oh," she said flatly, but then smiled again, "okie dokie lokie!" She turned around, then hopped outside, Sombra in tow. As the couple walked out, Twilight furrowed her brow in thought.

"Whatcha thinkin' about, Twilight?" Spike asked, stacking books on the shelves.

Twilight shook her head slightly and watched Sombra and Pinkie through the window.

"I'm thinking that something's going on with Pinkie," she said, not taking her eyes off of them, "And I don't think it's a good thing, either."

* * *

Business at Carousel Boutique was slow that day. Rarity didn't have any special orders for a change, something she was both thankful and resentful for. She needed something to do with her hooves or she'd go insane waiting. She had artist's block, so trying to design a new line was going to be too difficult for her at the moment. Upon hearing her bell from the entrance ring, she jumped at the chance for pony interaction.

"Welcome to Carousel Boutique," she said with her graceful tone, "Where everything is chi- Oh, hello, Pinkie Pie!"

Pinkie didn't smile and return her greeting, like she expected. Instead, she stood there, with her head hung low, her curls covering her face.

"Darling, is something matter?" Rarity asked, concern lacing her tone.

Pinkie stayed hunched over like that for a few more moments before looking up at Rarity. Her kind blue eyes held an unbelievable sadness, rimmed with tears.

"Do you think I'm pretty?" Pinkie whispered, her eyes pleading for an answer.

Rarity's very being was shaken to the core by Pinkie's question. She didn't think Pinkie cared about her appearance and that she was so carefree in the subject. The fact that she was so upset over it that she was in tears frightened Rarity to extremes.

"Oh, sweetie, of course you're pretty!" Rarity exclaimed, enveloping Pinkie in a hug.

Pinkie returned the hug, her usual iron grip reduced to a simple hold.

"Why on earth would you ask something like that?" Rarity pried, releasing her enough to look at Pinkie's face.

Pinkie screwed her eyes shut, as if to keep from crying.

"Because I don't feel like it," she admitted, opening her eyes.

Rarity frowned and put a consoling hoof on Pinkie's shoulder.

"Is that why you came here?" Rarity asked, "So I could do something to make you feel pretty?"

Pinkie hesitated, but nodded, looking down and away from her.

Rarity put a hoof to her mouth to keep from crying. Pinkie, who held such bravado, was so insecure about her own appearance that she came to her for help. It was both flattering, but heartbreaking nonetheless.

"Darling," Rarity said sternly, "I would be happy to make you feel as beautiful as I know you are."

Pinkie's eyes brightened and she smiled for the first time since her arrival. She wrapped her forehooves around Rarity tightly.

"Thank you so much, Rarity!" Pinkie exclaimed.

Rarity smiled, then released Pinkie from their hug. "Now, let's go find something for you to wear!" she cheered.

* * *

Sombra was in his cot, reading a book series he had heard Twilight's rainbow maned pegasus going on about. He had read through the first two books in a week and had just started on "Daring Do and The Ring of Destiny". Twilight had gone upstairs to study, deciding that Sombra flipping pages was a "distraction".

"Twilight!" he heard Spike shout.

Sombra groaned and put a bookmark on his page. "What do you want, Lizard?" he asked gruffly, putting his book aside.

Twilight came down the stairs and gave Sombra a sharp look, not appreciating his negative attitude.

"What is it, Spike?" Twilight inquired, levitating her spell books onto her podium as lost her sour expression.

"I was just at Rarity's, and you will not believe what she did!" Spike exclaimed.

Both Sombra and Twilight exchanged a look, each quirking a brow, a rare moment of shared emotion going between them. They were both aware of Spike's attraction to Rarity, something he wished he could tease him about. But Twilight told him that if Spike found out he knew, Pinkie would think Twilight broke her Pinkie Swear, which wasn't a mistake Sombra was willing to make.

"Did she find out what shoes match her favorite scarf?" Sombra asked with fake shock, then laughed haughtily in a rather typical, villainous manner.

Twilight narrowed her eyes at him, but said nothing to him, deeming his response not worthy of a comment.

"She got Pinkie to agree to a makeover!" Spike shouted.

Sombra stopped laughing as he blinked in surprise. What could have caused Pinkie to do something so out of character? Almost immediately, he thought of the popular Ponyville saying, "Pinkie being Pinkie" and put away his concerns as he turned to Twilight, who was frozen in shock.

"Twilight?" Spike asked in a concerned tone, walking over and waving his claws in her face.

She blinked and shook her head vigorously. "Why don't we head over and see how she looks?" Twilight said in slightly dazed tone. She walked out, while Spike stayed behind, holding out his hands.

"No way!" Spike shouted, "I've seen enough girliness for one day!"

Twilight quirked a brow, then looked over at Sombra.

"You're welcome to come, you know," Twilight suggested, "I think Pinkie would be happy to know you cared enough to see her new look."

Sombra was about to protest, but decided against it. He wasn't in the mood to argue with Twilight, he knew. Besides, he figured it would be interesting to see Pinkie differently, whether the result be good or bad.

"Gladly," he said, walking after the princess.

Twilight seemed relieved by Sombra's decision, but he could have misread her expression, remembering how he tended to do so with the opposite gender. They walked to Carousel Boutique in silence, only focused on their destination. Sombra and Twilight had established that their relationship revolved around their like for reading and that it should stay such. After Pinkie and Sombra's spat a couple days prior, they decided they keep their relationship as platonic as possible.

Upon arriving at the boutique, the sun was close to setting, the sky a canvas of colors it gave way to the starry night. Twilight used her magic to open the door, the entrance bell ringing.

Rarity stepped out and her eyes widened in surprise.

"Twilight! Sombra!" she said happily, "So glad you could be here!"

She ushered them both down the hall to the dressing area. A large dressing cover covered the platform, where Sombra could see Pinkie's silhouette.

"Fillies and gentlecolts!" Rarity announced, "I show you... Pinkie Pie!" She pulled the screen back, revealing Pinkie.

Her hair had been primped, but it still remained it crazy curliness. She wore a simple pink dress, that rode her flank and fell to her hooves. Her cutie mark was partially exposed, the skirt showing her legs. Her lips were a deep red and her eyes had blue eye shadow on their lids. She turned towards Sombra and smiled sheepishly, her eyelashes fluttering.

"Pinkie, you look wonderful!" Twilight gushed, clapping her hooves together.

Pinkie blushed, but her attention remained on Sombra.

"Well," she said, fluttering her eyelashes shyly, "what do you think?"

Although he didn't want to admit it, she looked really pretty. Beautiful, even. He oftentimes teased and flirted with mares, giving them compliments. But, seeing Pinkie this way wasn't like seeing a stranger and making catcall. This was somepony he knew and saying something cheeky didn't feel right.

"You look..." he started, trying to find the right word.

Pinkie waited for his response, holding her breath.

He shrugged, then said nonchalantly, "You look alright, I guess."

Pinkie blinked, much like she did earlier that day, her ears flattening against her head.

"Oh," was all she said.

He half expected her to say "okie dokie lokie" or something equally as ridiculous. But, that was all she said.

She stepped off the platform and walked into the changing room. "I'm going to go home," she said rather glumly.

Pinkie walked out of the room, her dress gone. Her face was still covered in make up, but she didn't look like she cared. She walked past him on the way out, her eyes meeting his for a brief moment. She looked so pained and sorrowful, that Sombra had thought it was his imagination. She rushed past him, trotting out of the store.

"Pinkie, wait!" Rarity shouted, running after her. She made it to the door only to see Pinkie's curly tail disappearing down the road, intent on leaving the scene.

* * *

Pinkie felt the tears run down her cheeks when she saw Sugarcube Corner come up in her sight. She ran even faster, her hooves pounding against the dirt road. She swerved into the bakery, the Cakes' asking why she was so late coming back, but she didn't answer.

She rushed up the stairs to her room and slammed her door shut. Once she did, she let out the sobs she'd been holding in.

"Well, that went well," Pinkamena said sarcastically.

Pinkie looked at her and more tears leaked out from her eyes. She put her hooves to her face and let out a loud sob, then quickly took intakes of air to keep them down.

Pinkamena rolled her eyes. "I told you once and I'll tell you again," she said with a sigh, "Sombra doesn't like you. Get over it and get on with your life."

Pinkie's head snapped up and she faced her reflection. She had met Pinkamena when she was little and filles were making fun of ehr at school. She had been there for her in darkest hours, when nopony else could be. But, for the past while, she'd taken to putting Pinkie down. And for the first time in years, she saw Pinkamena for what she was.

"You're not my friend..." Pinkie whispered to herself.

Pinkamena sighed raggedly and put a hoof to her head.

"You know how I hate when you mumble!" she snapped.

Pinkie stood up and leaned towards her, baring her teeth.

"You're. Not. My. Friend." Pinkie enunciated, "Did I mumble, Pinka?"

Pinkamena blinked in shock, then backed away.

"W-what are y-you talking about?" Pinkamena said in a frightened tone, "I-I am your friend!"

Pinkie shook her head and glared at her.

"Friends don't put other friends down," Pinkie snarled, walking away from the mirror. She lifted up her back leg and aimed it the reflective glass.

"Friends don't make other friends feel ugly." She kicked the mirror, leaving a large series of cracks in it.

"Friends don't make other friends cry." She picked up both of her legs and slammed it into the mirror.

Pinkie faced the mirror, watching Pinkamena as she panicked.

"N-no!" Pinkamena cried, putting her hooves on the mirror, "P-please! D-don't do this! Y-you need me!"

Pinkie shook her head and lifted up a forehoof.

"No," she said firmly, "You need me." She pulled her hoof back and slammed it against the glass. Pinkamena screamed as the mirror shattered and she disappeared, her wails of sadness fading away.

"Pinkie!" she heard a voice shout.

Pinkie whipped around and froze in horror. Twilight and Rarity stood there, their mouths agape and their eyes wide. Sombra stood behind them both, a confused look on his features as he tried to make sense of the scene before him.

"Pinkie Pie, why?" Twilight whispered, as she walked over to the shattered glass, "why?" Pinkie looked down at one of the bigger pieces and stared at herself. Her mane was flat and her mascara had run down her cheeks from crying. She looked like Pinkamena did before she disappeared.

It was me, she realized, I did this. Tears fell down her cheeks and onto the shards, blurring her reflection. She collapsed to the ground and let out a cry of anguish. She put her hooves to her face, loud sobs echoing throughout the bakery. Rarity and Twilight rushed over and enveloped her in a hug. She put her hooves down, revealing her eyes were screwed shut.

"I just wanted to be pretty!" she screamed, more sobs escaping from her, "I just wanted to be pretty!"

Sombra watched in shock while the mares consoled their hysterical friend. He had done this to her. He had made her feel so ugly and unattractive, that she resorted to this. He walked over, leaning down towards her.

Rarity and Twilight defensively held Pinkie, but when they saw his face, they understood his intent and back away.

"You aren't pretty, Pinkie," he said, brushing her mane out of her face.

She looked up at him in horror and more tears threatened to spill.

"You're beautiful," he admitted, putting a hoof to her chin as he lifted her head to look at him, "you're beautiful and don't you let anypony tell you otherwise."

Pinkie's eyes widened, shock taking over her tear covered face. Realizing that his words seemed to have more effect than Twilight and Rarity's, Sombra decided to take the bull by the horns and go with what was in his mind.

"Other mares can only dream of holding as much beauty as you," he continued, the words sounding foreign as they left him, "Some may look beautiful, but in reality, they're the furthest thing from."

Rarity looked briefly offended at his off-hand comment, but she kept silent as she and Twilight watched Sombra continue to weave his words fluently.

"Beauty is not skin deep; you've proven that," he told her, keeping his gaze level with hers.

Pinkie looked at him, her jaw agape in awe.

"Because, only you can continue to make others happy, even when you're not. Only you can make a smile a gift. And that is why, only you, can be beautiful."

Sombra, realizing that what he said may have been too much for her to think his words were genuine, remained silent, awaiting her response.

Pinkie's eyes filled up with tears again, giving Sombra the impression she hadn't been convinced by his spur-of-the-moment speech.

But, she smiled, though it was weak and pale in comparison to her usual one. She wrapped her forelegs around him and snuggled into him, her intimate touch surprising Sombra.

"Thank you," she whispered, burrowing her head in his shoulder.

Sombra hesitated, not sure what to make of her affections. But, after a moment of silent consideration, he wrapped his forelegs around her in return and held her close to him, trying to keep his foreign feelings at bay.

"We should probably leave you alone," Rarity said quickly, dragging a dazed Twilight with her. If they heard her, they gave no sign of it. She continued to pull her alicorn friend with her and they hurried down the stairs.

Once they were out of the bakery, Twilight began sputtering.

"I don't... I can't even... HUH?!" she exclaimed, her jaw dropping in shock.

Rarity nodded, then put a understanding hoof on her shoulder. "I said the same thing the first time I saw it, too," Rarity said, "Now do you believe me?"

Twilight looked abck at the bakery, then back at Rarity. She let out a defeated sigh and hung her head.

"Alright, fine," she admitted, "Sombra and Pinkie like each other." She sighed again as she shook her head. "I just wish I picked up on it sooner..."

Rarity smiled and raised a brow.

"Oh?" she said in a amused tone, "And why is that?"

Twilight sighed, closing her eyes, then opening them. She looked at the bakery window that she knew belonged to Pinkie, where she and Sombra were residing, no doubt still cuddling with each other.

"I was going to tell Princess Celestia about it," she said, a small smile coming to her lips, "I think she'll want to hear about this new 'development'."

Author's Note:

Chapter Edited~

This is what I had in mind when I was describing Pinkie:

By: CYBERGROX on DeviantArt

Yeah, this was kind of emotional. I thought we needed a little Pinkamena in this story, don't ya think? I decided that Sombra needed to see the dark side of Pinkie and understand everypony, even Pinkie, has their own demons.

I also decided that Pinkie needed something like this to happen to her. She is happy and content with her life, but even then, she doubts her own self worth. After thinking that Sombra wouldn't be attracted to her, she tried to make herself attractive, but in the end, that didn't work. Sombra, who's too prideful to admit, finds her attractive and when he sees what his mistake does to her, he sees the consequences of his actions and apologizes.

I pretty much used this as a way for Sombra and Pinkie to spoon without fear of any emotional or social repercussions. Yeah, I'm evil that way. :scootangel: Who, me? Also, Twilight knows about Sombra and Pinkie liking each other; perhaps they will join in on the Shipping- I mean, Matchmaking Club? :yay:

Hey, I just listened to "It Started With Your Smile" by MandoPony. Sweet Lord, what if Sombra sang this? MY HEART WOULD BURST FROM HAPPINENESS.


That's the link- LISTEN TO IT! Or read the lyrics. Either will do. Just imagine Sombra singing this and it will make your flipping day/night.